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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 01-Feb-20 06:09:04

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark but dry here in Brackley this morning , my usual day of bus journeys to Buckingham ,and then onto Bicester vice versa c/w coffees and maybe today an large all day breakfast at lunchtime .
plus hopefully weather permitting a browse around Buckingham Flea Market.

cornergran Sat 01-Feb-20 06:19:35

Morning Mick, morning All from a dark corner of Somerset. Patio is wet, looks as if it rained overnight. You’re an early bird today mick, hope the flea market is open. Mr C didn’t make audiology, GP instead and is now taking antibiotics so there is hope for peace in our time from the constant coughing. With luck a short walk today, other than that no plans. Oldgaijin is still very much in my thoughts, hope gillys husband is improving and Saturday is kind to everyone, especially those with health or other worries.

Bellasnana Sat 01-Feb-20 06:36:19

Good morning and ‘white rabbits’ to everyone. 🐇🐇🐇

I’m actually up and have already walked to the doctor’s to have blood tests. She has a surgery at her house, I had to be there at 7am, and was back home by 7.20. I’m ready for my cuppa as had to starve for the tests.

Feel I should do some housework today as I’ve neglected it a bit this week. Might see DD3 later if she’s free.

Thinking of all on this thread who are going through the mill in one way or another and sending positive vibes to all,sunshine

Beechnut Sat 01-Feb-20 06:48:51

Good Morning to you all. Dark and wet on Severnside. I am glad the evenings are getting lighter.

Not sure what I will get up to today but hope you all have the best day possible 🌻

NanKate Sat 01-Feb-20 06:50:45

Morning Mick and All.

We are due to have sunshine here in South Bucks today so I think a walk in the fresh air plus a stop over for coffee and cake is in order.

I can just imagine the lovely daffodils 🌼 in our homes remembering our brave friend OldGaijin.

Hoping that Gillybob has better news for us today 💐

DoraMarr Sat 01-Feb-20 07:04:32

Good morning from Birmingham, where it is still dark. I can’t see any frost, and the pavements are dry, so I hope we will have some sunshine today. My grandson will be arriving around 10 for the weekend, and he loves going to the park. My youngest daughter will come over for lunch so the two little cousins can play together and we can have a chat- I think we will all be going out to eat later.
Best wishes to everyone, especially those who are unwell.

Mommawolf Sat 01-Feb-20 07:08:11

Goodmorning all from a cold and very frosty norfolk. A lovely dog walk this morning. Taking our guests to lunch at a local pub and a stroll through the nearby farmers market. We Were looking at old photos yesterday evening, found one showing four young hippie people standing by a bright green "scooby doo" camper van covered in painted flowers. Summer gathering at stonehenge 1965.Twenty years old and all life ahead of us. Lots of laughter and memories. Where does time go. Thoughts with all who are unwell. Have a good day everyone.

Pantglas2 Sat 01-Feb-20 07:24:04

Mornings all from a dark but dry north Wales where it’s promising a sunny day so have put a wash on and will change the bedding once DH is up.

Trotting off to see my dad and DD and GC will be there as well so will take a photo of four generations for the album! Back for the rugby this afternoon when Wales host Italy - we’re notoriously slow starters so hope we get the job done.

Have a good weekend everyone x

kittylester Sat 01-Feb-20 07:25:08

Morning all from a dark North Leicestershire. I think it is dry outside (and in!)

We are expecting a plumber at about 9am and then we are off to the big blue and yellow warehouse for floating shelves and lighting!! We managed to put it off last time but needs must.

Hope Mr Corner improves corner. Bella, it took me a while to work out that you are an hour ahead of the uk.

Buying daffodils later and hoping for good news from gilly.

NannyJan53 Sat 01-Feb-20 07:35:01

Good Morning from a dry and almost light Black Country.

Driving off to DD's at 8.30 to spend the day with two DGD's.
DD has an all day celebration with friends for a 40th Birthday, and her DH is working. First job since he was in Hospital.

I am taking the girls to see Frozen 2. Then late afternoon have to drive over to Lichfield to babysit DS's two girls whilst they go out...phew! Although the eldest is 15, so it is just a matter of someone being there, so they don't fight and argue hmm. Probably stay overnight if they are late back.

I was only 12 in 1965 Mommawolf, but remember the Hippy era well!

Best wishes to all who are unwell or struggling. Special thoughts to gilly and her DH, I really hope they can end this for them whilst he is in Hospital. Oldgaijin much in my thoughts flowers

BlueSapphire Sat 01-Feb-20 08:05:47

Good morning everyone from a windy Northampton, at least it is dry. Just sitting with my tea and a cat on my lap. They like a lot of attention when I get up.
Just going to make pancakes for my breakfast, as there is some batter left over from when DGD and I made some on Thursday.
Going to see Star Wars this afternoon with DD and DGD which I am looking forward to.
Daffodils are just opening on my mantelpiece, thinking of oldgaijin.

M0nica Sat 01-Feb-20 08:25:16

Good morning from bright Oxfordshire. As ever up bright and early to what seems to be an overcast but bright sky.

I am about to go out for my daily walk. I think I will go up the hill today to listen to the birds, even wonder whether I will hear a lark. The birds were singing springtime songs in their multitudes yesterday in the garden and the compost heap is being picked over for nesting materials - I put a container of shredded paper onthe heap this week. So a February lark is not beyond possibility.

annsixty Sat 01-Feb-20 08:29:48

Good morning all.
Dull and windy in Stockport.
Part of the charm and success of GN is the wide age gap and experience of members.
In 1965 I was 28 and had my D in the July, the hippy era had passed me by.
Have as good a day as you can everyone.

GrannySomerset Sat 01-Feb-20 08:32:38

Need to take DH his tea and pills then off to give my inner market trader a chance to shine at the parish jumble sale. Hope we raise a reasonable sum as we support a parish in the Zambian copper belt where we are building a house for a permanent priest. Always interesting to watch the ruthlessness of the dealers, identifiable by their enormous bags, but I particularly enjoy the children spending pocket money and delighted by the most unexpected finds.

Thinking of Oldgaijin, Gilly, Mr Corner and all those with worries and concerns.

Oopsadaisy3 Sat 01-Feb-20 08:39:15

Good morning everybody, sunny here today, patio is wet though, so we might have had a shower in the night. DDs birthday today so we will pop in with her birthday cake and gifts, she is coming over tonight for a take away and will stay over with the dog, so an early morning tomorrow wading through the (still) half flooded fields, the footpath is so wet and muddy I long for Spring, although the snowdrops and catkins look so pretty.
Have a good day.

Marydoll Sat 01-Feb-20 08:46:30

Good morning all from a wet and miserable Glasgow. Mick, I wish we had a flea market near us, I love a good rake about. The Sunday one in Rome is absolutely amazing!

Nothing much planned today, apart from taking hems up on trousers and baking the hot cross buns, which (hopefully) have been rising overnight.

Bellasnanna, I too forgot about the early start! confused.I was surprised at how early your doctor started her day! grin
MOMMAWOLF, you always cheer me up with your posts.

Thinking of all those dealing with with pain and sorrow.
That's a lovely idea about the daffodils to remember oldaigin. The inevitability of her situation is never far from my thoughts, I cannot begin to imagine how I would deal with it. A brave lady, indeed.
If I manage to get out to church tonight, (feeling a bit yukky this morning, still in bed) I will light some candles for oldaigin, on behalf of us all.

Have a good Saturday, everyone.

Harris27 Sat 01-Feb-20 08:51:13

Good morning all. The weather here is very blustery washing day if the clothes stay on the line! Hope everyone is ok and those with worries are in my thoughts.

Anniebach Sat 01-Feb-20 08:52:48

Good morning Auntyflo and all x

gillybob Sat 01-Feb-20 08:55:57

Good morning from the NE coast where we have a windy start to Saturday.

One of the worst nights ever with hardly a wink of sleep. I can hardly believe it but DH was discharged from hospital yesterday afternoon. I was told to collect him from the ward but when I drove through to get him he was already in the “discharge lounge” shaking like a leaf and looking very poorly. No discharge letter just a carrier bag of medication . He is clearly not well and is in a tremendous amount of pain that I cannot deal with here at home. He really should be in hospital . I feel like the NHS has let him down big style .

My daffodils in honour of our dear GM friend OldGaijin (christened Happy Yellow Flowers by middle DGD when she was about 4) have opened and are looking beautiful. I have bought another 2 bunches which are tightly closed and I have put them outside in the cold shed so they will not open until I bring them indoors .

I was 3 in 1965 so can’t really remember it at all.

Hope Saturday is kind to everyone.

Love Gillybob xx

vena11 Sat 01-Feb-20 08:56:48

Good morning all, a beautiful morning here in Bristol so a nice walk and coffee out somewhere I think.
Such a horrible day yesterday with rain so we went to the cinema and saw The Gentleman DHS choice, there was a lot of violence not what I like but it was ok.
I am hoping everyone has a good day and all are feeling a bit better.

Sar53 Sat 01-Feb-20 08:57:12

Good morning everyone from a bright Essex by the sea. Late night yesterday so we slept in this morning.
We are going into town shortly then a visit to see grandchildren is on the cards.
I think there will be a lot of rugby watching later.
Have a good day everyone.

vena11 Sat 01-Feb-20 08:59:09

Cant believe they sent your DH home gillybob thinking of you. xx

Nannytopsy Sat 01-Feb-20 09:01:06

Good morning Mick and all his followers. It’s a bright morning in Suffolk and we are starting to decorate the sitting room. Of course, everything will stop in time for rugby this afternoon. 🤣

Alygran Sat 01-Feb-20 09:01:58

Good morning from North Yorkshire. It’s dry but very windy here.
A day at home doing laundry and sorting out my study.
Thinking of all those not well.
Hope Saturday is kind to everyone.

harrigran Sat 01-Feb-20 09:02:00

Good morning from a windy NE.
Stay at home day again, I didn't make it out to lunch with friend yesterday as I was unwell and had to cancel.
Estate agent rang to tell us that after six months the buyers have pulled out.