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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 25-Jan-20 06:40:12

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark, but dry and cold here in Brackley this morning.
Started to feel normal again , weight slight increase , had a couple of beers yesterday.
Booked up with my trips for a break in Harrogate Nidd Hall in late August with them.
Usual Saturday bus journeys and browse of Buckingham Flea market .

cornergran Sat 25-Jan-20 06:58:45

Morning Mick, morning All from a dark corner of Somerset. The patio looks damp but it’s not raining. I’m delighted your germs have been short lived mick, wish I could say the same about mine. Into week 5 now. Preparation today for a visit from old friends, easy, good humoured people to have around who say their hearing issues mean the cough won’t bother them. Hope Saturday is kind to everyone especially those unwell or carrying the weight of concerns.

Beechnut Sat 25-Jan-20 06:59:27

Good Morning everyone. It’s dark and dry on Severnside. It seems very dark for the time though....

Off to the library and pick up my prescription if it’s ready.

Let’s hope there is a good day for you all 🌸

Ginny42 Sat 25-Jan-20 07:00:52

Good morning Mick and everyone. It's dark and looks damp outside here in Cheshire. It was very mild yesterday though and the forecast is the same today. Glad you're feeling better Mick, enjoy your trip out today.

A friend and I are going to the sale at Boundary Mill today. I've got some Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket, as my Mum would have said. I don't want bad weather on the M6.

I missed yesterday so didn't catch up on the sick list, but I hope people are feeling better. Special kind thoughts to oldgaijin, the Gillybobs, dragonfly and Marydoll.

Hope everyone has good day.

Pantglas2 Sat 25-Jan-20 07:24:54

Morning all from dark north Wales- I think it’s dry but haven’t peek through curtains yet!

Five weeks with the lurgy cornergran must be a record! I’ve one friend who took three weeks off work over Christmas and New Year with it and says she still feels a little weak at the end of a working day! I think she went back too soon.

Bacon butty and off to do some shopping then nothing planned apart from making mango chutney- supplies are rung low (probably cos I gave lots as Christmas presents......!)

Hope sick bay is emptying and all with worries have a better day x

Mommawolf Sat 25-Jan-20 07:29:40

Goodmorning all very cold and still dark here in Norfolk. Had a real Benny hill moment yesterday, working in yard in strolls man in suit and wellies with clip board Announces from anglian water needs to walk our boundary fence for an ajoining survey.DH says will wash hands and walk him down, man waves hand with"i will find it" ignores DDs. "don't go though field" opens gate, is spotted by smiler our bad tempered rescue Billy goat who hates men. Goat charges, man runs, not to open gate but to bottom one runs into alpaca enclosure, alpacas love people so run to say hi.. Man screams runs through gate DH is holding open to be met by two boarder collies trying to round him up. After three cups of tea and large piece of fruit cake he saw the funny side and admitted he should have waited. Welcome to the funny farm. Have a good day everyone.

Marydoll Sat 25-Jan-20 07:31:14

Good morning all from a very dark Glasgow, it's 8C and dry!
I don't mind what the weather is, as long as it's not raining!
I'm glad to hear you are on the mend Mick.

Up early, as I'm accompanying DD to the hairdresser's for a trial hair do for her wedding. She doesn't want to go on her own and anyway, she was a work's night out 🍹last night and guess who will be driving?
After that I will be resting, my pain levels are very high, so I'm going to binge on TV for once.

Yesterday's hospital appointment was exhausting, but very worthwhile. I unburdened myself with all the worries I had been carrying since my heart diagnosis, I felt as if a weight had been lifted from me. I have been such a cheery, grumpy old woman recently. 😡
Be warned, I may start writing ✍📝 my novellas again. grin.

I had been agonising about how I was going to manage the doctor's appointment and then the hospital appointment, with it's parking problems.
I came out of the doctor's and a bus going to the hospital, stopped right beside me, so I jumped struggled on it!! I was totally unaware that this bus took that route. Someone was looking after me. grin.
I came home to find the gas engineer had just left after four hours of trying to install a new meter. It's still not working! sad.

Send hugs to all my fellow patients in the sick bay, there are so many of our GN friends dealing with pain and sorrow on a daily basis. 💐 I'm always afraid I miss someone out.

Have a good Saturday, everyone.

kittylester Sat 25-Jan-20 07:33:37

Morning all from a dark North Leicestershre. I can't hear rain and it doesnt seem too cold.

I'm going to buy some match pots today. I hate picking paint - it's usually wrong.

Sending love to all who need it.

Marydoll Sat 25-Jan-20 07:34:07

Ginny, I looked up Boundary Mill, I had never heard of it. That is my shopping dream place. Enjoy!!!!!
Safe journey.

MawB Sat 25-Jan-20 07:38:07

Good morning all and thank you Mommawolf for my first smile of the day!
I have been looking forward to today’s study day on “Frost in May” by Antonia White. Just hope my stomach stops being so noisy and settles down , having woken up early with a bit of an “irritable” tummy (TMI)
I have 2 hours to decide sonI suppose I could give it a go and come home half way through. Hmm.
Wishing you all a pleasant day!

Alygran Sat 25-Jan-20 07:45:33

Good morning from North Yorkshire. It’s just getting light and it looks cloudy. It cleared up yesterday into a lovely day.
Washing is on, had tea and toast and listening to Tony Blackburn’s Sounds of the 60s.
Need some food shopping today and might have a stroll around the market.
Hope all those in the sick bay are feeling better.
Have a good day everyone.

Susan56 Sat 25-Jan-20 07:54:01

Good morning from the Shropshire borders.Mommawolf,you have brought a smile to my face too!
We are going over to Cheshire to see my mum today.We haven’t seen her for over a month due to being unwell and wanted to make sure we were lurgy free before we visited.We will go out for lunch and I am sure she will have a list of jobs for us to do!
Kitty,we are decorating our bedroom and have our line of match pots ready.DH paints a patch on each wall as the light falls differently around the room😩not our favourite job either.
Sending good wishes to all with health and family worries.
Glad you had a successful hospital visit Mary and good to know about the bus for future visits.Hope gilly’s husband had a successful appointment too🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻😉
Have a good Saturday everyone.

NanKate Sat 25-Jan-20 07:56:42

Morning Mick and All.

Snap Corner I’m in week 5 too, started coughing on Christmas Eve and still coughing today, as one illness left another started, but feeling better generally.

So glad Mary you managed to unburden yourself yesterday to the consultant and all your transport worked out. You have made my day knowing you are on the verge of a new novella 📖

At the Panto last night I was wearing my new groovy shoes black suede and faux leopard skin top , when a young girl of about 10 sat near me and she was wearing leopard skin leggings. If I was 60 years younger I would buy myself a pair too 😀

Will get away with doing as little as possible today.

dragonfly46 Sat 25-Jan-20 07:58:44

Good morning from Leicestershire.

I am going to venture out today for the first time in 8 days.
The last treatment had so many side effects apart from feeling I was constantly walking through treacle.
Anyway onwards and upwards, setting the world to rights today with friends. So much has happened since we last saw them.

Hope every one has a good day.

Marydoll Sat 25-Jan-20 08:00:54

Dragonfly, I hope you have a very enjoyable day! flowers

DoraMarr Sat 25-Jan-20 08:04:17

Good morning from a rather damp Birmingham. I’m going to a piano recital in a local church this morning, then I will have a little mooch round the shops. I need some local honey ( good for asthma, apparently), so will go to the Turkish delicatessen, and try not to be tempted by the delicious and unusual things they have there. My daughter is coming for lunch with the children, so I think I will be taking the two year old to run off some steam in the park regardless of the weather!
Mommawolf - hilarious!

Scentia Sat 25-Jan-20 08:14:50

Good Morning all from a damp yet warm East Staffordshire.

I was up early prepping for my Burns Supper.
Off to get dressed now do I can walk the dog before I go to Specsavers for an eye test and hearing test.
I have a 90 minute window in the middle of the two so I may have to do a bit of window shopping.
Have a good Saturday everyone.

Urmstongran Sat 25-Jan-20 08:28:06

Good morning everyone from Malaga where believe it or not we had another thunderstorm last night! Wowzer.

It’s miserable out this morning, grey with steady rain.

Ah well we fly home at teatime! Can’t believe the first week out we were applying sunscreen to our faces.

Mommawolf I loved the line about the alpacas wanting to say ‘hi’ - it really made me giggle!

Hope Saturday is kind to us all, especially those in the sick bay, whether we have plans or none. x

harrigran Sat 25-Jan-20 08:38:10

Good morning from an overcast NE.
Nothing planned for today, just wait to see if family are going to call, haven't seen them since New Year's day.
Made a big pot of leek and potato soup yesterday, will be having some with freshly baked bread.
Mommawolf I could hear the Benny Hill music as I was reading your post, there is nothing like a running man to excite animals 😂
Best wishes to those who are poorly.

BlueSapphire Sat 25-Jan-20 08:40:51

Hello and good morning from a rather cloudy and grey Northampton. Not a happy bunny this morning as my rugby team played rubbish last night and lost! Glad I didn't go.
Nothing planned for today except get through the papers, attempt the cryptic crossword and watch another recorded film this afternoon. Watched 'Rear Window' yesterday afternoon (starring the lovely Grace Kelly and James Stewart). Really enjoyed it.
Hope everyone has the best day they can.

Nannytopsy Sat 25-Jan-20 08:48:18

Good morning Mick and all who follow.
It’s grey but dry in Suffolk too but there is talk of some brighter weather next week.
I have a line of matchpots too, for the sitting room. Can we arrange to share please?
Loved your story Mommawolf - we buy free range eggs from a farm with alpacas and often have alpaca eggs for breakfast. 🤣
Have a good day everyone.

Newquay Sat 25-Jan-20 08:52:13

Oh yes what a funny start to the day Mommawolf! DH and I laughed while sipping our first cuppa. Grey but dry here in Staffs.
Going for afternoon tea at lunchtime for DGD2’s 21st. Will go early so we can have a walk first (to justify eating cake-lol!).

Auntieflo Sat 25-Jan-20 08:57:39

Good morning Michael< Annie and all others.
I just looked up from my 'typing' and it was all in CAPS. (Not shouting, honest).
Oh this thread is good for the soul. Welcoming, warm and oh so funny at times.
Mommawolf, thank you for my first laugh of the day, you described it so well.
Marydoll have an easy day. Not easy for you to do nothing, but we look forward to some more novellas, soon.
Yesterday I baked a Date and Walnut cake, and then painted a bedroom window cill. Then my physio appointment was good. I feel as though my back/hip is actually responding.
Hoping Mr Gillybob had a good hospital visit yesterday.

To all those with worries and sadness, I wish you well.
Have a good day one and all and enjoy your weekend.

lavenderzen Sat 25-Jan-20 09:04:31

Good morning all from a dreary dismal Derbyshire. No rain at the moment thank goodness.
Cheered me up to read about the animals Mommawolf.
Quiet day today. Hope everyone who is poorly or has worries soon starts to feel better.

MawB Sat 25-Jan-20 09:07:05

Loved your story Mommawolf - we buy free range eggs from a farm with alpacas and often have alpaca eggs for breakfast. 🤣
confusedconfused nannytopsy
Are they like haggis eggs which we always have on the morning of Burns Night?