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Good Morning Tuesday

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12Michael Tue 03-Sep-19 06:14:56

Good Morning Everyone,
Its another partly cloudy start , with it feeling cooler here in Brackley.
Bus Pass at the ready with trips to Buckingham and then Bicester vice versa, reason I go via Buckingham we have no direct bus link to Bicester since cuts a few years back.
But I do occasionally meet up with former work colleagues in Bicester a brief chat etc, also in Buckingham as well.

ninathenana Tue 03-Sep-19 06:25:20

Morning Mick and all who follow.

A few clouds here in Kent and the sun is not quiet up yet.
Usual Tuesday routine, drop DH at work, go food shopping, have coffee and go pick DH up.
Enjoy your bus rides Mick

NfkDumpling Tue 03-Sep-19 06:35:03

Morning All

Another clear sky here in the north of Norfolk. Our walnut tree is now looking decidedly sorry for itself and the garden is shutting down into an early autumn. Somehow, every time rain is forecast it manages to bypass here. A good overnight soaking for a week would be nice!

cornergran Tue 03-Sep-19 06:35:50

Morning Mick, morning All. Goodness it seems dark in our corner of Somerset, heavy grey clouds. Monthly coffee group for an hour then we’re off out for the rest of the day although I’m not at my best after another disturbed night. Lots of worries at the moment. Oh well, guess it will all sort. Hope Tuesday is kind to everyone.

Sprout Tue 03-Sep-19 06:39:25

Morning Mick and all from very warm Spain. Had a lovely day yesterday down to the beach then look around the harbour. Lovely dinner where my new man proposed to me his 2 grown up children were delighted. My family yet to find out but I am sure they will be as delighted. So exciting wedding plans for next year. Have a good day everyone.

kittylester Tue 03-Sep-19 06:55:27

Morning all from a cloudy North Leicestershre.

Carer's course this morning and then watching the news for the rest of the day I suspect.

Congratulations sprout, how exciting. I assume you said yes?

Hoping all went well for dragonfly

Have happy days all.

Beechnut Tue 03-Sep-19 06:56:52

Good Morning everyone.
Dry, a blue sky heavily dotted with dark grey clouds on Severnside this morning.

Congratulations Sprout and Mr Sprout to be.

Swimming this morning and a homework day later.

Enjoy your day all whatever you do 🌸

Marydoll Tue 03-Sep-19 07:00:33

Good morning all from a wet and miserable Glasgow.

Many congratulations, Sprout! 👰👫💐. You must be on a high this morning!

A very disturbed night, my mouth ulcers are getting more painful. Nae luck!!

I'm supposed to be at the hairdresser first thing, to make myself gorgeous, just in case I meet some rich Italian Count on holiday.
If only!! It's just my hair keeps falling in my eyes and it's driving me nuts..
However, our wee granddaughter is very unwell with croup, so no nursery for her today. She is our priority over any packing, hairdresser etc. and I may have to take her to see a GP.
We are following her asthma plan, but she may need steroids the poor poor wee lamb. I'm quite worried about her.
She hasn't been eating, so I made a fruit loaf in the breadmaker overnight, to tempt her. The smell wafting upstairs is delicious. grin.

Have a good day, whatever your plans.

Bellasnana Tue 03-Sep-19 07:08:11

Good morning from Malta. I haven’t looked at the weather outside yet, but I think it is cloudy with the chance of some showers.

Hairdresser this morning. It only costs €10 for a blow dry, so it’s my weekly treat as I find washing it myself too much of a faff.

Shall attempt to go to the bank again today. Yesterday the queue stretched out of the door, and the policeman on duty wouldn’t let anyone else in, so I gave up.

dragonfly has been in my thoughts too. I hope all went well and that she’s feeling as well as can be expected. flowers

Many congratulations, Sprout, I hope you will both be very happy.

Have a good day everyone.☀️

BlueSapphire Tue 03-Sep-19 07:10:54

Bit cloudy here in Northampton this morning, but promises to brighten up later. So good morning to everyone, especially Sprout who must be feeling very excited. What a lovely thing to happen!

Just put a load of washing in, then after breakfast a visit to the nurse for a blood pressure check. Then out for lunch to the local pub with a friend; it's within walking distance for both of us, so it's a good bet that wine will be taken.... We first met in our 20s, when we were both teaching at the local infants school. We hit it off and have been friends ever since - she and her late DH were godparents to my eldest. Both in our mid seventies now - where did the time go?

Hope everyone's day goes well.

Mythbirtthedragon Tue 03-Sep-19 07:29:07

Good morning from east London where it’s cloudy and cooler. Then again, by lunchtime yesterday, it was sunny and warm. But I won’t be here as I’m heading off for a walk in north Kent; a friend is leading a group walk there later in the month and has asked me to ‘recce’ it out with her. Directions include lunch break and tea rooms so that will keep me going.
Have a good day.

NannyJan53 Tue 03-Sep-19 07:29:31

Good Morning from a still bright Black Country, where clouds are gathering!

No real plans today! So pootling and faffing round the house. Have pork belly for tonight, so going to make some stuffing!

It is lovely that you have a friend of such long standing BlueSapphire I have a friend I have known since I was 18 when we both started college, and I now live 10 mins walk from her. In fact I must ring her this morning to arrange our next outing"

How lovely Sprout, and so good his children were delighted! Many congratulations, was it a complete surprise, or did you have an idea he was going to propose?

Have a good day everyone.

vena11 Tue 03-Sep-19 07:33:18

Morning all, quite bright here in Bristol and moment we were suppose to have rain over night but everything looks dry.

Congratulation Sprout you must be thrilled .

Awake early this morning . Sorry you had another bad night cornergran and for your worries.

Hope all went well for Dragonfly.

Lins1066 Tue 03-Sep-19 07:35:13

Good Morning Mick and everyone. I t is drizzling here on S Welsh coast, feels Autumnal this morning.
Physio appointment later.
Sending my best wishes to dragonfly and to your little GD Marydoll, hope she's better very soon.
Congratulations Sprout 🎉

GabriellaG54 Tue 03-Sep-19 07:48:46


harrigran Tue 03-Sep-19 07:50:31

Good morning from an overcast NE.
Will be leaving the house in an hour as we are meeting a bedroom designer to measure up GD's room. We are giving her bedroom a makeover for her birthday. It is not a surprise as we want her to have as much input as possible.
Congratulations Sprout.

Grammaretto Tue 03-Sep-19 07:54:26

Good morning Mick and all from the Scottish Borders. A cool and quiet day so far.
My DGD has a hospital appointment today which is my worry. It's orthopaedic.

Exciting news sprout ! smile

The croup is horrible Marydoll sending good wishes to your little one. Keep cosy.

MawB Tue 03-Sep-19 07:57:53

Good morning all from a cooler, greyer N Bucks.
Congratulations to Sprout 💒 and my commiserations to all of you who have woken up to worries or problems.
Feeling a bit dozy after a late (for me) night as some friends took me to a beautiful and thought-provoking Mexican film yesterday evening called “La Camarista “ (The Chambermaid) and then back to theirs for supper. Of course I was wide awake and wired when they brought me home and it was past midnight by the time I had walked Hattie and got to bed. 😴😴😴😴
Wishing you all a pleasant day.

gillybob Tue 03-Sep-19 07:58:27

Good morning from the NE coast where the sun is fighting it’s way out from behind the clouds. The weather forecast suggests the clouds will win as no sunshine forecast for today .

Strange Tuesday morning here as it’s the children’s first day back to school, so they stayed at home last night as mum on a late shift, which has worked out well meaning that DGD2 can walk with her older sister to her first day at secondary school. Where have those years gone ?

I will be picking little Evie up in about 2 hours so no rest for the wicked and will have to take my dad for his shopping as usual.

DH has had a slightly better night. His appointment is on the 10th so I’m just hoping and praying they can arrange his operation for soon afterwards. He’s in a lot of pain and discomfort.

I’m feeling a bit down at the minute as this seems to have been one of those years (again) where nothing goes right. Rubbish weather and non existent summer, poorly husband, demanding family and nothing whatsoever to look back on and smile, or look forward to, except work, work and more bloomin’ work. It really gets to you. Still I suppose things could be so much worse.

To poor dragonfly I hope things went well for you yesterday and that you will soon be on the road to recovery. Marydoll I hope your mouth ulcers settle down soon and your DGD is feeling much better poor lamb.

Huge congratulations to you Sprout how lovely. A Gransnet wedding for next year. smile

To all those on holiday I hope you continue to have a lovely time , to all those feeling poorly I hope you fell better soon and to all those (like me at the moment) feeling a bit down I hope some sunshine comes along soon to brighten your days .

Have a good Tuesday everyone x

annsixty Tue 03-Sep-19 07:58:56

Good morning all from a chilly Stockport .
Usually read but don't post however I am hoping dragonfly is feeling relieved and comfortable this morning and to send congratulations to Sprout on her happy news.
Have as good a day as you can everyone.

gillybob Tue 03-Sep-19 08:03:30

Good morning annsixty I do hope you are well. It’s nice to see you here on the Good Morning Thread. smile

Urmstongran Tue 03-Sep-19 08:09:57

I’m late this morning! I’m going to read all these posts first and then post - which will make me even later IFKWIM!

mumofmadboys Tue 03-Sep-19 08:25:53

Still lying in bed here, on holiday in West Wales, listening to the sea! Congratulations to Sprout. Hope you will both be really happy. TOYA with worries and health problems.

Brunette10 Tue 03-Sep-19 08:26:00

Good Morning to all from a wet and drizzly Fife. Not pleasant at all and makes me want to stay indoors, I'm very much a fair weather person I'm afraid. Congratulations to you Sprout - wow how exciting for you all and good news to spread with us GN's so thanks. Marydoll poor you this is not what you need leading up to your hols in Rome also your dear little DGD hope you get all her meds stuff sorted today with doc. Thinking of dragonfly, hope all went well for her yesterday. Gilly, so unlike you to feeling bit down, I know how you try and keep yourself on a cheerful note which I do so admire, keep your chin up. Try and think of some nice things today. Grammaretto hope your DGD gets on fine today, try and not worry too much.. Sorry if I have missed anyone out who have worries and problems. Thinking of everyone today flowers

Auntieflo Tue 03-Sep-19 08:29:57

Morning Michael, Annie to come, and all others. Today it's greyish outside, but hoping it stays dry, so I can put the washing out. When it's done!
Emails to write later, and then volunteering this afternoon, and see if the premium bonds have had any luck 🤞
To all those feeling under the weather, hugs and wishes for a speedy return to better health.
With special good wishes to Dragonfly, (it's a year since my operation).
Sprout, congratulations to you.
Have a good day one and all.