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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 30-Nov-19 06:12:34

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark , cold and dry outside here in Brackley .
Usual Saturday trips to Bicester and Buckingham on the buses.
Also get bulk of Xmas cards done and posted , but also laundry.
And hoping this morning as still without TV , that its fixed by the time I get home , lot of angry residents as well.

earlybird50 Sat 30-Nov-19 06:40:45

Good morning
Cold but crisp here in Pembrokeshire.
I am out to.lunch with friends later and think it's time to get out my Christmas jumper.
Have a great day everyone.

cornergran Sat 30-Nov-19 06:43:27

Morning Mick, morning All from a dark, cold corner of Somerset. Off along the motorway to a Christmas event at a railway museum today, craft stalls and trains. Hope the aerial is fixed Mick, must be frustrating for everyone. Love as ever to gilly, can’t recall when you’re leaving marydoll but safe travels, enjoy it all. Hope Saturday is kind to everyone.

Marydoll Sat 30-Nov-19 07:04:09

Good morning all from Glasgow, it’s perishing here! The temp is -7C, good for acclimatising ourselves for our break!

Off to the airport to catch our flight to Dublin. I shall try to keep you updated about my escapades / disasters, experiences, where possible.

I have had three already:

• I got my big (rarely used) winter padded jacket out to check it was OK . It looked very odd when I put it on. 😏. One side was all puckered up, but I couldn’t work out what was wrong. After much scratching of the head and DH’s patience wearing thin, ( I was interrupting his game of solitaire), I discovered that I had somehow sewn up a hole in the pocket to the inside of the jacket, I had done the worst sewing job ever. Having unpicked it, I was left with a huge hole in the pocket and somehow at the same time managed to break the zip on the removable fleece!! 🤬

•Decided to tint my blonde eyebrows to save having to take eyebrow make up. I didn’t quite get it quite right. Two different shades and two different shapes. 😱

•Decided my suede boots needed renovated with a black, renovating spray. I couldn’t be bothered with gloves or to do it outside (it was freezing) , big mistake! I’m not sure how I will explain at customs, the strange black marks all over my hands and fingers. grin

I'm a wee bit emotional and tearful , as 8 months ago today, I was rushed to hospital and ended up in Coronary Care with an undiagnosed heart condition after a severe allergic reaction to a new RA drug.
I never thought I would see this day!

Also I am a nervous wreck, I must have checked my medication a dozen times and according to the BA app we are on one flight and on the Aer Lingus Aap we are on a different flight. 🤔 For once I'm happy not to be in charge! My travel co-ordinator, DS1 , is dealing with it all. grin

We may not be going anywhere!

Thank for all your good wishes and for your kindness and support on this thread and I'm sending mine to all who need it.

Hoping for some good news from Gilly, I didn't see her posting yesterday, but I may have missed her.

I hope everyone has a good weekend.

Ginny42 Sat 30-Nov-19 07:14:18

Good morning Mick and everyone. Very confused to be locked out of GN this morning and having to create another password. confused. Doesn't take much to confuse me some mornings.

However, I could see that my black car is white with frost so it's clearly been a very cold night in Cheshire. It will be a while before I venture out for a walk in the woods. Planning to check on the freezers and list what is in which one, then stock up for family arriving in December.

Had an early dentist appointment yesterday and missed that you are actually leaving today*Marydoll*. Enjoy! Very relieved to read that the Gillybobs are seeing light at the end of the very long tunnel.

Enjoy the weekend everyone.

Resurgam123 Sat 30-Nov-19 07:31:21

Good Morning All. We have a heavy frost here in Cheshire.
Oh goodness I have just looked out of my back window .
There is a pink sky in view. Some early birds about.
I have a choir rehearsal to go to. 9.15 am.

BlueSapphire Sat 30-Nov-19 07:36:04

Good morning all from a very foggy and frosty morning. Hoping it stays dry as I am off to rugby this afternoon; it is the East Midlands derby, Saints v Leicester Tigers, our arch rivals, so the atmosphere will be electric, and the game is a sell-out. It will be thermals on I think, along with my lucky socks.

Had a good day shopping yesterday; managed to get DD's bag, and also a pair of fleecy lined slippers for me. Then on the way back had to change buses in town, and had 20 minutes to wait, so popped into the Debenhams next to the bus-stop to get out of the cold. Well my favourite range of clothes all at half price, so came home with a new jumper! Then to Boots to pick up the aftershave I had ordered for DS, and got DGD a gift voucher (her mum's suggestion). And I think that is my Christmas shopping finished.

Will be putting a hotpot in the slow cooker this morning, so a nice warming meal to come back to after rugby.

Have a lovely time (adventure!) in NY, Marydoll, I am so envious.

Have a nice day everyone.

Mythbirtthedragon Sat 30-Nov-19 07:37:45

Good morning from east London, and it’s frosty outside, 1C. Then again,I like cold and sunny so much better than miserable and grey. Disturbed by the incident on London Bridge yesterday, so close to where I used to work. Today I am spending money; DD and I am off to an NCT nearly new sale (can’t have her baby until she’s been to one) and then I have to go to the sofa place to pay for her new sofa (we agreed she needed that more than a lot of other things). Slight moan here, sofa was ordered 3 months ago on the basis it would be here by early December. Well it will be ‘here’ by the 6th but it can’t be delivered & installed until the 20th. DD tried playing the ‘imminent ‘ baby theme but they were having none of it. Minor issue in comparison to others’ troubles. Have a good day.

Brunette10 Sat 30-Nov-19 07:40:40

Good Morning to all from a frosty Fife. Still dark outside but glistening pavements. Off with DD and DGS's today to Christmas Activity programme which boys will love. Christmas I feel is very fast approaching but glad to say have most things done. Marydoll - enjoy! will be thinking of you, have a great time. Onwards and upwards! - have a good day everyone.

NanKate Sat 30-Nov-19 07:42:05

Morning Mick and All.

We have a freezing mist here in South Bucks, will definitely need to wear my thermals today.

Have a wonderful holiday in New York Mary we all look forward to hearing about your escapades. Are the Americans ready for you I wonder mary. 😀

The local theatre is presenting Wind in the Willows this afternoon and we will join the local children to see it. It is one of my favourite books.

Hope they fix your telly soon Mick.

kittylester Sat 30-Nov-19 07:43:39

Morning all from a freezing North Leicestershire. I had a dreadful night so might need a little lie down this afternoon.

DH is going to Cambridge to see a group he particularly likes so I am looking forward to a bit of peace and quiet.

Have a super trip marydoll. I didnt see a post from gilly either so hope all is well.

Beechnut Sat 30-Nov-19 07:46:37

Good Morning everyone from a frosty Severnside.

Safe travels Marydoll you’ll definitely need a scarf and I feel a shopping trip for new coat and boots coming on 😂

My shopping trip yesterday was also successful and I bought myself an exercise bike.

I’ve already received a couple of Christmas cards so will have to get on and write mine out and make an anniversary card today.

Hope the gillybobs are ok as I didn’t see her yesterday.

Wrap up warm everyone whatever you are doing today 🌸

mumofmadboys Sat 30-Nov-19 07:47:30

Good morning all! I am full of cold and slept badly! Day at home pottering today methinks! I may also have a sleep this afternoon.

ninathenana Sat 30-Nov-19 07:51:57

Morning all

Thick fog in our part of Kent, can hear the ships horns in the estuary.
DH in London today, DD coming to stay over tonight as SiL away too so we will watch a chick flick.
Have a good day everyone. Safe journey and have a great relaxing time Marydoll

harrigran Sat 30-Nov-19 07:56:31

Good morning from the NE where we have a harsh frost, it is -2 and feels it.
DH and I are going out for lunch today before the restaurants start with the seasonal menus.
Appointment with consultant was over with very quickly, he was pleased with my progress, I only needed a blood test.
Thinking of the gillybobs

NfkDumpling Sat 30-Nov-19 07:57:42

Morning All

Minus threeee here in the north of Norfolk which is quite cold enough. A lovely clear sky so the day should warm up a bit.

We’ve got DGdog here for the weekend while his family visit Lapland UK - I hope all goes well, it seems very expensive - so we’ll have a nice brisk walk this afternoon. Perhaps then DGdog will sleep through the night and not wake us up barking as he did last night. He’s on high alert waiting for his family’s return. He’s much better when he brings DGS with him.

NfkDumpling Sat 30-Nov-19 07:58:44

Why are you worried about the condition of your coat Marydoll? Surely one of the reasons for your trip was to buy a new one?

Yiayia4 Sat 30-Nov-19 08:05:41

Morning all,frosty and misty here.
The Next sale was very poor yesterday but Zara brilliant,most things 40% off.I bought a pair of red and black dog tooth check trousers and a black top,very happy as perfect for Christmas.
Taking advent calendars to GSs today while DH gets on with his latest project!building storage and seating under the stairs.Its looking good but his clearing up leaves a lot to be desired!
Sorry gone on a bit today,have a magical time Marydoll,thinking of you Gilly,have a good day everyone.

Susan56 Sat 30-Nov-19 08:08:15

Good morning from a very frosty,cold Yorkshire.So much colder here than Shropshire.We could feel the temperature dropping as we drove up the motorway.❄️
We had lovely tea and cakes at Betty’s in Ilkley.Today we are going to celebrate my aunts birthday.
Stay safe Marydoll and have a lovely break🗽
Hope everyone under the weather starts to feel better.
Hope things are ok gilly,Sending you our love,thoughts and prayers.x

Lins1066 Sat 30-Nov-19 08:08:21

Good Morning from a cold and cloudy S Welsh coast.
Have a lovely time in New York Marydoll, I feel a new coat coming on. Relax now and enjoy.
Have a good day everyone.

GrannyGravy13 Sat 30-Nov-19 08:16:52

Goodmorning Mick and all.

Heavy frost here in SE Essex.

Tonight is our family meal for our dear Mums Birthday, she died in April 2017, but her birthday was in November so we celebrate and remember on her special day.

Marydoll, relax, breathe and enjoy New York, buy a new coat in Macy's.

gillybib wishing you and your dear husband a peaceful weekend and another step on the road to recovery.

EllanVannin Sat 30-Nov-19 08:17:47

Good Morning All x

A heavy frost last night with roofs and cars white. No wonder the cats aren't keen on venturing out so instead of me standing holding the door open I've got the back kitchen window open so that they can get out that way, but it's causing a bloomin' draft round my ankles as I type.

The gulls are squawking overhead, what a din. Why can't we have birdsong ? If it's not them it's the crows. Not exactly calming hahahaha.

I have a bit of washing to do and although it'll be sunny and dry there's no breeze around but it'll save it hanging around indoors even if it just smells fresh. I'll see anyway.
More parcels due today which means me not going far though I do want to go and get a couple of books of stamps in readiness for the volume of cards being sent.

Mick, I hope the TV gets fixed for you I couldn't be without mine for too long.

Safe journey for Marydoll and have a good time spending, I would ! Macy's for starters. Don't be joining in the skating at Times Square either.

Hope the Gillybobs are ticking along nicely xx.

Mind how you go everyone if you've got the frost/fog but all have a good day.

vena11 Sat 30-Nov-19 08:26:26

Good morning from a cold dry Bristol what a lovely change from all that rain.
We had a lovely lunch out yesterday we decided to take the bus but had to change in the centre, traffic was terrible, there was a Graduations ceremony at the Cathedral and a climate change protest, we had to walk, well it did us good and that is what climate change protesters want is for us to walk more but I do wonder how they got there.
I hope your flight goes well Marydoll enjoy.
Everyone else I hope you have a great weekend and hope to hear from Gillybob

Urmstongran Sat 30-Nov-19 08:29:31

Good morning everyone from Malaga. I feel like Rip van Winkle! I went to bed before 11pm and woke at 9am. Must have been that long, enjoyable stroll into Torremolinos yesterday afternoon!

Happy holiday Marydoll I hope you have the time of your life. Relax and try to find time to update us - I can’t wait!

Your Christmas outfit sounds smart Yiayia and you haven’t ‘gone on a bit’. Compared to me you are positively reticent!

No post yesterday from our gillybob I hope all’s well.

Hope your tv gets sorted Mick it must be so annoying for everyone by now.

Are you a newbie earlybird? If so, welcome!

Hope Saturday is kind to us all whether we have plans (like Marydoll 👋) or none. x

Greyduster Sat 30-Nov-19 08:39:48

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. A hard frost in South Yorkshire but heralding a clear day. Nothing much to do except a bit of ironing today. Kept awake last night with a pain in my wrist - no idea what that was all about. Old age I suppose. Have a good day folks.