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vampirequeen Sun 23-Feb-20 08:16:03

So now we have our blue passports I think it's time to refuse to accept other Continental tyranny that has infiltrated our lives. Time to return to good honest British food. Get rid of all that gateaux, meringue, goulash, paella, pizza, pasta, pate, crème caramel rubbish and return to our traditional cuisine. Fish and chips all round. wink

Oopsadaisy3 Sun 23-Feb-20 08:18:21

No rice or other foreign foods

Meat, veg and our own fish...........

Not forgetting no fruit or veg unless it’s homegrown and in season


Can we still have big cake with cream and rename it?

sodapop Sun 23-Feb-20 08:42:09

Tripe and onions, pigs trotters, head cheese bring it all on vampirequeen

Gingster Sun 23-Feb-20 08:49:38

My husband had to renew his passport last week and sadly missed out on the new blue one and a burgundy one arrived. He will have the burgundy for ever now 😤

GagaJo Sun 23-Feb-20 08:49:55

No pitta, focaccia or baguettes.
No olives, sun dried tomatoes or hummus.
No salami, prosciutto or chorizo.
No curry, tacos or fondue.

And for the BNP/Farage ilk,
No kebabs, vindaloo or pot noodles.

Elegran Sun 23-Feb-20 08:50:26

Tomatoes and potatoes (not to mention tobacco) were introduced from the New World. Are they still OK or are we to be free of the US as well?

Grammaretto Sun 23-Feb-20 08:56:47

Herrings and gannets' eggs with some oats if you're in Scotland. Kale for a treat...

Gaunt47 Sun 23-Feb-20 08:59:03

And seaweed - very good for you!

Grammaretto Sun 23-Feb-20 08:59:43

Sorry, sent too soon . I forgot turnips washed down with whisky. I might be able to survive.

GagaJo Sun 23-Feb-20 09:12:08

Needs and tatties, with haggis. Mmmmm. Unless Scotland refuses to entertain (quite rightly) the idiotic Brexited.

Kalu Sun 23-Feb-20 09:26:20

Chickens so plenty eggs, rabbit stew, raspberries, tattie scones and porage.

Grammaretto Sun 23-Feb-20 10:07:54

But rasps only in the Summer Kalu . Nothing from Spain sad

EllanVannin Sun 23-Feb-20 10:36:59

I'm boring anyway where food's concerned. Just plain recipes followed on from my mum.

henetha Sun 23-Feb-20 10:39:42

But I can still have Chicken Tikka Massala, can't I, because apparently that was invented in this country?

GagaJo Sun 23-Feb-20 10:41:27

Ahhhh, but only a bastardised English version of an Indian meal. So probably not, according to the Brexit police.

henetha Sun 23-Feb-20 11:05:54

That's bad news then. sad.

GagaJo Sun 23-Feb-20 11:06:39

Ah, BUT we're British! We don't need all that foreign muck!

Oopsadaisy3 Sun 23-Feb-20 11:39:49

Take a deep breath people

No Wine!

Unless our own vineyards can up their production , or it will be rationed

DanniRae Sun 23-Feb-20 12:12:47

Can we use garlic? shock

Grammaretto Sun 23-Feb-20 12:43:49

I think garlic is allowed as it was introduced by the Romans and we were eating broad beans and fava beans in the Iron ages so all is not totally lost.

Julius Caesar complained about the lack of wine and said the Brits drank this strange warm brew made from barley.

sodapop Sun 23-Feb-20 12:50:00

Or a nice drop of mead.

3nanny6 Sun 23-Feb-20 13:01:30

I am still eating my Indian Chicken Korma, My takeaways from the Caribbean Restaurant, My own Chinese cooked food, My lovely Italian Spag Boll, My Sushi, and also my lovely soda bread and potato farls sent over from Ireland.

When I have eaten all that I may have a nice English Roast and the odd Fish and chips now and again please do not make me go completely British food.

GagaJo Sun 23-Feb-20 14:31:55

Exactly 3granny6. Multiculturalism at its finest. Poo to Brexs**t.

lemongrove Sun 23-Feb-20 15:39:48

........but why?😁No need to ditch anything, the UK has always
Tried different foods, from curry to Chinese food and everything inbetween.Far more than other European countries actually.Pass a chapatti please!

lemongrove Sun 23-Feb-20 15:41:52

Parents took us children to the first Chinese restaurant in my home town, circa 1957....we loved it.