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Good Morning Sunday

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12Michael Sun 12-Jan-20 06:14:06

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark and its wet here in Brackley this morning.
Quiet day , things I want to do in my flat today such as maybe install new printer, laundry etc.
Decision as to my trips out to Bicester , still like going via Buckingham , as I have met and spoken to others on buses that way instead of being on a bus which is like a commute .

dragonfly46 Sun 12-Jan-20 06:43:25

Good morning, can hear the rain outside tipping down in Leicestershire.

Not much on today, maybe a little reading.

Hope every one is feeling better.

Grammaretto Sun 12-Jan-20 06:53:16

Good morning from the Scottish Borders Mick, Dragonfly and all who follow.
I couldn't sleep listening to DH coughing all night. He's in pain.
Any cough cures to recommend?
Weather looks to be better today.

I hope your Sunday turns out well and we get some shut eye later.

cornergran Sun 12-Jan-20 07:15:55

Morning Mick, morning All. Cold, dark and wet in our corner of Somerset. Mr C is asleep, I’ve been awake on and off all night, washing machine head full of illogical thoughts. I think time is the only real cough cure grammaretto, although in desperation we tried every cough mixture going for Mr C. Keep a lookout for chest infection though. Not sure about today, had planned to deal with the paper mountain but may do a food shop instead of tomorrow. Flipping garage providing a very expensive service on Friday has messed up the lights. To say we’re cross is an understatement and tomorrow there may be blood on the carpet in the garage. Hope Sunday is kind to everyone.

kittylester Sun 12-Jan-20 07:20:38

Morning all from my bit of Leicestershire (about 3 miles from dragonfly) where I don't think it is currently raining.

Packing for a few days away and having breakfast on the way.

Beechnut Sun 12-Jan-20 07:22:30

Good Morning everyone. Much like recent days on Severnside, dark and wet.

Very pleased with my small shop yesterday. The only thing I came back with that wasn’t on my mental list was a calendar.

I haven’t hoovered the stairs since taking down the decorations and bits of tinsel are sparkling at me as I climb. That might be a job for today along with some washing.

Vicks on the soles of your feet Grammaretto. I think it was Urmston that recommended it to me but I haven’t tried it yet.

Did you manage to rescue your plant gilly?

I hope you all have a lovely Sunday 💐

Nannytopsy Sun 12-Jan-20 07:28:20

Good morning Mick and all who follow. We went up to Staffordshire yesterday for my aunt’s 100th birthday party. Apart from a poor memory, she is amazing and still elegant, with lovely hair. Today will be a bit lazy I think, after 7 hours driving! It is grey here in Suffolk and windy.
Someone is coming to give us a quote for some work with sleepers in the front garden and there is a Snowdrop Fair in one of the local village halls.
I hope the day is kind to everyone.

NanKate Sun 12-Jan-20 07:33:21

Morning Mick and All.

Have fun Kitty and safe journey.

Gramm I feel I am an expert on coughing having coughed for over 2 and a half weeks now with Pleurisy. These are the remedies that have helped me. Hot water, lemon, honey and ginger root. I buy industrial size boxes of Bronco cough pastilles from Boots which seem to calm the cough down, they are herbal. I slather Vick on my chest and hanky. I have both dry and chesty cough medicine depending what I need from the chemist or Sainsbury’s. Then keeping warm and resting. Hope that helps your DH. I suggest you decamp to another room.

Going to watch the Final Tennis in Oz this morning. 🎾🎾🎾🎾

Curlywhirly Sun 12-Jan-20 07:37:49

Good morning from a very wet Cheshire. Am keeping my eyes open with matchstick this morning; had both grandchildren sleeping (or not sleeping in the case of DGS, who woke up several times looking for his dummy!). DGD came looking for me (I snook out of bed with her to sleep in another room), so at 5.30am ended up in bed with her, DGS and the dog lay on the floor keeping me awake wagging his tail against the furniture! Meanwhile himself is oblivious, still fast asleep in the spare bedroom! They are not being picked up until 6.00pm, it's going to be a long day!

Mythbirtthedragon Sun 12-Jan-20 07:41:19

Good morning from east London, still dark, bit wet and promise of cloud. Catching up with Dr Who as the tennis hasn’t started yet. No plans, apart from taking GD back to DD as she’s spent the weekend with her dad. Hope you have a good day.

Esther1 Sun 12-Jan-20 07:41:43

It’s so nice to read what people are doing. Very reassuring in this hectic world we live in. Hoping for a mild day in Surrey. Hoping for a day to get a few jobs done around the house as DH is off to help son with DIY at his house. I hope everyone enjoys their day.

Nannytopsy Sun 12-Jan-20 07:47:04

Enjoy your trip Kitty. Were you heading East?

NfkDumpling Sun 12-Jan-20 07:47:59

Morning All

Dark clouds are scudding across the sky here in the north of Norfolk and judging by the forecast I’m glad we live on the sheltered side of the country.

Off to see DD2 this afternoon so our clever SiL can disconnect the internet from a really old laptop I want to use as a photo store. It seems a shame not to use it for something as it has a really good screen and is fine - provided it’s plugged in.

Urmstongran Sun 12-Jan-20 07:49:51

Good morning everyone from Malaga where the sun’s just coming up.

A tragic accident in our apartment block yesterday. 2 fire engines, 2 ambulances and 3 police cars all arrived sirens blaring. We looked out and there was black smoke billowing from an apartment on the third floor. Very sadly it turned out that the 79y old man who owned it had died in there. We were all quite shocked. I only knew him to say hello to. He was my last thought last night and my first thought this morning, poor man. His daughter lives in Portugal. What a distressing phone call for her to receive yesterday.

Hope Sunday is kind to us all whether we have any plans or none. x

farview Sun 12-Jan-20 07:50:32

Good morning all,hoping everyone is feeling better....sharing some good in Dubai for a few weeks with my daughter, her husband and toddler...she gave birth yesterday,, a very beautiful 10lb8oz baby boy...
All take care..x

Yiayia4 Sun 12-Jan-20 07:56:05

Morning all from Bonnie Scotland still very dark so not sure what it’s like outside.
It was very wet yesterday but we explored the villages and harbours in this area love the villages and fisherman’s cottages.Today we are doing the boat trip round Loch Ness to see Nessie😂

I’m still coughing trying not to let it spoil this trip.I find Covina cough mixture is soothing but nothing really helps that much.
Hope you all have a pleasant Sunday.

Grammaretto Sun 12-Jan-20 08:02:44

Thankyou so much *NanKate for cough cures, and sorry you have been so poorly, and Beechnut. I had forgotten about Vick on the feet...
I have left him asleep, would you believe it!

Congratulations farview. That really is a big bouncy baby!!

Pantglas2 Sun 12-Jan-20 08:04:41

Morning everyone from sunny Spain - what an awful day Urmstongran! The poor daughter will be traumatised no doubt flowers

That Snowdrop Fair sounds lovely NannyTopsy! Take care of yourselves, all with coughs etc a day of rest is prescribed- except for you CurlyWhirly, you’re gonna have to put in a day shift with the GCs I’m afraid! A nice glass of something uplifting when they go this

Not much planned for us - full Monty later then maybe a stroll in the sunshine which is why we came here!

Alygran Sun 12-Jan-20 08:05:54

Good morning from North Yorkshire. It looks like another grey day here.
Congratulations farview.
urmston what a terrible tragedy.
Safe travels to all on the move and good wishes for a peaceful Sunday to everyone.

Pantglas2 Sun 12-Jan-20 08:06:42

Congrats farview on your new grandson x

Sark Sun 12-Jan-20 08:07:02

Good Morning everyone
Doesn't look like a very nice day but never mind at least it isn't a work day!
Enjoying my usual mug of hot strong tea and thinking time to get moving!
Congratulations farview...lovely news.
Curlywhirly..I know what you mean as I never get any sleep when ours stay over.
Beechnut you are right in that vicks on the soles of your feet works amazingly well.
Hope everyone has a good day.

Brunette10 Sun 12-Jan-20 08:14:31

Good Morning from a dark but dry Fife, it was just awful yesterday rain and wind all day. Urmstongran - how awful for everyone who witnessed this fire, makes it very unsettling. Farview - Congratulations! and enjoy your trip abroad. Have just put a roast in the oven for tonight's dinner so looking forward to that. Not sure what plans are for today yet, didn't get out yesterday due to weather so will get out somewhere today. Lots of coughs about, I think you just have to wait for it easing but it's no fun. Thinking of those with ailments and anxieties today and hope today go as well as can be for everyone.

Ginny42 Sun 12-Jan-20 08:15:44

Good morning Mick and everyone. It's still dark in Cheshire and I hear rain pounding on the skylights.

It's definitely my lucky weekend! Had a lovely surprise yesterday- went to the hairdresser's who said I was under no obligation, but another customer had cancelled leaving the beautician without a client and would I like a manicure and pedicure at a sale price? Would I???

Today I'm meeting my Sis and BiL for lunch in a lovely restaurant who tell me they are treating me to lunch and I have no idea why at the moment. The nails and the hairdo have come in handy!

Sorry you had such a shocking experience yesterday Urmston. Events like that are distressing for everyone.

Take care everyone whatever you may be up to today.

Greyduster Sun 12-Jan-20 08:17:46

Good morning Michael and all GNs. Dry in South Yorkshire, but it has rained heavily overnight. We are off to watch junior football his morning. I may only last standing on the touch line until half time, as I have pain in my hip this morning. Depends how exciting it gets! Congratulations, farview! He’ll have a good start at that weight, bless him! Have a good day folks.

Ginny42 Sun 12-Jan-20 08:23:31

Congratulations on your new grandson farview!

I had to read this line twice Pantglas2. You do mean watch the film then go for a stroll? grin

Not much planned for us - full Monty later then maybe a stroll in the sunshine which is why we came here!