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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 09-Mar-20 06:09:53

Good Morning Everyone,
Its light but dry outside here in Brackley this morning.
Today, small tidy up before lunch and todays stage of Paris -Nice on TV.
The rest of the day as it comes.

grandMattie Mon 09-Mar-20 06:25:04

Hello. First post here. Morning is dry, sunny in east Kent. there was a fantastic full moon set just now. I thought the light in our room were the works on the nearby railway line, but no, it was the moon!

CherryCezzy Mon 09-Mar-20 06:34:36

Good morning Michael. I've only been on this thread once before. A bit wet here this morning and so far a blanket of cloud. Out to do the grocery shop today. Me and my wonderful partner (WP) don't usually do that on a Monday. After that, like you, the rest of the day as it comes. Probably a lot of rain will be what comes!
Good morning everyone.

Beechnut Mon 09-Mar-20 06:37:02

Good Morning everyone and welcome grandMattie.

It’s dry and light on Severnside this morning.

My weekend shed work was very successful and it is now clear of all rubbish. Tip runs to be done. Then it will be onto the next stage for that part of the garden. I’m having a rethink after comments made by DD and my friend.

I hope you all have a good day and feel better if you’ve are poorly 🌸

BlueSapphire Mon 09-Mar-20 06:37:28

Good morning, Mick, grandMattie and all to come. Dry here in Northampton too. Welcome Mattie.
Yoga this morning followed by coffee and a nice chat. Did not manage to get to the paper shop yesterday to pay my bill so will do that today.
Bit of pottering this afternoon, and then get on with my book club book.
Wishing all a good day.

Beechnut Mon 09-Mar-20 06:39:45

Welcome CherryCezzy in case I didn’t say it when you popped in before 👋

NannyJan53 Mon 09-Mar-20 06:44:31

Good Morning from a grey but dry Black Country. It was a mostly sunny day yesterday, and managed to clean the outside windows and surrounds outside whilst DP was on a cycle ride with his club.

Walking for Health walk this morning, where we all gather in the activity centre in the park afterwards and make ourselves a cuppa and a chat.

No plans for the afternoon, so will play it by ear.

Welcome to this thread grandMattie and Cherrycezzy everyone is very friendly here.

Wishing you all a good day, with special thoughts to gilly Dragonfly and Marydoll

Scentia Mon 09-Mar-20 06:51:10

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire. Looks damp and threatening to be damper out there!
Normal work day for me after a lovely weekend. DH ran in a 10k yesterday and I have decided to go fo a run and try my foot out tomorrow, I feel that if it hurts when I don’t run I may as well run! (Wonder how that will pan out!!!)
Welcome to our new posters. Hoping that everyone has a good day today and manages just a chink of happiness if nothing else.❤️

Sark Mon 09-Mar-20 06:53:46

Good Morning. Dry here in Oxfordshire.
Welcome GrandMattie
I have the day off today and am meeting an old school friend who I haven't seen for nearly 40 years. We were very close in primary school but not at all in secondary school so I am feeling a bit anxious about it!
Wishing everyone a good Monday and thinking of all with worries

NanKate Mon 09-Mar-20 06:57:20

Morning Mick and All.

I can see the sun rising, yippee here in South Bucks.

A warm welcome GrandMattie and CherryCezzy to Mick’s friendly thread. We are getting larger by the day.

Enjoy your walk NannyJ. We are in recovery mode after looking after the DGSs last week. We are back in charge from Wednesday, it’s all go.

💐and hugs to the poorly folk.

Gingster Mon 09-Mar-20 07:05:45

Morning all. Up earlier than usual. I woke at about 5 and couldn’t get back to sleep so eventually got up and made a cuppa. Sitting in conservatory with pooch snoozing. A nice bright start in Essex and heading up to the Suffolk coast after the morning rush. We.ll stay for about a week - a nice break after a hectic few weeks here. . Had all the family for lunch yesterday which was lovely and jolly. Wishing all a happy and safe day.

Grammaretto Mon 09-Mar-20 07:12:41

Good morning Mick and all from the Scottish Borders. It's bright and light but still too chilly for outdoor work sitting in the sun
Roll on those days please and when all this pandemic mania is passed.
A new French Helper (we host volunteers) is due later so I'll have to prepare her room. She wants to speak English - not sure why she's chosen Scotland smile
Have a lovely day everyone and a big welcome to all the newbies on here.
Beechnut when you've done yours - when can you come and do mine?

brook2704 Mon 09-Mar-20 07:22:00

Good morning everyone from another cold bright morning in Inverness
Spent most of yesterday tidying up in the garden and I even managed to get some washing dry !
I’m off to the gym this morning then a bit of shopping. Maybe out to the local garden centre for a little treat this afternoon 😀
Take care everyone especially those with worries and struggles 💐

NfkDumpling Mon 09-Mar-20 07:27:20

Morning All

Well, it was a lovely morning when I got up with the sun rising behind next door’s house. Now it’s raining. April showers come early.

Off to the Stately Pile today for a spot of volunteering. I can’t keep away for long.

Look after yourselves everyone.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 09-Mar-20 07:29:13

Goodmorning Mick and all x

Blue sky here in S E Essex, not sure if I am going to the gym this morning I am beginning to take this Covid-19 virus slightly more seriously, and not sure if a crowded gym is the safest place for an over sixty year old with asthma? ( we have a case confirmed a couple of miles down the road)

Welcome grandMattie

Keep safe folks x

Lins1066 Mon 09-Mar-20 07:30:45

Good Morning Mick and all.
There was a beautiful full moon last night with a clear sky, it was like daylight.
Maybe a gentle walk later.
Welcome to grandMattie and CherryChezzy.
Hope everyone will have a good day.

Susan56 Mon 09-Mar-20 07:34:08

Good morning from the Shropshire borders.Its dry at the moment.We have the window fitters here again today to fit the final window so hoping the rain holds off until they have finished🤞🏻
Have an appointment at the opticians this afternoon to get my swollen eye looked at.Typically it seems slightly better today🙄
Welcome to GrandMattie and CherryCezzy👋🏻
Wishing everyone a good day with special thoughts to Ellan,Mary,gilly,dragonfly and anyone else with sickness or worries.

kittylester Mon 09-Mar-20 07:48:57

Morning all from North Leicestershire where is it drizzling.

We got the curtains up yesterday so now the 'negotiations' for the carpet begin. Dh favours a dark one - he's wrong! grin

This afternoon I am off to Derby to see the children after school and to be with them until DD arrives. Actually, the only one who takes any notice of me is the dog!!

Hoping everyone with buggerations of any sort finds some relief today.

harrigran Mon 09-Mar-20 07:49:00

Good morning from a bright NE.
Very disappointed to learn last night that the direct flight from Brussels to Newcastle will cease in two weeks time.
DD will not be able to visit so easily.
New dishwasher is working well but the integrated door is catching on other units so will have to be realigned.
Nothing planned for today so can hopefully look for a man to put the kitchen in order.
Thinking of all those with troubles.

cornergran Mon 09-Mar-20 07:52:38

Morning Mick, morning All from a bright, sunny corner of Somerset. Rain due back at lunch time so out for a walk on the beach this morning. Bit of sorting this afternoon, dvds were culled yesterday, on to craft stuff today, there’s a lot that never sees the light of day now Hope Monday is kind to everyone, especially those with worries of any kind. .

Brunette10 Mon 09-Mar-20 07:59:59

Good Morning from a bright and sunny Fife. Make the most it's to rain later! Welcome to you both * GrandMattie and CherryCezzy*, enjoy this pleasant thread. DH has hospital appointment today so apart from that not much planned. Had a good weekend with unexpected visit from DD and DGS's. Today seems to be a busy day for a few of you. Enjoy and to those with worries we are all thinking of you. Take care.

Marydoll Mon 09-Mar-20 08:00:11

Good morning all from a rainy Glasgow, welcome to Mick's lovely thread, *grandMattie and CherryCezzy

It was a day of mixed emotions yesterday. A very close friend messaged me to say that her special needs son was failing and she had been called to the hospital. A very sad day for me.

Another special friend appeared with wedding gift for DD and we spent hours putting the world to rights.
All the plans went out the window.

I'm sorry to say this, but there was another upsetting post last night on the Good Morning Sunday thread, as some of you will know already. I finding it very difficult to make sense of it all and it's not a nice feeling.
This is meant to be a happy, welcoming thread.
Suffice to say I have alerted GNHQ to it, hoping they will get to the bottom of it.

Best wishes to all who are struggling and there are many on GN. 💐

Have the best day you can.

Nannytopsy Mon 09-Mar-20 08:23:54

Good morning Mick and all his followers.
A beautiful moonlit night and now wall to wall sunshine in Suffolk. I know there will be rain eventually but it does seem a bit better.
Son checked last night that we were ok for DGC duty today. First we knew about it! Happily we were not booked for anything.
I hope Monday is good to everyone.

Ginny42 Mon 09-Mar-20 08:25:29

Good morning Mick and everyone. Yes, the moon was beautiful last night in the clearest indigo sky here in Cheshire. A bright sunny sky now, but a few clouds scurrying in from the west.

Welcome to Mick's gentle thread, *grandMattie and CherryCezzy. Have fun with your old school friend Sark, I expect you'll find plenty to giggle about. Better to get your eye checked Susan56, don't take chances with your eyes.

I'm off for a walk in the woods at 9. Others walk their dogs, I just kick balls and cones for them to chase after. The dogs that is.

Best wishes to the poorly ones and those with cares. Enjoy your day everyone.

Nortsat46 Mon 09-Mar-20 08:28:33

Good morning Mick and the GM team, welcome to Mattie and Cherry.
It’s bright and sunny in east London today.

We are back to the vets for a third time with our poor ex-stray.

We moved him in with us in December and he was just settling in nicely. Then he was attacked by a big Tom cat, in our garden, sustained a nasty injury and has spent the week wearing an Elizabethan collar. I hope the vet says it can be removed today, because it’s been quite difficult for him to cope.

Have a good day all, good thoughts to Ella, Gilly, Mary and Dragonfly and to all those who are facing challenges today. Cross your fingers for Ollie and his collar, please 🐈