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Fav ice cream from yester year

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TrendyNannie6 Wed 01-Jan-20 18:11:51

Does anyone remember a ice cream lolly on a sick banana flavoured with a thick block of toffee inside, it would have been in the mid sixties, I am trying to think what it was called but I know it was before Lord Toffingham lolly

MissAdventure Wed 01-Jan-20 18:15:19

I think 'Happy Faces' were like that, but I'm guessing you'd know if it had a smiley face. smile

MrsEggy Wed 01-Jan-20 18:16:01

Strawberry icecream from Henley in Arden. It was the first "real" icecream I had in the fifties and it was made of real strawberries. It was so popular the Midland Red bus used to stop outside the shop to let passengers dismount and buy it!

grannyactivist Wed 01-Jan-20 18:22:34

Check out this websiteTrendyNannie - it’s probably on there somewhere, but I don’t have time to check.

MamaCaz Wed 01-Jan-20 18:29:13

Any ice cream from our local firm, Coletta's.

Nannynoodles Wed 01-Jan-20 18:37:51

I think it was called King Kong if I remember rightly, and yes it was yummy! 😛

rosecarmel Wed 01-Jan-20 18:47:15

Two flavors I recall from the 60's, Maple Walnut & Rum Raisin ... with a generous slice of mocha babka ..

Riverwalk Wed 01-Jan-20 19:49:57

Gosh that was a trip down memory lane grannyactivist - Mivvi's and Fab! No mention of frozen Jubblies smile

Auntieflo Wed 01-Jan-20 20:01:51

We used to live in Hounslow, and the Rossi's ice cream shop, not far from the station, sold my favourite, coffee ice cream. Delicious.

BlueSapphire Wed 01-Jan-20 20:44:09

In the 1950s, we used to have an Italian ice-cream van come round, Cavaciuttis I think he was. Used to do Italian ice-cream in shell-shaped wafers. Delicious.

phoenix Wed 01-Jan-20 20:46:26

Before fridges had ice box compartments, and long before people had freezers, my gran would send me to the shop over the road every Saturday to get a block of raspberry ripple ice cream for pudding after lunch.

It would be well wrapped in newspaper and put on the slab in the pantry.

Modern raspberry ripple isn't a patch on it!

GagaJo Wed 01-Jan-20 20:48:54

Midnight mint choc ices. My mum liked them and I did too.

I actually used to make sorbet and water ice in my teens. It was fantastic and so much better than anything you could buy. No time or inclination now.

travelsafar Wed 01-Jan-20 20:53:51

I remember a block of ice cream with pale green , pink, chocolate flavours. We use to buy from our ocal shop and it was wrapped in newspaper to stop it thawing out till we got it home, pure heavenly delight and what a treat!!!!

rosecarmel Thu 02-Jan-20 10:33:55

Spumoni is pink, green and chocolate .. 🍫

Oopsminty Thu 02-Jan-20 10:36:32

We had a fabulous shop near us that sold mainly cheese and butter etc

They made their own vanilla ice cream

I've never tasted an ice cream so delicious since

Teetime Thu 02-Jan-20 11:09:42

Rossi's Lemon Ice Cream Sandwich from the van.

TrendyNannie6 Thu 02-Jan-20 12:33:26

Thankyou soo much Grannyactivist it was called Whizz

Grannyboots1 Thu 02-Jan-20 14:56:57

In the early seventies, our meal quite often would end with a Mr Wippy from a van.... if we were lucky !!

jenpax Thu 02-Jan-20 15:01:08

Still love Mr Whippy 😁

BradfordLass72 Fri 03-Jan-20 10:30:40

On special occasions, such as birthdays, Mum would buy a Neopolitan, 3 flavours. I didn't like the pink bit but my sister did.

The only other time I had ice cream was after I started working and used to go to the pictures and treat myself to a choc ice in the interval.

Now there are so many choices in the supermarket (110, I just looked) that I could take my pick but I buy, 'Vanilla Bean Zlich' for my grandson (and occasionally pinch a bit) which has no added sugar, is wheat and gluten free and reduced fat. They do a chocolate version as well.

I still prefer frozen fresh banana blended to a cream.

janipat Fri 03-Jan-20 10:44:09

Hockings ice cream whenever in North Devon, preferably in an "oyster shell" wafer, yummy.
Used to love the green, vanilla and chocolate Neapolitan ice cream wafer dad treated us to from Woolworth's when I was a child.

Nannanna Mon 06-Jan-20 12:29:26

Just remembered Count Dracula black ice on the outside with a red centre - in the 70's

MawB Mon 06-Jan-20 12:58:42

What is a sick banana ?
Doesn’t sound very appetising to me!

Annie26 Mon 06-Jan-20 13:31:03

Definitely Rossi's ice cream. Used to love their ice cream sodas that they sold in their shop near to where we lived in Essex. Still the best ice cream in my opinion

fivegee Mon 06-Jan-20 14:46:02

Annie 26, I lived in Essex (South Ockendon) as a child and remember Rossi's ice cream, the very best. I believe they were based in Southend-on-Sea.