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Is this a scam?

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MissAdventure Wed 25-Sep-19 21:27:58

I just got a text telling me that EE have been unable to process my payment. (I paid my bill yesterday, and not without a lot of faffing around, as usual, using their automated system)

It told me to click on the link provided and fill in my details (name, address, bank card details)

Stupidly, I did click on the link but stopped dead when I saw what they wanted to know.

It must be a scam, yes? blush

I'm ashamed to say I don't know!

CanadianGran Wed 25-Sep-19 21:31:02

Anytime I get a request like this I call the company involved if possible, or email the contact that is posted on their website.

Also check your bank to see if the original payment went through.

MissAdventure Wed 25-Sep-19 21:33:36

Yes, I suppose that's what i'll have to do.

Its a pain in the proverbial, because I'm really busy and could do without it.
Still, I suppose I could do without being scammed too.

grannyqueenie Wed 25-Sep-19 21:37:58

My daughter warned me about this the other day, beware it is a scam!

MissAdventure Wed 25-Sep-19 21:45:32

Yes, it seems so.

The link it gives is to an EE address, so I just clicked on it.

Its how I usually pay my bill - a text telling me its (over) due and a link to click to pay it, so I didn't think anything of a link being sent this time.

Have reported it to EE now.

M0nica Wed 25-Sep-19 21:59:17

When you respond to anything like this. never click on the link or ring the number they give. Always get the company's website up and take a number from there.

LondonGranny Wed 25-Sep-19 22:03:13

Sounds very scammy to me. I've had very similar emails that have purported to be from various companies I've never done business with, ever. The latest says Netflix can't process my payment.

MissAdventure Wed 25-Sep-19 22:05:43

Its ridiculous that I clicked on it, I know.
I just wasn't thinking and was more irritated with EE, planning to give them a piece of my mind.

Must be more on guard in future.

LondonGranny Wed 25-Sep-19 22:14:51

Useful website for you. Don't feel ridiculous...scammers can be very convincing.

Littleannie Wed 25-Sep-19 22:20:14

Definitely a scam.

MissAdventure Wed 25-Sep-19 23:19:01

Thanks, LondonGranny (my predictive text wants you to be called 'London Cranny')

That's the page I used to report the text. smile

agnurse Thu 26-Sep-19 00:06:37

Yup, always check with the company.

In Canada there is a rather common scam where someone will phone and say that your account with the Canada Revenue Service is overdue and you're about to be indicted for tax fraud. (In Canada we do our own taxes, your employer doesn't do them for you as in the UK.) The first time we got the call, we phoned the CRA and confirmed there was nothing wrong with our account. Thankfully we didn't lose any money to the fraudsters. Since then we have occasionally gotten the call again, but we just ignore it.

GabriellaG54 Thu 26-Sep-19 01:03:12

Why not set up a DD and the appropriate amount will be taken every month and you will be notified of the amount via email a few days before payment is taken, giving you time to check it.
That will save you worrying about scams.

BlueBelle Thu 26-Sep-19 06:39:28

I use a DD with EE (sounds like a song) so much easier

Yes I think it’s a scam check with EE and your bank

NannyJan53 Thu 26-Sep-19 07:31:09

I had this message yesterday, supposedly from EE. I ignored it is I pay by direct debit.

whitefrog632 Thu 26-Sep-19 08:09:28

What was the number that they use? Was it EE's real number? I think you should not click on any link from unfamiliar texts, especially from unknown numbers. I've read similar scams filed at since years ago. Beware of them, folks.

Harris27 Thu 26-Sep-19 08:13:24

I had a similar one the other day and knew it was a scam as I pay everything by dd.

theresacoo Thu 26-Sep-19 10:01:38

Delete email and log on to your account and look there

HootyMcOwlface Thu 26-Sep-19 10:05:17

I would also say scam. I had a similar one from TV licensing saying the direct debit was not paid. I ignored it as I have never given them my email address and they didn’t mention my name in the text just “Dear email-address”.

Rosina Thu 26-Sep-19 10:06:17

My OH got this yesterday; we checked the bank statement and the payment had gone by direct debit , as usual, a few days ago. We reported it to EE, but also tried typing in the 'http' string that the email had offered, asking for our banking infomation. A red warning screen from MacaFee came up at once. The crooks must have flooded EE's customers - how do they get all these phone numbers?

Miep1 Thu 26-Sep-19 10:06:25

There's one going about at the moment where someone (sounding Indian) rings offering a special deal on Amazon Prime @ only £39.99 a month - £32 more than normal. Would have caught a not tech savvy friend of ours had he been able to understand what the bloke was saying!

Missiseff Thu 26-Sep-19 10:08:03

Never, ever click on a link! Or give your bank details via email! Of course it's a scam! Deary me!

H1954 Thu 26-Sep-19 10:18:24

My OH had the same kind of text a few weeks ago. He had recently updated his contract and immediately though that the payment had not gone through so was very nearly taken in. I hastily logged onto our online bank account and showed him that the payment had gone through several days previously.

He phoned the mobile number from where the text originated and told them in no uncertain terms exactly what he thought of their threats. He also said he had passed all the data onto the police and EE!

Clearly, these scams will continue, as fast as one is stopped another one rears its ugly head! We just have to be alert and keep our personal details private.

polnan Thu 26-Sep-19 10:29:47

never click on a link

yes, I did it once, unthinking..

never click on a link!

annep1 Thu 26-Sep-19 10:38:13

I'm with missiseseff! And never give details to someone who rings. Always ring the company back.
Don't be afraid to say no. And don't let strange people in. Even when shown id - its not always genuine.