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Good Morning Wednesday

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12Michael Wed 11-Mar-20 06:10:12

Good Morning Everyone,
Its daylight here in Brackley this morning, with a clear sky , but looks cold outside.
Today, quite day maybe pick up prescriptions , plus small shop.
Then after lunch watch cycling on TV , which under the present climate might be the last one whilst things going on elsewhere.
Mind you yesterday, I noticed in Sainsburys the pasta shelves empty , plus maybe flour etc running low.
Yet the History of pasta brought back to Italy by Marco polo, when he discovered China so there has to be a link.

Urmstongran Wed 11-Mar-20 06:39:46

That made me giggle Mick!

Good morning everyone from Malaga where it’s not quite sunrise. It’s 7:30am here in Spain. I’m up early because I went to bed early - there’s only so much sleep a body needs!

Just checked the news and apparently Nadine Dorries, the government health minister has tested positive for coronovirus. I vacillate between thinking ‘keep calm and carry on’ and mild anxiety about all this. I worry about any of us needing medical attention of any kind - will doctors be able to cope? Then I think ‘oh stop overthinking this ...’

Budget Day today. I might tune in this afternoon and for the boring bits (most of it probably) I shall sit on the balcony and sunbathe.

Himself has just brought me a cuppa in bed. It’s the best one of the day isn’t it?

Hope Wednesday is good to us all whether we have plans or none. x

Beechnut Wed 11-Mar-20 06:44:51

Good Morning everyone from a light and dry Severnside.

That first cuppa of the day is the best Urm. I have mine in bed but have to make it myself.

I’m thinking I will start my tip runs today. Such excitement!

I hope you all have the best day you can 🌸

Scentia Wed 11-Mar-20 06:55:02

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire. It looks nice out there this morning.
I have come down with yet another cold probably the 5th in the last 2 months. I am still at work as DH and I work alone in our factory so we self isolate on a daily basis. We have just told no one to visit us. I am worried about my DH having a cold when he wants to fly to the US next week.😩
I didn’t go running last night as I didn’t want to take my cold to everyone, I then got a message to say it was cancelled anyway.
I hope everyone is staying well and virus free. I was listening to the news last night and they were saying that two weeks ago Italy only had 300 positive tests and they now have over 10,000
I am not usually one to be negative about anything but this is worrying me now.
Best wishes to you all have the best day possible.

Grammaretto Wed 11-Mar-20 06:58:41

Good morning Mick and all from the Scottish Borders where it has stopped raining after a bleak day yesterday.

Even my lovely Wednesday yarn group may be cancelled due to worries about overburdening the NHS. (10 of us crammed into a small snug room)

Our silver lining is personal good news for 2 of our DC so I shall be smiling all day.

Keeping you in my thoughts today Gillybob, Marydoll Dragonfly Ellenvannin and anyone suffering.

BlueBelle Wed 11-Mar-20 07:00:01

Looks a bright and dry morning here in Suffolk which is going to make the day seem so much better
Off to work shortly so a great day for me, meet lots of people and have some fun
Have a good one everyone

Mythbirtthedragon Wed 11-Mar-20 07:00:40

Good morning from east London, bright with a bit of cloud and quite mild outside. Tennis this morning, may even bring out the lightweight leggings as it got very warm the other day inside the dome. School pick up and GD gymnastics this afternoon with a trip to the charity shop to fit in as the car boot is full of books after his trip to Southend yesterday. Have a good day.

Sark Wed 11-Mar-20 07:07:34

Good Morning all from a fairly bright Oxfordshire
I am also trying not to overthink this whole virus worry Urmstongran but it becomes a little more difficult each day!
Usual work day for me
Best wishes to all

Susan56 Wed 11-Mar-20 07:14:02

Good morning from the Shropshire Borders.
My husband said the same about pasta Mick and the China/Italian link!!🤣
We had a lovely day with our younger daughter yesterday.We stayed to do look after DGS as the school where SIL teaches had Ofsted sprung on them so he had to work late and DD had work.They have always worked so one of them looks after B so it was the first time anyone other than them has attempted bedtime with DGS.I say attempted as all was going well,he was washed,pyjamas on,milk drunk then when I said let’s go up to bed he thought it was hilarious!Grandma doesn’t do bedtime in his world!
This morning we are going to watch DGD in her school dance performance then off to Cheshire to see mum then DGD back here for a sleepover.
Wishing everyone the best day possible and special thoughts to Mary,Ellan,dragonfly and gilly and husband.x

Gingster Wed 11-Mar-20 07:19:33

Yes this virus business is beginning to concern us. It’s almost like a disaster movie unfolding - not real life! Quite surreal watching the news and seeing Italy in lock-down. All the tourist places deserted. We are not worried but taking a few sensible precautions. I intend going to the cinema this afternoon, so will take my sanitiser and be aware . Military wives - anyone seen it?

ninathenana Wed 11-Mar-20 07:22:04

Good morning from grey Kent.
We had local flood warnings yesterday due to spring tides. Nothing happened as far as I know.
I have mammogram this morning the worst bit is finding a parking space.
Enjoy your day everyone.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 11-Mar-20 07:25:42

Goodmorning Mick and all x

Blue sky and sunny here in S E Essex.

Getting GC ready for school this morning after my morning cuddles. Cleaning ladies are here later to work their magic, no plans today so far.

(Nadine Dories has her 80+ year old mother with her and she is being tested today also, I hope they both recover as do the other victimeuof Covid-19)

Keep safe folks x

BlueSapphire Wed 11-Mar-20 07:31:20

Good morning everyone from a bright Northampton, but we have had overnight rain.

I am just longing for my morning cup of tea but will have to wait half an hour as I have just taken my weekly tablet. Food or drink (except water) is banned for 30 minutes.

Had a lovely time yesterday with a dear friend, found a nice cafe for lunch (which was quite busy), talked nineteen to the dozen, and indulged in a glass of wine! Her DS and family live in Hong Kong, but she said they are fine at the moment and used to the strict rules there concerning the corona virus. She and her DH usually go and visit them this time of year and are sad that they cannot this year. But they Skype or FaceTime every day.

Nothing planned for today; would have done some gardening, but it is too wet out.

Have the best day possible, everyone.

cornergran Wed 11-Mar-20 07:37:24

Morning Mick, morning All from an overcast corner of Somerset. Hard to find any good news ‘out there’ this morning. Meeting a GN friend for coffee and lunch today, looking forward to it. Hope Monday is kind to everyone, stay virus free, especially those with health worries.

Pittcity Wed 11-Mar-20 07:38:51

Good morning from a sunny and mild Colchester. I will be putting my winter jacket in the wash as the temperature is in double figuressmile
Walking into town for Wednesday coffee meetup as usual. Last week we all hugged in defiance of the virus...wonder what the feeling is now?

Lins1066 Wed 11-Mar-20 07:39:30

Good Morning Mick and everyone. It is a damp start on the S Welsh coast. I was thinking the same about the cycling Mick, we are recording it this week as we are unlikely to see any more of the Spring Classics going ahead.
Cleaner coming this morning so we will make ourselves scarce as she gets cracking.
Hope everyone will have a good day whatever you're doing, enjoy the sun Urmston. Special thoughts to Marydoll. EV, gilly and her DH, dragonfly 💐

Marydoll Wed 11-Mar-20 07:42:12

Good morning all from Glasgow and would youse (a Glaswegian term) lot stop rubbing it in about your weather! sad It's wet and wild here again , yet the icon on my PC shows a sun!!!! ☀😡

I do like your conspiracy theory about the origins of pasta, Mick, care to start a new thread?

A sad day for me yesterday, I was in the doctor's when my friend messaged me to say her gentle, profoundly disabled son had died peacefully in hospital. I was so upset. I could not imagine what it would be like to have your child die before you.

My usually harrassed GP pulled out all the stops yesterday. As soon as I got in, he took off my coat and scarf, ( he usually can't get you out quick enough), so that we could have a proper consultation.
As I self manage my conditions, where possible, and rarely bother my GP, he had obviously realised how unwell I was feeling.
No rushed visit and a bonus buy into the bargain, he was shocked when I said all the shops were cleaned out of paracetamol, part of my pain relief anagement plan, so he gave me a prescription for them. 👍🏻
I cost the NHS enough, so I just buy them in the supermarket.

At the end, he helped me on with my coat, wrapped my scarf round my neck, handed me my stick and put my handbag on my arm. I said he was unnerving me, was there something he wasn't telling me! wink
He replied, "This is my room and I'm just trying to be galalnt."grin

On a lighter note, I said I was running out of time and I had so much I wanted to do (for the wedding), he tried to reassure me and said " No, not quite yet, you should make it to the wedding!" He thought, that I thought I was going to die before the wedding, when what I actually meant was that I still had tasks to do and not enough time!!! grin

My friend who works in the nursery my DGD goes to advised me it is rife with chicken pox and hand, foot and mouth and her DGD ended up in hospital on Monday.
Yesterday my wee granddaughter felt unwell, hot, sore and tummy, very bad tempered, the same symptoms as my friend's DGD.
As I have to stay infection free until my new treatment starts in a few weeks, I'm now worried as I have a compromised immune system. A dilemma indeed, if she has caught it.

A day in for me, pottering about, procrastinating and generally time wasting. wink

Best wishes to all the poorly, sick bay inhabitants. 💐
Have the best day you can, everyone!

Ginny42 Wed 11-Mar-20 07:43:13

Good morning Mick and everyone. It's a bright sunny morning here in Cheshire. Marco Polo brought us pasta from China? I learn something every day on the GM thread!

I'm going for my morning walk in the woods at 9.00 then I'm starting to pack for a flight to Spain on Friday. Trying not to think of whether flights may be cancelled. I have to visit my housebound friend to make sure she has what she needs. The carers are excellent, but it's the little things.

Thinking of all with worries especially Gillybob, Marydoll, Dragonfly and EllenVannin and family. Take care of yourselves every one.

conor Wed 11-Mar-20 07:54:04

Good morning from a bright sunny Essex. Nanny Wednesday today so school run with DGS1 and then walk in the woods with DGS2. Should be some signs of Spring for us to discover. Things are a bit worrying about this virus. My yoga teacher was sanitising all the mats when we arrived. Am mentally preparing for self isolation and putting off some jobs to keep me busy during the time! Have a good day everyone xxx

NanKate Wed 11-Mar-20 07:54:30

Morning Mick and All.

Cloud and sun here in South Bucks.

Heading off for West Sussex to look after the DGSs and returning home on Saturday. Both have been unwell hoping they are better when we arrive to take over.

When we get back home this weekend we intend staying close to base for the next few weeks. Just as a precaution.

Hope NannyJ manages to get off on her hols to Lanzarote today.

💐 to the poorly or worried folk.

Brunette10 Wed 11-Mar-20 07:55:32

Good Morning from another yuk day here in Fife. We are having a visit through the West today so thanks for your weather update Marydoll smile. Slept like a log last night for some reason, but as my DM would have said I must have been needing it. I hope today is good to everyone, thinking of all those with worries.

brook2704 Wed 11-Mar-20 07:55:53

Good morning everyone from Inverness. It’s been raining in the night and showers forecast for the rest of the day so gardening maybe on hold for a while ...
Was at the dentist yesterday, all the usual magazines and children’s toys had been removed from the waiting room for hygiene reasons. Also dentist was saying there’s a real shortage of face masks, if they can’t get them they’d have to close. So many far reaching impacts of this virus
Susan56 your day yesterday sounds lovely 😀
BlueSapphire enjoy your tea when you get it !
Have a great day everyone and take care out there 💐

brook2704 Wed 11-Mar-20 08:00:29

Hugs Marydoll you’re sound like an amazing lady !

BlueBelle Wed 11-Mar-20 08:02:32

Thinking of you marydoll

MawB Wed 11-Mar-20 08:02:32

Good morning all from sunny N Bucks.☀️
Well done Marco Polo - our Co-op is sold out - not that I’m buying, my DDs tease me that my freezer and cupboards would withstand a nuclear winter. Well, who’s got the last laugh now? grin 🎶
DD1’s 45th birthday today and as she was born by elective C section around 9.30 I can safely say I am feeling a lot more comfortable than I was 45 years ago! Just been trawling through the old photo albums to find a suitably embarrassing pic of her for FaceBook 😈
Lunch out with a friend today, and other than that, as little as possible!
Sending hugs to all with mountains to climb and wishing us all a pleasant day.