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BBC presenters!

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Oldwoman70 Fri 28-Feb-20 07:33:57

Listening to local radio this morning two presenters were talking about various news items. The first one mentioned that scientists had discovered there had been a "big bang" thousands of light years away from us

2nd presenter: well you know what happened after the first big bang

1st presenter: what?

2nd presenter: it wiped out the dinosaurs!!!!!!!!!!

I wish I could say she was joking but based on her previous comments I'm afraid she wasn't.

Septimia Fri 28-Feb-20 09:37:38

Sometimes they're so ignorant that you have to wonder how they got their jobs!

I'd have thought that good general knowledge was essential.

suziewoozie Fri 28-Feb-20 10:34:13

The general knowledge and information of all Radio and TV presenters is generally inadequate with poor interview skills. Too many focused on being celebrities . My bouquet would go to Shelagh Fogerty on LBC. No one else comes close imo.

Susan56 Fri 28-Feb-20 10:51:35

I like to watch Richard Osmans House of Games and the lack of general knowledge from some of the youngish presenters who have been on it is shocking.As for their spelling skills,the less said the better!

suziewoozie Fri 28-Feb-20 10:53:47

Richard Osman is very bright isn’t it and comes across as a ‘good bloke’. He’s very entertaining on Twitter

annodomini Fri 28-Feb-20 10:54:32

You only have to watch Celebrity Mastermind to realise that it doesn't take brains to be a celebrity - or a presenter.

EllanVannin Fri 28-Feb-20 11:38:25

I can't believe how unbelievably thick some of them are !!

annodomini Fri 28-Feb-20 12:11:19

This week, on House of Games, Angela Rippon was sadly disappointing. I must have expected more from a newsreader of the older generation!

suziewoozie Fri 28-Feb-20 12:15:06

But then, some of the youngsters on University Challege are amazing.

Lucca Fri 28-Feb-20 12:15:22

I just wish richard Oman would stop asking “how did you get on at home.” It grates after a while... but oh my word the lack geographical knowledge of even just Europe😱

Parsley3 Fri 28-Feb-20 14:01:10

Another huge fan of Shelagh Fogarty on LBC. She is excellent because she is knowledgeable about the topics under discussion and is intelligent enough to challenge callers’ views if they need challenging. Also, unlike some of the other LBC presenters, she brings no ego into the debate but just reasoned argument and common sense.

suziewoozie Fri 28-Feb-20 14:21:36

We’ll start a fan club Parsley

sodapop Fri 28-Feb-20 14:30:03

I find Osmond and Armstrong irritating on Pointless. They go over things so many tines just to hear their own voices it seems.

Oopsadaisy3 Fri 28-Feb-20 15:01:27

Annodomini agree completely, I guess that presenters literally read out what’s in front of them and don’t particularly need any knowledge, I was surprised thought that Angela Rippon hadn’t heard of Durdle Door ( er Durdle um er Cove?)
The comics seem to do quite well though, but they all seem to be nice people who are having a good time. We enjoy it and can usually answer most of the the questions, but not always in the time limit........

Parsley3 Fri 28-Feb-20 16:15:16

Suziew IMO Everyone should listen to Shelagh Fogarty and other programmes on LBC for a fuller and more honest reporting of what is actually going on. The phone ins are a real eye opener.

suziewoozie Fri 28-Feb-20 16:27:12

I think SF should have her own radio station, select and train all the staff, all cabinet ministers to appear on it when she summons them and all other radio stations to be closed down.

Ashcombe Sat 29-Feb-20 10:37:23

Richard Osman has a delightful manner and I love the quirkiness of the games that are devised on “House of Games”. The comedians on the panel seem to excel which is, perhaps, because they deal with words, puns, etc in their work. Yes, I too thought Angela Rippon was disappointing. If you want to watch more past shows, you can find them on the Dave channel at 7.00 pm.

Sparklefizz Sat 29-Feb-20 10:40:20

Sodapop I find Osmond and Armstrong irritating on Pointless. They go over things so many tines just to hear their own voices it seems.

Me too, Soda. I don't find them funny.

Kim19 Sat 29-Feb-20 10:41:30

Agree about SF. Would also put Anita Annand somewhere up there too.

cupaffull Sat 29-Feb-20 10:43:11

Septimia...Having worked at the BEEB for many years, I've seen how they get their jobs....recruites enter with low value Media Studies degrees. They are often unable to hold a conversation, can't spell and work initially as expenses only programme researchers all hours God sends in the hope they'll get spotted for presentation jobs.
Imo the Media Studies Degree appears to be one of the least challenging given the graduates that the Beebs recruited. It was who you knew rather than what you knew that got you through the doors of that media organisation.

MarieEliza Sat 29-Feb-20 11:13:13

I agree about Pointless, we now watch the Chase instead, Bradley Walsh is funny and doesn’t pretend to be what he isn’t

Growing0ldDisgracefully Sat 29-Feb-20 11:15:40

I am not keen on the lass who presents the One Show. Apparently she is very highly paid, though I can't say I'd ever seen her on television prior to the One Show. I find her a total air-head and therefore rarely watch it. Even some of the guests seem embarrassed to be on it, though I presume they're well paid for appearing. Prime time drivel.

Nonnie Sat 29-Feb-20 11:15:42

Oops "I guess that presenters literally read out what’s in front of them" Yes, I think that annoys me far more than any lack of knowledge. Imo anyone paid to read the news should be able to do so with the emphasis and pauses in the right place and not simply at the end of the line on the auto cue. We hear things like: China has a pandemic..................... of coronavirus and doctors .................. are etc. I may be alone in this as it doesn't bother DH!

nanamac77 Sat 29-Feb-20 11:48:57

With a very tiny bit of inside knowledge It seems that the BBC is more interested in being politically correct by hiring people who tick one of the minority boxes than in actual ability to do the job. And yes, there's a lot of .who you know'.

Aepgirl Sat 29-Feb-20 11:49:01

We have a presenter on local BBC radio who screeches, talks to us listeners like infants, and cackles regularly. If I know she is going to be on, I switch off. She also calls guests ‘my love’, ‘my dear’ etc. Despite complaining to the station, she irritatingly remains.