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No wine in what is probably our last Sainsbury delivery!!!

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Mbra12 Thu 19-Mar-20 11:24:41

Well now I am taking this very seriously. I laughed about the loo roll and baked beans but no wine is one step too far. 😢

merlotgran Thu 19-Mar-20 11:27:00

OMG Don't tell me that. Ours is due tomorrow.

Teetime Thu 19-Mar-20 11:29:13

My sympathies this is serious! Can you get a Majestic delivery. Thankfully they brought mine and the gin.

Riverwalk Thu 19-Mar-20 11:35:29

I'm all right Jack - just nipped over to the Coop!

As part of my weight control I'm not drinking much these days but I like to know it's there smile

WOODMOUSE49 Thu 19-Mar-20 11:37:31

Hope my first Morrisons order - due 1 April - has got the wine, spirits and beer I've ordered. This was booked 2 days ago and was first I could get. Already 1/3 of it is looking out of stock.

Very disappointed with Sainsbury's. They have no delivery slots listed. Been on their site 4 times now.

annsixty Thu 19-Mar-20 11:41:53

That really would be the final straw.
When my H was here we always had a good supply in.
We would get deliveries from Virgin and Laithwaites but when he was ill we drank less and I stopped deliveries.
After he died
I only opened a bottle for visitors, just occasionally making one last a few evenings but I don’t drink wine everyday so
I stopped that.
I will investigate boxes if those haven’t all been sold out.

Mamissimo Thu 19-Mar-20 11:42:11

WOODMOUSE as from Monday 23rd Sainsbury’s are prioritising over 70s and vulnerable for delivery slots. They will be releasing slots on Monday.

BladeAnnie Thu 19-Mar-20 11:44:46

Oh no - my sainsbury's is due in the morning. MUST have wine!! x

GrannyGravy13 Thu 19-Mar-20 11:45:46

No wine!!!!!!

Now it is getting serious 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

glammanana Thu 19-Mar-20 11:53:09

I'm feeling sorry for the managers of the Supermarkets at the store where my son is Manager he has lost a lot of his staff who pick the orders and 4 of his drivers to self isolation making it so difficult to have slots available,he said people are buying from different sites for home delivery making it difficult for regular shoppers to get what they need.

ninathenana Thu 19-Mar-20 14:42:55

I'm genuinely surprised how many of you order/buy wine regularly with your supermarket shop.
I'm partial to a glass but not regularly.
That's just an observation, not a judgement.

GabriellaG54 Thu 19-Mar-20 14:51:35

Me too 'ninathenana.
I don't like alcohol but used to buy a round for friends as and when we met and have tap water myself, no ice.
I'm a bit surprised myself at the regularity with which some GNers seen to imbibe.
I read some months ago of one lady having a couple of glasses with her evening meals besides a g&t on arrival home.
It seems to be an upward trend.

merlotgran Thu 19-Mar-20 14:56:13

I'm a bit surprised myself at the regularity with which some GNers seen to imbibe.

Well, we've got to get through this somehow! grin

vegansrock Thu 19-Mar-20 15:00:05

You must know that most people on here only have a thimbleful of Sherry at Christmas. Anything more than that- you’re deemed an alkie. ( me- just ordered a case from Majestic).

Maggiemaybe Thu 19-Mar-20 15:04:33

I called at our Tesco Express today for a couple of things and they had their usual shelves full of wine. Perhaps I should have grabbed a bottle, but I might be better advised concentrating on those nearly full bottles of port and sherry bought “just in case” for Christmas. I learnt the other day that opened port goes off after a few months.

Maggiemaybe Thu 19-Mar-20 15:05:42

Does gin go off? Asking for a friend. blush

tidyskatemum Thu 19-Mar-20 15:49:18

You can still order wine from Aldi for delivery in 3-5 days. Free delivery when you spend over £20

MawB Thu 19-Mar-20 16:19:15

I read some months ago of one lady having a couple of glasses with her evening meals besides a g&t on arrival home

Oh dear, GabriellaG Shocked? Upward trend?
My PIL always had a G&T , dry martini or maybe a pink gin before dinner, regularly had wine with it and maybe a brandy or a calvados after.
Cocktail or drinks parties were a regular part of their lives and their entertaining.
Their generation may not have been binge drinkers like some of the young people we see today, but social drinking was IMO much more widespread than among our own generation.

Riverwalk Thu 19-Mar-20 16:47:17

Ah, calvados ..... that's a blast from the past!

I think that was the first digestif I ever had, when I was 20 smile

Fennel Thu 19-Mar-20 17:00:04

I often buy a bottle of wine from our big Tesco and haven't yet noticed a drop in supply.
I go personally, in person (from Catarello in Montalbano) so maybe it makes a difference.
Hoping to go tomorrow, and I'll try to report back.

grannyactivist Thu 19-Mar-20 17:09:52

Each of my four children are buying me a differently flavoured bottle of Baileys for Mother's Day - at my request. I don't drink very often, but they were on special offer and I've often thought I would like to try out the different flavours, but I couldn't justify the price tag. The deal is that if I succumb to the virus they can all use it to toast me at the wake! grin grin

BlueSapphire Thu 19-Mar-20 17:10:47

Sainsbury's didn't bring the red and white wine I ordered, but they delivered the rose.
DD has been and got me some red and white from elsewhere.
And I'm not ashamed to say that I have a glass of sherry every evening before dinner and a glass of wine with my dinner, so there!

J52 Thu 19-Mar-20 18:06:04

Doesn’t the alcohol kill the germs? That what I’m banking on!

nonnasusie Thu 19-Mar-20 20:06:25

Fortunately we have plenty of home made, plus homemade limoncello which considering the alcohol content could also be used as hand sanitizer! 😉

NanTheWiser Thu 19-Mar-20 21:24:08

Definitely a shortage in my big Tescos this morning, Fennel! I bought the last two bottles of rosé wine, a little more expensive than I usually buy, (but I can afford it...)

I arrived there at 8.30 to find the enormous car park almost full, and absolute mayhem inside. Hardly any green veg, and very limited amounts of other veg. No loo rolls (natch!) no washing powder, almost no tinned food, and no eggs (and I do love my brekkie egg).

Can't order online anywhere, but did manage a large order (to get free delivery) from the Cook! Company, which should arrive next Thursday, and guess what? I got a 15% voucher in the post this morning - too late to use! Never mind, I shall use it at a later date.