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Remember yoghurt in the old days?

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Artdecogran Fri 14-Feb-20 18:42:56

I was just watching the new muller yoghurt advert where it seems to be more sugary toppings than yoghurt. It led me to remember my first yoghurt experience. It was 1968 and I had just come back to England from Singapore and I had never had yoghurt before. My mum wouldn’t let me have one but my grandma hid one in the pantry for me. It was raspberry and very sour so I only sneaked one finger full at a time. I remember it vividly. Do any of you have similar memories?

Witzend Thu 30-Jun-22 19:39:55

I seem to remember a chocolate one in the 60s. Never liked any other, still don’t like yoghurt.
Dh OTOH would eat proper Greek style yoghurt every day - preferably Greek style, with honey.

Ali23 Thu 30-Jun-22 21:14:44

I love Longley farm yoghurts too. When we were first married we used to shop at sainsbury’s . Longley farm remind me of those Sainsbury’s yoghurts. I wonder if they are still as sharp and fruity nowadays.

BigBertha1 Thu 30-Jun-22 22:21:45

I loved Ski hazelnut yogurt too.

CanadianGran Thu 30-Jun-22 23:15:12

I don't remember the first time I tried it, but it wasn't while I lived at home. So it must have been in the early 80's when I was in my 20's.

You can still buy yoghurt makers. I buy greek-style vanilla flavour which is nice.

NotSpaghetti Fri 01-Jul-22 06:46:29

We made yogurt in the airing cupboard, kefir in the kitchen and filbunke on the window ledge in the sitting room.
So yes, like Grammaretto we were obviously "arty" too.
Now we buy yogurt but still make kefir every day and still occasionally make filbunke.

Dogsmakemesmile Fri 01-Jul-22 10:15:19

Should add that my yogurt maker is on at the moment! And yes, I think Longley Farm yogurts still as sharp as they used to be. I buy (and eat) as many as I can when I am in Northumberland.

Redhead56 Fri 01-Jul-22 10:28:24

My mum bought Ski yoghurt in the early seventies my sisters and brothers hated I loved it because it was sour. It’s not now it’s bland rhubarb and gooseberry are my two favourites. They are Either Longley or Llaeth Y Llan brand. I also like Fage Greek yoghurt with a Greek pine nut honey I buy online drizzled over it.

singingnutty Fri 01-Jul-22 13:51:19

I first heard of yoghurt in about 1961/2 when our school had an exchange trip to France and one friend told us she had been given it by the family she was staying with. In the 70’s, with young families, lots of us made our own using thermos flasks, or more successfully, with proper yoghurt makers. Like many have already said, Greek style yoghurt is great. I always have it in the fridge and put fresh fruit with it.

nanna8 Fri 01-Jul-22 14:17:11

I remember it in London. It came in little glass bottles and it was pink. No sweetener,just a sour milk taste. They have a fig yoghurt here I like but usually I get a plain Greek yoghurt, great for curries and making pizza bases. There are so many different varieties , whole shelves of it, so it obviously pays well.

Witzend Fri 01-Jul-22 14:23:25

JuliaM, that made me laugh.

Unlike that monkey, a squirrel in our garden was very partial - a dd once left a part-eaten pot outside - probably a fruity one - Cyril Squirrel promptly nicked it, took it up a tree, and finished it off!

MissAdventure Fri 01-Jul-22 14:23:45

I used to play out with the little girl down the road, and she had a baby brother.
My first memories of yoghurt are sour tasting stuff, mingled in with the smell of her brother's dirty nappy.

I used to really like the ski hazlenut yoghurts when I was older, though.

Oopsadaisy1 Fri 01-Jul-22 14:25:33

I always buy the Greek Style yogurt, not sweet at all but thick and creamy.

Franbern Fri 01-Jul-22 14:36:53

No idea of make, but back in the mid 1950's working as an apprentice hairdresser in East London, and always on diet. Yoghurts were always a part of those diets. I hated them, but as a teenager somehow equated with their sour taste as being good for me and a help in losing weight!! Do not think back then any of them were are than sour plain.

I love plain yoghurt now, with banana or on baked apple or just by itself.

JackyB Sat 02-Jul-22 17:21:49

In France I think yoghurt is one of the first things given to babies when they are being weaned.

Daisyanswerdo Sat 02-Jul-22 17:37:47

I make my own, about a litre, using long-life milk and a small carton of plain live yogurt, in a commercial yogurt maker.

Nightsky2 Sat 02-Jul-22 17:59:52

My first taste of yogurt was 1969 when I went to live in London and I liked it. Yeo Valley Natural Yogurt 1kg for £3 in Sainsburys. You can add anything you like to it. I like it with tinned prunes or apricots which I heat in the microwave for 40seconds before adding the yogurt. I also give a little to my dog every day, he loves it. He would probably eat the prunes too if given half the chance. I don’t like sweet yogurt.

annodomini Sat 02-Jul-22 19:07:59

In 1963-64, one of the more up-market grocers in the city where I worked started to stock fruit yoghurts and I would buy one on my way to work to have with my lunch. Nowadays, I buy the unsweetened Greek-style yoghurt or make it with my Easy-yo kit. I sometimes add a drizzle of honey and have it for breakfast with cereal and banana.

shandi6570 Tue 05-Jul-22 14:21:01

Who's bought all the Longley Farm hazelnut yoghurts? None left in my nearest Morrison's today, first time ever that the shelf has been empty of that flavour.

Wonder if it is this thread on GN that has caused a shortage grin

snowberryZ Tue 05-Jul-22 15:24:31

Yes I remember my first yoghurt, it was a ski yoghurt and it had a really tart taste. You could tell it was yoghurt and it tasted a bit exotic then.
But now most of them are full of sugar and way too sweet, even the ones with artificial sweeteners.

Ali08 Tue 05-Jul-22 23:24:29


What happened to Ski yoghurts! I don’t even look at the yoghurts now. They’re all puddings.

I thought it was just me being blind! They've just disappeared.

bevisp1 Wed 06-Jul-22 19:57:17

I was born 1961, so I guess I was about 4/5 yrs old when my parents got their first fridge with a small ice box at the top. My mum bought ‘Ski’ yogurts & thought they were to be kept in the ice box! Hence when eating one was like hard ice cream, but it was nice. Anyone else remember ski yogurts?

MissAdventure Wed 06-Jul-22 22:13:26

I've bought a big pot of yoghurt on the strength of this thread.
I'm sure I don't like it, but it sounded so tasty.

MarkD Fri 16-Feb-24 18:50:22

In the 1960s my mother was the 'Eden Vale yoghurt girl', and demonstrated recipes using yoghurt in a live TV program every Sunday! Mark

Salti Fri 16-Feb-24 19:09:26

The first time I tried Yoghurt, probably in the 60's, I nicknamed it "devil's food". I have tried it a few times since but still find it utterly revolting although I love milk and cheese.

flappergirl Fri 16-Feb-24 19:40:48

I went to a private girls school until I was 11 where most of the other girls came from quite well to do and interesting families (like TV producers for example). One of the girls at our dinner table used to eat a yoghurt every day. I had heard of them but my working class parents were very disparaging with "who'd want to eat gone of milk" sort of comments so we didn't have them at home.

One day the girl in question brought in a Ski lemon yoghurt for me to try and there was no going back! I absolutely loved it.

On on aside note I can see that girl with her blonde bubble curls now. Hard to imagine she's nearly 70.