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Good Morning Monday

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Beechnut Mon 23-Sep-19 06:49:31


Nannytopsy Mon 23-Sep-19 06:52:50

Good morning Beechnut and all who follow. Cloudy in Suffolk today but we have plenty to keep us busy!

Beechnut Mon 23-Sep-19 06:57:04

Good Morning Nanny and all who follow.
It’s cloudy and feels warm on Severnside.
A day of pottering and putting things away after my weekend.
Will try to finish my crochet item though it’s not going well.
Sending you all good wishes for the day 🌺

vena11 Mon 23-Sep-19 06:58:37

Good morning from Bristol early school run and pick up for me today.
Wondering now what to do as our celebration holiday for my brother 70th birthday in October has gone. Thomas Cook I feel so so sorry for the people sitting at airports hoping to go on holiday and people who were going away with family for their weddings, very sad for them

Hope everyone has a great day .

ninathenana Mon 23-Sep-19 06:59:51

Good morning Beechnut Nannytopsy and everyone.

Very grey here in Kent but still no rain to speak of.
DH will cook breckie when he gets up and then it's a day of housework and admin such joy !
Have a good day everyone.

ninathenana Mon 23-Sep-19 07:01:56

Sorry about your holiday Vernall

Ginny42 Mon 23-Sep-19 07:03:33

Good morning Beechnut Nanny and all. The sky is bright in Cheshire after some very heavy rain last night. It sounded like a train coming through.

My DD is flying home today, and I have to get her to Manchester airport, then I think I'll take myself off to Knutsford and treat myself to lunch.

Enjoy your day everyone. x

NanKate Mon 23-Sep-19 07:11:18

Good Morning Beechnut and All.

Thanks Beechnut for starting up today for Mick.

I hope you are settling into your new home Nannytopsy.

Catching up on lots of paperwork this morning then off to Rummykub this afternoon.

Suspect the rain is on its way ☹️

NanKate Mon 23-Sep-19 07:11:44

Hope your voice has returned Mary.

dragonfly46 Mon 23-Sep-19 07:21:46

Good morning from sunny Leicestershire.

So sorry about your holiday Vena11 I hope you can find something else.

DH has telephone appointment with doctor then going to look for some new sofas.

Alygran Mon 23-Sep-19 07:24:11

Good morning from foggy North Yorkshire.
I’ve had a lovely weekend with the family here then out last evening to the village pub quiz.
Up early to go and help at the cooking course again. Making shepherds pie today.
Hope everyone has a good day.

Urmstongran Mon 23-Sep-19 07:25:45

Good morning everyone from South Manchester where it’s wet out but the sky is a beautiful streaky blue and pink. It chucked it down during the night but the sun is trying to shine now.

I have an appointment with the dental hygienist mid morning then this afternoon I’m meeting a good friend for coffee/wine in a local bar. I’ve not seen her for 2 months as I’ve been in Spain since the end of July, so we’ll have a lot to catch up on!

Such a shame about your planned holiday Vena11 😐 as you say, Thomas Cook’s demise will leave a lot of people upset and the government will have to step in to bring thousands of people home too - what a mess and a logistical nightmare.

Hope Monday is kind to us all whether we have plans or none. x

NfkDumpling Mon 23-Sep-19 07:27:38

Morning All

Back nearly a week now from our travels to Borneo and the rain forest (great, but soooo humid!). I acquired an horrible cold on the plane home, but the holiday was well worth it.

We had a little much needed rain last night but it’s all dry out there again and no rain forecast for today. Perhaps tomorrow.

Nothing planned for today. In the last week we’ve completed the sale of our sailing boat and she’s gone to her new home, traded in our car and caravan, collected our new camper van and had a night’s trial in her. Its a bit different from the caravan. And yesterday we had a lovely birthday tea with DGD2 and family. It’s been busy!

moggie Mon 23-Sep-19 07:28:43

Good morning Beechnut & all from dry, bright start in Nottingham. Electrician coming today, it’s all coming together in kitchen. Shops today& few chores. Have a good day everyone.

BlueSapphire Mon 23-Sep-19 07:34:20

Good morning everyone. It's getting brighter here in Northampton, but the forecast is dire for the rest of the week.

Having a coffee and cake morning here today for neighbours and ex-neighbours, so yesterday was spent dusting, hoovering and tidying up. Am just about to put a load of stuff out for the charity sack collection.

Then I plan to do not much for the rest of the day except catch up with the weekend papers and reading. Hope the day is kind to all.

moggie Mon 23-Sep-19 07:36:02

Sorry about you holiday vena11 we have Nile cruise booked next March with company who are part of the Thomas Cook group.

kittylester Mon 23-Sep-19 07:36:06

Morning all from our bedroom over looking the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

We had a lovely meal last night and are looking forward to a full English this morning before we move on to Cornwall where its self catering all the way!

I'm sorry for people who are affected by the Thomas Cook collapse. My friend's son is one of the pilots.

Enjoy your days everyone.

Pantglas2 Mon 23-Sep-19 07:38:37

Brrrrr - it’s a cool 15degrees in Spain this morning so autumn has just arrived unannounced almost. Never mind, at least it’s dry for me to finish all my washing.

Hope you all have a good day whatever you’re doing x

Marydoll Mon 23-Sep-19 07:41:52

Good morning all, thanks for starting the thread, Beechnut.
It's a damp misty morning here in Glasgow, but to brighten up later.

I still have a hacking cough, just like you, NFK, picked up on the plane. Kate , my voice has not returned yet, there are many who are rejoicing. However, yesterday, a friend said that it will take more than that to stop me chatting!! grin.

So sorry to hear about your cancelled trip, Venall and for those poor people, whose plans have been ruined. flowers.
What a disappointment for you.

I would prefer to stay at home today , feeling really under the weather, (my medication, rather than my ailments is to blame, sad ),but I have to return a flower girl outfit, I bought for DGD for my daughter's wedding. It was beautiful, but is too big. She is so petite, that it looks as if we may need to get one made.

Enjoy your day, folks, whatever your plans.

Brunette10 Mon 23-Sep-19 07:41:54

Good Morning from a dreech Fife, not nice at all out today. DH not feeling too great today but has eye appointment which I shall take him to. Nothing else planned because of this. Hopefully it will pass soon. Thinking of all those who have holidays booked through T Cook, dreadful news. Have a good day and sending best wishes who are feeling under the weather.

Grammaretto Mon 23-Sep-19 07:51:21

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders where it's stopped raining and a GN meet up later.
I'm being put to the test helping to look after a normally independent, convalescing friend. A group of us will form a rota.

Lins1066 Mon 23-Sep-19 07:57:37

Good Morning.
It is cloudy here on the S Welsh coast, heavy rain yesterday evening.
Nfk our DD is flying out to Singapore and Borneo on Friday for a holiday.
So sad about Thomas Cook, such an iconic name.

Hope everyone has a good day, including gilly in that place, and all those feeling poorly.

cornergran Mon 23-Sep-19 08:06:50

Morning All. Bright, sunny start in our corner of Somerset. Must concentrate on post holiday catch up, sort of distracted from it yesterday. Food shop or we won’t eat then onwards with the faffing. Hope Monday is kind to everyone, it’s a more than difficult day for anyone impacted by Thomas Cook.

Teal Mon 23-Sep-19 08:08:34

Good morning from a damp, cloudy NE. Although I can see some blue sky, so fingers crossed.
So sorry for those with holidays booked with Thomas Cook and indeed the 9000 UK Staff who are out of a job this morning. The end of another high street name.
Work for me today, and a shepherds pie to make for dinner tonight before I go.
Hope everyone has a good Monday.

gillybob Mon 23-Sep-19 08:18:56

Good morning from the NE coast where we have a dull, damp start. We had some heavy rain yesterday afternoon too.

My DS, DDiL and the three children were supposed to be having a very long anticipated holiday in October (half term) too vena11 . The children will be bitterly disappointed this morning. Such a shame for all concerned. I will begin the fight for them to get their money back but fear it will be difficult.

I have had a very tiring weekend with childcare for most of it. Didn’t get little Evie home until after 8pm last night and just felt like crawling straight into bed myself (after the mass clear up that is) .

I’m off to “that place” in about 15 minutes but I’ve got school pick ups later and more overnights . Oh shift work is a bummer for young parents (and grandma) , need to win the lottery more than ever.

Can’t believe it’s bleedin’ Monday again already, I’m sure someone is playing tricks on me .

Have a good day everyone x