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What car would you wise people recommend

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Artdecogran Wed 28-Aug-19 13:07:35

Currently drive a Citroen Xsara Picasso (when it works that is), and I am having to replace it. What car would you recommend. I am tall and large so need to have a lot of room ie adjustable steering wheel and seat. Mostly short journeys but occasional motorways, would buy second hand not new. Driveway on full view so less temptation for thieves. Any car you would either recommend or condemn as unreliable. Thanks in advance.

Purpledaffodil Wed 28-Aug-19 13:25:54

I have a Nissan Juke. I’m tall and find there’s plenty of leg room. To be fair, back seat has little leg room when I’ve got the seat back. 4 years old now, had it from new. Never a problem. Also parked on drive and never tempted wrong ‘uns.😁 I like the bells and whistles it has, Bluetooth, built in sat nag and reversing camera. When we bought it, only cars much more expensive had these.

Purpledaffodil Wed 28-Aug-19 13:26:48

Sat nag? That will be DH. I meant sat nav of course🤣

gillybob Wed 28-Aug-19 13:31:09

I used to have a Nissan Qashqai which had a fantastic driving position (Ideal for someone tall) .

kittylester Wed 28-Aug-19 13:35:05

I didnt like my Qashqai apart from the glass roof.

I have a Mazda CX5 and love it. The Seats are fully adjustable and it has loads of extras.

Nortsat46 Wed 28-Aug-19 13:35:45

Purpledaffodil I thought you meant 'sat nag' and that it gave you a good telling off, if you didnt follow its instructions ....

ninathenana Wed 28-Aug-19 13:37:16

I have a Vauxhall Mariva similar looking to the Picasso. It's very reliable and has not let me down in the 4 yrs I've had it, apart from needing to replace the battery. I don't know what the newer version has when it comes to bells and whistles.

I'm not small and find it comfortable even for long journeys.

gillybob Wed 28-Aug-19 13:37:42

I loved mine kittylester , each to their own. smile

I need a nice high driving position.

Septimia Wed 28-Aug-19 13:45:25

We're very happy with our (secondhand) Qashqai. It's that bit higher than some vehicles which makes it easier for tall people to get into and gives more of a view over hedges!

Don't be put off by the apparently small engine size - it's just as powerful as bigger ones and we end up doing 80+ on the motorway without realising (whoops!). We also get good mpg, especially on long runs, sometimes as much as 50 and often more than 40mpg.

CaroDane Wed 28-Aug-19 14:27:19

I'd recommend a Sherman tank if your driving is anything like my husband's.
We have a dented Toyota. We bought it in June sad

Artdecogran Wed 28-Aug-19 15:05:20

Thanks for suggestions, most helpful, but what I really want is a Professor Pat Pending car from whacky racers! Remember that car that could punch a car out of the way, rise up on stilts to get over other cars and goodness knows what else. Why haven’t car manufacturers caught on to those ideas!

tanith Wed 28-Aug-19 15:15:44

I too recommend a Qashqai I’ve had mine 5 yrs and love it. It’s very comfy I have dodgy hips and the higher driving position and reversing camera are just so useful. Economical too.

GabriellaG54 Wed 28-Aug-19 17:30:52

I actually like Peugeot cars but drive a Merc.

Callistemon Wed 28-Aug-19 17:38:23


Davidhs Wed 28-Aug-19 17:49:05

Have a good look at Kia or Hyundai whichever model fits you, reliability is second to none, the price is lower than most and it’s not at the top of the list for thieves. One other to look at VW Tiguan, very popular and spacious.

EllanVannin Wed 28-Aug-19 18:01:38

D has a poor man's Bentley, but the comfort/room and size of the boot has to be believed. I call it the beast.
10 large bags of shopping in the boot no problem ( room for a pony )

Grannycool52 Wed 28-Aug-19 19:01:41

Our Peugeot 3008 has been very comfortable and successful for us.

PamelaJ1 Wed 28-Aug-19 19:07:24

Well I have a mini, my husband is 6ft 2ins and uses it all the time.
We use his for long journeys. What sort of driving do you do?

Ellianne Wed 28-Aug-19 19:17:25

You may not want another Citroën, but we have a C5 Aircross and so far are pleased. My DH is very tall and fairly big, he feels comfortable when he drives.

NotAGran55 Wed 28-Aug-19 19:19:22

I love 💕 my John Cooper Works Mini. Great fun for country driving , easy town driving and parking , very comfortable on the motorway and looks beautiful. Very spacious in the front and plenty of boot space as well unlike the minis of old .

PamelaJ1 Wed 28-Aug-19 20:46:13

Sorry just reread your OP.
My mini does east to North West very easily but I must admit that DH’s ‘old mans car’ is more comfortable for a long journey, for him anyway.

Jessity Wed 28-Aug-19 21:55:22

Another vote for Peugeot 3008 which we much preferred to thr Nissan Qashqai after a test drive. Love the driving position, lots of space and amazing amount of kit included in the price that costs extra on other makes

GabriellaG54 Wed 28-Aug-19 23:25:28

Many years ago I wanted a Peugeot 406 but never got around to having one. Meanwhile I've had BMWs and Mercs and years ago a metallic green Ford Granada 2.8 ghia.
Mine had cream interior.
I like big cars and men under 5-10 😁😂

kittylester Thu 29-Aug-19 07:01:37

Gabriella, my favourite of all my cars was my Peugeot 505! I had it for 11 years.

Marjgran Thu 29-Aug-19 09:45:36

Renault Scenic - tall inside, boot you can sit on to change walking shoes, sturdier than Citroen, back seats easily fold to take stuff to the dump. Series 4 most recent is best, but sadly they are being discontinued and only the 7 seater grand Scenic kept in manufacture. Renault are pushing the Kadjar which is more “manly” but which doesn’t have 3 proper seats in the back. Good back seats essential for cramming in grandchildren car seats plus an adult!