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Good Morning Tuesday

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12Michael Tue 14-Jan-20 06:14:06

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark, windy but dry at the moment here in Brackley.
Diabetes result its gone up slightly , but was recommended another prescription as to the medication, but will see after next 6 monthly.
Today, usual trip out to Bicester via Buckingham, I am sticking to this route as I met people and have got to now them to talk to socially on the bus.
Where the direct bus will just be like a commute bus , and I can make it a proper days away as well.
First some housework etc.

mumofmadboys Tue 14-Jan-20 06:34:10

Good morning all. Weather predicted to be very poor in Cumbria today. Pottering at home day for me and bridge club tonight. Keep safe everyone in Storm Brendan

Scentia Tue 14-Jan-20 06:36:08

Good Morning Michael, snd all to come.

Looks really cold outside here in East Staffordshire this morning.

Really busy at work after we had a long weekend off, so after I have fetched the dog from kennels this morning I will be working hard to catch up at the factory, (have a sore throat and awful cough so that will be pleasant😂)

We had a lovely weekend at Center Parcs though so it will all be worth it.

I hope everyone has the best day they can have given their individual trials and ill’s.

ninathenana Tue 14-Jan-20 06:40:21

Good morning.

Still dark but the wind and rain have abated in Kent.
DH has bad chesty cough which kept me awake last night.
Food shop and coffee out later.
Hope nobody has storm damage. How's the hall kitty ?
Have a good day everyone.

gmarie Tue 14-Jan-20 06:52:01

Good evening from the USA. Cold here. Just getting over a migraine and snuggled up in bed with dog, cats, book, laptop and coffee.

Como2020 Tue 14-Jan-20 06:52:33

Good Morning and hello to all from the Somerset/Dorset borderlands.

I haven’t raised the blinds yet, but I can hear all is quiet after a blowy night!

Hope all your days are good ones.

Beechnut Tue 14-Jan-20 06:55:32

Good Morning everyone from a dark and wet Severnside. No wind at present.

Off to have a swim later.

Yesterday clear out was three cupboards and a few boxes. I found a box of Fererro Rochers, so I got rid of those...chomp chomp 😂

Although there are many of you on here with various ills at present I found there was quite a few chuckles to be had
yesterday 💐

BlueSapphire Tue 14-Jan-20 07:07:12

Good morning everyone from a now dry Northampton, although it looks as though we had rain in the night.

My cloakroom is now finished and I am very pleased with it; now to pay the bill which has turned out to be about what I expected. The lovely workmen also did some other plumbing jobs around the house and all that is included in the bill too.
The cats are due back from the cattery in about half an hour, so I have just thrown some clothes on and will shower later. Time to have a cup of tea!

Will give the Health Walk a miss this afternoon as rain is forecast but will still have to go out to pick up DGD from school.

Hoping everyone has a good day.

dragonfly46 Tue 14-Jan-20 07:11:20

Good morning from a battered Leicestershire - torrential rain last night, hoping it’s dry today!

Coffee out this morning then lunch with an old friend ( work colleague).

Hoping Gilly and * Marydoll* feel better today and all those who are under the weather?

Marydoll Tue 14-Jan-20 07:21:14

Good morning all from Glasgow, it's 5C and DRY! We had torrential rain last night, I thought the conservatory roof was going to cave in, it was so bad.

I'm off to get my hair cut, but I think I have miscalculated the time between cuts, it looks OK. However, a little bit of pampering won't go amiss.
It's my recently bereaved Sister in law's birthday on Thursday, so I'm off to look for a nice card and think about how I'm going to treat her.
After all that excitement, we will be off to do the lunchtime nursery pick up.

DGD arrived unexpectedly yesterday, to tell us that she had just been to enrol in school, the same school that daddy had gone to. The years have flown by.
She was so excited and wanted to tell me that the lady asked if she was Marydoll's, granddaughter, despite me never having taught there! smile My infamy lives on! grin

Could I please direct the Glesca Grannies to the Meet up thread, I need to confirm numbers.

Thinking of all those with troubles and ill health. flowers

kittylester Tue 14-Jan-20 07:26:10

Morning all from a blustery Suffolk coast. We are on the top floor of our hotel and the wind was quite loud all night.

I wish I hadn't read dragonfly's post, nina. The cat visitor will no doubt message me later.

I think you have made the best decision mick. Contact with other people is great.

Have a good day everyone especially mary and gilly.

Marydoll Tue 14-Jan-20 07:28:43

I meant to say that too Mick. Socialising on the trip is part of the enjoyment!
Enjoy! smile

Urmstongran Tue 14-Jan-20 07:29:26

Good morning everyone from Malaga where it was dark even half an hour ago! I’ve brought a cuppa back to bed and was watching the little fishing boats bobbing about in the Mediterranean, their night lights winking away.

I have a manicure booked in the salon downstairs - a bit of pampering so ‘snap Marydoll!

No other plans really. Forecast is another sunny day so we could stroll up into Arroyo de la Miel for coffee and cake and some people watching behind my sunglasses.

Hope Tuesday is kind to us all whether we have any plans or none. x

cornergran Tue 14-Jan-20 07:40:45

Morning Mick, morning All from a currently dry corner of Somerset. Rain and strong winds due later, yesterday was horrid at times. That sounds the best decision, Mick, something new isn’t always the best. Hair cut first thing then a social day, meeting a GN friend for coffee and lunch. With luck the garage will return our car before I need to leave, don’t fancy driving theirs, I like the familiar. Hope Tuesday is kind to everyone.

Lins1066 Tue 14-Jan-20 07:43:31

Good Morning Mick and all from the S Welsh coast.
The calm before the storm quite literally here, forecast is for torrential rain and gale force wind later.
I exceeded my Fitbit step calculation for the first time yesterday, I was very pleased with that. The Fitbit was a Christmas present.
Hope everyone will have a good day and stay safe if you're travelling.

dragonfly46 Tue 14-Jan-20 07:44:16

kitty the rain is so localised here at the moment you may have missed it. A friend rang from the other side of the main road yesterday and it was raining where she was but dry with me.

So envious Urmstom I can think of nothing I would like more at the moment than a stroll in the sunshine.

Enjoy your pampering Marydoll.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 14-Jan-20 07:49:21

Good morning Mick and all x

It is dry and calm here in S E Essex, but very grey with a storm to come.

I am off to Lakeside on my own this morning, I have some birthday gifts to buy, and I shall have a good old “mooch around”.

Keep safe folks

Yiayia4 Tue 14-Jan-20 07:50:26

Morning all looks dry here in Surrey.
We had quite a scary flight home yesterday,the plane was delayed for two hours due to high winds and gales,the take off was a like a roller coaster ride,
stacked up over Heathrow for over forty minutes than another roller coaster landing! but we made it.

Back to normal today food shopping first.
Will try and find the Michael Portillo program Marydoll thanks.
Hope everyone has a nice Tuesday.

harrigran Tue 14-Jan-20 07:58:15

Good morning from a still dark NE.
The weather was horrible last night, wind and heavy rain.
DH and I were both under the weather yesterday so he did paperwork and I caught up with some TV.
Probably need to food shop but I will wait and see if it rains again.
Hoping for improvement for all poorly people.

MawB Tue 14-Jan-20 07:59:14

Good morning all from N Bucks where it is grey and blustery.
A bad night has left me feeling less than energetic but my cleaner will be here by 11 and there is lots to do. A friend whose OH went into residential care two weeks ago but is again back (2nd time in 10 days) in hospital with a UTI might need taking to visit him, or just out for a coffee. No other plans but many things I could be tackling.....
Or I could get on with my book club book The Book of Dust. Could describe much of my house grin
Wishing you all a pleasant day!

Brunette10 Tue 14-Jan-20 08:02:32

Good Morning from a dry Fife. Terrible day yesterday but not as bad as some. Hopefully today will be better. Off out today looking for new furniture once again. DH was at docs yesterday about his very painful toes. Doc reckons its arthritis so not a lot he can do but did give him cream, let's hope it helps. Thinking of everyone with problems and anxieties today, keep your chin up.

Resurgam123 Tue 14-Jan-20 08:15:29

Good Morning All

For oncc I have had a good night.
I have just looked out of the window. It looks very wet but calm in Cheshire East.
Nothing much going on.
A choir rehearsal this evening.

Pittcity Tue 14-Jan-20 08:25:32

Good morning from a bright clear skied Colchester. It rained overnight but is dry and calm now. The storm is due here later but nowhere near as bad as the West.
Off to help sort a mountain of donations at a new charity shop this morning.

Mommawolf Tue 14-Jan-20 08:26:13

Goodmorning all from a cold and very wet Norfolk. The rain has stopped but the amount of water on the ground is amazing. It will be a day of mopping up. The alpaca enclosure is three inches deep in water which will need to be sorted before we can let them out. Its going to be a busy day. Hope you are feeling a little better GILLYBOB.Have a good day everyone.

Greyduster Tue 14-Jan-20 08:27:22

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. It’s clear, dry and quite benign this morning in South Yorkshire after yesterday afternoon’s horrors. I think there is more to come later, just as we are off to do the second school run! Before that, kitchen needs a bit of spit and polish. Have a good day folks.