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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 28-Nov-19 06:15:23

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark and wet as usual this morning in Brackley , today will be bus trips to Bicester via Buckingham.
I am tempted with the café I use in Bicester's main street (Sheep Street) , as its also a bakery shop they have various items of temptation on display ,cakes , lardy cakes as well plus there own mince pies .
This with a shop into Sainsburys and a bus back via villages in North Bucks like Steeple Claydon, Marsh Gibbon , getting back to Buckingham for another coffee before I wait for my bus home to Brackley c/w school kids .

12Michael Thu 28-Nov-19 06:27:24

Please note Should read Good Morning Thursday

Beechnut Thu 28-Nov-19 06:36:33

Good Morning everyone.

Dark and damp outside. Cosy in bed and will get another cup of tea soon.

Good news from you yesterday gilly and hope there were more improvements yesterday for your DH.

It’s a craft day for me and for once I’ve got everything ready that I need beforehand.

I hope you all have a good day and a better one than before if you are poorly 💐

Ginny42 Thu 28-Nov-19 06:38:48

Good morning Mick. Don't know lardy cakes, but I'm partial to a nice mince pie at this time of year. Enjoy your trip. I have peeped out and it's obviously poured in the night but it's moonlight in Cheshire.

It's painting group for me this morning. I'll do some more of my painting of St. Mark's, but it's a slow process and I'm such a fiddler. Then lunch with a friend and then to the hairdresser.

So glad to hear your news Gilly. I know it's been a long and very lonely journey for you, and all credit to you for remaining strong and always at his side. Filled with admiration for you. flowers (Think massive bouquet!)
For all who are feeling unwell or coping with treatments. flowers

Enjoy your day everyone, whatever you may be doing. x

Como2020 Thu 28-Nov-19 06:49:20

Good morning and hello to all from the Somerset/Dorset borderlands.

Too dark to see as yet, but am expecting another damp grey day.

An unexpectedly free day today, as I had another date mix up yesterday, which involved long and awful driving conditions. Completely out of kilter this week!

Promising news gilly.

grannylyn65 Thu 28-Nov-19 06:50:07

While since I heard of lardy cake!

cornergran Thu 28-Nov-19 06:57:12

Morning Mick, morning All. Feels colder in our corner of Somerset and looks dry at the moment. Waitrose delivery this morning then some catching up. I’m hoping Mr C will ‘volunteer’ to iron. Evie sounds to have been a joy gilly, and lifted your spirits. The hospital news cautiously positive which is wonderful. It’s been a more than tough time, hang on in there, sending love and a hug. Hope Thursday is kind to everyone.

kittylester Thu 28-Nov-19 07:02:05

Morning all!

I love lardy cake, Mick!

It poured overnight in North Leicestershire but I think it has stopped now.

Butcher's, Sainsbury's and the school run for me today.

More good news yesterday gilly, it is good to hear.

Grammaretto Thu 28-Nov-19 07:02:36

Good morning Mick and all who follow, from the Scottish Borders. I can't hear rain and we are promised cold but bright. Or is that next week?
I must get rooms ready for all the extended family visiting this weekend. I am beginning to get excited! I've not seen my niece's DC for 5 years and our DS since August.

I was pleased to hear a happier Gilly yesterday and so glad she got to take her DGD out.
As for Marydoll and the pill saga. That's a shocking tale of poor communication.
Keep calm and carry on everyone. 😁

Brunette10 Thu 28-Nov-19 07:16:54

Good Morning all from a dark, damp Fife. . Some bright news from Gilly yesterday so happy things are beginning to improve. Off to Glasgow today in the bus to have lunch and catch up with my Uncle. Be good to see him. Will also hopefully manage some shopping too. Lunch yesterday at the country larder was lovely. Marydoll not long now smile, keep smiling.

Marydoll Thu 28-Nov-19 07:20:56

Good morning Mick and all, here is your daily weather update and novella from Glasgow, it's the same as usual, 8C/46F. grin.

It was great to hear better news from Gilly and the fact that she managed to spend time with wee Evie was even better.

A craft day would be my ideal day, Beechnut, I would love get back to my jewellery making.
Wow Ginny, St Mark's! I'm impressed.

As usual, I have been pottering about early, taking meds and finishing my packing.
I have whittled everything down to the least I can bring, but the case still seems heavy, due to the warm clothing I have packed. There is snow forecast for Monday. 😔
Do you think I would get away with, only one set of clothing and underwear for the whole trip??? I thought not!!!! 🤣
Heaven help the person, sitting next to me on the plane, if I did that! 😖

We are flying via Dublin and I watched one of those Border Force programmes yesterday, set in Dublin.
My imagination is now running riot, with visions of sniffer dogs, sniffing at my heels, (I'm scared of dogs), and me being led away in handcuffs for drug trafficking. 😱

I'm off out early to pick up the anti nausea pills and visit the opticians to get DIL to adjust my new glasses.
Of course, I may make a detour via the M&S outlet, as is my want. That will be plenty for me, I will be exhausted.
My credit card wouldn't work in Iceland yesterday, as DH would say, "I was black affronted!" blush.
It worked five minutes earlier in Asda, so I'm hoping it was their machine.
I will be forced to test it out in M&S. [wink}

DH is getting his new crown this morning and then he is off to meet friends for lunch. He has been well warned to eat only baby food, as we don't want any dental catastrophes before our trip.
This means I will have an empty this afternoon, so will lie and rest, watching more customs programmes! grin. Perhaps, I should stick to Escape To The Country, safer for my BP.

I have recently noticed quite a few people coming on the thread, who are very sad and lonely.
You will find us a friendly, supportive group. 💐

Enjoy your day everyone!

Lins1066 Thu 28-Nov-19 07:22:05

Good Morning Mick and all. Enjoy your day Mick, both DH and I like Lardy cake.
A dry start here on the S Welsh coast, beginning to get light with a blue/pink streaked sky.
Cleaner coming this morning.
Good to hear that you had a good time with your GD gilly, hope things continue to improve for you and your DH.
Hope everyone will have a pleasant day.

ninathenana Thu 28-Nov-19 07:24:14

Good morning everyone.
Half light in Kent but dry and very still.
DH has a blood test first thing and this afternoon we both have an eye test, which could prove rather expensive.
Have a good day everyone.

NanKate Thu 28-Nov-19 07:31:15

Morning Mick and All.

Lardy cake calorific and delicious. What about a rum baba with cream ?

Hopefully the weather will dry up and go a bit colder, I prefer that to the mild wet weather we have been having in South Bucks.

Off to see my friend who is back driving after a 6 week break due to a knee replacement. We are meeting at a local garden centre so she can have a wander round picking up a Christmas present or two.

Hope all continues well for Gilly and her DH. 💐

Sar53 Thu 28-Nov-19 07:43:04

Good morning everyone from a damp Essex by the sea. I had a wonderful afternoon and evening with my Australian relatives yesterday. We had champagne in the Skygarden and then walked to St Katherines Dock for dinner. It was so good to catch up with all the news from Australia. Both of my mum's brothers and her younger sister emigrated many years ago and all now in their 70's and 80's.
My husband joined us so I had someone to travel home with last night.
Shopping in town today and trying my hand at learning to crochet later.
Have a good day everyone.

Curlywhirly Thu 28-Nov-19 07:53:17

Good morning from a miserable, drizzly Cheshire, not looking forward to taking the dog on her walk this morning! Nothing much to do today, so will nip into town for a browse in the shops. Pub meal tonight as we have some vouchers that need using before end of November. So good to hear that Gillybob had a lovely day with little Evie, it must have cheered her up no end, lets hope that now Mr Gillybob is improving, she gets to do it more often.

Susan56 Thu 28-Nov-19 07:59:20

Good morning from Shropshire.Haven’t looked out at the weather yet as DGD climbed in my bed at 6.30 and don’t want to move too far in case I wake her!!
I will drop her off at pre school after lunch then am meeting my niece and daughter.They are having lunch but as I am having to be so careful with what I eat at the moment I will just join them for a coffee after they have eaten.
The spa day was lovely yesterday.Had a back, neck and shoulder massage and a facial.Everytime we go we say we should do this more often.It was lovely spending the whole day with my daughter with no phones or other distractions just lots of chatting.
Have the best day you can and love to gilly and hope things are continuing to improve.x

EllanVannin Thu 28-Nov-19 08:10:48

Good Morning All. x

It must have chucked it down during the night ( wouldn't have known ) as it's rather wet out. The cats were hesitant to say the least.
Finally got to Asda yesterday so cupboards and freezer are replenished. The lovely taxi lady had even offered to help me put the groceries away ! Of course I declined the kind offer, but it's worth knowing for future reference. How kind.

Also, if the weather was bad---snowy/icy, the taxi drivers will run messages if you can't get out. How's that for service ?

Nothing on the cards today apart from parcel-waiting which yesterday, I was just in in time before I had a delivery so well timed.

Marydoll, I'm sure my D flew via Dublin on one of her NY trips. It was with Aer Lingus and everything went pretty smoothly through customs etc, so hope it's the same for you. In fact it was better than her last trip 2 years ago when she had a flight change from Detroit as she was going on to Albany where her friend lives.

Hope everyone's appointments go well and everyone feels well too. The Gillybob's are never far from my mind also and I hope things are ticking along nicely for them. xx

NfkDumpling Thu 28-Nov-19 08:13:44

Morning All

Damp and 'orrible here in Norfolk. I hate this time of year when it never seems to get properly light. Still it's worse in Tromso - if I heard right on the radio, yesterday was the last time the sun peeps above the horizon for 48 days!

No plans for today. May face the challenge of sewing up the oversized cardigan I'm knitting. The wool is dark blue speckled and it's very hard to see what I'm doing without a spotlight.

I love the idea of that spa day Susan. I keep hinting for tokens for birthdays and Christmases, but it's always fallen on deaf ears so far.

Best wishes as always to |Gilly and hope for good news again today.

And Marydoll, you do only need to take one change of clothes to NY. You will be shopping - won't you?!

Mythbirtthedragon Thu 28-Nov-19 08:24:50

Good morning from east London, grey and mild again. Off to help at the local foodbank shortly then ‘free’ day until choir this evening. I need to practise the songs as our Xmas concert is on the 7th and then we’ve got quite a busy schedule of gigs. The film we saw last night was ‘knives out’, (Daniel Craig in a who dunnit) which made a pleasant change from the action movies the DP favours. Hope everyone has a pleasant day.

Yiayia4 Thu 28-Nov-19 08:28:01

Morning all.
So nice Gilly had a good day with her GD hope things continue to improve.
My turn to take DIL to work later she was diagnosed with epilepsy in March and can't drive for at least a year,we help during the week DH doing most of it.Very difficult for her as she has a busy life with grandsons etc.
Have a good Thursaday everyone.

Alygran Thu 28-Nov-19 08:29:58

Good morning from wet North Yorkshire.
I have a basket of ironing to do then some newsletters to deliver then packing for my weekend in Glasgow. I have an early train tomorrow. Off to see Present Laughter this evening. I used to babysit the director Matthew Warchus.
Good to hear better news from Gilly.
Hope everyone has a good day.

Pantglas2 Thu 28-Nov-19 08:42:11

A dry morning all from north Wales- don’t think it’s going to last though and we’re off out later to do some bits and bobs shopping!

I quite fancy that film Mythbirtthedragon but dragging DH along will involve some persuasion methinks - change to see Daniel Craig play a different character!

That bakery Mick mentioned has whetted my appetite- might bake a cake later as DD and GCs are calling this afternoon and GS loves my blackberry and apple jam so Victoria sandwich coming up!

Enjoy your day folks x

Ginny42 Thu 28-Nov-19 08:42:33

Marydoll It can be very cold in NY. Imagine going into Victoria's Secrets and asking for their warmest pair of knickers? I did.

Kalu Thu 28-Nov-19 08:46:41

Good morning all from a slightly blustery day in my part of Glasgow.

Enjoyed an outing with 14yr old GD1 after school yesterday. First stop, visit to my hairdresser for a hair do in preparation for the party season then a visit to a favourite haunt, traditional old cafe whose baking is heavenly. We both decided on pavlova which was devine.

Was so happy to read your update gilly. Time with Evie and your DH making yet, more progress. Wonderful🌻

🤞 you get your meds today Marydoll. What a ridiculous system your pharmacy has.

Have a pleasant day all with strength and good wishes for those of you not having the best of times.