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Harry & Meghan stepping back from RF

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Urmstongran Wed 08-Jan-20 18:51:57

... and planning to be financially independent.

Anniebach Wed 08-Jan-20 18:56:01

What 😮 , it isn’t April 1st , perhaps Charles is paying them to
b off.

KatyK Wed 08-Jan-20 18:57:07

Yes I've just seen this on sky news.

merlotgran Wed 08-Jan-20 18:58:37

Is it definite? I thought it was just speculation.

KatyK Wed 08-Jan-20 18:59:34

No they've issued a statement.

Anniebach Wed 08-Jan-20 18:59:59

Are they planning a seperate court ? she would love that.

I trust he will give up his title and Frogmore

merlotgran Wed 08-Jan-20 19:01:31

It's been announced.

Moocow Wed 08-Jan-20 19:02:13

Not surprised. Wise. People have been saying RF needs slimming down for years. Press would continue to have a go at their every move. Look how long Charles has been waiting for his turn!

Anniebach Wed 08-Jan-20 19:05:48

Charles is heir to the throne, Harry is a minor royal , he can go no further and Megan will always have to walk behind Camilla and Kate.

Summerlove Wed 08-Jan-20 19:07:25

Now that they are stepping back as people have been calling for them to do, what will the next complaint about them be?

Harris27 Wed 08-Jan-20 19:07:42

Well let’s see how they do this. Yes I’ve just heard about it.

ineedamum Wed 08-Jan-20 19:07:47

Does it mean they charge for appearances? I can't see them staying out of the limelight for long.

Grandma70s Wed 08-Jan-20 19:10:56

Doe this mean Harry gives up his rights of succession? I know he’s not very high up the list, but you never know what quirk of fate could propel him to the throne. If he gives that up, we will be spared a Queen Meghan or an eventual King Archie.Thank heaven for that. (I’m talking about names, not people.)

sparkii Wed 08-Jan-20 19:17:22

Tremendous news! Well done and best of luck guys.

merlotgran Wed 08-Jan-20 19:19:25

They'll want the best of all worlds and the British taxpayer will be paying for it.

BlueBelle Wed 08-Jan-20 19:21:26

I m very glad for them I think they re a lovely couple who’ve taken masses of crap from the press, the media and people in general I m so glad they ve made this decision and I hope they have a lovely easy going life away from the glaring staring eyes of Joe Public
Good luck to them, the best decision for their little family

EllaKeat Wed 08-Jan-20 19:21:41

Harry was never going to succeed once William had offspring.

I expect them to retire to relative obscurity in USA, and genuinely wish them all the best.

NotSpaghetti Wed 08-Jan-20 19:22:12

The announcement I heard was that they were looking to spend an extended period of time in Canada.

Grannyknot Wed 08-Jan-20 19:22:42

Good for them! I wish them luck.

Moocow Wed 08-Jan-20 19:22:42

Just came across this article,
fine example of how things are reported!

NotSpaghetti Wed 08-Jan-20 19:22:55

It said they had worked hard to be "self-financing"

lavenderzen Wed 08-Jan-20 19:23:34

Just finished reading books on Prince Phillip and another on Prince Charles, very informative and puts a lot of things into perspective.

This young couple, Meghan and Harry, are just starting out on married life with Archie - give them a break for heavens sake. I wish them all the luck in the world.

luluaugust Wed 08-Jan-20 19:24:35

I wonder just how delighted the Canadians will really be? Does Trudeau want to share the limelight? Think they should take care of their own security.

NotTooOld Wed 08-Jan-20 19:29:40

Yes, they definitely should pay for their own security and I hope they will not be continuing to take money from the British taxpayer.

Iam64 Wed 08-Jan-20 19:31:47

Good luck to them as they try to build a different kind of life for themselves, whilst still supporting the Queen.
I hope it works well.
Our monarchy does need modernising and maybe these two are in a position to start that process.

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