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What is the age range of your friends ?

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NanKate Fri 01-Nov-19 07:27:45

I have always seemed to be the youngest within my different friend groups such as WI, friends from my teens etc. However with friends I have made in the last year or so I appear to be the oldest.

With friends I have made on GN I am the oldest at 73.

In our cul de sac we are by far the oldest and I suppose we are thought of as the oldies. They are always coming to ask DH for advice or for us to take in their parcels. We have lived here over 40+ years.

What is the age range with your friends or acquaintances?

MawB Fri 01-Nov-19 07:32:51

Now I am no longer working, my friends tend more to be around my age. I think the youngest close friend is 10 years younger, at 61, and the oldest are 10+ years older in their early 80’s.

Sillygrandma5GK Fri 01-Nov-19 07:38:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GagaJo Fri 01-Nov-19 07:42:02

I have friends aged from mid 30's to 70's. I'm 54.

Oopsminty Fri 01-Nov-19 07:43:47

I have friends of all ages. Some of my great friends are ex colleagues in their 20s and 30s. I also had a fab friend who was 78 when I met her when I was 33.

She was my neighbour and every Monday I'd go over there for lunch. Miss her greatly.

I think I tend to get on better with younger people as a rule. I have noticed my Mum friends that I've grown old with seem to have become stuck in conversations about their new cars and home extensions, which bore me rigid.

I'd say my best friend is a woman of 38.

And a couple of close chums who are my age.

BlueBelle Fri 01-Nov-19 07:43:51

My friends range from mid 40s to 83 I too was always the youngest but suddenly became amongst the eldest I suppose that’s by living longer and having a young set mind

BlueSapphire Fri 01-Nov-19 07:44:32

I have one friend in her 50s, and all the rest are 60s and 70s. (I am 74.)

travelsafar Fri 01-Nov-19 07:45:09

My best friend for over 30 years is the same age as me as are my other friends. My youngest is my daughter followed closely by my god daughter. I class them as friends as we share lots and do 'stuff' together.

kittylester Fri 01-Nov-19 07:45:43

Good question, kate.

My friends tend to be from waiting at the school gate when the children were small so ate all around my age.

I have made good friends while volunteering so I have friends aged from 40 (ish) upwards - the oldest (and most glamorous) is almost 73!

Our neighbours are around our age apart from our immediate next door neighbour who was at school with DD2 and whose Mum I know.

We are lucky that in our village is lively with lots of young people. We moan about all the new building going on on the outskirts but they do bring younger people in.

I am a big believer in having lots of younger people around.

dragonfly46 Fri 01-Nov-19 07:51:16

Most of my friends are a few years younger than me or a similar age. I have 1 older. I am a young 73.

Yehbutnobut Fri 01-Nov-19 07:59:08

Those I count as real friends 48-79

TerriBull Fri 01-Nov-19 08:00:10

My closest friends are the ones I went to school with, we were in the same year, so literally months apart, mid sixties. Other than that I've got a friend from ante natal days, a bit older than me, a couple of friends, one an old work colleague about six years younger, a few "mums at the school" a couple younger, one definitely older. That's about it!

annsixty Fri 01-Nov-19 08:07:16

I am definitely the oldest at 82 and always seem to have been.
My best friend strangely is my GD who will be 21 next week, her friends are very kind to me and I go out for meals with them, but would only see them with her.
I don't have many close friends now but the ones I do are in their mid/late 70's or just 80.

Scentia Fri 01-Nov-19 08:32:58

My very large group of friends (or acquaintances!) range from 30 to 80 I am in a club that obviously attracts a broad range of people.
With regard to true friends I am not sure I actually have any😂

sodapop Fri 01-Nov-19 08:39:11

My good friends are all in a similar age range within 10 years. I do have other friends not as close who are younger.

Philippa60 Fri 01-Nov-19 08:57:22

Interesting question! Most of my friends are around my age (61) or a few years older. One of my closest friends is 67, so actually H's age.
I have made some good friends through a company where I've been doing a lot of work and they are all considerably younger, late 40s. I also have a very good friend who is in her early 50s.
So range from late 40s to late 60s.
That being said my SIL is in her early 70s and I consider her a good friend too....

EllanVannin Fri 01-Nov-19 09:08:50

5 longstanding friends from one at early 50's to myself at 79 ( oldest ) but they keep me young !
Apart from one childhood friend, the other 4 are work colleagues of over 30 years.
We met up in North Wales last week, fabulous.
B/day cards, Christmas cards and emails over the years.

EllanVannin Fri 01-Nov-19 09:11:01

Sadly I've lost the 3 closest friends in the last 2 years who were long-time neighbours from 1960.

harrigran Fri 01-Nov-19 09:15:55

Fifty to late seventies, my best friend is three years younger than me and had her 70th birthday in August.

Pantglas2 Fri 01-Nov-19 09:18:14

My friends are within 15 years either side and I’m 63, although the last thing I think about is our ages (apart from birthdays obviously) whenever we get together.

It’s just lovely that we get on in spite of not seeing each other, in some cases, years apart.

jura2 Fri 01-Nov-19 09:23:38

Huge span. Most much younger than me.

Humbertbear Fri 01-Nov-19 10:14:48

I’m 70 and my friends vary in age from 65-75. I worked in a university and was friendly with my young and younger colleagues . My daughter lives with us and we are very good friends and I enjoy meeting up with her friends. My daughter and I travel together and our fellow travellers gravitate towards her as a younger person with different conversation and I really benefit from this. The trouble with older friends is that they always talk about their medical problems.

luluaugust Fri 01-Nov-19 10:23:51

Now both OH and I are in our 70's most of our friends are the same/similar age mainly because of the groups we attend and we have had many friends for over 50 years now. Sadly two friends who were younger have died recently leaving a huge gap. As for being friendly, we will chat to anyone who will chat to us a sure sign of age!

LondonGranny Fri 01-Nov-19 10:29:27

Huge range of ages. One good friend is my son's friend, in his late twenties, younger than my son, but since my son left home his friend still visits and is great company. My oldest friend is 93. I don't know whether this counts but I have a dear friend who is six. We talk about all sorts. He's a bright little button.

Ellianne Fri 01-Nov-19 10:29:48

That question made me stop, I had never given it much thought before. Upon reflection the answer came out as mainly older friends by 10 years or so.
On the other hand I try to remain young by being in contact with many ex pupils from my days as their teacher! They lead exciting lives these days.