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Has anyone else found themselves locked in?

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AGAA4 Wed 26-Feb-20 15:41:44

I was in the shed, when a very strong gust of wind blew the door shut. The door had been warped by recent rain and had not closed properly for ages but the gust closed and jammed it. I live alone so I knew I wouldn't be missed for ages. I banged on the door in the vain hope that someone might hear me. The shed is well away from the road and other houses.
After 10 minutes I decided that I would have to get myself out or I would be there all night (panic setting in) I tried a few things but no joy.
Eventually I noticed an old spade at the back of the shed used it to force the door open. Door and spade the worse for it but I was free!

M0nica Wed 26-Feb-20 15:46:36

How frightening. I am glad you found a solution. Perhaps you will need to start carrying your telephone in your pocket so that whereever you are, you are only a phone call from help.

Nortsat46 Wed 26-Feb-20 15:47:54

Well done AGAA4, resourceful under pressure.

If I pop out to our dustbin in my nightie, in the early morning when the street is quiet, I often ponder what I would do if the door closed and the sneck of the lock got stuck...
I would be mortified to have to go next door in my nightie...

AGAA4 Wed 26-Feb-20 15:59:50

Yes MOnica I really missed my phone. It will be in my pocket when I go to the shed in future.

BlueSky Wed 26-Feb-20 16:05:30

Once I was locked in a airport loo abroad, the old lock must have dropped or whatever. Anyway I banged and shouted and not one person bothered to see what was happening! My only hope was for my DH coming looking for me in the Ladies! I did manage to open somehow but I felt that in the UK somebody would at least have alerted airport staff!

Barmeyoldbat Wed 26-Feb-20 16:18:46

Oh yes locked in the loo in a some down town restaurant in Sicily where no-one spoke english. I just sat there on the loo thinking how do I say help help in Italian? I banged, and banged on the door and it was over 20 minutes before my husband and a gang of others arrived to help. My husband said, pull your knickers up xxxx they are going to kick the door in, which to my relief they did. Its alright for him he can speak Italian.

It would seem I was there for so long because:
1. Everyone heard the banging but went out into the street to see what was happening.
2. Mr Barmey thought I was drunk.

AGAA4 Wed 26-Feb-20 16:22:46

Very unpleasant for you Barmey but made me laugh that Mr Barmey thought you were drunk

GagaJo Wed 26-Feb-20 16:38:29

I was once locked in a loo on a train in the UK (smelly and yuck!). The handle got stuck and wouldn't open. I banged on the door and eventually someone responded and said they'd go to get the guard (it was a HUGE long train). I managed to get the stuck handle unstuck before the guard got there. I was worried I was going to miss my stop!

phoenix Wed 26-Feb-20 16:42:59

Mr P once locked me in and went to work.

The post lady arrived as a neighbour was helping me to get out through the kitchen window, thought I was locked out and very gamely set to to try to push me back in confusedblush

SueDonim Wed 26-Feb-20 17:35:07

Agaa4 that sounds scary! I’m glad you’re ok. Phone at all times, from now on.

ToniSH Wed 26-Feb-20 17:38:09

I always carry my phone with me after an unfortunate incident where I got locked in the loo in my house, with no prospect of help. My son was at school and although he walked home, he didn't have a key. He would have called me but when I didn't answer, I'm not sure he would have known what to do. Husband was out of town and not due back for a few days. The loo was in the middle of the house so I knew that no one would hear me shouting or banging.
Spent a panicked, tearful 15 minutes trying to shake the lock free. Also tried taking out the pins on the hinges but the door was too heavy. Eventually I managed to get the door knob off and poked a pointy tooth pick thing into it and something clicked.
But now always take the phone if I'm in the house by myself.

CanadianGran Wed 26-Feb-20 18:14:35

Not me, but there was a story in the news a few years ago about an elderly couple locked in their bathroom for 5 days.

Poor dears. Just looked up the story and it was in 1999, but i remember hearing it on the news.

AGAA4, glad you are safe. Perhaps call someone to fix that shed door!

bikergran Wed 26-Feb-20 18:17:05

My mum once got locked in the bedroom all day!!

My dad used to be up and away very early, mum would still be fast asleep in bed(same bed)

One morning he got up as usual had his wash got dressed etc. but for reason he locked the bedroom door behind him.( They always kept it locked as dad had a Guns in a cabinet hidden in the wardrobe) fully licenced etc.

Mum wakes uo needs the loo and realises!! she had no phone upstairs, no mobiles those days.

I rung mum a few times but no answer just presumed she had gone out for the day, as she did quite often.

Eventually she managed to attract someones attention from the window (very quiet dead end street)

Not sure how they got in but they broke the bedroom door door etc..Mum was exhausted dehydrated etc.

She sat downstairs,,dad walked in from work none the wiser!!! ohh boy!!! WERE They on Silent Meals for some time Some Time!!! confused

sodapop Wed 26-Feb-20 18:59:01

That must have been scary for you AGAA4 well done on the great escape.

I can imagine the atmosphere in your parents house bikergran not good smile

Barmeyoldbat gringrin

Fennel Wed 26-Feb-20 18:59:22

AGAG4 very resourceful of you well done. And another use for these phones which I hate.
I've never been locked in yet, but we were once locked out of our house. We had gone out for the evening, had a visitor staying who went to bed early and put the interior locks on the doors, thinking we were already in. When we got home we banged and banged but she was dead to the world. A kind friend put us up for the night.
This was in the days before mobile phones .

harrigran Wed 26-Feb-20 19:14:05

Not me, DH in a partially completed hotel in France. Owner told us to help ourselves to water from a fridge in a room on the ground floor, DH went in and door shut behind him. Too late he realised there was no handle on the inside, automatic light went out and he couldn't find the switch. He had to feel his way round the walls to where he thought the window was, they were covered with plywood as still in construction, managed to climb out on to balcony. The room was on the ground floor but out the back the land dtopped away quite steeply and DH had to climb over rails and hang and drop to the ground. He was gone for absolutely ages but I thought he must have got talking to someone. Lesson learnt, never go anywhere on your own without a phone.

BradfordLass73 Wed 26-Feb-20 19:20:31

Fix that door so it closed only with a bolt and padlock from the outside and doesn't jam.
Don't rely on always having your phone in your pocket because the one time you

jacq10 Wed 26-Feb-20 20:05:58

Thanks for this post AGAA4. After I was widowed DD said to me I should have my mobile on and with me all the time even when out in the garden (which I am a lot). Must admit I didn't follow her advice and used to hear it ringing in the house and have to run in) but after reading your post I will definitely be following her advice. I am now remembering a friend's husband tripped and fell in the garden a good few years ago and lay there all afternoon until she returned as he couldn't attract the attention of any neighbours.

paddyanne Wed 26-Feb-20 20:13:20

I got locked in a park,the parkie had locked all the gates and my then boyfriend had to lift me by the ankles to get to the top of the church wall so I could get out .I've been locked out of a couple of places too and spent a night throwing small stones at my sisters bedroom in a highland hotel when I was stuck outside in the snow .I eventually woke her at 6am and I was frozen .I only popped out to take some photos of the stars and nobody thought to check on me

BlueSky Wed 26-Feb-20 20:24:50

Oh harrigran that was quite something! Your poor DH and you thinking he must have been talking! (As I would do) Thank goodness for mobile phones!

AGAA4 Thu 27-Feb-20 15:28:58

Thanks for all your posts. You have all had some scary times. The shed door is propped open now by a huge iron doorstop my neighbour brought until the man comes to fix it but I will still take my phone as I don't trust it now.

Esspee Thu 27-Feb-20 15:49:14

I spent the afternoon in a museum in New Zealand and when it was time to go I realised I was quite alone and the door was locked. Fortunately the curator was still in her office and I eventually found her, to her great surprise. Ten minutes later and that would have been me stuck for the night!
She thought it a great compliment that I had been so absorbed by the exhibits but a serious reflection on their security. I promised never to tell anyone where this happened.

SueDonim Thu 27-Feb-20 16:05:20

Oh my, Gransnet has got some influence - my Dh has just been stuck in our loo! shock And no, I didn’t hear him. The lock simply didn’t open. He spent some time trying to wiggle it open and eventually it gave way. Now, it no longer locks. confused. It’s weird he even locked it because we don’t usually bother when it’s just the two of us in the house.

A friend of mine once locked herself out of the house but with her baby inside. The baby was asleep on a bed but was mobile so could have crawled off. There’s no mobile signal where she lived so she ran to the roadside, hoping to flag down a motorist who could call for help. As it happened, a police Range Rover was passing. They came to her house, managed to park the Range Rover under the bedroom window where the baby was and a very athletic policeman clambered in, to find the baby still sleeping soundly. What a fright! She vowed to always carry her keys after that.

crazyH Thu 27-Feb-20 16:12:46

My poor daughter was locked in the loo in the middle of winter for nearly 3 hours, till I returned from work......what happened was, the key on the inside of the door had fallen off on to the floor and slid out. Walking down the drive after work, I heard this screaming and thumping......she was so glad to hear my voice.
Since then, no locks on any doors, except front and back.

Yehbutnobut Thu 27-Feb-20 16:43:48

Well done AGAA4 👍🏽