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Best and Worst Christmas presents this year

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Vintagegal13 Wed 25-Dec-19 18:30:09

Just me being nosey - I was widowed 2 years ago and have no family, so spent the day on my own. I got dressed in my Sunday best, and cooked a proper dinner and had presents from friends which I was very grateful for, I loved them all. I just wondered if anyone got anything really random or wonderful surprises.

Madgran77 Wed 25-Dec-19 18:39:43

Lovely surprise if a "waffle dressing hown" from my daughter in a teal colour. Have wanted one for years so a really nice present. A rather odd " bling" brooch from a friend is another one, grateful for the thought but ....!

notanan2 Wed 25-Dec-19 18:55:39

Worst: Roses. Yet they came in useful as I swiftly re-gifted them.

Best: honestly I love the "usuals": socks, gloves, smellies! I resist buying them if they wear out/run out in the run up to christmas, so if I dont get any I am disappointed (and wearing holey socks and out of shower gel 😆)

My family know me well enough to not be "clever" with my gifts. I genuinely love a smelly set or a hat&glove set, so they oblige 😊

love0c Wed 25-Dec-19 18:55:46

Vintagegal13 Happy Christmas to you! what a pleasant and upbeat post. Just me and hubby today but I don't feel as positive as you, so well done to you!! smile tchsmile

notanan2 Wed 25-Dec-19 18:57:55

Usually the worst for me is any type of jewellery. I am very fussy and only wear a few select pieces. Dont want any more, wont wear it!

But nobody got me any this year so that was good

Gymstagran Wed 25-Dec-19 19:04:32

I love to get presents but with allergies I can't use smelly candles. Friends know about the allergies so why do they buy the candles for me? Best present a zip wire experience.

vinasol Wed 25-Dec-19 19:07:46

A couple of dine out vouchers which we will make good use of. I didn't get many sweets which I am glad of. I'm not a box of choccies person. I didn't get anything that wasn't suitable for me, fortunately.

Vintagegal13 Wed 25-Dec-19 19:09:41

Love0c - thank you so much for your kind wishes - they are much appreciated. I am just following what my late mum would have said - count your blessings!, so I try to do that.

GagaJo Wed 25-Dec-19 19:11:23

Best, a mug with grandson's handprints on. Lovely, because I'm moving away soon and will use it daily (and shed a tear from missing him).

Also nice, 5 massage vouchers from daughter. She gives a GREAT massage and I will definitely use them all. This week.

Urmstongran Wed 25-Dec-19 19:11:49

Best present from my husband - the box set of The Sopranos. I love it and know I’ll watch it over and over.

Worst - also from himself - an Alexa. I think around October I’d mentioned my aunt had one and when I was staying with her it amused me. Not sure I wanted one though .... oh dear.

Gemini1789 Wed 25-Dec-19 19:20:07

My daughter gave me a Halloween money box !

grannyactivist Wed 25-Dec-19 19:43:25

A beautiful hand crafted wooden mouse from my brother in law. A really lovely ‘cocktail cookbook’, from another brother in law and matched (coincidentally) by a cocktail maker’s gift set from my son. The Wonderful Man bought me some very nice clothing items tchshock! That they are far too small is neither here nor there as he has the receipt and I’m just shocked that he went into a women’s clothing store.

The most unusual present was picked out for me by my NZ granddaughter and features her favourite creature. tchsmile

MiniMoon Wed 25-Dec-19 20:12:42

I received a new samsung tablet from my husband and son. A lovely hamper, and some very nice gin.
Tomorrow we are visiting our daughter and her family, where we will have another present exchange.
Lucky us! 😀

Harris27 Wed 25-Dec-19 21:37:54

I’ve had some lovely gifts and my son surprised us with an extra gift of a hamper expertly done with all of our favourite things which brought a tear to my eye. Bless him he got it so right! As well as our usual presents eldest son got us a afternoon tea voucher for a very posh hotel as well as our perfume / Aftershave gifts. So I feel ever so lucky today.

cornergran Wed 25-Dec-19 21:44:05

The best? Seeing our worried and stressed son smile, there was no worst.

QuaintIrene Wed 25-Dec-19 21:48:04

I got some lovely cheese on a nice board and some beautiful soaps from the Yorkshire Soap Company from one friend. A colourful scarf and a silver photograph frame from another friend.
Bamboo socks a Yankee candle and a book ( that I have read, unfortunately) from my sister.
Very pleased ! The book I will pass on to another friend who will enjoy it.
My GC are calling tomorrow. I usually get a mug to add to my collection, but who knows !
I don’t think I have ever been really disappointed with a present.

phoenix Wed 25-Dec-19 22:08:37

Urmstongran by an "Alexa" , I'm guessing you mean either an Echo or a Dot? Don't dismiss it, I find it very useful!

Although I don't use mine to its full extent (you can make "free" phone calls from it!) both Mr P and I appreciate the reminder function and I particularly like the shopping list, very handy when something comes to mind when it's not convenient to write things down!

rubysong Wed 25-Dec-19 22:11:48

No worst but the best was a 2020 calendar with photos of the DGC on every month. Lovely photos and a very thoughtful gift from DS2 and DGF. 2 year old was perfect all day and baby slept long enough for us all to have dinner in peace.

HurdyGurdy Wed 25-Dec-19 22:13:47

Nothing bad.

I think my favourite is a bird box with a camera so we can watch the birds (and hopefully their babies) via my phone, or maybe the tv.

quizqueen Wed 25-Dec-19 22:39:33

The bird box/camera sounds fantastic; I've never heard of those, must put that on my list for next year! My best present was also bird related- a voucher to fly a bird of prey. The worst was dark truffle foreign chocolates, which I hate.

Tedber Wed 25-Dec-19 22:41:59

What lovely friends you have OP - sorry can’t remember your name or able to cut and paste on my phone! Anyway I ALWAYS love everything am given! But getting slightly annoyed now with my spouse! I am not a lover of jewelry. In fact necklaces bring me out in a rash! Probably because they are gold plated? Anyway hubby has
Bought me necklaces and earrings to match year after year! I don’t like to hurt his feelings when he proudly presents these to me BUT throughout the year I tell him - “ oh I get a rash when I put these necklaces on”. I think just MAYBE he might get the message? But nope this
Morning I was presented again with a box of necklace and matching earrings!!!! What do you do? Say “ahhh thank you they are lovely”.

WHEN does he get the message 😂

ninathenana Wed 25-Dec-19 22:54:52

Worst- 2 jigsaws from DD and one from DH that I've already got.

Best- an upgraded Kindle which I can access Alexa with.

Annapops Wed 25-Dec-19 23:03:14

Eeeek......a stormtrooper. I have been joking in the run-up to Christmas with 4 year old GS3 that I want a real one. Well, you should never meddle with such an idea and a child's imagination. "He'll have to be a good one though grandma." Hmmm. Can a stormtrooper be good? Anyway DH obliged and I have my 30cm model star wars figure ready and waiting. DGS will be delighted?!!!!!...?

BlueSapphire Wed 25-Dec-19 23:34:01

All my presents were lovely!
Some very expensive Chanel make-up from DD and her husband; a gorgeous jumper from DS and family.
And I have just got home and remembered I hadn't opened presents from friends - a diary which I badly needed, and a gin tasting kit from my oldest friend, 3 different flavour gins! She knows me well!

BradfordLass72 Thu 26-Dec-19 00:03:05

All my gifts were wonderful but perhaps the most useful is going to be the Google Assistant. I'm lookin forward to regulat TED talks and much more.

The least useful, to me at least, were the many boxes of chocolates and biscuits.
However, they will not go to waste as I shall be celebrating my birthday at Communicare and these will be put out on the table for all to share.

And the most delicious was Christmas Dinner: turkey roulade, broccolini, asparagus, yummy gravy and roast potatoes. Seen here after being cooked and served by my son.