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Good Morning Saturday!

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Marydoll Sat 28-Sep-19 06:34:00

Just opening up shop!

Nannytopsy Sat 28-Sep-19 06:37:33

Good morning Marydoll. How are you today? We were woken early by the cat - grrr!

NanKate Sat 28-Sep-19 06:49:40

Morning Mary and Topsy and All to follow.

Just gearing up to go and stand on the football pitch for an hour to watch our eldest in his footie match. Hope it’s not cold.

Thanks for all the good wishes for my 73rd yesterday. I saw all my close family throughout the day and managed some retail therapy too 👍

Marydoll Sat 28-Sep-19 06:50:42

Good morning all from a somewhat cool and dark Glasgow.

I'm up at the crack of dawn to get ready for my vintage train 🚂trip to Fort William.
When I was a student, I used to stay in a youth hostel in Ardgarten, at Loch long and used to watch for the train clinging to the hillside on it's way to Oban. I promised myself that one day, I grin would do that journey. It's only taken forty five years!
This was the view from the window, with the train on the hillside opposite.

I'm beginning to get a little anxious, as I've just looked at our tickets and we don't appear to be sitting together! 😨 I booked a little table for two, there was a problem getting it booked and now I'm panicking. A bit late now!!!
If so, this will make DH's day, a day on a train, sitting on his own, listening to his music, without me wittering on! Sheer Bliss in his eyes. grin.

I still have the hacking cough, so I will be spending the day, trying not to annoy my fellow passengers. blush

Have a good weekend everyone.

Nannytopsy Sat 28-Sep-19 06:51:11

A belated happy birthday NanKate!

Susan56 Sat 28-Sep-19 06:52:39

Good morning Marydoll and Nannytopsy.A rainy start to the day on the Shropshire borders.
An early morning alarm call from DGD who has now gone back to sleep!We are taking her to her ballet class this morning then into town to buy her PE kit for pre school.No plans after that we will just take the day as it comes.

kittylester Sat 28-Sep-19 06:56:34

Morning all from a damp Cornwall coast. We are on our way home today wondering whether the ceiling will be where is should be or on the floor! And there is more rain due in Leicestershire!

Sorry I missed your birthday Kate. And, have a fabulous trip Mary.

Susan56 Sat 28-Sep-19 06:57:02

Hope you have a lovely day Mary and manage to get seats together.I am sure the stewards will try and sort things out for you.We did a Pullman trip in May and there were a couple of spare seats so🤞🏻you’re in for a treat🚂

NanKate Sat 28-Sep-19 06:58:13

Thanks NannyTopsy.

I think a small dram sipped throughout your journey could help you Mary with your hacking cough. Have a lovely day.

NanKate Sat 28-Sep-19 06:59:52

No problem Kitty. Hope all well back home for you and that you have managed to hole up in some Cornish taverns during your soggy hols.

BlueSapphire Sat 28-Sep-19 07:16:18

Good morning everyone. Gosh, your day sounds so exciting Marydoll, I hope you have a wonderful time. We stayed in Fort William a few years back and used to see the train going off to Mallaig. And then we had a coach trip to Mallaig and watched it come in.

It's fairly bright in Northampton, and the forecast says no rain until this evening, so keeping fingers crossed, as it's the first rugby home match of the season and I shall be cheering Northampton Saints on from my usual seat. Will be wearing my new team shirt! Making a hotpot this morning for the slow cooker, so a nice meal to come home too.

Wishing a good day to all.

Brunette10 Sat 28-Sep-19 07:18:11

Good Morning from a cold but bright Fife. Have our 2 x DGS's today with the eldest staying over. I have lots of plans in my head to keep them busy but whether or not it all happens we shall see. Marydoll have a lovely time, I'm sure you will manage to sit beside your DH. Weather just gorgeous for gazing out train window up to Fort William. Hope Saturday is good to everyone.

ninathenana Sat 28-Sep-19 07:25:40

Morning everyone.

The sun is shining low on the horizon but it's look grey above.
DH kindly woke me at 6.15 by having a groaning stretch. I'll get him back smile Some admin to do today, one of my least favourite things.

Safe journey home kitty and I hope all is we when you get there. Marydoll DH and I are both jealous of your train trip. Have a lovely day.
I hope everyone else has a good day too.

NfkDumpling Sat 28-Sep-19 07:31:58

Morning All

A bright and breezy start to the day here in Norfolk. Hopefully it’ll stay dry, DS and family have half a dozen five and six year olds descending with their parents for DGS’s birthday pizza party. They inherited a pizza oven with their new home but it’s at the far end of the garden.

Happy Belated birthday Nankate, I missed it too. And I’m with you on the sipping whisky for Marydoll. It works wonders. Have a wonderful trip Marydoll, all those autumn colours. If they’ve messed up the seating arrangements I’m sure someone will swop seats.

Beechnut Sat 28-Sep-19 07:34:30

Good Morning to you all.

Belated birthday greetings NanKate.
Enjoy the train ride Marydoll.

Damp and cloudy this morning on Severnside. I think I’ll take a wander down town today and have a mooch and I’ve got the makings for Urmstongrans SOAP so I plan to make that over the weekend.
I would also like to hang a lantern in the hall so I might have a ferret about in the shed to find some wood to make a bracket.
I hope you all enjoy the day whatever you do 🌺

Pantglas2 Sat 28-Sep-19 07:37:26

Morning all from a rather moist north Wales! Hope weather improves around lunchtime as I’m meeting friends for a bit of culture, doncha know! We’re going to Oriel Mostyn in Llandudno then tea and cake, what could be nicer?

Enjoy your train journey Marydoll and everybody else have a lovely day also regardless of darned weather!

Mythbirtthedragon Sat 28-Sep-19 07:39:04

Good morning from a wet south east Northumberland; then again, no surprise after the weather we travelled up in, running in and out of torrential rain. Just hope you had some shelter watching the cycling Mick; lots of signs about it in the Wetherby area. Hoping to see middle brother later and, when the rain has cleared which it will, we’ll be off to the beach, probably the driest surface around to walk on. Have a good day.

dragonfly46 Sat 28-Sep-19 07:39:22

Good morning from a so far sunny Leicestershire.

Pleased you had a lovely birthday nankate.
We did have some pretty torrential rain here yesterday and more expected today. The gardens may love it but I don’t.

Hope you have a lovely trip on the train Mary I love trains. We once went on a company do on the Orient Express in Switzerland - very exciting. I do hope your cough gets better.

vena11 Sat 28-Sep-19 07:40:31

Good morning from Wolverhamton . Very dull here at the moment. Travelling back down home to Bristol this afternoon DGS was a treat to look after he is 16 month now and into everything . My DD is travelling down to us tomorrow to spend a few days so we will have him still for a few days more. Enjoy your tripMarydoll hope the weather is clear for you .

Greyduster Sat 28-Sep-19 07:41:52

Good morning, all GNs. It is very grey and overcast in South Yorkshire but it may clear a little later. GS has been here overnight and he will be going to football with DH later, to see Liverpool play our team at home. He has his uncle’s seat. I hope he remembers to cheer for the right team hmm! I have to oversee his homework later today and then I am making a curry for tomorrow. Happy late Birthday to NanKate! Safe journey home to Kitty and Mr L. Have a good day folks.

harrigran Sat 28-Sep-19 07:50:52

Good morning from a dark NE where the rain is torrential.
I am not leaving the house today.
I dared to have a very mild curry dish last night and I have had pain all night. I must assume that food like this is now off the menu.

cornergran Sat 28-Sep-19 07:53:21

Morning All. It’s throwing it down in our corner of Somerset. Had most of the day in bed yesterday while the room revolved slowly around me. Still feel horrid but at least the room is still today. Should do a list for a much needed food shop, see how it goes. I’m envious of that train trip marydoll, we did two Pullman trips in Wales recently and loved every minute. Relax and enjoy. Happy belated birthday kate, safe journey to kitty, mr lester and anyone else swimming around on very wet roads. Hope Saturday is kind to everyone.

Urmstongran Sat 28-Sep-19 08:06:18

Good morning everyone from a damp South Manchester but at least we have some bright blue streaks in the sky, amongst the grey!

At lunchtime I’m being picked up by an ex colleague and we are driving over to Bury to see another ex colleague. We meet up once a year since we all retired and we always have a great time.

Marydoll what a spectacular view! I’m envious of your day it sounds amazing.

kitty safe journey home and I hope your hall ceiling is still up. More rain is forecast today and I’m sure driving home it’ll make you anxious.

Belated birthday wishes NanKate!

Hope you enjoy the SOAP dish Beechnut 🍴 and that Saturday is kind to us all whether we have plans or none. x

BlueSapphire Sat 28-Sep-19 08:11:10

Urmstongran, my late DH came from Bury. Used to love going to visit the late P-in-laws.

NannyJan53 Sat 28-Sep-19 08:20:54

Good morning from a sunny Korcula.

We are off on the ferry today to Hvar, where we stay until next Saturday.

Belated birthday greetings NanKate not long after mine!

Wishing everyone a lovely day, we save travels to all travelling