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Today I have one aim and I'm not returning until it's done!

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Moocow Mon 17-Feb-20 08:40:33

Wish me luck grin

bikergran Mon 17-Feb-20 08:40:56


vampirequeen Mon 17-Feb-20 08:43:00

Good luck. What is your aim?

TrendyNannie6 Mon 17-Feb-20 08:52:17

I’m intrigued

M0nica Mon 17-Feb-20 08:58:05

Wish you luck? It depends on the aim.

bikergran Mon 17-Feb-20 09:03:01

Moocow you will come back and let us know(won't you)hmm we are waiting with baited breath now.grin

Bathsheba Mon 17-Feb-20 09:09:46

No good asking what her aim is, cos she ain't coming back till it's done wink. We'll all just have to kick our heels until she returns.

Our local radio station has a little game called 'impossible question', where the presenter says something like "I tried this for the first time on Sunday" and people have to guess what it was. Perhaps we could while away the time on here by guessing what Moocow's aim is?

My go first: I reckon she's going to sort her kitchen cupboards out smile Any other suggestions?

Wheniwasyourage Mon 17-Feb-20 09:19:09

I think she's going to have her first shot at driving a motorbike.

Wheniwasyourage Mon 17-Feb-20 09:20:06

Or she's finally going to face up to the person who parks a furniture van outside her door every day so that she can't see out of her windows.

QuaintIrene Mon 17-Feb-20 09:20:53

A pound says cleaning the oven.

glammanana Mon 17-Feb-20 09:27:15

QuaintIrene I would rather pay the Ovenman to do that job.
Maybe she is clearing out her smalls drawer ?

kittylester Mon 17-Feb-20 09:38:42

Telling her dil what she really thinks of her.

Bathsheba Mon 17-Feb-20 09:42:31

kitty grin. I hope, if this is her aim, that she does come back and give us a blow by blow account. Ooh, that'll make for an interesting read, hahaha! (I'll bring the popcorn wink)

Kalu Mon 17-Feb-20 09:46:46

A frozen leg of lamb could be involved😳🤭

DanniRae Mon 17-Feb-20 09:56:42

I think she is going to make a dentist appointment - she has, maybe, been putting it off for years? hmm

annsixty Mon 17-Feb-20 10:13:51

If it were me it would be clearing the ironing basket and not moving until it is empty.

annsixty Mon 17-Feb-20 10:15:14

Or shaving my legs, the hair of which could probably be plaited.

Blinko Mon 17-Feb-20 10:17:51

I've been tussling with an issue for some months now - or rather putting it off as I knew it would be fiddly. It's claiming tax back on a PPI payout we had last year. This wet and windy weekend, I got down to it and today, it's in the post!

The feeling of relief that it's done and dusted is grand. So I'm wishing Moocow every success.

Gaunt47 Mon 17-Feb-20 11:01:22

It's stopped raining so she's going out to do some much needed gardening (which is what I should be doing!)

MawB Mon 17-Feb-20 11:10:01

What is it about procrastination?

I know that things I do not really want to do (booking kennels) get put off to the last minute when I feel I have to “ask nicely” as if it is a favour (at £17.50 a night)
Or booking the car service - should have done that two weeks ago and the service schedule has been out on the desk for weeks to remind me.
Even booking a visit to the hairdresser!

I am with moocow and all the others who find it hard to take action except when they get an “urge”

Moocow Mon 17-Feb-20 11:44:33

I'm naughty as I couldn't resist a quick peek especially as I thought I'd find this in the unanswered section.

Right back to it and yes I will tell you. It's a long hard slog hence the threat to myself!

MawB Mon 17-Feb-20 12:06:24

You were my inspiration Moocow - how could you?
(Booked the car service, it will be picked up and valeted too, the least they can do for what’ will probably be an eye-watering bill)
One down though!

Jane10 Mon 17-Feb-20 12:17:21

I felt like I'd achieved miracles when I got my e visas for Canada and America. Those websites are so scary that I'd been putting it off for ages. I felt sure I must have put the wrong thing when all I got from the US one next day was 'application not recognised'. Then, just when I thought I'd have to go through the whole thing again, suddenly up popped 'Authorised'. Massive phew!

mokryna Mon 17-Feb-20 12:20:20

Cut neighbours hedge/tree while they are out shopping.

rubysong Mon 17-Feb-20 12:28:58

I was going to suggest that her drive/layby was having tarmac laid (that's what is happening here at this very moment). But it is something she has to do herself.
Maybe she is confronting a rival in love and has a gun in her handbag.
Perhaps she is having her waist length hair cut off to donate to charity and having her head shaved.