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Supernatural experiences - do you believe?

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Tedber Fri 29-Nov-19 19:43:51

A post by someone else sparked me thinking. Who believes? Who thinks they have had supernatural experiences and are mediums genuine or con artists?

I am not even sure what I believe. but....

When my first husband died I was away and I awoke in a room to a rustling sound in the corner of the room in hotel. I woke up and switched on the light, saw it was 4 a.m. and my immediate thought was its ok "It is the ghosts"..... Er? not one for being irrational, but I shook myself and said to myself "ghosts" WTF are you talking about.? There was absolutely nothing in the corner of the room. Not a chair, bag, zilch.... Went back to sleep and was phoned later the next day to say my husband had been found dead and ....later again found out estimated time of death was 4 a.m.! I then returned home to Scotland and that night I got a phone call on my mobile it was from a LANDLINE number in the town I was in - I went to pick it up but it disconnected.... the time was 4 a.m.! I even wrote it down in case I lost it. I phoned it back and a woman answered sleepily, she sounded old and categorically told me I had woken her and she had NOT phoned anyone. She told me she lived alone and didn't know me or my husband! I believed her!

Now what are the chances of someone in the same area you are in picking a random mobile phone number anyway???

Some years later (when we had moved to England) my daughter and I went to a spiritualist church - more out of curiosity than anything. Totally speechless when the guy pointed to us and told us he had someone there who was showing matches and cards? sounds odd ..yeah? except my daughter and her dad always played crib with matches!!! He also mentioned the name of the town we lived in! Seriously, it is not any common town in Scotland, but could be a first name!

He said a lot more and we couldn't say a word ...just totally mesmerised.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar or is it just nonsense?

endlessstrife Fri 29-Nov-19 20:18:20

Do you have a faith in God? The Bible talks about His enemy, Satan. There are forces out there, which God warns us against. There are no ghosts of dead people, as God takes them to Himself at death. Satan enjoys tricking people, and he is very good at it. Most “ mediums “ are either fakes, or also being deceived by bad spirits. Please do not delve any deeper into this. If you need more information, google ‘ The Reachout Trust ‘. They help people who are or have been involved in cults or the occult. Of course, I would like to think you could pray to Jesus about it. I sense you have a yearning, since you’ve visited the spiritualist church. Please find one that focuses on God.

Harris27 Fri 29-Nov-19 20:30:20

My brother rang me on a Friday night to say he’d see me the next day nothing wrong with that but he died that night at work my poor dad woke up at the exact time he was killed. The day of his funeral we were getting into the funeral car and there he was across the road on his bike same Adidas jacket and hat he always wore. We went around the estate and came out a familiar pub we all went to and again he was there. I thought I was going mad till that night I spoke to my husband and he too said “ yes I saw him too” I thought I was going mad.

Greeneyedgirl Fri 29-Nov-19 20:33:07

I am a humanist and believe that most of these things can be explained by neuroscience and quite honestly coincidence. However if it gives someone comfort to believe then I would not argue.

Some of us find meaning in the supernatural and religion, some of us are don't and prefer rational and scientific explanations.

QuaintIrene Fri 29-Nov-19 20:45:02

I had a strange experience years ago. I went to a charity psychic evening , to support the charity and just out of curiosity I suppose.
Anyway, mediums came on, did their schtick. All very hammy to my mind.
The last one finished and walked off the stage...only to run back and say - not to anyone in particular “ rugged cross and I love you very much”. Honestly, she looked very shaken and not a bit like before.
Rugged cross was the code my and mum had to relay that there was an afterlife.
No one knew that apart from us two.
I nearly fell over 🥺

QuaintIrene Fri 29-Nov-19 20:49:03

I wasn’t clear. Mum had died years before.

Harris27 Fri 29-Nov-19 20:50:11

Quaintirene so many odd things have happened to me that I really cannot explain but my brothers funeral was the one I felt that made it real for me. My sister lost her son tragically and she rang me one day to say he had been sitting on her bed and she asked him questions about what had happened and he just shrugged his shoulders as if to say wha will be will be. She spoke to a medium who told her the three items in his coffin and got it correct even I didn’t know that she’d put anything in.

lemongrove Fri 29-Nov-19 21:00:20

I keep an open mind on it all ( though think most mediums are con artists).
Life and death and just being here at all are such strange concepts once you really start thinking about it.
One minute the life in the body is there, and the next minute gone....but where?

QuaintIrene Fri 29-Nov-19 22:01:52

Harris27 it is strange isn’t it ? Other things have happened to me and people I know that just defy explanation. I mean how could someone know about the words ? and the items in the coffin ? I suppose seeing someone could be explained as a figment, or a projection of a grieving parent. But, when it happens you know what is real I am certain.
lemongrove when my husband died that is what I could not figure out. He had to have gone somewhere, because his body was like a shell. Empty. His soul, his essence had gone. Where ? I will find out someday when it’s my turn.
I am by nature a sceptic and some mediums are cruel charlatans. And then one of them says something to make you think oh, wow.

GagaJo Fri 29-Nov-19 22:08:57

I don't WANT to know but have had a few strange experiences. The most recent was when I was asleep in bed one night. Someone shouted my name in my ear, waking me up instantly. I lived alone. Doors locked. No one there.

But as I said, I don't want to know, so I ignore.

Missfoodlove Fri 29-Nov-19 22:23:17

I lived in a house with a very active spirit.

She did many naughty things, her favourite trick was moving things, she would whisper in guests ears!

A good friend to this day won’t tell me what she did but he s now a firm believer!

She put all her energy in timing things, sighing lights on and off and calling our names, we only showed herself the day we were moving.
The removal man couldn’t speak!!

Curlywhirly Fri 29-Nov-19 22:34:35

GagaJo, same thing happened to me, while I was asleep in bed, someone call my name very clearly and it woke me up, BUT, my husband was in bed with me (and he was still awake at the time) I asked him if he had called my name, or heard someone else call my name, and he hadn't. So, it was obviously part of a dream or my mind playing tricks on me.

cornergran Fri 29-Nov-19 22:46:23

My family spent a lot of time with an Aunt as a child, shared family holidays and celebrations. She was fairly direct in her ways, seemed to always be checking on something or someone. One morning I said to Mr C that I had seen her standing by our bed. It hadn’t scared me, I had just gone back to sleep. We laughed about it but heard later she had died at the time I had seen her. Still checking we thought.

BlueBelle Fri 29-Nov-19 23:14:11

Aftaid I don’t have any belief in this other than coincidence and comfort

BradfordLass72 Sat 30-Nov-19 00:00:01

To me, it's not a case of 'belief'.

Do I 'believe' in the apples in the fruit bowl? They are a fact and obvious and certainly no coincidence, dream or figment of my imagination.

I've been eating apples all my life and recognise them for what they are.

Likewise my experiences of the paranormal.

Grandma2213 Sat 30-Nov-19 03:59:54

I always try to find a logical reason for strange occurrences but sometimes they are quite elusive. For example a month or two ago there was a crash in the kitchen and I went in to find a container on the floor which usually sits on top of the bread bin. I laughed and said to the house ghost ( family joke for anything strange or bumps and bangs in the house), 'Now what do you want?' Logical brain set in and thought I must have knocked it off balance, even though it had the whole worktop to cross before it fell on the floor.

I thought no more about it until the next day when DS came in and asked if I had looked at his Facebook Post. I hadn't but it was a memory from several years ago when we had been discussing 'ghosts' and he had said, 'Go on then if you are real prove it!' Upon which the vegetable rack in the kitchen had toppled over spilling out all the carrots. He had been totally spooked by it and posted the event on Facebook. I had rationalised saying it must have been unbalanced when I put the vegetables in that day.

Thanks to Facebook we realised that these two events had occurred several years apart on the same date, and, I think, pretty much the same time, a date which (to my knowledge) is not significant to us. Coincidence? Actually one of many that I really can't explain. I still struggle to believe in supernatural though as I don't believe in God, Satan, etc.

Witzend Sat 30-Nov-19 06:27:09

I've experienced nothing personally, but I know a couple of very level-headed people, I dare say former sceptics, who have, and were very shaken.

I suppose I take the view that just because something can't be explained scientifically, it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. In particular I think some people's brains can pick up things that others can't. I know it's rather different, but my mother was occasionally acutely telepathic over very long distances. More than once I have known her pick up exact details of some trauma or distress in a family member a long way away.

The scoffers would say it was coincidence, etc. but these rare occasions certainly weren't.. And because it only happened in distressing circumstances, her ability could never have been proved under lab conditions.

Witzend Sat 30-Nov-19 06:38:05

Just to add, right after my lovely MiL died, too young, only in her 60s, I had a very strong sense of her presence in our house, where she'd always been happy. I could almost 'see' her sitting on the sofa.

Of course I put it down entirely to my imagination, and when my father died only 6 months later I was fully expecting to 'experience' the same, either in our house or my mother's, or both.
But there was nothing. Zilch.

antheacarol55 Sat 30-Nov-19 09:21:08

My husband never believed in “supernatural “ until he met me
I have shared so many of my dreams and daytime visions he now knows they are real .

tickingbird Sat 30-Nov-19 09:27:26

I believe there are other dimensions and sometimes we get a glimpse. I have had a few experiences which have defied explanation. As for mediums being fake, I do believe some are, most definitely but I do believe there are some with a genuine ‘gift’. They usually don’t charge or only a small fee.

EllieB52 Sat 30-Nov-19 09:32:09

I have had what I refer to as premonitions. The one I remember most (and wasn’t anything that was life changing at all) was related to a dream.

I dreamed that I was at a medieval castle which was surrounded by lawns and in the middle was a giant old style metal helmet (The ones with a sort of T section down the nose). It was embedded in the lawn and planted with flowers.

The next morning the post arrived accompanied by a junk magazine and on the cover was a castle with a huge lawn and a man dressed up in medieval costume with chain mail and the same style of helmet.

Yes, could be coincidence but...... now, I just wish I could dream the winning lottery numbers!

Alexa Sat 30-Nov-19 09:35:01

Unfortunately it's not possible to investigate ghosts and poltergeists in the laboratory and parapsychologists have only two methods. One method is to listen to anecdotes involving the subject of the paranormal experience and rule out known causes. The other method is active experiments involving statistical probabilities. The latter method has been remarkably unproductive of probabilistic evidence for paranormal activity, as the larger the sample the fewer significant results.

BTW I love ghost stories if they are really good ones. Also I'd like it if dear dead people could reassure me.However I'd not like dead people to have to cling to this terrible world.They all deserve oblivion.

BusterTank Sat 30-Nov-19 09:36:05

I do believe . The night my mum died all the family gathered at the house . My 3 month old daughter was a sleep in the pram in the bedroom . My brother law was a sleep on the bed next to the pram . He came out of the bedroom and asked who had been in the bedroom shaking the pram , we all shook our heads and said nobody . He had seen a black silhouette rocking the pram . The next day my sister keep saying if you can see us mum give us a sign and bathroom door locked by its own self . A year after the death i was sitting the front room and the French doors open by them selfs . So much more has happened but it would take a year to write it all down . So yes I'm believer .

Youcantchoosethem Sat 30-Nov-19 09:38:06

Yes some strange experiences here too - I don’t believe in God, I am not religious although was brought up CofE but only with church visits at Christmas and Easter as a child. I am also a mathematician and very scientific yet there are situations that I can’t explain rationally. My father, also very mathematical, used to see ghosts regularly. Our family home was built on the site of an old convent and they, and neighbours, regularly used to see the nun that would visit. It used to sometimes sit on my parents bed. Another time we were all out at a family event all day. Came back, mum went to put the kettle (gas stove pre electric) and it was boiling hot. The gas hadn’t been left on, it hadn’t boiled dry for being on all day, but was freshly boiled full of water. Yes we did used to lock our doors.

When my Nan died, I was working, and just got a real feeling and knew instantly that she had died - yes she was in hospital and had given up, but five minutes later my mum phoned to say she had just died five mins before. My grandfather had died when I was 9 and hadn’t gone to the grave. I went to my nana funeral but she was being interned into grandads grave a week later and I couldn’t get two days off work so couldn’t go to the internment. A few months later I went down to visit the grave, it was a huge cemetery with 1000’s of graves. Two hours of searching and I hadn’t found them - I was getting really upset about it and said “nan where are you” in tears. It was a dull day but then a grave started to “glow” as if it had plastic over it. We walked over towards it and lol and behold it was their grave - it was old, with lichen on it, no plastic cover and was under a redwood tree. There was no explanation for the glow.

Another time my parents rented an old house in Suffolk for a holiday. Dad said there was an old boy sitting in the chair, smoking a pipe and what we was wearing. He spoke to the noghbour. The old man had died a few years before in that chair and was exactly as described.

Much later on I went to a psychic night dragged along by a friend. I was very suspicious. Then they described a contact - to one of Shirls girls (my mum is Shirley and I am one of three girls) she said she didn’t have long to talk as she was busy playing bingo with Auntie Vi. Her sister was Vi and nan used to organise the games at her care home and was always bossing them around. It was just her to a tee.

Finally, sorry so many!, I was in hospital with major organ failure. I had already had liver damage, kidney damage, internal bleeding, nervous system shutdown and a cardiac arrest and was in a pretty bad state. The vicar came to visit - as I was marked as CofE on the records, and I was lying in the bed, wired to the mains, not going anywhere. He said he would pray with me. He never touched me. But a glow came over my shoulders as if an arm was wrapped around me and a warmth spread from it. From that day on I started to recover and after four months got out of hospital.

Again no explanations. Just strange events.

Sara65 Sat 30-Nov-19 09:40:46

I have had a few unexplained experiences, we once lived in a house where we would hear children running around upstairs, when all of ours were sound asleep, but my incredibly down to earth sister in law had a very strange experience of seeing and having a conversation with someone she hadn’t realised was dead.
I also sometimes watch my one year old granddaughter, who definitely seems to be watching something I can’t see.