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Good Morning Wednesday

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12Michael Wed 29-Jan-20 06:12:25

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark, but its dry and cold here in Brackley at the moment.
Today, I plan to bus into Banbury and get the Downton DVD, then after lunch go to Bicester on the direct bus service, as I have a free coffee on my voucher from café I use.
Hopefully then a quiet day in.

Scentia Wed 29-Jan-20 06:17:56

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire. It is still very dark and I haven’t been out to the bin to test the temperature outside yet.
Just a normal day at work for me today, lots of jobs to get out before the end of the month.

I do hope the gillybobs are doing ok, it was sad to read of their setback.

Take care everyone and have the best day you can.

Mommawolf Wed 29-Jan-20 06:30:58

Goodmorning all from a cold but dry Norfolk a chilly dog walk today. Our friends arrived safely late afternoon a quiet day planned so they can recover from the journey.. Hope thing are improving GILLYBOB and thoughts with all who are unwell, have a good day everyone.

Ginny42 Wed 29-Jan-20 06:37:14

Good morning Mick and everyone. Last night was a clear sky with a beautiful crescent moon and brilliant Venus visible in Cheshire, where did the overnight rain come from? It seems to have stopped thank goodness.

I'm meeting my sister in Manchester today, as it's become our weekly habit to meet somewhere different for lunch and a catch up. We've shopped there since we were children when going to Kendals with Mum was a big treat. That's House of Fraser for young GNs.

Sorry to read Gilly's post yesterday. Hope Mr G's condition is now under control and all other poorly people are on the mend.

Take care everyone.

NannyJan53 Wed 29-Jan-20 06:38:01

Good Morning from an icy Black Country.

Had a lovely brunch out yesterday in Birmingham. We met at 11.00am and it was after 2.00pm before we all departed.

Over to Mums today, then over to DD's house to take SIL for lunch. He is still off work, but he had check up yesterday at QE and they gave him the ok. He will slowly ease himself back.

I was sorry too to hear of the gillybobs setback, thoughts with them today. Thoughts also with anyone who are unwell and struggling.

vena11 Wed 29-Jan-20 06:40:04

Good morning from a dark dry Bristol.
Early school run and pick up today.
Thinking of gillybob and hoping all is well.
Take care everyone.

Sark Wed 29-Jan-20 06:44:23

Good Morning everyone
Haven't been out yet but still dark and looks like a chilly morning in Oxfordshire.
Enjoy your Downton DVD Mick..I really enjoyed the film.
Fairly normal day for me and off to work soon.
Thinking about Gillybob and everyone who's unwell.
Have a good Wednesday.

NanKate Wed 29-Jan-20 07:05:47

Good morning Mick and All.

Looks as if we are going to get a cold sunny day in South Bucks.

Ginny I felt very nostalgic reading you were meeting your sister in Manchester where your mum used to take you out to lunch. My mum did just the same with us in Birmingham in the 1950s at Barrows, now long gone. We had to be in our best behaviour.

Meeting a friend for soup and a roll at the local Garden Centre.

Hoping for better news from the Gillybobs 💐

Mythbirtthedragon Wed 29-Jan-20 07:09:06

Good morning from east London, dry and cool here. No frost though. The crescent moon was very clear last night; think I saw Venus unless it was a static plane. Tennis this morning, more baking cakes this afternoon (I got a bit behind yesterday) then a quick choir run through for a charity do next month. DP’s back much improved with the painkillers and he’s off to another Pilates session this afternoon; hopefully the physio won’t let him overdo it as we’ve got an early start tomorrow to get to his DB’s funeral. Hope you have a good day.

BlueSapphire Wed 29-Jan-20 07:10:36

Good morning everyone from a still dark but dry Northampton.
Have had my once a week tablet, done the Sainsbury's order on the laptop and now sitting with my cup of tea. Did not dare turn over this morning as I am being picked up early for book club.
Then into town on the bus and grab something to eat before going to the theatre for a matinee performance of 'Swan Lake'.
Best wishes to all for a good day, and thinking of those with worries.

cornergran Wed 29-Jan-20 07:12:50

Morning Mick, morning All from a dark, cold, dry corner of Somerset. Slept well, hooray. Garden centre with our friends before they set off, foolishly I promised everyone a cooked breakfast first so must get organised. I was sad to read gillys post yesterday, hope for better news today and that Wednesday is kind to everyone.

DoraMarr Wed 29-Jan-20 07:29:42

Good morning from Birmingham, where there is a glimmer of gold on the horizon. It looks damp but not frosty outside. I’m meeting a friend for coffee this morning, then I’ll go to my U3A architecture group. However, if the nice chap who fixes the plumbing calls I will drop everything - there is something the matter with my boiler.
I hope there is better news from gilly, and that all those with health and other worries have a better day.

Marydoll Wed 29-Jan-20 07:35:56

Good morning all from a damp and chilly Glasgow, it’s 3C.

I too was upset to hear of the Gillybobs setback yesterday. Like Urmstongran, I have noticed a few GNs are missing from the thread recently.

NannyJan53 , I'm glad to hear your SIL is improving.
It was to Lewis' department store in Glasgow, that mum used to take me to for lunch, as a special treat. It had six floors, I loved the toy department.
It involved a journey on a steam train to the long gone St. Enoch station, which was next door. I'm getting quite nostalgic. grin

Busy day again today. I have an appointment with the registrar of births, marriages and deaths to post the banns for DD’s wedding.
They are unable to get time off work for the appointment and they work in the other side of the city, so as usual I have been delegated to sort things! grin. I have a nagging feeling, they have forgotten some of the paperwork! 😱

I had mixed feelings after my hospital visit yesterday. My BP and heart rate are still too high, so my medication has been increased again. Hopefully I will start to see an improvement in the chest pain. I have a wedding to go to!!!
I was told there is no fix and I cannot ever expect to be symptom free, but I least I now know and fully understand my prognosis and stop complaining about it. Despite that, I'm feeling quite upbeat.
Onward and upward!!!
So many on GN, with greater burdens than I have.

For those of you out and about today, enjoy!

Lins1066 Wed 29-Jan-20 07:41:20

Good morning Mick and all from a dry chilly S Wales.
Gardener coming today to trim the very overgrown back garden. We have a lot of very large bushes and trees, he'll probably be here tomorrow too, think it was a two day job last year.
Thank you to those who gave their good wishes to my DH yesterday, his leg is pretty much the same, but thankfully no worse.
Thinking of everyone with ill health and worries. I hope there is better news from gilly too.

Feelingmyage55 Wed 29-Jan-20 07:43:05

Good morning. I have had internet issues but hopefully they are solve. Still dark and cold here in the north of Scotland. Lots of tidying. Had a belated Burn’s supper last night and a lot of fun. Off out for lunch with a friend then hopefully do a little shopping together. Worried about the gillybobs and wishing them well in all senses of the word. marydoll I hope you are taking it easy(ish). Remember our folks saying “if you can’t be good, be careful” 😄. Hope everyone picks up as we head towards February and out of the January gloom.

Feelingmyage55 Wed 29-Jan-20 07:49:15

marydoll St Enoch’s Staion - brought on a awww moment. I would go with my papa to see the steam trains. He was the most darling man. Can you phone the registrar for advice before the trek? I’m sure you have already thought of that.

dragonfly46 Wed 29-Jan-20 07:54:48

Good morning from aa very cold Leicestershire.

Spent 6 hours at the oncology assessment ward last night as the veins in the hand where they inject the chemo have flared. Despite giving me antibiotics and steroid cream I had to wait for the results of blood tests. I discharged myself eventually. I thought they could ring me today if there was a problem.
It now seems I am having a port in my arm to prevent further problems.

Thinking of gillie.

Susan56 Wed 29-Jan-20 07:55:58

Good morning from the Shropshire borders where it is dry but very cold.
We used to go to George Henry Lees department store in Liverpool but we went to Kendals in Manchester to get my mums outfit for my wedding.
DD1 and baby coming for lunch and got a company coming to measure for new windows.All arriving at 12.30.School run this afternoon then DGD coming for a sleepover.
Sending good wishes to all unwell and those with family members unwell.Dragonfly,hope you are feeling better today.
Mary,glad you are feeling more upbeat.
Ellan,thinking of you and your family.💐
Gilly,hope things are better for you and your DH today.💐

Susan56 Wed 29-Jan-20 07:58:18

Dragonfly,crossed posts.Hope the treatment you received last night improves things along with a restful day.💐

Harris27 Wed 29-Jan-20 08:00:57

Good morning all from a dry ne. But very cold. I return to work today after my lovely birthday weekend down to earth with a bump. Ha slovenly time though even though my asthma has had a flare up left with dreadful barking cough. Thinking of all that are unwell and hoping the gillybobs have better news.

Marydoll Wed 29-Jan-20 08:01:29

Dragonfly, my BIL eventually, had a port in his arm, as they could never find a vein.
Fingers crossed, you feel betetr. flowers

Sar53 Wed 29-Jan-20 08:04:06

Good morning everyone from a bright but cold Essex by the sea. I'm off to volunteer at the hospital this morning. Last week I folded letters into envelopes for 3 hours, a tad boring. Today I am to help 4 secretaries with filing etc.
My thoughts are with Gillybobs and her DH and anyone else who is poorly.
Yesterday was our first wedding anniversary and I had some beautiful flowers from DH and my youngest daughter. They have really brightened the January gloom.
Have a good day everyone.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 29-Jan-20 08:12:13

Goodmorning Mick and all x

Bright and cold in SE Essex.

I am cooking “dippy eggs” for GS who slept here last night, Mr.Gravy will take him to school (next door but one, so not far)

Callanetics this morning and out for a pub meal tonight with Mr.G

Keep warm and safe folks x

GrannyGravy13 Wed 29-Jan-20 08:23:23

Will pop in later for news of gillybob

Greyduster Wed 29-Jan-20 08:23:27

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Dry and not too cold in South Yorkshire this morning. I woke up sneezing this morning; not a good sign, but it could just be my allergy rearing it’s ugly head again. Haircut this afternoon, then calling in on my niece for a cup of tea on the way home.
Good wishes to Gilly and all those with health worries. Have the best day you can.