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Cinema visit - yes or no?(another Covid-19 related thread-sorry)

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MotherHubbard Tue 03-Mar-20 09:20:17

I just wonder what other Grans think about going to the cinema at the moment? I am supposed to be going on Wednesday but after listening to a rather scary debate on Covid-19 last night I am feeling a bit apprehensive about it. My husband, who has cancer, thinks I am being ridiculous which has made me feel like I’m overreacting as does the friend we are meeting there who is over eighty and herself suffers from numerous medical conditions including asthma. I know we are highly unlikely to come into contact with the virus as there have been no cases in our area yet but I think cinemas are ideal places to spread germs so am interested in what others are doing - I’m usually quite easy going about things.

Daisymae Tue 03-Mar-20 09:25:29

The government advice is business as normal at the moment. Just wash hands and don't touch your face. However that's until the situation gets worse. It's a decision only you can make. Sorry that's not helpful.

Davida1968 Tue 03-Mar-20 09:27:23

We've just booked to see "Emma"! (But at a daytime showing, in a small and spacious cinema.) Not having left the country for well over a year, and having had no (known) contact with anyone "at risk" of carrying the virus, DH & I are carrying on as normal - with lots of hand-washing.....

BlueSky Tue 03-Mar-20 09:27:31

I would stay away from crowded places and gatherings but I am no 1 panicker! Shame as I wanted to organise a surprise birthday week end abroad for my DH but at the moment I don't think airports and planes are a good idea. I don't know how long we'll need to do this.

Eglantine21 Tue 03-Mar-20 09:31:00

I know what you mean - I’ve got theatre tickets for Thursday.

My thinking at the moment is that this virus is going to be active for weeks, if not months. Am I prepared to put my life on hold and stop doing the things I enjoy for a long period of time.

I’m inclined to go. I think.......

craftyone Tue 03-Mar-20 09:32:41

I am booked into the local small theatre on friday for a film. It is small and always full, sadly, being of a certain age, I am not going. Sadly not everyone is hygenic, I saw someone in a supermarkey aisle yesterday, sneezed several times, no hankie and in the direction of the shelves. Some people could not care less, he never realised that I saw him

Witzend Tue 03-Mar-20 09:32:52

We’re going this afternoon, to see Dark Waters. (I’m sure John Grisham has written a novel on this theme.).
Have purposely picked 2.15pm weekday slot at the local multi screen, as likely to be a lot less busy.

I shall be very careful about washing hands, though, when I inevitably use the loo at some point! And when I get home.

May7 Tue 03-Mar-20 09:33:58

It would be a shame to miss out on your cinema outing when the risk of getting Coronavirus is soooo low in UK. I personally would go and enjoy yourself with your husband and friend. The situation may change and we wont be able to go out to cinemas ......but not at the moment.

annsixty Tue 03-Mar-20 09:37:09

My life is very restricted while I am waiting for an operation so I am hardly out but I like to think I would carry on as usual if I was able.
I think as long as we carry on with good hygiene we should be ok.
There is certainly some scaremongering going on.
It could ruin businesses if it gets out of hand.

Teetime Tue 03-Mar-20 09:51:13

We always go to the morning sessions as there are very few people in the cinema anyway so its nice and quiet and you dont have to sit near anyone.

Fiachna50 Tue 03-Mar-20 09:53:40

I am going to carry on as normal. I am in a high risk category. Until we get proper guidance, the handwashing will have to do. On another point, the media and newspapers have got everything at hysteria level and that's not helping. We all have to decide for ourselves what to do. If governments had acted earlier, we wouldn't be in this situation now.

henetha Tue 03-Mar-20 09:55:47

I share your concern, MotherHubbard, as a regular cinema goer. I think it's probably reasonably safe to go on Wednesday as you planned, but if things get worse then cinemas are best avoided.

Abuelana Tue 03-Mar-20 10:26:25

I flew yesterday and I took some wipes with me to clean down the arms, headrest and table. Washed hands when I went to the toilet then used a tissue to open the door. Actually the door opening is used on cruises :-)

Wash hands or take wipes or hand gel use regularily. Go and enjoy.....

Pantglas2 Tue 03-Mar-20 10:28:41

Like you Witzend we’re due to go and see Dark Water tomorrow afternoon and will be taking usual precautions of hand washing beforehand, gel while there and more hand washing when we get home.

We’ve been doing all this religiously for the last 6 months prior to DH hip op so it’s routine now!

BusterTank Tue 03-Mar-20 10:30:08

I think your husband lacks the understanding that if he gets it be will probably would not recover . He has cancer so his immune system would be low . I don't think you are over reacting , if everybody had your mind set it would help stop the spread of the virus . As for government they don't know really what they are doing . There main concern is our it is going to effect our economy .

Moggycuddler Tue 03-Mar-20 10:43:16

With your husband having cancer, I would cancel the outing. OK, the risk is extremely low but why put yourself (and him especially) at any risk at all if it's not necessary? Films are out on dvd very quickly these days, not much of a wait if you want to see something. My DH and I are in our 60s and we have decided to avoid crowded places as much as we can at the moment. You know, better safe than sorry.

GagaJo Tue 03-Mar-20 10:51:09

I can see your husbands point of view. He has cancer and he sees that his time may be limited and wants to make the most of life.

However, I wouldn't. I have to be in close proximity to teenagers daily and work and MAY have to fly in a couple of weeks but I definitely wouldn't join in any group activities.

I'd take precautions where I can.

GagaJo Tue 03-Mar-20 10:51:28

*AT work

HannahLoisLuke Tue 03-Mar-20 10:52:04

I'm also high risk having a compromised immune system, plus lung disease but I really want to see Emma so am wondering whether to risk going to a midweek morning showing and sit away from anybody else and keep my gloves on! 😬

sandelf Tue 03-Mar-20 10:55:35

Even in ordinary times I avoid it (I'm poor immune system). Some people go who are really full of colds and snuffle, touch things etc, some of them are generally dirty people, and do cinemas really get thoroughly cleaned?... And cinemas are both cold and badly ventilated. Then add in that it is clear people are infectious before they are ill, it is clearly a very contagious virus, with a much higher death rate than 'flu - do you need to see this film SO much?

Sparklefizz Tue 03-Mar-20 11:03:43

I went to see Emma with a friend yesterday afternoon but we did wonder before we got there whether we were doing the right thing. I am high risk with asthma and other illnesses, and I took a face mask in my bag which I planned to put on if it was busy there.

However..... there were only 8 people in the whole cinema, all sitting far apart. I followed the handwashing protocol and also used hand gel but didn't feel I needed to put on my mask.

But I shall not go again in the foreseeable future. When I got home I realised I had been a bit stressed about going.

Anyway, the film was good and quite funny - a different take on past versions of Emma. Bill Nighy was brilliant, as usual.

sweetcakes Tue 03-Mar-20 11:14:12

Please remember hand sanitizer has to be alcohol based to be affective.

TerriBull Tue 03-Mar-20 11:24:04

Yep! understand how you feel OP, really wanted to see "Parasite" but for the time being feel uneasy about going. The ante is being cranked up daily, I may just wait for the DVD to appear and that goes for anything else worth watching. Glad we managed to see 1917 at the cinema a couple of weeks ago, it was a film that needed a big screen to do it justice.

icanhandthemback Tue 03-Mar-20 11:28:14

We went last night and the cinema was empty. I just gave my hands a good wash on the way out.

Phloembundle Tue 03-Mar-20 11:36:48

I think your husband is being ridiculous. We have no way of knowing who is carrying the virus, and since it is now being transmitted to people who have not been to the worst affected areas, we could all meet someone harbouring it. I would not take my elderly mother out.