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What are you currently wearing?

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Nathy Wed 23-Oct-19 20:26:56

I'm wearing blue jacket and addias pants.

NanKate Wed 23-Oct-19 20:29:38

Warm nightie, pj bottoms and a big fluffy dressing gown. Not a pretty sight 🙄

BBbevan Wed 23-Oct-19 20:30:01

Nightie and socks.

SalsaQueen Wed 23-Oct-19 20:30:49

cosy pyjamas and my slippers.....I don't care, I like to be warm and comfortable, and nobody is coming round here tonight grin

kittylester Wed 23-Oct-19 20:46:10

Welcome to gn, nathy, it's great that you have started so many threads.

Bathsheba Wed 23-Oct-19 20:48:30

Welcome Nathy. Do you have a friend called Reecedouglas by any chance?

Septimia Wed 23-Oct-19 20:52:41

Always change into jogging bottoms and older T-shirt and fleece jumper when indoors. Then I'm warm and comfortable and don't have to worry about getting my decent clothes grubby when sitting about or doing housework.

Hetty58 Wed 23-Oct-19 20:56:08

(Isn't that a question that the pervy chap asks on the phone?)
Jim jams and dressing gown here!

Millie22 Wed 23-Oct-19 20:59:31

This sounds like one of those phone line questions!

sf101 Wed 23-Oct-19 21:00:54

Struck me as a pervy question!!!

Whitewavemark2 Wed 23-Oct-19 21:05:10

Brown cords, yellow blouse and camel sweater. Dog walking gear😄

Whitewavemark2 Wed 23-Oct-19 21:07:38

Left my very expensive long cashmere cardigan at mums. Hope she isn’t wearing it when I go tomorrow - she is confused and bed bound with carers going in. Hope they don’t think it is hers!!

MiniMoon Wed 23-Oct-19 21:16:00

Why do you ask?

Currently I have on dark deni m jeans and a fleece navy sweater. On my feet I have red bootee type slippers with a faux fur lining.

crazyH Wed 23-Oct-19 21:18:28

Strange question, but if you must know, I'm wearing a blue cotton nightie.

MawB Wed 23-Oct-19 21:48:48

There used to be men who would ring you up and ask something similar ...hmm

Hetty58 Wed 23-Oct-19 21:51:56

MawB, they'd want to know what you were wearing underneath these things!

Nannylovesshopping Wed 23-Oct-19 21:52:26

My birthday suit

M0nica Wed 23-Oct-19 21:52:52

Navy and white, nightdress and dressing gown, and navy slippers.

The colour co-ordination is not intentional.

lemongrove Wed 23-Oct-19 21:53:11

Yes, well, I am lounging on a sofa wearing a red lacy bra, a matching thong and a black satin negligée and am slurping at a Cadbury Flake.😊😈

Esther1 Wed 23-Oct-19 21:53:58

I think this is an interesting question. So many people I know, including myself, get changed into pyjamas or at least comfortable leisure clothes for an evening at home. This is surely a new thing? I certainly never used to, and my parent’s wouldn’t even have come downstairs in night attire let alone sit around in it.

Mapleleaf Wed 23-Oct-19 21:54:06


BlueSapphire Wed 23-Oct-19 21:55:13

Blue skinny jeans, a blue jumper and a very old warm cardigan (as I have just turned the heating down before bed).

Smileless2012 Wed 23-Oct-19 21:56:03

Oh lemongrove so am Igrin. Have you found a way to prevent little bits of chocolate falling into your bra?

lemongrove Wed 23-Oct-19 22:01:19

Yes, I wear a plastic pelican bib 😁

petra Wed 23-Oct-19 22:03:33

All in one latex body suit. Killer heels and to add a bit of excitement: a dog mask 😉
Hope that helps.