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Lonely This Evening Kind Thoughts

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Alexa Tue 24-Dec-19 16:07:56

Grans alone and lonely, including those who may not even post here , we will think about each other as we watch Carols at Kings this evening at 5PM on BBC 2 television, and greet each other in our kind thoughts .

Smileless2012 Tue 24-Dec-19 16:10:01


Anniebach Tue 24-Dec-19 16:11:11

Alexa x

PamelaJ1 Tue 24-Dec-19 16:29:14


Hetty58 Tue 24-Dec-19 16:33:47

Carols at Kings? No thanks! It's bad enough that the local cricket club is blasting out Christmas songs through loudspeakers! Noise pollution, I call it!

Sar53 Tue 24-Dec-19 16:34:12

flowers xx

GrandmaTrisha Tue 24-Dec-19 16:43:09

In more ways than one. ๐Ÿ˜ข

BlueBelle Tue 24-Dec-19 16:45:43

You can be lonely in a group or a crowd too

kathsue Tue 24-Dec-19 16:48:35

I'll give the carols a miss but I do send my best wishes to all who are lonely or missing loved ones this Christmas. flowers flowers.

ladymuck Tue 24-Dec-19 16:50:50

What a lovely thought!

tanith Tue 24-Dec-19 16:51:37

A lovely thought, Iโ€™m alone tonight and really feeling the loss of DH, this is my second Christmas without him, for some reason Iโ€™m feeling the loss much more this year maybe I was still too numb last year. We would spend tonight wrapping lots of nonsense presents for each other he loved filling up a knitted stocking for me and would find all sorts of useful and silly gifts for me. He was the most kind and special man.

Sorry Iโ€™m feeling maudlin tonight.

CanadianGran Tue 24-Dec-19 16:51:45

Bless you all flowers and hope you have a nice Christmas.

Alexa Tue 24-Dec-19 16:53:15

Don't be sorry. Be there at five we meet in spirit.

GagaJo Tue 24-Dec-19 16:55:42

Sending love to you all at Christmas, particularly those of you who are missing someone.


Chewbacca Tue 24-Dec-19 16:56:58

This is my first Christmas on my own and it's nice to feel that I'm not really alone; so many of you out there, thinking of others.

QuaintIrene Tue 24-Dec-19 17:00:21

I am here. ๐Ÿ’

Hetty58 Tue 24-Dec-19 17:03:45

I very rarely feel lonely, but if I start to, I find something 'useful' to do, whatever time of day or night it is. The dog always appreciates an extra walk.

Maggiemaybe Tue 24-Dec-19 17:04:19

Christmas wishes and thoughts to all of you. The carols are going on here too. flowers

seacliff Tue 24-Dec-19 17:05:48

I am not alone but feel alone. I am very sorry for those who are missing a loved one, especially if it is the first year alone for you. I can only say what you already know, how lucky you were to experience all those loving years together. Treasure the memories.

I have poured myself a Baileys and am just putting on the TV to watch with you all. Cheers xx

lavenderzen Tue 24-Dec-19 17:06:08

Thinking of you all, Carols are on at the moment x

craftyone Tue 24-Dec-19 17:06:41

Thanks for the lovely considerate post Alexa


Granny23 Tue 24-Dec-19 17:10:06

I'm counting my blessings here. Yes I now live alone with DH in his Care Home, but I've been to see him today and tomorrow morning he is coming here, the first time we have tried this, to get his presents with the Grandbairns and (hopefully, without protest) returning to the Care Home for Christmas Lunch with ALL the trimmings.

Opal Tue 24-Dec-19 17:11:26

Thinking of you all, quiet Christmas this year for us too, for lots of reasons. I'm watching My Fair Lady, lovely film. Wishing you all a peaceful 2020.

Alishka Tue 24-Dec-19 17:14:55

3.oopm, carols from kings,r4. My perfect start to Christmas AND, a bonus, I can sing along too.grin I was forbidden from singing at School - open my mouth but no sound - can't think why!gringringrin

Alishka Tue 24-Dec-19 17:16:57

Wishing you a very special christmas, Granny23 Hope all goes wellsmile