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Things that weren't funny at the time, but you can laugh about now?

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OldJoints Tue 28-Jan-20 20:10:44

I thought I made a little too depressing post yesterday. So perhaps this time we can make each other laugh with some funny stories from the past.

Maybe a time you embarrassed yourself or perhaps a bad decision you made. Whatever it is you probably didn't find it funny at the time. But looking back on it now you can laugh about it. I'll start it off with one of mine.

I was 6 months pregnant with first born. Went out shopping with some friends. Stopped off at a cafe for afternoon tea. At the time I wasn't really thinking about needing the toilet. We continued our day and took a stroll in the park. Stopped to get some ice creams. It was at this point when I realized I really needed to go. There was no toilets about and we were quite far from the car. I knew I wouldn't make it, so I had to tell my friends. We quickly found a quieter spot and I had no choice but to go behind a tree blush. My friends covered me but just as I was finishing a very rude nosy man spotted us and started calling me disgusting and I should be ashamed of myself. I told him I was pregnant (even though it was obvious). He didn't seem to care, continued throwing insults at us even threaten to call the police lol. When he'd gone my friends started laughing and I did to, but on the inside I was dying of embarrassment.

Now I look back on it I find it funny to. However he had to be one of the rudest men I've ever met. Couldn't even give a lady some privacy. I know I should of been a bit more aware of how much I drank. But when you're out enjoying yourself you sometimes forget.

Look forward to hearing some of yours. Hope you're having a good evening. OJ.

Marydoll Tue 28-Jan-20 20:33:34

Years ago, my late, very elegant, dear friend and her cousin went for a walk in the countryside above our town.
Realising that she desperately needed the loo, my friend climbed over a dyke, while her cousin stood guard. There wasn't a soul to be seen for miles.

Having done her business, my friend saw a look of horror on her cousin's face.
High above them on an electricity pylon, were two linesmen repairing cables, they had seen everything.
My friend said that she had never been so black affronted blush, as we say in Glasgow.

When she told us, my friends and I had tears rolling down our cheeks at the image she created. 🤣

JuliaM Tue 28-Jan-20 20:58:04

I once took my young daughters swimming and splashing in a pool on a Haven site. Whilst in the water my bikini elastic gave way and l could feel my bottoms slowly dropping down to my feet. l managed to pull them up and hold onto them whilst taking refuge in the big frog slide at t he poolside, where l hoped that l could fashion a tempory repair using the locker tag pin. The pool was very quiet at the time, but the moment l entered tye Frog slide, l was surrounded by about every child in the pool who had come to see what l was doing! I ended up using a far too small towel to cover my modesty after stepping out of my bottoms and doing a kind of sidewinder walk back to the female changing rooms to the loud giggles of my young audience!

paddyanne Tue 28-Jan-20 21:22:18

Walked accross the dancefloor at a friends wedding with my dress tucked in my knickers ,they were very nice knickers and I did get complimented on them .That was no conslation at the time and I wasn't happy that all those folk who knew me let me walk the whole way over without even one of them telling me .

GagaJo Tue 28-Jan-20 21:45:08

When I was 9 months pregnant, the huge, grotesque feeling stage, it was midsummer. Boiling hot. I didn't know what to do with myself. Went out to the local shops with my husband in just my loosest maternity dress. No underwear, I was SO hot.

We were walking through the precinct when a random and isolated gust of air blew my dress up right over my head. I was embarrassed but laughing 😂, but my husband (now long an ex) was the jealous type and was furious other men might have seen me.

As if they'd have been interested in my distorted, veiny, ready to pop state!

harrigran Wed 29-Jan-20 10:12:16

My FIL collapsed and died whilst he was shopping in town, the undertaker told us that they had popped his carrier bag in the fridge with him because it had cream cakes in it.
I may have a weird sense of humour but I still chuckle when I think about the conversation even twenty one years later.

Bathsheba Wed 29-Jan-20 16:01:37

Oh harrigran that is such dark humour, but I am totally with you - it really made me chuckle too wink

lovebeigecardigans1955 Wed 29-Jan-20 16:09:38

During a camping/cycling holiday in France between here and there in deepest Brittany it started to rain really heavily, it turned cold too. We put the tandem by a wall. Pelting it down, so hubby and I sheltered in a phone-box until a damn Frenchman came along to make a phone call. I said to DH, "We'll laugh about this one day!" but it wasn't funny at the time.

Septimia Wed 29-Jan-20 16:14:23

We were on holiday in France, with my parents and toddler, in a VW campervan. It didn't have a loo, but we carried one in the cupboard. The routine was that everyone else vacated the vehicle when someone wanted the loo, and wqe pulled the curtains for privacy.

We parked beside a road and beneath trees somewhere near Versailles. Dad needed the loo, so we all got out and chatted to in-laws who were travelling by car.

Suddenly hordes of cyclists appeared, together with a brass band riding on the back of a lorry. They hung about for what seemed hours, while we were stuck standing around and Dad was stuck in the campervan.

He said it was the first time he'd had a brass band accompaniment!!

grannypiper Wed 29-Jan-20 16:20:24

As i was walking across the floor of a bar with a drink in each hand, my shorts landed around my ankles, there was nowhere to put the drinks down, an elderly lady bent down and pulled them up for me. The friend i was with took photos on her phone and had posted it on Facebook within seconds blush

Chestnut Wed 29-Jan-20 16:38:06

As teenagers in the 1960s my friend and I got locked out of our seaside holiday flatlet after a night out. In desperation we bunked down in the porch of a nearby church and spent a very cold and uncomfortable few hours trying to sleep of sorts. Then about 6am the Vicar opened the church door and I don't know who was most shocked, him or us. We said we had come for the early Sunday morning service. We entered the church and sat through the service in our disco clothes, by this time feeling very hungover and tired. We then rang the doorbell of the holiday flatlets and told the landlady we had gone to the early morning church service and forgotten our key! Not a lie.

Dee1012 Wed 29-Jan-20 16:54:41

I had minor surgery some years ago and the hospital insisted on an overnight stay.
At about 1.30 am, a very elderly lady sat up in bed. I would add at this point she was fine apart from a minor physical complaint. She then proceeded to "break wind" very loudly, horribly smelly and it just didn't stop.....there were 4 of us just sitting in astonishment at the levels of noise and smell coming from this tiny little woman. After about 30 mins, someone started to laugh until we were all in hysterics including the lady herself who at one point made it far worse when she said "so sorry for my botty burps"

Maggiemaybe Wed 29-Jan-20 17:03:39

This thread is so funny. But oh , harrigran, your post is priceless. grin

Marelli Wed 29-Jan-20 17:03:42

DH was 'caught short' with a tummy upset while we were out in the wilds of the Highlands. We parked on the verge and he ran quickly up towards the nearest bush where he crouched down. 😳. Around the bend came a tour bus, and all (mainly grey!) heads turned to look. I was absolutely mortified, sitting there in the car, pretending to look for something in the glove compartment. 😳😳

Framilode Wed 29-Jan-20 17:05:30

I had been going out with my husband to be for a few weeks and he took me to a very swish coaching house for a special new year's dinner. Bear in mind that this was in the 60's when some subjects were not as openly discussed as they are now.

It was a lovely place with a flagsone floor, but because it was so old the floor was on a slope. During the meal I knocked my handbag over and a Tampax came out and rolled down the floor and under the next table. I was so embarrassed and so was he, but now we laugh about it.

Witzend Thu 30-Jan-20 09:11:33

I used to talk a lot of baby talk to our dog, ‘Mummy love oo!’ etc. (Yes, I know).

I was once out in our local park, talking like that to her in what I thought was a deserted, heavily wooded area.
Only to realise that 2 blokes who were sitting up in a big tree were wetting themselves laughing - I dare say it was a snort of said laughter that made me look up!

Still, if you can give someone a laugh, however embarrassing to yourself, I suppose your day is not entirely wasted.

Another time (rather more embarrassing) when I was waiting for the thousandth time to pick dh up from Heathrow, I whiled away some time in a very busy cafe. When I got up to leave, I slipped on the wet floor between occupied tables, very nearly went arse over breakfast time (as my father used to say), only just managed to save myself, but in the process let out a very noisy fart!

How I managed to summon some aplomb and exit in a more or less dignified manner I still don’t know.

TerryM Thu 30-Jan-20 10:04:59

On a slightly black humour note
I sat with mum while she passed .
Last breath was sounds ..I was about to be absolutely bereft and mum's jaw started moving..
I laughed and said mum give dad a chance you have just got there
Mum would have appreciated it as well smile

Northernandproud Thu 30-Jan-20 10:10:25

Ive had many over the years but this is the one that still makes me cringe
Getting ready to go to a docs appointment early one morning, i had slept in, grabbed clean undies and then picked the jeans i was wearing the day before, pulled them on finished getting dress and rushed out to the bus stop. As i got on the bus i could feel something wasn't really right but couldn't work it out, paid for my ticket, turned and walked to a seat half way up the very packed bus, my knickers from the day before fell out of the leg of my jeans and laid there in the aisle, im sure the people about saw, i really wasn't sure
What to do, so i picked them up ans
and stuffed them in my handbag and learnt to drive

JackyB Thu 30-Jan-20 10:14:16

I can't remember any incident like his happening to me,but would just remind everyone who had mishaps in airports or restaurants or wherever, that the onlookers have no idea who you are, so really you're the only one who needs to be embarrassed. If I saw someone in such straits, I would probably feel awfully sorry for them and then carry on with my day without a further thought.

jenni123 Thu 30-Jan-20 10:16:50

A friend had to go to hospital for iron injections, this day I accompanied her and her 4 yr old daughter, the daughter insisted on going into the cubical with her Mum. We left the hospital and got on a very packed London bus, it was when we still had bus conductors, Suddenly her daughter said (in a very loud voice) 'Mummy why did you take your knickers off and let that man stick his thing in your bottom?' my friend went scarlett and the whole bus went silent.. when she did not get an answer the child repeated the question, my friend in a very embarrassed, squeaky voice said, 'That man was a doctor and that was called an injection', you could hear the relieved sigh go round the whole bus, then the conductor walked by and said 'Cor, that was a relief love'. I couldn't stop laughing.

PernillaVanilla Thu 30-Jan-20 10:17:11

My late MiL was racist in the sense that she disliked being cared for by anyone with a different skin colour to her. She would make her objections very clear (fortunately we were never around when this happened). She had mental health and physical problems and on one stay in hospital she was spoken to by the ward sister and told in no uncertain terms that her behaviour was not acceptable, and she must accept care from all the qualified staff regardless of ethnicity. My husband visited her in hospital when there were several black members of staff on duty. She was sitting up in bed saying loudly "Black lady, I like you " "You are very nice black lady" DH said he wanted the earth to swallow him up, but in the context of all the strange things connected with her problems we did have a little smile about her naive attempt to make amends at her wake.

Scottiebear Thu 30-Jan-20 11:03:04

DH and I had gone away for the weekend. Set out one morning for a long walk along by a canal. We walked and walked. And after some while I needed the loo, and not just for a wee. We continued to walk, hoping we'd come to an area with a cafe. Nothing. The countryside was inaccessible as it was completely fenced off on one side, with the canal on the side we were walking. We came to a road that veered off into a residential area. We turned into it, hoping to find a cafe or garage. By this time hours had passed and I was suffering extreme stomach pain. But nothing but big houses. DH said I would have to knock on someone's door to ask to use their facilities. I was horrified at the thought, but truly desperate. Just as we were passing a house a lady had driven up in a jeep, let her dogs out and was opening her door. So we asked if I could please use her loo. She was absolutely lovely. We were clearly dressed for a days hiking. She let me in to her downstairs loo. (Dont read any further if you are of a delicate position). To put it mildly I used the loo, but in the process I exploded like a ww2 bomb. The floor suffered the fallout. The loo was dark and the floor tiles dark brown. I used a whole toilet roll and large packet of wet wipes, but struggled to see where was actually clean. I was in a cold sweat and panicking. Eventually I crept out, hoping she wasnt outside the loo door, as it was not fragrant. She was talking to DH outside her front door. I thanked her profusely and we rushed off. I was absolutely mortified at the time. I can laugh about it now, but still feel dreadfully guilty.

yaiyai Thu 30-Jan-20 11:07:30

Harrigran I’m still laughing and at yours too jenni123

jaylucy Thu 30-Jan-20 11:18:05

My ex husband and I had been visiting my penfriend in Amsterdam. We had driven in our campervan from 'Dam to Zeebrugge then on the ferry to Harwich. The plan was that (according to my ex) we were only a couple of hours from home , so might as well continue on our journey.
About 30 minutes outside Ipswich, he then decided that he was too tired to drive much further. We tried to find a quiet side road to park up in, but ended up parked on the side of the A45! (ex could sleep on a washing line!)
About 2 am, I decided I couldn't wait any longer so seeing that there was no traffic and just a lorry parked behind us that was in darkness, I hopped out and, leaving the door open (thinking it would at least cover part of me, I squatted down. Was in mid flow, when the truck driver, obviously trying to be helpful (!)decided to turn his headlights on me in full beam!!! You can imagine I hopped straight back in the camper van as quickly as I could! Ex continued to slumber on ...........

maddyone Thu 30-Jan-20 11:20:25


I can’t stop laughing, that is sooo funny.