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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 21-Mar-20 06:12:42

Good Morning Everyone,
Its blue sky and cloudy this morning , but it will feel a different day due to recent announcements.
The local bus services are running on a Sunday service everyday , that includes those on here who are on the X5 Oxford -Cambridge route.
My usual Cafes maybe closed ,and the pub scene both are being monitored if there are any changes to the situation.
Anyway, a good fry up this morning , followed by a more casual morning, and watch old cycling events from last year on TV.
See one person has beaten me this morning , going off to the local Tesco which opens at 0600.

grandMattie Sat 21-Mar-20 06:16:33

Good morning. It’s clear here in E Kent. Hope we have some cheering sunshine after yesterday’s dreary day.
Visiting old fried in nursing home before lockdown, she will be very distressed not to have visits. I’m her only visitor.
Good luck at Tesco*Mick”hope it’s better stocked than my Sainsbury’s.
Keep smiling and cheerful everyone.

BlueBelle Sat 21-Mar-20 06:25:01

Good morning Mick and all others to follow from Suffolk looks a promising day sun trying to pop through
If it’s not too cold I ll get digging and probably just call in my local shop for some veg if they have any otherwise inside again

Beechnut Sat 21-Mar-20 06:45:00

Good Morning everyone from a cloudy Severnside. It promises to be sunny later which will be a boost I’m sure.

My brother and I have arranged to FaceTime later. I have been sorting out a lot of paperwork and stuff like that. Who knows, my house may end up tidy 😃

Life will be very different for a while so stay safe everyone and we will be here for each other 💐

Ginny42 Sat 21-Mar-20 06:45:58

Good morning Mick, grandMattie , BlueBelle and all who follow. A bright frosty dawn in Cheshire. A clear sky with a few pink-edged clouds and a single vapour trail. I hope it means a sunny day, which will lift the spirits.

My plan is to walk in the woods this morning, then I'm going to get on with a painting of St Mark's, Venice which is taking for ever. I have the piazza filled with Lowry-like people, now sadly deserted.

I will get out in the garden. I had planned to take down the brick-built BBQ and have a water feature, so I may go online to find one and when this is all over, I'll buy it.

Skype time with my DD and DGS this afternoon.

Specially warm wishes to the sick and troubled. We are in strange territory, but with care we will get through this. flowers for all.

ninathenana Sat 21-Mar-20 06:47:12

Indeed the sun is trying to show it's face in Kent.
I may get to hang the laundry out for the first time this year.
No plans for today.
It's not a "maybe" regarding your cafes and pubs Mick sad to say it's a definite. Though I did see that some pubs are planning to operate a take out service like many years ago when you took your own jug to be filled.
Have a good day and stay safe everyone.

Ginny42 Sat 21-Mar-20 06:47:48

Beechnut I didn't see you there! Have a lovely day. flowers

MawB Sat 21-Mar-20 06:48:23

Good morning from crisp and sunny N Bucks.

Doom and gloom all around us I fear. I think I might powerwash the patio - that usually cheers me up. Special thoughts to Marydoll, her daughter and all the family, this will be a hard day for them.
And also thinking of those whose operations may have been cancelled or which are in doubt, your courage is amazing.
Thinking of us all and wishing you a pleasant day.

Sark Sat 21-Mar-20 06:49:48

Good Morning everyone
Quite bright here in Oxfordshire which is a help.
Did a daft thing yesterday..I got to work to be told I had my blouse on inside out..!!blush
Stay safe and sending best wishes to all

Oopsadaisy3 Sat 21-Mar-20 06:50:07

Morning Mick
Sunny but breezy morning in Oxfordshire, just poked my nose out of the door and it’s pretty chilly too, I’m watching the News listening to the Jackdaws up in the chimney , such a nuisance as I can’t do anything about it now until the chicks have flown, they are so noisy!
I’m sure I’m not alone in that I have nothing to do today! But I’ll make a start on clearing and sorting one room at a time.
DH wants to go out for a drive so that’s our treat for the day.
So good to see that our local is going to do take away meals, not quite sure how we would sanitise the containers though.
Hope everyone has a good day, still thinking of those who have ongoing problems and hoping that their days get better.

Ginny42 Sat 21-Mar-20 06:56:32

Sark gringringrin My first laughter of the day. How did you manage to do that?

GrannyGravy13 Sat 21-Mar-20 07:04:01

Good morning Mick and all x

Haven't opened the curtains here in SE Essex!

Not the best nights sleep, but hey ho it's not as if I have a busy schedule today.

Thinking of your DD and all of you Marydoll

Wish I could zap all of our lovely Goodmorningers troubles and ailments away.......

Keep well and safe folks x

NfkDumpling Sat 21-Mar-20 07:13:13

Morning All

A lovely bright and sunny morning here in the north of Norfolk - until I stuck my head outside - it's bloomin' cold!

Today we will be replanting the rushes and iris' in the pond. Best Beloved yanked it all out yesterday to thin out before we just have a bog garden. The water is heaving with randy frogs and it'll be too late if not done Right Now.

May get the upholstered seating down to take down to our little boat. It has to be done this afternoon or tomorrow while there's no one at the yard. For the first time I'm pleased to have a DH who likes solitary occupations. (He doesn't count me!) We can sit in solitary state in the middle of a Broad and birdwatch until the fishing season starts!

brook2704 Sat 21-Mar-20 07:13:14

Good morning all from another bright cold but sunny morning in Inverness
I’m another one here with not much to do today !
Maybe a walk in the woods and a sit in the garden ... what exciting lives we’re going to lead over the coming weeks 😂
The main thing is that we stay as healthy as we can
Feeling so much for those living alone and with worries and struggles
Thank goodness we’ve got our virtual community
Take care everyone 💐

DoraMarr Sat 21-Mar-20 07:13:47

Good morning from a lovely sunny Birmingham! This is the day to start tidying up my balcony. I have some little seedlings from M&S to plant out, planted by my grandchildren. They can watch the development via FaceTime. I will have a walk in the park, a brisk one first then a sedate one with my friend who walks with a stick. I must actually do something with the vacuum cleaner which had been standing patiently in the hall for three days too.
Marydoll: flowers I hope the sun is shining where you are too.
Have the best day possible, everyone! sunshine

cornergran Sat 21-Mar-20 07:16:26

Morning Mick, morning All from a decidedly chilly corner of Somerset. Looking bright which is wonderful. Yes, how did you manage that sark? Made me smile, don’t dare laugh as it will wake up Grumpy grin. Thinking about marydoll, her daughter and all the family, a painful day ahead I fear. Not sure what we’ll do today. A walk for sure, Mr C is determined to get a paper hmm, some laundry to sort then enjoy a toasted tea cake and some telephone chatting. Good enough day. Hope Saturday is gentle with us all, stay safe and well.

vena11 Sat 21-Mar-20 07:24:03

Good morning from a sunny Bristol.
Just like everyone else nothing really to do today .
Thinking of everyone, so keep safe people

BlueSapphire Sat 21-Mar-20 07:25:28

Good morning all from a bright and sunny sunny Northampton.
It will be a gardening day I think, the grass edges need tidying up.
DD delivered a few odds and ends yesterday so I am pretty well stocked up now.
Have stopped reading the virus pages in the newspaper, too full of doom and gloom!
Stay safe everyone.

GrannyGravy13 Sat 21-Mar-20 07:27:39

Have opened the is blue sky and sunny 👍🌞

Newquay Sat 21-Mar-20 07:28:57

Good morning from a sunny Staffs. Will get into the garden today-can’t do much at a time cos of back but will do little bursts.
Will have a walk-I Cross over when I see anyone.
Really MUST do some housework/clearing out-no excuses now!
Our lovely neighbour has offered to do any errands although we’re ok for supplies for now. As long as supermarket shop is delivered next Friday. . .
PLEASE everyone take this seriously and isolate!

Brunette10 Sat 21-Mar-20 07:39:55

Good Morning from Fife where the sun is just behind some clouds ready to pop its little head out. Making such a difference to us all at this dreadful time. I need a white sauce for my ham I am going to bake today so will take a walk up to the retail outlet, if I can't get any I shall think of something else no doubt. Not an essential at all. I hopefully have most things in my cupboards/fridge to last a wee while. Thinking of all GN's who have other problems also to contend with, it's not easy. We shall all rally round though one way or another. Keep your chin up smile

Grammaretto Sat 21-Mar-20 07:44:12

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. Bright sunny morning. Birds are still singing.
Nothing planned today although I may finish washing the greenhouse.
I am expecting a parcel. Is the post still operating?
Keep well everyone.

Whitewavemark2 Sat 21-Mar-20 07:45:53

Good morning from a gloriously sunny but freezing Sussex

Birds have been fed and inspected my emerging seedlings all coming along nicely.

I may go out with DH this morning and dog, but it is always tempting to garden without interference from the dog. He loves to help. He actually thinks I’m mouse hunting.
I have found a shopping slot on Asda for 7 April🙂, so I am counting myself very lucky at the moment. Most staples are sold out though, but I’m hoping things will have improved before then. I now have a shop coming from Waitrose, next week and this one from Asda. I shall order no more than we need for a week and make it do.

I belong to a neighbour help scheme set up for the virus and there was a message on there yesterday from a lady who has kidney problems and who husband is is ill with heart problems. She has been unable to get out recently and now has to wait for her next lot of money due in a fortnight. She has nothing to eat. The scheme is arranging things for her and contacting the local food bank social services etc.

How lucky we all are compared to that poor soul, and how heartening to see such generous help and love for our fellow men and women.

Sar53 Sat 21-Mar-20 07:50:59

Good morning everyone from a bright and sunny Essex by the sea.
No plans today, surprise surprise. DH is going to the supermarket to get the things we forget yesterday and we may go for a walk along the sea path. It's never busy and I'm sure we can keep away from others.
I have my puzzle, patchwork and book. There are also admin matters to attend to.
Thinking of you Marydoll and your daughter and future SIL.
Have the best day you can and stay safe xx

Mythbirtthedragon Sat 21-Mar-20 07:57:59

Good morning from east London, bright, sunny and cool. DP has been saying ‘it’ll take us 3 months to get this house sorted’; now he has his chance. That’s our house I’m talking about, not the Southend one. We will go out for a walk today, there’s lots of choice around here to spread out. Wondering what DS will do as he was intending to stay at uni (all online studying) but now the pub he works at has closed we may get a taxi request. I have referred him to the shelf stacking jobs being advertised; wonder how much demand there’ll be for that. I’ve just had a text from quantas saying my booking to Australia has been cancelled..... ? Have the best day you can.