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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 28-Dec-19 06:31:11

Good Morning Everyone,
Its cark, and wet here in Brackley this morning.
Trying to get back into my regular routine , with the buses.
Will do Bicester and Buckingham today , but do expect to see crowds like a week a go.
Usual café stops , minus the Flea market in Buckingham, which reappears in a few weeks time.

NanKate Sat 28-Dec-19 06:47:23

Morning Mick and All to follow.

Dark here in West Sussex but will be returning home today, plus a hacking cough 🤨

I can hear the 3 young boys beginning to stir, but now I have my tea and IPad I will lie low hopefully for about half an hour before the usual chaos begins.

The Panto in Worthing was a great success and my eldest DGS managed to get invited up on stage, he was in his element.

Thinking of Mary the Gillybobs and those struggling with illness. 💐💐 today.

I’m ready to return to peace and quiet at home. Safe journeys for others on the road.

dragonfly46 Sat 28-Dec-19 07:05:20

Good morning from dark Leicestershire.

Very restless night, hospital visit took twice as long yesterday as there were very few nurses on duty and first she dropped my initial pills on the floor and went off for ages to get new ones then I was left for half an hour waiting to be detached from the machine at the end. I am very grateful to them all, however.

Resting day today!

I hope Mary and Gilly are okay.

Greyduster Sat 28-Dec-19 07:32:20

Good morning Michael and all GNs. Stayed at sister in law’s in south Wales overnight after a horrendous drive here from Cornwall. It took us six hours on the motorway just to come this far, and today we have to do the rest of the journey back to Yorkshire. But at least DH got to see his sisters and his brother who has just come back from Australia. Looking forward to getting home. Have a good day folks.

Beechnut Sat 28-Dec-19 07:37:54

Good Morning everyone and all who follow. The sky is starting to get light and has a few red stripes.

I’m now back home sitting up in my own bed with morning cuppa. After getting back home yesterday I spent a very idle day catching up on here and watching tele.

I plan to do a small shop this morning.i fancy bangers and mash and then see if I can get the printer to work and just generally have a mooch around the house.

Let’s hope all of you that haven’t been feeling your best have a change today 💐

Resurgam123 Sat 28-Dec-19 07:38:55

Your morning routine when little ones visit seem very much the same as mine.
I have found mine sitting in a chair still looking half asleep which often leaves me to feed them breakfast. I can then give them a very modest touch of maple syrup on the porrage. Well I am half asleep still. Morning tea time for me.

ninathenana Sat 28-Dec-19 07:46:26

Morning everyone.
Another grey gloomy day in Kent.
DD's FiL seems to be doing well after his heart attack thank goodness.
Out early this morning to get a few essentials but before that we will have breckie in the cafe.
I will finish making the turkey stew when we return.
Have a good day everyone.

Marydoll Sat 28-Dec-19 07:48:07

Good morning Mick, Kate and Dragonfly, and all who will post while I witter on! grin
It's positively a heatwave here in Glasgow, 11°C !

Dragonfly, that's so annoying about your pills, when all you want to do is just go home! Just take it easy today, if you can.
My whole family have that cough, Kate, it's so debillitating.😫 My wee granddaughter has croup again.

I had planned to go out today, (the sales of course, vouchers are burning a hole in my purse!!! blush, ) but I have decided to be sensible, my pain levels are high and like, Dragonfly, haven't had a good night. sad.

I have plenty to keep me busy, my three children all gave me cookbooks for Christmas, (trying to tell me something?) so I shall settle down to read them in peace and quiet. (Hoping for no visitors today!!)

My lovely DD, on hearing I was at the doctor's yesterday, came to meet me and we went for a coffee, before DH came to pick me up. It was lovely to get a chance to catch up, just the two of us.

You will be pleased to know that I got my Sale fix, two boxes of religious Christmas cards for 50p a box, whilst waiting for DH! grin

Enjoy your Saturday , whatever you plan to do and hoping the Gillybobs have had a better night.

mancgirl Sat 28-Dec-19 08:01:20

Good morning from just beginning to get light Manchester. Got woken in the night with 3year old gs coming in for a snuggle and here he still is! Taking the wrapper of the rancid turkey back to the supermarket this morning for refund. Nice surprise Christmas day to find it was offangry. Good job I had beef and gammon in the fridge. This evening out with good friends for meal at nice, local restaurant. Enjoy your day, hope Gilly is ok. Hugs to those who need them.

cornergran Sat 28-Dec-19 08:03:18

Morning Mick, morning All from a germy corner of Somerset. Grey and damp outside, gloomy inside as we’re due to host a rare family day tomorrow. Haven’t all been in the same place at the same time since June. Willpower will see me through, not so sure about Mr C who is proper poorly again and is under instruction to stay in bed today. Oh well, worse things happen I know and it will pass. Rest today dragonfly, you too when you can marydoll, your sale fix made me smile. Hope gilly has managed some rest. Safe trip home greyd and anyone else on the road. Hope Saturday is kind to everyone.

harrigran Sat 28-Dec-19 08:03:50

Good morning from a very dark NE, I thought it was about 6am and tried to go back to sleep.
Nothing planned for today.
Will just have light meals, both of our stomachs have been fragile since Christmas day.
Hoping the gillybobs are feeling a little better and thinking of all others with health problems.

NannyJan53 Sat 28-Dec-19 08:12:24

Good Morning from another grey and damp Black Country.

Had a lovely afternoon yesterday with DD, SIL and 2 DGD's. Played a few games of Rummikub! Then had tea with the before driving home. SIL is still having to take it easy.

Today Partner is off on a bike ride shortly with his club. I will have a stroll into town see if there are any bargains to be had. No plans for this afternoon, so play it by ear.

Sorry you have a cough NanKate my 11 year old DGD has it too, and DD had it last week. Thankfully, so far I have escaped it.

Best wishes to Gilly Marydoll Dragonfly and Lins and anyone who are going through health issues and challenging times flowers

aggie Sat 28-Dec-19 08:21:46

Good Morning all, I actually slept last night!
It is still dark and the sensor lights keep coming on so it might be raining , at least it was dry yesterday.
I better go put my ears in , been sipping my tea and enjoying the quiet
Wishing everyone a good day and better health

kittylester Sat 28-Dec-19 08:31:05

Good morning all from a Leicestershire that is now grey!

DD2 and co are going home this morning so we will spend the day tidying up and then do some tv catch up. And we will have a take away this evening.

How the cough improves kate.

I had a Diana Henry cook book for Christmas Marydoll and am really looking forward to getting stuck into it - I might even cook from it!!

Enjoy your days everyone.

annsixty Sat 28-Dec-19 08:36:50

Good morning all from Stockport.
I hope anyone travelling today has a better journey than my D and GC who arrived here last night after a journey of 9 hours with just a half hour break.
The traffic plus accidents were horrendous.
Consequently by the time they got here, had a drink, settled in, it was about 8:45pm when we ate, that did me no good at all so I had one of the worst nights ever.
I really now will have to summon all my reserves to be pleasant and entertaining, I see them so infrequently I am most upset.
However worst things happen at sea, and on GN, so have as good a day as you can everyone.

Alygran Sat 28-Dec-19 08:39:23

Good morning from North Yorkshire. Drove home yesterday afternoon. Traffic was very busy round the Leeds area so it took longer than usual but nothing like as bad as you had gd. Safe onward travels today from Wales.
DDs and DGS coming later to stay overnight so I need to go out to buy food and then sort the beds.
Hope all unwell or struggling have a better day.

Mythbirtthedragon Sat 28-Dec-19 08:42:35

Good morning from east London, cloudy and taking its time to get light but at least the fog early on has shifted. Lovely family time yesterday even if both sets of visiting parties got here late; congestion and traffic delaying DSiL and last minute ice skating for GD. The veggie chilli and baked potatoes survived the wait. Final Friday tennis this year finished on a high as my partner and I played 3 sets undefeated. Yay! Today, not sure what is happening; we’ve said we’ll go to Southend one day this weekend as SiL is staying there for a couple of days. Have a vague inclination to go to Westfield to check out some bargains I’ve spotted on line; I have to target where I go as I don’t like shopping, crowds make it worse and can only last about 30 mins in a busy mall before heading for the exit. DP is completely the opposite, he will browse forever so it’s only on specific occasions we shop together. I hope you have a good Saturday.

Nannytopsy Sat 28-Dec-19 08:47:38

Good morning Mick and all his followers! Grey here in Suffolk too. DD &SiL arrived back in the early hours, complete with a Spanish cough & cold. I expect we shall have it by New Year!
So far I have made bread, celery soup and smoked mackerel pate. Desserts next I think, then sausage rolls. Can you see my halo? I was up at 7!

Mommawolf Sat 28-Dec-19 08:48:36

Good mornings all, it's grey and damp here with not a breath of wind. Just back from dog walk now watching birds arriving for their breakfast. Not a bird in sight until food goes out then they descend like a horror movie. Quiet day planned taking down decorations. Safe journey all who are travelling.

Grammaretto Sat 28-Dec-19 08:49:40

I only knew it was Saturday when I read it here. It's a strange time of year.
Light with a blue streak in the sky in the Scottish Borders.
It's so mild I may have to sit outside and have my coffee.
The hospital incident wait sounds bad Dragonfly but I am glad I'm not a nurse. I would drop things.
My DS and her DH decided not to come for Hogmanay as she's still poorly so we are a bit lonely.
Hope everything has a good day.

Anniebach Sat 28-Dec-19 08:56:11

Good morning Auntyflo and all x

Lins1066 Sat 28-Dec-19 08:56:11

Good morning from a dry South Welsh coast, a little brighter weather wise too.
Safe journey to all those who are travelling today and over the New Year, especially greyduster.
Hope all who are struggling feel better soon Marydoll, Mr Corner, and dragonfly. I read cookery books as avidly as novels Marydoll.

BlueSapphire Sat 28-Dec-19 09:03:15

Good morning all from Northampton where it is dull and damp, but not actually raining.
Didn't do a lot yesterday, just popped out to Sainsbury's after lunch, then home and back to the warm.
Must wrap up this afternoon as it is a rugby day - likely to be a tricky match against Gloucester. DGD is coming for the first time, so hope she enjoys it.
mancgirl, that happened to me a few years ago - the turkey was off when I opened the wrapper. Luckily I too had a piece of beef in the fridge, and DFil was very pleased as he was not a great fan of turkey. The supermarket replaced the turkey and also gave me a refund!
Best wishes to all for a good day.

Yiayia4 Sat 28-Dec-19 09:05:08

Morning all very grey in Surrey.
Started the dreaded cold so will have a quiet day,may start taking the decs down,although like Marydoll the vouchers I had for Christmas are burning a hole!

Healing thoughts to Gillybob Dragonfly and Marydoll and anyone else unwell.Have a good Saturday.

Sar53 Sat 28-Dec-19 09:06:57

Good morning everyone from a grey Essex by the sea. We are off to the supermarket shortly to do a small shop and then to pick up dry cleaning. Nothing else planned for today. I had a very bad night, been up since 4.
Tomorrow we are off to Kent to DD2, SIL and two DGD'S. This will be our Christmas day with them. My youngest DGD will be 2 next Saturday so I have a card with some money in to leave for her. As her birthday is so close to Christmas, and at 2 she doesn't really understand, my daughter buys her something in the summer when she can play in the garden.
I hope you all have a peaceful Saturday.