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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 13-Feb-20 06:11:44

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark, and its rained overnight here in Brackley,.
Today, will see a bus trip to Buckingham and Bicester , with some shopping and coffee plus.
Mind you unlike most areas further north ,have escaped, any snow but if following few days forecast are right ?

Beechnut Thu 13-Feb-20 06:15:27

Good Morning everyone. Still dark and has been raining on Severnside. Im not looking forward to the weekend weather.

I’m dog sitting today so I might get out for a walk.

Hope you all have the best day you can 🌻

Urmstongran Thu 13-Feb-20 06:33:16

Good morning Mick and Beechnut and all who follow from a very wet and dark South Manchester. Denis the Menace is on the way it seems, bringing snow at the weekend. Children everywhere - and a few adults - will be delighted!

We are half term childminders again today. I set the alarm for 6:30am and woke at 6:05am how weird is that? Mummy’s half term is next week and our son in law did Monday and Tuesday so these 3 days fall to us. We certainly can’t complain (although my back did last night!) as we split our time between here and Spain and can never be factored in routinely to help out. (Clever or selfish?)

Thinking of you today Scentia getting your brain scan results. I hope they are nothing to worry about. I expect you were very anxious last night.

Hope Thursday is good to us all whether we have plans or none. x

NfkDumpling Thu 13-Feb-20 06:54:37

Morning All

Dark and very wet here in the north of Norfolk.

Off to the Stately Pile to do a stint of volunteering today. I don't suppose it'll be very busy though so it could be a long day.

Look after yourselves. (Is that a Norfolk expression? It looks funny in print.)

Scentia Thu 13-Feb-20 06:55:59

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where the weather looks ok, haven’t put bin out yet so it could be freezing out there.
Thanks Urstomgran for thinking about me. Not much sleep last night as I made the mistake of consulting Dr Google last night about what could be the problem! Anyway, I am sure it will be nothing. Appointment is at 4.30 I will go on the bus as parking is a nightmare and the bus goes from the end of my street to the car park and the fare is cheaper than parking. (I do realise how lucky we are there, I know others don’t have that luxury!)
Hope everyone has the best day they can and the weather doesn’t cause too many problems.

Pantglas2 Thu 13-Feb-20 07:02:16

Morning Mick, Beechnut, Urmstongran and all who follow from a dry at the moment north Wales!

I need it to stay that way for a few hours while my son-in-law and daughter come and help me smash the old shed to smaller pieces to take to my father for his aga - it’s an I’ll wind etc...

DH will be directing operations on crutches of course - he wont be able to resist, but I’m so glad to have him mended at last, I’ll forgive his (interference) help!

Best wishes Scentia for your health worries and well done Urmstongran for putting in a few shifts with GCs - I like to do my whack when we’re home and we’ll be treating our little uns next week, the older ones are working themselves!

Kind thoughts to all x

Ginny42 Thu 13-Feb-20 07:10:26

Good morning Mick. It's still brilliant moonlight here in Cheshire, but no frost on the cars. My usual Thursday too, with painting group this morning , followed by a snack lunch with a friend then to the hairdresser.

Dealing with issues for my housebound friend took up a lot of time yesterday, but we're getting there. At last! Surprise visit from the nurse from her new practice yesterday following a visit from the GP last week. Just wanted to check her bloods. That would never have happened in the old practice and wouldn't happen in mine. She is in a different LA though.

Special good wishes today to Scentia, and thinking of all those on the sick list.

Will Dennis bring blizzards at the weekend? Perhaps I'll do an extra bit of shopping just in case!

Grammaretto Thu 13-Feb-20 07:28:23

Good morning everyone from the Scottish Borders. The promised heavy snow hasn't arrived though walking home from the bus stop last night was treacherous.
We had another lovely day out in Edinburgh with my DB &SiL.
Leonardo exhibition, climbing calton hill and an Indian meal. Feb is a good month with very few tourists.

Today we'll stay around here.
I like your style Urmstongran wink don't let them take you for granted.
Best wishes to Scentia, Dragonfly, Gillybob and all who have health worries.

Baggs Thu 13-Feb-20 07:29:29

Wet and windy in Argyll. The house is singing. My brief welly wander yesterday revealed forsythia, primroses and daisies getting going in the garden. The crunchy frozen hail has about half melted.

All the best for your appointment, scentia!

Sark Thu 13-Feb-20 07:31:20

Good Morning everyone from a dry and still Oxfordshire
Just a busy day at work for me.
I have just booked a Dad and daughter coach holiday trip to Norfolk over Easter ...sounds daft but I am so excited to be doing that with my old Dad!
I hope all goes well Scentia
Thinking of all with troubles or on the sick list

Mythbirtthedragon Thu 13-Feb-20 07:31:37

Good morning from east London, wet overnight with more clear sky than cloudy at the moment. I’ve got nothing planned til choir this evening which feels very strange for a Thursday. I can feel some baking coming on. Have a good day.

NannyJan53 Thu 13-Feb-20 07:34:45

Good morning from a damp Black Country. I have noticed it is not quite so dark at 7am now!

I have a really bad head cold now, so doubt I will go far today.

Half term here is next week, so hoping to spend time with DD and girls (she is a Teacher) and DS and his girls, as he has booked the week off work. The DGD's will certainly be hoping for snow next week!

Just had a FB message from my Niece who is living in Australia for 18 months. We usually arrange a skype session every few weeks, so my Mum can see and talk to her DGD. She just thinks it is wonderful to be able to do this.

Thinking of you today Scentia

Best wishes to all with health problems flowers

kittylester Thu 13-Feb-20 07:35:17

Morning all from a damp North Leicestershire. I think I may have missed posting yesterday!blush

We are having a new boiler fitted today so hoping it all goes well and is finished by the time Denis appears.

Bil went home yesterday but we still have our niece here - poor girl lives/lived in a lovely house but our house is the biggest tip you've ever seen and, today, will be flipping freezing.

Sending love and support to all who need them.

Susan56 Thu 13-Feb-20 07:41:04

Good morning from the Shropshire borders.
An ex colleague is coming over this morning so we will put the world to rights then we will pick DGD up from school for her usual Thursday sleepover.
I hope your appointment goes well scentia.
Glad your husband is doing well Pantglas.
Sending good wishes to Mary,dragonfly,Lins and her husband,gilly and her husband and anyone else with illness or worries.

harrigran Thu 13-Feb-20 07:47:04

Good morning from a wet and grey NE.
It was frosty when I went to bed last night after the wind dropped. Temperature must have risen as the snow arrived over higher ground.
A day of housework and paperwork.
Thinking of all the poorly people.

NanKate Thu 13-Feb-20 07:52:39

Morning Mick and All.

The rain is due here I n an hour in South Bucks and will be pretty relentless.

We moved into our house 43 years today. We have loved it here. After the removal men had delivered all our furniture we decided to go to a local cafe for our Tea which our 3 year old thought was all very exciting. We wondered if we could afford this extravagance after all our expenditure.

💐💐💐 to all those with health problems.

DoraMarr Thu 13-Feb-20 07:53:59

Good morning from Birmingham, where it has been raining overnight and looks cold! Lunch with a friend, then the asthma clinic, then a pre- concert meal at the Rep and Berg and Schubert at Symphony Hall. But first, some ironing. Have as good a day as possible, everyone.

Mommawolf Thu 13-Feb-20 07:56:33

Goodmorning all from a dull wet Norfolk. Our friends went home yesterday so husband can begin next round of hospital treatment. I shall miss them it's been lovely having them here. DH thinks we should decorate the cottage so off to look for paint today. Hope all goes well SCENTIA. Norfolk in spring can be very pretty SARK let's hope the weather is good for you. Have a good day everyone

NanKate Thu 13-Feb-20 07:57:11

Sorry to hear you have another cold NannyJ make sure you keep warm and you have every excuse to put your feet up for a while 💐

vena11 Thu 13-Feb-20 07:57:17

Good Morning everyone its wet and miserable here in Bristol.
I will be thinking about you Scentia hope all goes well.
Some house work and a food shop today and hopefully a walk if it dries up. thinking about all with worries ,have a good day.

Lins1066 Thu 13-Feb-20 08:01:20

Good Morning Mick and all. Woke up to heavy rain, which has now stopped thankfully.
Having a cuppa in bed. Took advantage of the calmer, dry day yesterday to go for a short walk. Cleaner coming this morning.
I would enjoy your volunteering job at the stately pile NfkDumpling, bet you need your thermals though. Once upon a time these properties stayed closed until the end of March or Easter I think.
Fingers crossed for you Scentia.
Have a good day everyone.

QuaintIrene Thu 13-Feb-20 08:08:48

Good morning everyone. Another nasty weather day in West Yorkshire. I don’t have to go out today but I do need to get to the shops before the weekend.
Some books I ordered should arrive today. My Saturday Book collection is nearly complete apart from the ones that are extremely rare. And folks who have them aren’t selling.
I also ordered some reading that’s been on my wish list for ages and seeing as I haven’t been lucky in the charity shops I’ve given in. I will find at least one tomorrow in the hospice shop!
Little cat hangs on, very fragile but enjoying cuddles and pilchards. Big cat spends the day laid under the radiator.
Good luck Scentia and love to gillybobs dragonfly and marydoll and all who could do with a good day.
Wrap up warm, intrepid ones 💐

Greyduster Thu 13-Feb-20 08:21:17

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. The sun is shining in South Yorkshire but Denis is on his way, it seems. I am confined to barracks for the freeseeable future so not much of interest going on at chez Duster, but I will enjoy reading all the interesting things others are doing! Have a good day all.

Brunette10 Thu 13-Feb-20 08:22:21

Good Morning from a wet Fife. It's pouring rain at the moment but suppose its better than snow which I know a lot of you have. DD and DGS's came yesterday so it was a good day. Must go and do some shopping today, other than that nothing else planned. scentia! - good luck for today please don't worry too much. For all the rest with worries and illnesses I'm thinking of you - take care. Hope you all have a good a day as can be.

BlueSapphire Thu 13-Feb-20 08:23:07

Good morning all from Northampton; it's been raining heavily during the night, but seems to be clearing now.

Was woken at 3.30 this morning by a phone call from a strange elderly man who was trying to tell me he was in hospital and would I call him back. I didn't get to the phone in time and that was the message he left on the answerphone. I certainly didn't recognise the name. Couldn't sleep after that so I have just rung the number which was answered by his son who was in fact in hospital with his father. We came to the conclusion that the old gentleman had dialled the wrong number, but it was very worrying and I wished his father well.

Sainsbury's delivery this morning then out for a coffee. School run this afternoon to collect DGD.

Hope all goes well for you Scentia. Hoping the day is kind to all.