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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 05-Sep-19 06:11:37

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a grey but dry start here in Brackley this morning.
My usual trip out to Bicester and Buckingham , and then a rush when I return for a Ear Test appointment at my surgery , its a check as I would like my ears syringed .

harrigran Thu 05-Sep-19 06:36:56

Good morning Mick and all to follow, grey but dry start here in the NE.
Nothing planned today but there is plenty of paperwork needs sorting and I am expecting a delivery today.

vena11 Thu 05-Sep-19 06:48:19

Morning all , sun just about out here in Bristol looks like it will be another nice day, hope so as its our 44th wedding anniversary today and DH and I are going into town later for a meal ,where has the years gone.

School run also this morning lovely to see the DGC first thing in the morning .

Hope all have a nice day.

moggie Thu 05-Sep-19 06:58:52

Good morning Michael & all, this is my first post on this thread. It’s dry & looks promising for a sunny day in Nottingham. DH had Migraine during the night, still feeling bad this morning. I work Tues & Weds no plans today, will do a bit of housework & get out in the garden smile

Brunette10 Thu 05-Sep-19 07:00:59

Good Morning from a bright Fife, had difficulty sleeping last night so up with the lark. vena11 - Happy Wedding Anniversary and yes I agree where do the years go to! Off out for the day today so have an earliesh start. Hope today is good to all.

Brunette10 Thu 05-Sep-19 07:01:35

So sorry moggie - welcome to the thread, we are all polite and nice, enjoy!

moggie Thu 05-Sep-19 07:03:19

Happy anniversary vena11

Marydoll Thu 05-Sep-19 07:03:34

Good morning all from a sunny and hot Rome, the city of ancient history, good food, beautiful people and of course my favourite pastime, SHOPPING!

It was a very long journey yesterday, there are only a few direct flights from Glasgow, so we flew via Amsterdam.
The flight from Glasgow was delayed, so we had to race to the other end of Schipol to catch the Rome flight.
I thought I was going to die in that Airport!!☹️
However, we made it by the skin of our teeth, only to sit on the tarmac for TWO hours!!!!!

The air traffic controllers, baggage handlers and catering staff had all been on strike that morning, and one of the runways was out of commission.😠 it was chaotic
How dare they, when they knew I was going back. to the city, where I should have been born.😁
However, the boost for me was that I did it. A few
months ago, due to my health problems, I couldn't physically have done this, and emotionally was afraid I would have a heart attack, so this was a huge step for me.

On our arrival at our usual hotel, our friend the manager had gone to so much trouble to make our room so welcoming.
The new receptionist was so kind to us, she told us that she had been advised that we were special guests.
We have been going for twenty years, since It comprised only six rooms, it is now a luxury hotel with about thirty.

We are planning to visit St John Lantern church, the Pope''s church in Rome, as he is the Bishop of Rome, as well as Pope. It's on the other side of Rome from the Vatican.
There is a wee market beside it, ( I know them all), where cashmere bargains are to be had. The lady only appears on certain days, so fingers crossed.

I'm off for a lovely breakfast, in great anticipation of what the day will bring.
No more walking all day for me, it will be buses from now on.
It's all part of the adventure.

Have a good day all, hope you are improving Dragonfly.

Bellasnana Thu 05-Sep-19 07:07:15

Good morning from Malta where it is still hot and sticky.

I have someone coming to change my electricity meter this morning. It has been faulty for some time so I expect I will get a huge bill when it is all sorted out. I have been four times to tell them about it, but nothing was done until now.

Happy anniversary, vena, and congratulations on your long marriage. flowers

Hope everyone has a good day.☀️

Pantglas1 Thu 05-Sep-19 07:08:55

Morning all and happy anniversary vena11. We had a storm yesterday and a mad dash around the roof terrace keeping cushions dry - that was my excitement for the day!

Off to a wine tasting this evening- here’s hoping my Spanish has improved since last year and I can understand the waffle while I glug!

Sprout Thu 05-Sep-19 07:12:15

Morning Mick and all. . Overcast here at the moment in Spain but to be truthful a bit of a cooler day is welcome. Off to see some beautiful boats today. Then lunch and back to the villa for a swim. Oh life is hard eh. One more day to go and home to the chilly weather never mind. Have a good day everyone

Resurgam123 Thu 05-Sep-19 07:12:33

Good Morning All.
Sunshine here in Cheshire shining through the neighbours oak tree.
(I am quite pleased it is not mine though. )
Back to U3A activities now. The long nothingness is rather boring.

Bellasnana Thu 05-Sep-19 07:14:20

Marydoll, so sorry your journey was such an endurance test, but glad you made it and hope you enjoy every moment of your stay in the Eternal City.

I love Rome as well, it’s only an hour’s flight from Malta, so DH and myself used to spend many happy holidays there.
I have been back once since he died, which was very hard, but I still love it and, like you, wish I had been born Italian.

Buon divertimento!🇮🇹

Beechnut Thu 05-Sep-19 07:23:42

Good Morning all.
I have woken late to a sunny day on Severnside.
Happy Anniversary vena11 and I’m pleased to hear you’ve arrived Marydoll. Enjoy your Rome time.
Yesterday afternoon I went to see a friend of DH. He has had a few health issues and it was nice to catch up.
Today I’m off to my craft class.

Welcome moggie I hope you will have a good day along with the rest of us 🌺

Mythbirtthedragon Thu 05-Sep-19 07:28:54

Good morning from east London, blue sky and sun outside but noticeably cooler. Time to get moving before the builders arrive; as they’re still working on the kitchen and conservatory, I need to move stuff out of there and into our front room where the microwave, kettle and toaster currently reside. Off to help at food bank this morning then ‘free’ til choir this evening but lots of words to print off as it’s start of a new year. (DP has just arrived in a panic as I haven’t done anything yet). Have a good day.

Susan56 Thu 05-Sep-19 07:33:01

Good morning from a rather dull Staffordshire.We stayed at our daughters last night and today we are taking our little grandson to CBeebies land😳
Wishing you the best holiday Marydoll,what a lovely welcome to your hotel.
Dragonfly,hope you had another comfortable night.
Welcome moggie and happy anniversary to venall and Mr venall🍾🥂
Have a good day everyone.

gillybob Thu 05-Sep-19 07:40:55

Good morning from the NE coast where we have a dry and bright start. There is a definite chill in the air this morning though . Not long before the heating will be going on .

Well after a hectic day of loo cleaning, meeting and greeting visitors , tea and coffee making and generally being nice (not to mention having to smile....which almost hurt) we are back to normal . They were happy with what we have done so far so there will be a slight feeling of relief in “that place” today....not that that makes me any keener to go. But at least it’s Thursday which is technically Friday Eve so not too bad.

I am sooooo happy for you that you made it to your beloved Rome Marydoll what a lovely greeting they arranged for you. Your and DH must be VIP guests by now ! I hope you have the best time, you deserve it . smile

A warm welcome to the Gransnet Good Morning thread Moggie it’s lovely to have new posters joining this gentle kind thread. I’m sorry you DH wasn’t well during the night (I know only too well what it’s like when you don’t get your sleep) hope he’s feeling better this morning though.

Happy anniversary Mr and Mrs Vena11 I hope you enjoy your celebration meal tonight flowers

To Dragonfly I hope you are starting to feel much better now and to Harris27 too I hope that nasty kidney stone isn’t giving you any trouble at the minute.

Well DH’s appointment with the consultant is on Tuesday and can’t come soon enough. Poor man is really suffering . I hope he can have his operation sooner rather than later.

To those on holiday I hope you continue to have a lovely time and to those of us just going about our normal day to day lives, I hope we have the best day we can.
Have a good Thursday all x

dragonfly46 Thu 05-Sep-19 07:41:28

Good morning from sunny Leicestershire.

Happy Anniversary Vena and welcome moggie. So pleased you got to Rome marydoll I am sure you will have a wonderful time.

Routine visit to the hospital to have the wound checked today. Then more rest! Very boring - I hate doing nothing.

NannyJan53 Thu 05-Sep-19 07:41:57

Good Morning from a bright and sunny Black Country, although it obviously rained during the night.

It was a gloriously sunny day yesterday. Skyped with my Niece in Australia for well over an hour. Then popped to Codsall to collect the pottery figures my 2 DGD's had painted a couple of weeks ago. Then over to DD's to meet my DGD after her first day at Secondary school. She seemed very happy!

Partner is working from home today, so will have to be inobtrusive smile I have an U3A monthly meeting this afternoon.

So pleased you are finally in your 'second home' Marydoll,
what a journey though! I have been there once, but would love to go again.

Welcome to the thread moggie

Happy anniversary venall hope you have a lovely day together.

Enjoy your day everyone.

gillybob Thu 05-Sep-19 07:42:37

Oops meant to ask Marydoll ...”when in Rome” just exactly what is it “that the Romans do?” wink

ninathenana Thu 05-Sep-19 07:43:40

Good morning all.

Sunny start in Kent. Our street will have no power for four hours today so we have scheduled a tip run, a trip to the DIY store, the garden centre and a coffee somewhere. If there is no power after that, I won't care.
Have a good day.

dragonfly46 Thu 05-Sep-19 07:43:45

gilly so sorry to hear your DH is still suffering but as you say it is nearly weekend.

Urmstongran Thu 05-Sep-19 07:45:07

Good morning everyone from Malaga. The sun’s not long been up (sunrise only half an hour ago). We too had RAIN yesterday lunchtime Pantsglas! It chucked it down for about half an hour.... and then the sun came back out and it was soon dry again.

No particular plans today. I’ve given up on the daily swim lark. I’m rubbish at commitment!

Great to hear you (finally) arrived in Rome Marydoll I bet you were absolutely shattered!

Happy anniversary venal1 hope you enjoy your day.

Hi to moggie and welcome on board Mick’s friendly place. Good luck with the ear syringing Mick!

Hope Thursday is kind to us all whether we have any plans or none. x

Lins1066 Thu 05-Sep-19 07:45:25

Good Morning all and welcome Moggie.
It is a bright and sunny start on the S Welsh coast.
DH going to the local NT this morning to work on the archive.
Our cleaner is coming this morning, she has been on holiday with her family.
Happy Anniversary venal 🎉

Emma49 Thu 05-Sep-19 07:49:50

Good morning from an overcast NI. This is also my first post on this thread. Pilates class this morning and meeting friends for dinner tonight so not much cooking today. Happy anniversary Venall. Enjoy your holiday Marydoll.
Have a good day everyone.