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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 25-Nov-19 06:13:32

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark and wet outside here in Brackley this morning.
Yesterdays coach trip to Gloucester , went well the xmas market was busy and crowded, I did a walk around the city including the cathedral to get some xmas cards , which were cheaper than the similar pictured ones on the xmas market.
Today, may pop into Banbury for a gift card ,and then get back to normal ready for the week ahead .

Rufus2 Mon 25-Nov-19 06:42:34

Good Evening Michael! Thought you might find the above URL interesting if you haven't seen it before. I've posted it on another thread already, but not knowing whethet you stray to other threads beyond "Good Morning" and knowing your interest in maps I thought of you.!
If nothing else it could save you heaps in bus fares! grin

BlueSapphire Mon 25-Nov-19 06:56:46

Good morning all from a dark and wet Northampton. Up earlier this morning as I need to leave for yoga by 8.45am. Looking forward to the coffee and chat afterwards.
Then this afternoon a good tidy up and straightening of the sitting room, as visitors expected tomorrow for the day.

Made two dozen mince pies yesterday, which are now in the freezer for Christmas (apart from one!) And decided on Christmas gifts for the family. Need to ask DS or someone to get the decorations down from the loft in the next couple of weeks.

Your day out sounds really good Mick; glad you enjoyed it.

Thinking of Gilly and all those with worries.

vena11 Mon 25-Nov-19 07:10:02

Good Morning from a still dark wet Bristol.
Just going out for the school run and the a quite morning before the school pick up in the afternoon . I hope everyone has had a nice weekend and is ready to face whatever the day brings.

Beechnut Mon 25-Nov-19 07:12:52

Good Morning everyone.

Dark and very wet on Severnside.

Coming home yesterday I guessed it was busy at the Christmas market. The cars on the opposite carriageway on Castle Meads were nose to tail all the way back to Westgate. But I did wave and say Hello Mick.

I’m off to the next town to do some browsing. It’s about time I started to think about Christmas.

Every step in the right direction is a good one gilly however small they are.

I hope everyone has a good day and poorly ones have a better day than before 🍁

NannyJan53 Mon 25-Nov-19 07:20:00

Good Morning from a very dark, drizzly and damp Black Country. Just back from taking my Partner to the train station.

Called round to Mums yesterday morning after babysitting at DD's. Brother and SIL visited bringing lunch! SIL has made a start on our family history, so that has spurred me onto start. My family's surname is an unusual one, but my paternal Grandmother was a Smith!

Should be Walking for Health walk this morning, but haven't decided if I should go yet as it is drizzly and with all the rain will be very muddy underfoot.

I am so pleased to read that every day there is a small step of improvement gilly.

Wishing everyone a good day

ninathenana Mon 25-Nov-19 07:29:50

Good morning from grey, damp Kent.
Fingers crossed the heating will be fixed this afternoon. A new coffee table will also be delivered at some point. So we need to stay in today.
Have a good day everyone.

Brunette10 Mon 25-Nov-19 07:36:07

Good Morning from dark and damp Fife. Weekend was busy but very good. Start of another week and DH off to Doctor this morning for check up. I hope to get my Xmas cards written which I find quite difficult to do now as holding a pen I find quite awkward, however I shall do my best. Hoping today is good to all. Thinking of those with troubles and anxieties.

Lins1066 Mon 25-Nov-19 07:37:41

Good Morning Mick and all from the S Welsh coast.
Very dark and gloomy here and the wind has got up during the night. Heavy rain forecast.
My friend is calling this morning for a chat. We used to teach together many moons ago and she is my daughter's godmother. She lives in Newbury now but always visits before Christmas, her sister still lives in the area.
Hope Monday is kind to all.

kittylester Mon 25-Nov-19 07:43:06

Morning all from a dry (for now!) North Leicestershire.

I have a dental appointment this morning and some stuff to return to M& S.

We had a nice day yesterday with DH's brother and SiL but we went out for a pub lunch which left something (or lots) to be desired.

We must be related nannyjan my maternal grandmother was a Smith! grin

Brilliant to hear of mrgillybob's continued progress and hoping to hear more good news today.

Curlywhirly Mon 25-Nov-19 07:43:36

Good morning from a grey drizzly Cheshire. After visiting our DS yesterday we decided to give him and his wife a break and came home with our 1 year old GS. He went to sleep at 7.30pm, slept right through until 7.15am, the little love. He's now sat quite happily with his bottle watching 'Hey Duggie'. Peace. Off to 'Mums and Tots' with him later, where I meet a very good friend who takes her GD. We don't really get much chance to have a natter, as we seem to be always chasing round after the children! Hope Mr Gillybob had a good day yesterday. Have a good day everyone.

Ginny42 Mon 25-Nov-19 07:44:22

Good morning Mick and everyone. It's rained in the night here in Cheshire, and the sort of morning when I hear neighbour's starting their cars to go to work I think Ahhh! and settle down with a cuppa.

I've got a busy day with this and that. I've managed to persuade a friend to help me buy and install a new TV for my housebound friend. She needs some stimulation.

A quick trip to town this afternoon. Some printing to do and wouldn't you know the cartridge ran out half way through! Been on the hunt for free range, organic turkey and found a farm not too far away. Will call them and hopefully order one.

First a walk in the woods with neighbours and put the world to rights. BlueSapphire that made me laugh about the missing mince pie!

Sending warm wishes to Gilly and DH. Such a long haul but he's getting there and you are one brave lady. flowers. Hope Marydoll has been following Dr's orders and Dragonfly is feeling better each day.

Have a good day everyone.

Marydoll Mon 25-Nov-19 07:45:08

Good morning all from a damp Glasgow, it's 7C/45F, better than the bitter cold of last week.
I have been footering about for ages, trying to work out which meds to order, ready to pick up when I get back from NY. It's all so complicated, as they keep changing. sad.

I'm glad to hear you had an enjoyable day yesterday, Mick.

I spent yesterday packing for New York, changing my mind and changing my mind again! I never get it right, no matter what I bring!! grin.
I want to bring the bare minimum, as I hope to bring Christmas gifts back for my children. (Of course, nothing for myself wink )
I have already been sent pictures of labels on Levis and trainers, Just so that I get get the size right!

I plan to stay in (rest) and do some Christmas baking, as I managed to make space in the freezer yesterday.
One of my neighbours sent me a message yesterday, saying they were worried, as I hadn't been seen for days.
I explained that taking it easy is all part of my plan to get to New York, without any health "episodes" ! [wink}.

Hoping for continuing better news from Gilly and wishing everyone a pleasant day.

kittylester Mon 25-Nov-19 07:45:49

It started raining in Leicestershire while I was typing. sad

NannyJan53 Mon 25-Nov-19 07:53:50

We may be cousins kitty many times removed? smile

I am like that with packing Marydoll so I usually start 2 weeks before we go anywhere! I have never been to New York, and doubt I ever will as I cannot do long flights! 4 hours is about my limit. I hope you have a wonderful time.

Como2020 Mon 25-Nov-19 07:55:38

Good morning and hello from the Somerset/Dorset borderlands.

Just one word for the weather so far today - gloomy - but I’m not, and was up with the lark!

A quiet and peaceful day ahead planned.

Hang in there, gilly flowers

loopylou Mon 25-Nov-19 08:00:49

Hello everyone, needless to say it's wet here (again!) in north Wiltshire.
We had a lovely trip to Clevedon yesterday, walked along the pier and then along the coastal path before a lovely lunch.
We've never been there before, for some strange reason, and I really liked it. The rain even held off!
Today I don't have much planned, other than to sort out the little bedroom that DH uses as a dumping ground 😡, so I expect there will be a trip to the charity shop afterwards!

oldgaijin Mon 25-Nov-19 08:02:33

Good morning from a grey, dreich Aberdeenshire.
What fun we had yesterday at our local stately pile...There was a dog friendly, pop up cafe so all the mutt's chums and their humans met for coffee and fancy pieces (home bakes) before a long ramble round the country park. It was definitely bath time when we came home!

Shall meet up with girlfriends this afternoon for belated birthday afternoon tea, yum.

My lovely house cleaning friend comes today so I better stir the stumps and tidy the house.

Have a good day.

Marydoll Mon 25-Nov-19 08:03:12

NannyJan53, thank you. This will probably be my last ever holiday abroad , apart from possibly Rome next year. Trying to get travel insurance is nigh on impossible now and requires a mortgage for each new trip.
This has been part of my bucket list for a very long time, but DH has never wanted to go.
He has reluctantly agreed to go, as my wee granddaughter is going and he can't bear not to see her. 😍
My plan is to leave him with a coffee/beer while we shop! grin. I'm an expert at this.

You have reminded me that I need to look out my Norah Batty compression stockings for the flight! sad
I shall have to co-ordinate my outfits with them. wink

NanKate Mon 25-Nov-19 08:05:06

Morning Mick and All.

The rain in coming our way here in South Bucks. It’s 10 degrees here.

Your day sounded good Mick.

I would love a video of you let loose in NY Mary. I hope you will behave yourself whilst over there. 😉

To follow NannyJ’s naming of maternal gm names mine was Tanner (not sure if it was to do with leather or half a sixpence).

You are kind to your ailing friend Ginny42. I am sure she will enjoy her new telly.

Snap Kitty off for a dental check up an that horrid scraping procedure.

Must admit to a self inflicted headache not through alcohol but from watching wall to wall Davis Cup tennis 🎾

NfkDumpling Mon 25-Nov-19 08:14:55

Morning All

Still, grey and damp here in the north of Norfolk.

Off to stand in a very darkened room at our local NT pile today. I love ‘Low Season’ as there’s always people coming round who know so much more than me and I learn loads. Once a lovely lady who’d come a long to see our Elizabethan fireback. Never knew firebacks could be so interesting or tell us so much. Then there were the couple who explained how to hang a six foot high chandelier, they’d bought one in bits for their barn conversion. Next week the Christmas decorations go up and it’ll be beautiful bedlam!

Good wishes go as always to Gilly and Dragonfly et al. I’m glad to hear Marydoll is behaving! Although I find packing and repacking a disaster as I end up looking for stuff I think I packed - but changed my mind.

Yiayia4 Mon 25-Nov-19 08:17:05

Morning all from a rainy Portsmouth,watching the I.O.W ferries going back and forth.
Had a good day shopping did very well in the Nike shop for GSs.Not too busy as we arrived quite early but was heaving when we left,early afternoon.Going down for breakfast soon a nice treat,then home a bit later.
Thinking of Gilly as always and hope for more good news.
Everyone enjoy your Monday.

Resurgam123 Mon 25-Nov-19 08:20:39

Good morning. Grey skies and dampness.
Suits my mood.

Susan56 Mon 25-Nov-19 08:31:06

Good morning from a dull and damp Shropshire.
We are going over to Cheshire today to see mum and meet up with my aunt and uncle.We haven’t seen them for many years so looking forward to it.
I read the info leaflet on my new medication, one of the side effects is it causes elevated blood sugars.As I have been diabetic for as long as I can remember I am not happy to take them as my blood sugars are really well controlled.I have a few health conditions which are all treated individually when I could do with someone looking at me as a whole person,what helps one condition can really send another condition haywire.Not moaning,most of the time I feel pretty good even though on paper I look like a walking disaster.I will leave the problem of the tablets for another day.
I have signed up for a walking challenge in December.Only 125 miles which is about 4 miles per day but will make me feel I am doing ok!!
Hoping everyone under the weather is feeling ok.Glad you are resting up before your trip Marydoll,am very envious,New York is somewhere I would love to visit too.
Sending love and prayers to gilly and mr gilly and hoping the improvement is continuing.x

Susan56 Mon 25-Nov-19 08:32:00

Goodness,sorry for the long post/moan🙈