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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 28-Oct-19 06:12:33

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark but it looks dry here in Brackley.
My mystery weekend was a mystery until the last coach break , I had chosen the wrong place for a start, originally it should been Torquay , but we ended up in Ilfracombe.
On the return home we stopped at Weston S Mare for 3 hours or so, to make it a full weekend away.

NanKate Mon 28-Oct-19 06:41:46

Morning Mick and All.

Well it sounds Mick as if you had a good 2 centre mystery tour. No doubt you have one of your Turkey &Tinsel trips booked.

Beautiful apricot coloured sunrise here in South Bucks.

I have 6 of my WI friends coming round for Rummykub today so had better get out the tea and cakes for them.

All best wishes to Mary and Gilly 💐💐

DoraMarr Mon 28-Oct-19 06:44:44

Good morning Micheal- glad you had a nice weekend. I’ve been awake since 5, unfortunately, as I have a busy day ahead. However, I am being rewarded by the most beautiful sunrise. There is frost on the grass outside, so I’m looks like a cold morning, although I am warm in my apartment.
I hope everyone has as good a day as possible.

Ginny42 Mon 28-Oct-19 06:45:19

Good morning Mick NanKate and all who follow. It's dark and misty outside and there's frost on the roofs. Oh no!

Glad you enjoyed your weekend Mick. It was a mystery to the end then!

My DD had to get to the airport very early this morning so I paid for a car to take her. I can only drop her at Manchester, as the queueing procedures in T3 leave no time for a chat. I pay £3.00 to drive in, let her out with a quick kiss and drive home again.
See Tesco's is open already, so I'll go and do some food shopping now, as I'm going into Liverpool later for lunch with ex-colleagues.

More positive news from Gilly yesterday, so hope Mr Gilly has continued to improve. Best wishes too to Marydoll and all who are feeling unwell. Enjoy your day everyone.

Urmstongran Mon 28-Oct-19 06:49:28

Good morning Mick, NanKate and all who follow. It’s a dry but misty start here in South Manchester. Still no need for heating on yet in our apartment. The sun streamed through the click door at the balcony yesterday - so much so I opened it to cool of a little!

I’m up early. I slept so long the night before last I think I’m balancing out!

Taking my father to have his first cataract done at noon. Poor Man Utd has been struggling these last few weeks.

Hope Monday is good to us all (with especial thoughts to gillybob dragonfly43 and marydoll). whether we have plans or none. x

Urmstongran Mon 28-Oct-19 06:50:23

Morning DoraMarr and Ginny42 - shows how long it takes me to tap out my message!

Urmstongran Mon 28-Oct-19 06:54:47

Oops - predictive text it was meant to be poor ‘man’ not Man Utd but saying that they are doing that well either lately ...

Perhaps I ought to go back to bed. Good job I’m not holding a scalpel ...

Beechnut Mon 28-Oct-19 06:55:57

Good Morning everyone.
Frosty with a pretty sky on Severnside this morning.

Was the tide in at Weston *Mick ?

I may go out into the garden today and also do some crafting.

I hope you all enjoy the day 🌸

Grammaretto Mon 28-Oct-19 06:58:36

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. I think we're in for another stunning but chilly Autumn day.
Your mystery trip sounds great fun. Mick
Love to the Gillybobs.
Hoping everyone has a good week.

Alygran Mon 28-Oct-19 07:02:51

Good morning everyone. Lovely clear sky here in North Yorkshire and there is a touch of frost on the grass.
I have a ridiculous amount of ironing to tackle this morning, then some leaflets to deliver. Might go up to the arboretum to see the changing colours. Board meeting this evening.
Hoping for positive news from Gilly. Thinking of those who are struggling.
Hope today is kind to you.

NannyJan53 Mon 28-Oct-19 07:05:42

Good Morning from a very frosty Black Country, with a lovely pink sky!

Sounds like an enjoyable weekend Mick

Walking for Health walk this morning, at least it looks like it will be dry albeit a tad chilly. Then this afternoon meeting up with DD and Mum for an Afternoon Tea. No evening meal for me tonight!

Glad to see there was some positive news from gilly yesterday, hoping the road to recovery has started.

Best wishes to Marydoll

Ginny it is the same at Birmingham Airport. £.300 for a 10 minute drop off!

Resurgam123 Mon 28-Oct-19 07:10:59

Good Morning All.
Thick fog here in Cheshire. It looks very damp. Its only 7am. I have had an awful night. My back is playing up. A long term problem. I am feel really fed up. Hoping Mr Gillybob continues to improve.

Brunette10 Mon 28-Oct-19 07:15:33

Good Morning from a bright but very cold Fife. Up early today as DH has doc appointment to get results from a recent scan. Hoping all is OK. So far everyone seems to have quite a busy day. Not sure what we will do today will decide later. Thinking of gilly. Hoping everyone's weekend has been good and coming day goes well.

kittylester Mon 28-Oct-19 07:23:54

Morning all from a very chilly North Leicestershire.

Not much on this morning and hairdressers this afternoon while dh does his volunteer driving. Cold roast pork with pickles and bubble and squeak for dinner.

Looks like it was a good weekend mick

I'll be round for cake kate if you can teach me Rummykub.

Enjoy your afternoon tea, Nannyjan

Hoping to hear good news from gilly.

Susan56 Mon 28-Oct-19 07:25:20

Good morning from Shropshire.A chilly start today.

Have had another bad night with reflux.I avoid all the foods that trigger it so am not sure what’s causing it to be so bad at the moment.

We are off to Cheshire to mums today.We will go out for lunch,not sure what I will eat😩then going to get her Christmas cards and hopefully her Christmas shopping.We have to go early as she doesn’t like shopping when it’s busy nearer Christmas.Hoping all the floodwaters have receded,we had to make several detours to get home on Saturday.

Best wishes to Marydoll,dragonfly,Lins and anyone else who is unwell or undergoing treatment.

Gilly,hope yesterday was a good day and that things are improving and moving in the right direction.Sending love and positive thoughts to you both.x

Pantglas2 Mon 28-Oct-19 07:29:19

Dry here in north Wales so I’m off to matalan and tkmaxx to see what tempts me although I do need a triangle shaped linen basket which is what I’ve told DH!

Hope there’s more good news for all unwell folks and everyone else gets whatever they want to keep smiling! I do wish I could be a fairy godmother just granting wishes willy-nilly with the wave of a wand!

craftyone Mon 28-Oct-19 07:29:28

I popped here by accident, good morning. I wanted to ask Mick and anyone else what do they think about coach tours for older singles.

Kitchen is very tidy for a change, nice to get up to. Note to self to make sure to put things away, including paperwork normally dumped on the table. Wakeful last night, was the body clock and had to get up at 1.20 to get some chamomile

I wish sleep was easy, like it used to be

vena11 Mon 28-Oct-19 07:30:15

Good morning from a beautiful morning here in Bristol ;
Not my normal Monday as the DGS and DGD started half term on Friday so no early start, just a bit of a tidy up and doing last minute things today before our trip away.
I hope everyone have a restful night and ready to start the new week.
Special thoughts to Gillybob and all who are feeling under the weather .

ninathenana Mon 28-Oct-19 07:32:41

Good morning from bright, chilly Kent.

DH's hospital appointment today is cancelled as the machine has broken down. New appointment for end of January. We had kept the day clear so instead we will be "slobbing" as DD calls it.
Thinking of gilly Marydoll and all who troubled or poorly

BlueSapphire Mon 28-Oct-19 07:34:14

Good morning everyone from a bright and frosty Northampton. Just sitting with a mug of tea waiting for the house to warm up, as since we had a new thermostat fitted I have never been able to work out the programming, so I just turn the temperature up and down as I need it.

DGDs coming today as it's half term. We shall have a bus ride to Sainsbury's for some of their favourite chocolate gateau and I need a 65th birthday card for my baby sister's birthday - I am the eldest of five, and she is the youngest!

My new vacuum cleaner arrived yesterday. I managed to put it together and charge the battery but not put it into action yet. Hope it's worth the money!

Hoping for better news from those who are poorly and a good day for all.

Marydoll Mon 28-Oct-19 07:36:24

Good morning all from a very frosty Glasgow, it's -2 degrees. The heating is on, but it is making no difference.

Mick the year after we were married, we went on a Golden Rail holiday to Weston Super Mare, I don't think we ever actually saw the sea!!!

I have a double appointment first thing this morning to get lots of blood tests done and BP checked. My medication can affect liver, kidneys etc. It's like having my own personal medical team, for which I'm very grateful.
I have been coughing since 5am, (I think it's the BP medication. sad ) and the coughing was affecting my angina, I eventually got up, so as not to disturb DH.

One of my meds is still unavailable anywhere in Scotland, but my friend's son, a pharmacist has tracked down a higher dose tablet , which could be halved. My RA consultant has been trying to track them down for days and says I got a better result than he did! grin. Do you see what I mean about having my own medical team? wink.
So I will leave leave a message for my GP to write a new prescription, when I get my bloods done. Another task ticked off my list.

DH will drive me to the doctor's, as it's an early start and the main road is being resurfaced, there are jams everywhere. We don't want my BP sky high, do we?
I have a plan! I will offer to take him for a coffee after the doctor's, ( thoughtful wife) the cafe just happens to be next to the M&S outlet. Do you see what I'm up to? I need to re-integrate back into society. smile
It will then be a chilling out day for me, reading my GN book club book.
If anyone would like to read it after me, I'm happy to post it to them.

The Gillybobs are constantly in my thoughts and I hope and pray for some more positive news.
I know that Susan's DH has an op soon and I think it may be this week, so my very best wishes to them both
Dragonfly, hoping that you are not feeling too unwell after your treatment.
Kate have a lovely day with your friends, I hope your DH has earplugs, if they are anything like mine. grin
Thank you all for all your good wishes, they have given me a boost in my darker days and hope everyone has a pleasant day.

Susan56 Mon 28-Oct-19 07:49:06

Marydoll,thank you for your good wishes,my husbands surgery is on Friday.
Hope your Drs appointment goes well and you get to the M and S outlet.You have given me an idea for our journey home from mums,she lives about 20 minutes from Cheshire Oaks🤔

dragonfly46 Mon 28-Oct-19 07:52:11

Good morning from bright sunny albeit cold Leicestershire.

Sorry to hear about your acid reflex Susan it is something I have struggled with.

Not much on today, trying to rest but actually feel fine so hoping it lasts. Tidied out the coat cupboard yesterday so have lots for the Air Ambulance. Also located all my hats for when my hair falls out!

Pleased you located your meds Mary that must be a worry. We had a problem with DH’s diabetic needles this week.

Thinking about the gillybobs as ever.

gillybob Mon 28-Oct-19 08:00:20

Well just as I half expected, the positive signs of Saturday were false and very cruel.

Yesterday was one of the worst days so far on this miserable journey . It started as soon as I got to hospital (I deliberately didn’t make my usual early morning call as I had a bad feeling) with the news that he had had a very restless night and all his levels were going haywire . As the day progressed it got worse and worse, more confused, restless and hallucinating. A consultant and a microbiologist were called in.

At 4pm I was taken to the little room of misery and told that the blood results had tested positive for Sepsis.

At 7pm he went back to theatre and had another set of neck lines put in, back in the ITC unit, struggling for every little breath and with numbers dropping and rising in the wrong directions, I knew what was coming next and at 11pm he was put back into life support . I drove home at 2am in a kind of fog . Haven’t had a wink of rest and dreading this day.

I should probably stop posting for a while as I cannot see any light at the moment. The consultant wants a meeting at 11 am and I can suspect what he wants to talk about. Not sure how much longer I can go through this living hell and I feel like I am losing the plot . Was supposed to be going to “that place” this morning but just can’t face anyone .

My poor poor lovely man . 💔

Gilly x

Marydoll Mon 28-Oct-19 08:04:02

Gilly, I have no words , just tears for you. You know that we are all here in spirit supporting and praying for you both. x