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Waitrose telling me how many calories I can have!

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Ohmother Sat 25-Jan-20 14:24:40

I went to a Waitrose cafe/restaurant yesterday. My DH doesn’t like mash so asked if he could have the pie with chips. He wasn’t allowed because that combination was too many calories. 😳

He tried another combination without the mash. Sorry, too many calories. 😳

Since when has Waitrose turned into the calorie police??? I find this hypocritical because he could have bought a regular meal and stuck a portion of chips or even a sticky cream filled cupcake on the side.

Is it me?

Chestnut Sat 25-Jan-20 14:39:53

Wow! I've never heard that before. I'm surprised they don't make you stand on the scales before you choose your food. And what if someone who looks like a beanpole wants to order pie and chips....they may need more calories!

Roses Sat 25-Jan-20 14:40:19

OMG I thought this was a free country where you could choose for yourself what you want to eat, we are not babies that have to eat something that someone else chose for them.
I would be going elsewhere to eat in future

Wheniwasyourage Sat 25-Jan-20 14:40:26

That sounds ridiculous! I quite like being told on a menu how many calories are in a dish, but only so that I can make a more informed choice - the emphasis on "I" as it's not anything to do with the person serving the meal.

Squiffy Sat 25-Jan-20 16:26:42

That's absurd! Perhaps they should provide a questionnaire for you to fill in to show that you eat a healthy diet most of the time, so a 'treat' now and then is OK?! (I'm not being serious BTW!)

Millie22 Sat 25-Jan-20 16:50:59

It comes to something when you can't choose what you want to eat. I frequently ask for a jacket potato instead of chips.

M0nica Sat 25-Jan-20 16:55:24

As someone who loathes mash potatoes, I also usually swap them out and usually the only alternative is chips, which is fine by me.

I shop in Waitrose, but our local one only has a cafe. But if someone in any shop did that to me. I would demand to see the manager and I would kick up an unseemly row. I would threaten to contact the local paper - and do it if pushed.

MiniMoon Sat 25-Jan-20 17:27:49

How dare they! Whatever happened to freedom of choice?
It is not their place to tell you what you can or can't eat. I would complain, loudly, to anyone who will listen.

suziewoozie Sat 25-Jan-20 18:34:34

I can’t find any link to this anywhere - can anyone else? It just seems so odd, my antennae went up

Hetty58 Sat 25-Jan-20 18:44:14

I can't believe this. It's got to be a joke! Do they make you run around the car park if you buy too many calories?

suziewoozie Sat 25-Jan-20 18:46:28

I’m sorry OP if this is true but my general rule is a)does it sound likely and b) can I collaborate it elsewhere. The answer to a and b at the moment is no.

Ohmother Sat 25-Jan-20 18:47:46

It’s true. It happened at the restaurant in Salisbury.

suziewoozie Sat 25-Jan-20 18:48:57

Where there signs up about it ?

Hetty58 Sat 25-Jan-20 18:54:38

Is it to do with these 'proposals'? (I'm pretty sure that they are still proposals, though):

suziewoozie Sat 25-Jan-20 19:04:38

The most this could be is guidance - perhaps it’s a local pilot?

M0nica Sat 25-Jan-20 19:09:34

Hetty58, I think you might be right, they are still proposals and maybe someones jumping the gun.

I am sure it would not be long before customers will find ways of getting round them. You could order the sausages pay for them go out and walk in again and order the chips, claiming it is a separate meal. I am sure others will come up with other much more ingenius ideas.

The next thing will be ration cards where restaurants are meant to tick the number of portions of fruit and veg we have consumed (marks deducted if you leave them on the plate).

Kalu Sat 25-Jan-20 19:10:00

I find this hard to swallow!

Iwastoldtheredbecake Sat 25-Jan-20 19:15:23

I hope you both walked away without buying anything!

Hetty58 Sat 25-Jan-20 19:21:31

It seems to be a local plan pilot scheme then. I'm so sorry that I didn't believe it Ohmother. I'm sure that you understand why!

Kalu Sat 25-Jan-20 19:47:01

No, it’s not you OhMother. I find this equally bizarre and infuriating..

Should this crazy idea reach my local Waitrose in Scotland (I notice this one is Public Health England), my first strong complaint will be, the vast amount of sugar laden shelves need attention, of which choice I could purchase a trolley load of calories so defeating the purpose of a ‘nanny’ cafe/restaurant

Also, with their idea of a ‘healthy’ diet dictat my BP would be through the roof. You really couldn’t make this up!😡

Jane10 Sat 25-Jan-20 19:56:49

I left our local Waitrose as you have to bring your own cup for coffee. I'd have paid a bit extra for a paper one or even washed a china one if necessary. I was just doing my shopping, met a friend and decided to have a coffee and catch up. Needless to say we went elsewhere.

Missfoodlove Sat 25-Jan-20 20:01:05

Ohmother , did you ask to see the store manager?

Daisymae Sat 25-Jan-20 20:05:48

Why don't they just sell healthy options. No pie. No chips. Just salad. And err something else that I can't think of right now!

Kalu Sat 25-Jan-20 20:13:23

When our local Waitrose first opened a large note book was put in place for customer’s suggestions. I think the suggestion book lasted a month as they were being filled rapidly😁

My first visit to the cafe, I ordered coffee and a cheese scone. Drank the coffee but left most of the scone. My entry in the book, scone was dry and tasteless, would have been nice to actually taste any cheese!

Callistemon Sat 25-Jan-20 20:52:10

I don't much like chips so I would choose mashed potatoes every time.
I acknowledge pie and chips is a staple choice, although Waitrose does not seem to have realised that.

It's not up to Waitrose to police what people eat!

Latte anyone? Or does it have to be black coffee if you order chips?