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Flutterby1 Fri 04-Oct-19 16:45:31

I get the most awful pain/knot in my abdomen with Anxiety. Anyone else get this and how do you cope. Tha ks

Luckygirl Fri 04-Oct-19 18:26:57

Relaxation exercises on my iPod - put the headphones on and drift away. It really does work for me and I hope you will find the right thing for you.

Anniebach Fri 04-Oct-19 20:51:54

Your abdomen is tense, do try relaxing methods as Luckygirl suggested

madmarchram Fri 04-Oct-19 20:59:08

Hi there,

I too suffer anxiety but often find that self guided visualisation or concentrating on a task tends to keep me balanced. That said, I do have days when the anxiety gets the better of me and I start to panic about stupid things......the older I get, the more of these days I seem to be having hmm sad

Doodle Fri 04-Oct-19 21:02:31

Me too flutterby. As soon as I wake in the morning the panic sets in. Stomach churning, heart pounding. I am trying to do mindfulness breathing exercises. It’s an awful feeling isn’t it.

kircubbin2000 Fri 04-Oct-19 21:06:30

It stops me doing so much. I missed a free visit to a new gym because of it today.

Joyfulnanna Fri 04-Oct-19 21:11:16

I had some unexplained anxiety whilst on an aeroplane. I had to keep telling myself I was OK. It didn't work so I put my headphones on with some music and sang softly under my breath. The anxiety passed after 20 mins or so.

Tangerine Fri 04-Oct-19 21:23:04

Yes, I get a tightness in my stomach if I am worried and it prevents me from eating.

BradfordLass72 Sat 05-Oct-19 09:30:49

Magnesium is known to help anxiety, it's a natural relaxant, it might be worth a try.

Rosina Sat 05-Oct-19 10:30:21

Yes - it is so uncomfortable, but I do slow deep breathing and drop my shoulders, try to relax my body as much as I can and it usually goes after a while. Gentle slow music helps too.

KatyK Sat 05-Oct-19 10:42:49

Me too. I'm scared and anxious every minute of every day. I am a 'what if' sort of person. Nothing is enjoyable.

Witchypoo Sat 05-Oct-19 11:03:53

Referred myself to the "All As One" wellbeing department. Had phone call every two weeks for six sessions and learned so much. You can go to a group setting or have one to one face to face sessions. Cbt at its best

Hetty58 Sat 05-Oct-19 11:08:46

KatyK, if I was that bad I'd be straight off to the doctors about it. I'd rather take happy pills than suffer that much!

Mamar2 Sat 05-Oct-19 11:13:03

I sympathise, I really do. I watch 'Bake off' & the young fella on there was having a panic attack. I learned from him because he stopped what he was doing & said that if he rides through the next 5mins without running off he'll be fine. Good example. Take your anxiety in small fractions.

KatyK Sat 05-Oct-19 11:16:28

Hetty I've been to the GP a few times. One said he didn't believe in handing out pills and would I like counselling but there is a waiting list. Another put me on betaockers which were useless. I'm trying to cope on my own.

sarahellenwhitney Sat 05-Oct-19 11:42:23

I am prone to 'making mountains out of molehills'.Not unusual then for me to have a panic attack.Is it a female thing as I can never recall late DH, who was my rock, ever experiencing any thing like even with his demanding work plus neuroticgrin wife.

KatyK Sat 05-Oct-19 11:45:13

We're the same sara Well balanced, calm husband, despite many health problems. Neurotic, nervous, panic stricken me.

Madmaggie Sat 05-Oct-19 11:56:17

Yes, I get episodes of IBS and feeling sick. Used to always have Immodium instants in my bag. It got so bad I had to have a colonoscopy to rule out cancer. I did a 6 week Mindfulness course, it was evenings in a local community centre, there were just 6 ladies on the course and I admit to have been sceptical about 'mindfulness' until I did the course. And it was affordable. It has helped me so much, I was having great trouble sleeping , nightmares etc and was becoming hesitant to leave the house, but was offered access (via my husband's cancer support group) to a certified hypnotherapist for 3 free sessions, for which I was extremely grateful. I have learnt to cope so much better with anxiety now and can use some of the techniques in many situations e.g. at the dentists. I couldn't believe the difference it has made.

MooM00 Sat 05-Oct-19 12:02:48

Flutterby1, KatyK, I have suffered from anxiety, panic attacks, phobia, on and off since I was 16. I have tried everything in the past. Today I am on medication and have been for many years, it works for me and I wouldn't have it any other way. I still sometimes as Doodle says wake up in the morning and feel the stomach churning and the panic sets in but when I get up it gets better. What works for me to relax is I treat myself to some Lego I can just loose myself alone in the dining room for hours. In fact last night I ordered the lego creator London Bus. I can't wait untill tomorrow to pick it up.

Flutterby1 Sat 05-Oct-19 12:34:12

Thank you so much for your feedback. Always good to know you are not the only one with a problem.
I am worried that I may be getting bit depressed and having had depression20years a go through family crisis and I was given antidressant which I had a terrible time with. I really don’t want to go on them.
Any help suggestions. ThNk you

JulesR Sat 05-Oct-19 12:41:22

I have had a few episodes and its not nice....I read a book called Anxiety by the Spekemans and it helped me identify my trigger.

BladeAnnie Sat 05-Oct-19 12:49:47

Try concentrating on your breathing. Deep breath in while mentally counting to five, hold your breath for two and exhale for seven. Just concentrate on this for a few minutes and hopefully you should feel calmer

KatyK Sat 05-Oct-19 12:52:04

Thanks MooM00

PenJK50 Sat 05-Oct-19 13:16:53

I went on a course of CBT at the local Wellbeing Centre and was recommended to download the app Headspace. It has proved worth the outlay as I can use it all day long every day of the week if I need to. It has been a lifesaver so often. Mindfulness is also wonderful - I go out into the garden to distract myself and it rarely fails.

Tigertooth Sat 05-Oct-19 13:33:48

If you can then go for a run? Or even s brisk walk. Do you have s dog? Great for lifting the mood and getting you to exercise and get the happy endorphins flowing.
If you can’t ten you could look into LDN which is amazing and out of the system in 24 hrs if it doesn’t suit.
You-tube has great anxiety meditation audios.