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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 31-Aug-19 06:15:20

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a dry start but cooler this morning, my usual Saturday to Bicester and Buckingham , will have a free coffee in Bicester as my tokens gives me that.
Return to watch the Vuelta, and then a Chinese alter take away of course.

MawB Sat 31-Aug-19 06:29:33

Good morning * Mick* and all to come.
I do feel the weather has turned, but it is still looking pleasant and perhaps I will get all the bits and pieces done which were neglected because it was too hot last weekend and I was stuck in the house.
Got my new mobile to be set up, shopping to do, and a dog to fuss over after two days of being “neglected” while I was in Birmingham and London.
Wishing you all a pleasant day!

Nannytopsy Sat 31-Aug-19 06:47:05

Good morning Mick & Maw and all to come. Bright here in Leicester but definitely cooler. It feels as if the season has turned.
A farewell curry with friends tonight - we should move this week, if the solicitors get things sorted.

cornergran Sat 31-Aug-19 06:48:33

Morning Mick, morning All. Grey clouds over our corner of Somerset. Unsettled night for me, all sorts of pains with a fibro flare up. It passes, just not sure when, plan a quiet weekend. It will be a garden centre for lunch today and that’s about it. Hope Saturday is kind to everyone.

BlueSapphire Sat 31-Aug-19 06:55:24

Good morning everyone; Northampton is looking bright and sunny 🌞 this morning.

I managed to get the back grass cut yesterday afternoon; planning on trimming the edges tomorrow. Had a pleasant hour or so afterwards sitting in the sunshine with my book and a drink watching the cats enjoying the sunshine.

Stripping and changing the beds this morning; it's a good day to do some washing. Then I shall have a toddle up to the garden centre this afternoon as I need a new hard broom for outside. Hoping to have an hour in the sun again.

Hope everyone enjoys the last day of August, and makes the most of the warm sunshine.

Beechnut Sat 31-Aug-19 06:57:05

Good Morning everyone.
It’s dry but there is that funny yellow colour under dark clouds at the moment.

Like you MawB I want to get some jobs done now it is cooler. One could involve climbing up the ladder. Please don’t dob me in to my SiL. On second thoughts I’m also dog sitting so perhaps I should not go climbing things.

I hope you got to the meet up gillybob and enjoyed your early escape 🏃‍♀️ yesterday.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend doing lovely things 🌹

Bellasnana Sat 31-Aug-19 07:06:11

Good morning from Malta. Still hot and sticky here.

I’m fretting about Hurricane Dorian which seems to be heading towards where my DD2 and DGD live in Florida. Spoke to them yesterday when they were busy putting up shutters over the windows, stocking up on supplies, and little DGD showing me the cupboard under the stairs where they plan to take shelter. It is very frightening.

I shall have a weekend of worrying. It is supposed to hit Sunday/Monday.

Have a good day everyone.☀️

Brunette10 Sat 31-Aug-19 07:24:59

Good Morning from a very dull and wet Fife. It's a day for the house I reckon if the weather stays like this. Builders coming along today which I was surprised at but that's fine, job coming along well. Yes we have much to be thankful for when you look at the terrible hurricanes in Florida, hope all turns out for everyone. Think I shall have a domestic day, chores, cooking and baking. Hope everyone's Saturday is good to them.

harrigran Sat 31-Aug-19 07:43:45

Good morning from an overcast NE.
Managed to purchase two new pairs of glasses but goodness me the cost of the lens, double the price of the frames.
I was only in town for less than three hours but had to lie down for the rest of the day which meant I got nothing else done.
Had message to say family had returned from holiday, always feel relieved when I know they are safe.
Quiet day for us and I need to wrap birthday gifts for GD because we will be seeing them tomorrow.

kittylester Sat 31-Aug-19 07:49:11

Morning all from my bit of Leicestershire which sounds similar to Topsy's.

Busy morning ahead in the Lester household. Dd2 and 2dgd leaving this morning which usually involves hunting for all their belongings and still missing them.

Then DS1 coming for brunch before he and dh go off to football. Then I collapse on the sofa and catch up on missed tv.

I hope your dd and dgd are safe bella and that you feel better soon, corner.

I hope you move soon Topsy or you will have to start the round of farewells again

Enjoy your days everyone.

dragonfly46 Sat 31-Aug-19 07:51:01

Good morning from a bright and breezy Leicestershire. Bathroom still not completed but having to move rooms back round today as DD and SiL coming for a few days to see me through my op.

Hope the hurricane is not too bad Bellasnana we too have relatives in Florida.

aggie Sat 31-Aug-19 07:51:43

Good Morning , cloudy and breezy out in DDs garden . On my weeks break so will see half my brood and more of the lovely Grandchildren

Marydoll Sat 31-Aug-19 07:57:10

Good morning all, it's pure stoatin' doon here in Glesca!
A thoroughly miserable day!

Late to bed last night, as I discovered a leak under the sink and of course poor*DH was dead to the world, exhausted after his arduous day golfing and enjoying the hospitality at Glenagles. 😡 It's a tough life.

I had a lovely day with my sister in law yesterday, there were sad moments, but how we laughed like silly schoolgirls.
She ran amok in Primark and was so excited about her bargains.
When were wandering around Debenhams, (all six floors), she asked me where her Primark bag was. 😱
However, she couldn't remember when she had last seen it. 😯
I sent her to the floor below and I went looking, asked assistants, a cleaner, customer services, nothing! Then I couldn't find her and started to feel hot , with my chest getting tight. I looked in my bag and had lost my angina spray. Oh dearie me!!!
I looked down to the floor below and could see her rushing about, phoned her and told her to stay put. She didn't.
I hung over the balcony and shouted in my best teacher voice, "DON'T MOVE! STAY THERE!!!".
It was so funny as she couldn't work out where the voice was coming from, but she stopped dead! I could see her from above, but she couldn't see me.
Back to customer services again, where I explained that my SIL's husband had died recently and she was really upset and could they help. They were lovely and sent a young man to find security.
My sister in law then turned to me and said, "I think I may have left it in Thornton's, not here!!!!

We did eventually locate the bag and off we went to get the train, in torrential rain. As we hurried for the train, I heard my SIL calling me, I turned and she was standing holding nothing, but the handles of a Primark bag. 😂 The Primark bag had disintigrated.
I looked down the concourse and there was a trail of clothes behind us. We couldn't stop laughing, that is until we got to the barrier and my ticket wouldn't work. 😱
I was trying to use an old ticket from my pocket and had thrown away the correct one! blush

Once on the train, we couldn't stop laughing. My SIL said it was just like a school trip, (We used to work together) she was supposed to be ensuring I was OK, but I had gone right into teacher mode, taking charge of her!
Her parting words were, "You haven't lost your touch!".
The day was such a tonic for both of us.It was the first day since being in hospital, that I actually felt normal again. I couldn't have done this a few weeks ago.

Enjoy your Saturday, everyone.

Lins1066 Sat 31-Aug-19 08:06:07

Good Morning from a dry S Welsh coast, though there is a lowering sky over to the West.
Had lunch out at local Garden Centre yesterday which was lovely.
Your shopping trip made me laugh Marydoll, glad it was the tonic you both needed.
Have a good day everyone.

Pantglas1 Sat 31-Aug-19 08:11:07

Morning everyone- it’s strangely empty at mi casa now that my friends have gone home but I’m up to my ears in bedding and towels that need laundering so must crack on!

Your story was hilarious Marydoll - us girls had a few ‘moments’ while they were here to the point my husband actually told us all off for giggling so much!

Enjoy the weekend peeps, whatever you’re doing.

Feelingmyage55 Sat 31-Aug-19 08:13:28

Good morning from the north of Scotland where it is bucketing and cold. Wellies and waterproofs is the garb just to run to the car. Got to stock up and keep feeding my visitors. Autumn is here and though I love it, it is too soon. Going to have to press the on button on the heating albeit reluctantly. Jam making today. Have the best day you can everyone.

Mythbirtthedragon Sat 31-Aug-19 08:14:28

Good morning from east London, bright but clouds are hanging around. No builders coming in today and yesterday they had a major tidy up so we now have space to move into again. But then again, you can really see the dust. Picking up GD at lunchtime, a rare treat for us to have her at the weekend but her dad’s not well, so we’ll have a trip out somewhere. Have a good day.

ninathenana Sat 31-Aug-19 08:15:14

Good morning from sunny Kent.
Cool here, no fan on last night in the bedroom.
DH has gone for his paper and will cook breckie on his return. He's then going to wash down the Venetian blind in the kitchen. Not an easy task as the sink is infront of the window. Hence it dosen't get done as often as it should.
A day of pottering for me.
Enjoy whatever your doing.

gillybob Sat 31-Aug-19 08:20:43

Good morning from an overcast NE coast where the sun is trying hard to poke its head out from behind the clouds. I have loads of washing to do and get dry so fingers crossed I will get it hung out .

DH has been poorly all night and I almost expect a trip to A&E in the small hours . He is fast asleep now so we will see how he is when he wakes. He has an appointment with the consultant in 2 weeks so hope he can hurry his operation up . He really can’t go on like this and trying to work long hours too, it’s crazy.

Anyway I had a lovely meet up with Diane227 (only the two of us made it to the Newcastle meet up) who has been on Gransnet for just under a year . We talked and talked and talked some more, it was as though we had known each other for ever which was lovely. Such a pity everyone else cancelled . Never mind we enjoyed it which is all that counts.

Met up with DD and had Evie until after 9 pm last night but I had to take her home as it wouldn’t have been fair with DH being poorly. Poor lamb thought she was here for the night and was quite upset to be going home. Never mind I will see her again on Tuesday and again all next weekend.

Had a good laugh at your shopping trip Marydoll, have you thought of having it made into a film? grin

I hope your family are safe Bellasnana it will be such a worry for you until it has all passed.

I hope everyone has a good Saturday wherever you are and whatever you are doing. x

ninathenana Sat 31-Aug-19 08:25:48

Marydoll I posted before reading previous posts.
gringrin I can picture the whole scene. So glad you had a great time, what a tonic for you both

Grammaretto Sat 31-Aug-19 08:31:14

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. Dreich again but less windy.
I am very tired and may just lie down once I've delivered the cake to the café. It's in the oven now, rather late.
Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Susan56 Sat 31-Aug-19 08:43:29

Good morning everyone.Back home today so will be a day of laundry and catching up.
Gilly,I hope your husband is feeling better and really hope that the consultant can see that he needs his operation as soon as is possible🤞🏻💐
Thinking of everyone else with illness and worries and wishing everybody the best day they apcan have.

Anniebach Sat 31-Aug-19 08:56:07

Good morning Auntyflo and all x

Hope everyone has a good day x

gillybob Sat 31-Aug-19 09:02:35

Thank you for your kind good wishes Susan56 . smile

NannyJan53 Sat 31-Aug-19 09:10:44

Good Morning from a bright, but cloudy Black Country.

Had a good time at the wedding yesterday, the couple bothlooked very very happy!

Today I am over to my sons to keep an eye on a 15 and 10 year old whilst they have an afternoon out.

Hoping that your DD feels better this morning gillybob and that his operation can be very soon.

Marydoll sounds like the kind of thing I would do. At least you had a giggle. You have to laugh about these things grin

Wishing you all a lovely day.