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Going to the cinema alone

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DaisyL Sun 08-Mar-20 10:14:07

Yesterday afternoon I went to see Emma by myself. None of my friends or family could make it and I really wanted to see it, (good fun by the way) so I bit the bullet and went alone. First time I've ever done that but I shall do it again. My husband died four years ago today and I've been on holiday alone but somehow the cinema has always been a couples or a group thing. What does anyone else think?

Riverwalk Sun 08-Mar-20 10:19:48

Lots of people go on their own - I'm glad you've joined the ranks!

I usually go to the cinema/theatre with a friend/friends but if no one is around I go by myself. It's a perfectly normal thing to do.

Charleygirl5 Sun 08-Mar-20 10:23:29

I have been to the theatre x2 recently by myself. If I want to see something I will go.

Strangely I will not go into a pub on my own.

GrandmaMoira Sun 08-Mar-20 10:23:45

I see no need to have someone with you for cinema or theatre. I am the opposite of you as I don't like solo travel.

TrendyNannie6 Sun 08-Mar-20 10:23:46

Good on you DaisyL you wanted to see the film and you enjoyed going that’s the main thing, incidentally loads of people go on their own

henetha Sun 08-Mar-20 10:26:37

I've been going to the cinema alone since I was about 12 years old. So it's no novelty to me, and is definitely my preferred

Eglantine21 Sun 08-Mar-20 10:26:45

I went to the theatre this week. Sat next to someone else on their own. Had a chat about the play.

Meeting for coffee this week😀

TerriBull Sun 08-Mar-20 10:32:51

I did it once in the middle of the day, we had painters in and there were a couple of them doing the whole house, but mainly in the stairwell. Husband was out and at the time wanted to see the film "Phantom Thread" Daniel Day Lewis's, last and possibly final film, absolutely knew it wasn't a film he would enjoy, so wishing to get out of the way, took myself off on the spur of the moment to while away a couple of hours. It felt a bit strange!

GagaJo Sun 08-Mar-20 10:41:41

I'll do most things alone, but the cinema is one that ideal for a solo visit. You're in the dark, of necessity you can't talk. It makes it more intense and increases my concentration.

There is a cheap cinema (an out of town, retail park) near my uk house. I've been quite a few times. The only downside to it is they don't have arty films, which tend to be the type I enjoy. But for blockbusters, it's great.

Maggiemaybe Sun 08-Mar-20 11:08:03

DH and I never went to the cinema much till we retired, but since then we’ve been going nearly every Thursday afternoon to the Senior Vue screening, £3.99 including free large coffee/tea and biscuits. We love it. Often there’s a film I fancy and he doesn’t, or vice versa, or one of us has something else on, and we go on our own. Loads of people do. Sometimes the film I’m not looking forward to (Jo Jo Rabbit, Joker) is the one I most enjoy.

Urmstongran Sun 08-Mar-20 11:15:40

I quite enjoy the cinema on my own if needs must. Ditto going into a bar, eating out, placing an infrequent bet in a bookie’s (eg. Grand National). Quite okay with anything really I suppose!

ginny Sun 08-Mar-20 12:02:21

I’m happy to go on my own too. Also happy to eat in a restaurant or cafe. If I have to go to the shops I’d rather go on my own. Same applies if I go to an exhibition . Even if I actually go with someone, will will split up and then meet for coffee/ lunch. So much easier than perhaps having to look at things that don’t interest you.

Whiff Sun 08-Mar-20 12:34:40

That's one of the few things I haven't yet done on my own. I was widowed 16 years ago at the age of 45. Done lots of firsts in that time. The local cinema has a film a month at reduced rate for oldes . It was Emma last time I wanted to go b

Whiff Sun 08-Mar-20 12:35:59

But had a fall and couldn't go. Hopefully they will have something I want to see soon. As you can guess pressed the wrong button.

Hetty58 Sun 08-Mar-20 12:44:39

I really enjoy going on my own. There's no interruptions - and no need to share the popcorn either!

I'll pop in anywhere for lunch and like visiting places on my own too.

Shopping I don't really enjoy so I can get round faster by myself. A friend of mine can't do anything alone and wants me to go for company. Sometimes, I'll oblige, reluctantly.

Namsnanny Sun 08-Mar-20 13:17:11

Went last night. Caught the midnight showing!
I was very bored at home.
No one else was there.

Pantglas2 Sun 08-Mar-20 13:22:29

I’m another who’s always been happy to cinema alone although my DD called me Billy-no-mates the first few times I did it!

Happy to go for coffee/brunch/tea to a Wetherspoon but probably wouldn’t for a drink in the evening- how odd! Yet when in Spain would cheerfully trot along to one of our local bars alone on the basis I’d bump into someone I knew!

Madgran77 Sun 08-Mar-20 13:42:27

I go regularly on my own as lots of things I want to see that husband or friends dont. Treat myself to a small scoop of Ben and Jerry's and I always thoroughly enjoy the afternoon.

M0nica Sun 08-Mar-20 13:54:02

DD, who has chosen to stay single, doesn't think twice of going to things on her own. She regularly goes to the cinema and out for day trips at the weekend. She has plenty of friends and does things with others, but she is just as happy on her own.

DH has always travelled a lot on business and I treasure my days to myself. He is away next Thursday - Saturday and I am planning a day out and a nice quiet meal in one of my favourite restaurants.

grannysyb Sun 08-Mar-20 14:07:22

Went to Emma yesterday afternoon, quite happy to go on my own. I would also go to a restaurant or pub on my own.

timetogo2016 Sun 08-Mar-20 14:16:23

Well I don`t go to the cinema at all I feel hemmed in and find it unsettling.
And tbh I wouldn`t want to be where there are lots of people at this moment in time.

Maggiemaybe Sun 08-Mar-20 14:18:09

Urmston, I once went into the bookies (alone) to place my Grand National bets, not knowing they didn’t (then at least) take credit cards. I’d no cash and it was near to the off, so I rang my DD, asking her if her husband would place my bets on his online account. She was at the hairdresser’s and I heard her talking loudly to him amidst lots of hilarity “A, can you put my mum’s bets on today. She’s been thrown out of Ladbroke’s again.”

M0nica Sun 08-Mar-20 14:19:51

ttg why not go at a time when it isn't busy? Last time DH and I went there were only about 15 people in the whole studio watching the film.

I quite agree now is not the time to be going, but this pandemic will only last about six months at most.

Namsnanny Sun 08-Mar-20 14:38:39

Well you could always do the same as me, timetogo and choose an off peak time. Maybe not midnight as I did, I can see that might not suit everyone!

Namsnanny Sun 08-Mar-20 14:41:46

Maybe going to a later showing counts as 'self isolating' M0nica as there was no one else in! grin