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Oldest M&S dressing gown?

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annep1 Sun 22-Dec-19 11:11:26

My stepson was staying last night and commented that his dad was wearing the dressing gown that he remembered as a child.
It's an M&S, still has St Michael on the label. It's one he had when I met him in 1996 and is still in great order and not faded.
Can anyone top this?

Beechnut Sun 22-Dec-19 11:26:49

Yes, I have a navy silky type one from 1992. I still wear it even though I have two more.

annep1 Sun 22-Dec-19 11:42:57

Even better!
I've also got a cotton nightie from 1997 same label.

Jane10 Sun 22-Dec-19 11:49:11

I've still got the M&S pants I 'sat' my A levels in in 1972! Needless to say they don't fit very well any more - not due to them shrinking! I don't wear them but can't bring myself to throw them out. They are in fine condition. Built to last.

ginny Sun 22-Dec-19 12:36:55

I have the M & S nightie that I wore when I had my 3 DDs. The first in 1978. Never wear it but can’t bring myself to get rid of it.

mumofmadboys Sun 22-Dec-19 12:39:55

I bought a dressing gown when I was pregnant with our eldest 33 years ago. It's a summer one and I've worn it ever since each summer. Dressing gowns don't seem to wear out easily!

annep1 Sun 22-Dec-19 13:29:49

Jane 😊

Goodness I'm well topped! I wonder will the things we purchase now still be wearable in thirty years.

Mumofmadboys possibly but one d/gown I bought two years ago got scruffy and faded very quickly.

Jane10 Sun 22-Dec-19 18:14:15

I got a lot of wear out of a black cashmere jumper belonging to my great grandmother. It must have been 80 years old. I wonder if good quality cashmere bought today would last as long? It's a luxury fibre but it's eventual cost per wear must be fractions of pence if it lasts so well.
I've got an M&S cashmere jumper but it's very thin and has rubbed badly. Not great quality.

B9exchange Sun 22-Dec-19 18:21:01

My mother suffered from very severe depression and spent the last 20 years of her life in and out of hospital, but in one brief spell of normality we went shopping in 1985, and she bought me a pink dressing gown. It is one of those very old fashioned quilted ones, but still has all its buttons, and when I wear it I think of that day. She died in 1995 after the depression drugs and ECT gave her Parkinsons and then dementia, and I miss her dreadfully still.

LadyGracie Sun 22-Dec-19 18:23:49

I've got a hand painted silk dressing gown my brother bought me in Bahrain in 1967. Never worn, it's more than a little impractical. It has my name on it as well with matching handkerchief.

BradfordLass72 Sun 22-Dec-19 18:35:44

In 1970 my mother bought 2 identical navy, quilted dressing gowns from M&S in Darley Street, Bradford.
One for her - and one for me.

She brought hers out to New Zealand in 1990 and I was still wearing mine, mended and a bit tatty, this winter.

BlueSky Sun 22-Dec-19 19:08:42

I've got a M&S dressing gown only about 20 but cannot find anything to replace it with. Nothing is as comfy or fits as well as this old gown!

watermeadow Sun 22-Dec-19 19:21:07

My M&S dressing gown is only thirteen but is much loved. It’s very thick towelling and has saved me a small fortune in gas as I come downstairs in it every morning and rarely need to switch the heat on until I get dressed a couple of hours later.

Callistemon Sun 22-Dec-19 19:25:03

I've got an M&S dressing gown which my MIL bought me one Christmas; as it's a size 10-12, it must be many years old, probably 1970s.
I love the patterned fabric, however I don't wear it because it's just a bit small and it hangs on a hook on the spare room door. I just can't bear to part with it.

harrigran Sun 22-Dec-19 21:06:48

I have just cleared our second home and thrown out the dressing gown that I took there the day we moved in in 1994. The thing is it was ten years old when I took it there but still in excellent condition. It was M&S as were the nightdresses I found in the same drawer, made in the UK .

jacq10 Sun 22-Dec-19 21:35:19

I had a cotton dressing gown from the early 90's which I really loved. I bought it in a M&S sale - St Michael label and made in the UK. I wore it till it was falling apart despite the many repairs I did on it but two years ago while browsing in a charity shop what did I spy? My dressing gown, my size and colour and I don't think it had ever been worn!! I was so pleased with it - it will probably see me out.

Salmo Sun 22-Dec-19 21:52:12

I still have the M&S dressing gown I took to hospital with me for the birth of my first child in 1974. I wore it for two subsequent children and my daughter packed it in her hospital bag too. It is thin cotton, green with rather violent orange 70's flowers. Now it lives on the back of the spare bedroom door and is occasionally used by visiting granddaughters.

annep1 Sun 22-Dec-19 22:33:15

it will probably see me out grin But what a find!

Aren't some of us so sentimental, not parting with things.
Made in the UK..we used to have so many good quality items made here ...But that's another topic.....

EllanVannin Sun 22-Dec-19 22:47:05

A nightdress and negligee from the 60's. Fabulous---don't wear it but won't part with it. It's one of those thick frilly nylon sets. 2 feather bed-jackets that were my SiL's that she took cruising in the 40's/50's. They're M&S too. Very glam.

I did have a dressing gown which was 30 years old originally thick but was getting thinner and thinner so out it went.

annep1 Mon 23-Dec-19 04:50:49

How lovely EllenVannin!

Beechnut Mon 23-Dec-19 08:02:01

EllanVannin your post reminded me of when I first started work I managed to save £9 and spent some of it on a nightie and negligee set in a pale blue colour.

LadyGracie Mon 23-Dec-19 08:10:18

I've got my granddads woollen check scarf still with a St Michael label, I can't imagine how old it is, he died not long after my son was born in 1972.

Framilode Mon 23-Dec-19 08:27:10

A friend of mine had a silk kimono that her husband brought her back after a business trip to Japan. Beautifully patterned with Japanese writing on the back.

Some time later her local WI had a Japanese day with some people from Japan present. My friend decided to wear her kimono for the event but was mortified and furious when one of the Japanese visitors told her that what was written on the back was 'Property of the Hilton Hotel'.

Harris27 Mon 23-Dec-19 08:33:51

I’m reading this and smiling as my husband tells me I keep my clothes too long! But you lot beat me hands down! Fabulous you invented recycling and passing things on. I have a velvet scarf from m&S had for years was a present and it comes out every winter.

NotSpaghetti Mon 23-Dec-19 08:54:40

Jane10 - re the cashmere, absolutely not. Older cashmere was much better quality and was also spun using mules which stresses the yarn less. This produces a much nicer and more durable yarn apparently.
These ombre scarves:
are spun on a traditional mule and the fibres are all hand blended. I definitely would expect them to last.
Haven't seen the scarves in the flesh but have seen where they are spun and it's absolutely a work of art. Don't know about the yarn for the plain scarves by the way.
This company used to make the most stunning ombre paisley too... beautiful.