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Good Morning Wednesday

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12Michael Wed 25-Mar-20 06:15:09

Good Morning Everyone,
Its bright and sunny this morning here in Brackley this morning.
Will attempt to go out and do a small shop this morning around 8 , so hopefully queuing will not be as bad but according to the news they are adopting a one and one out policy.

Oopsadaisy3 Wed 25-Mar-20 06:21:19

Good morning Mick
Clear sky and a good frost this morning in Oxfordshire.
Hopefully it will be warmer today, so we might be able to sit in the garden with a coffee, I found it too cold yesterday, but we did have a walk around the village, we didn’t see anyone.
Hope everyone has a good day and isn’t going crazy with boredom
Fingers crossed for Shandy later today, and hope Gillybob has a better day with less stress.
Stay safe everyone and take care.

BlueBelle Wed 25-Mar-20 06:22:18

Good morning Mick and all other ladies and gents looks sunny and bright in Suffolk seagulls are screeching love to hear them I know I m home
May go to the allotment or a solo walk on the beach
Mornings are ok but afternoons are a bit boring I run out of steam after lunch
I m going to paint a big poster for “the clap for the NHS” tomorrow evening and I ll put in my garden Are you all taking part ?

grandMattie Wed 25-Mar-20 06:25:08

Morning everyone. Gorgeous day. Frost on cars, will melt in the sun.
Exciting day! Going to supermarket early, wrinkly time and doing the washing! Of such small things has my life been reduced to...

GrannyGravy13 Wed 25-Mar-20 06:28:32

Goodmorning Mick and all x

Another bright sunny day here in S E Essex.

I shall make banana bread this morning with some overripe bananas as I am determined not to waste any food at this time. I made my version of minestrone soup yesterday, with left over vegetables, a can of baked beans, some cut up linguine along with chicken stock, tomato purée and Italian seasoning, it tasted really good.

Sending virtual hugs to you all

Keep safe and well folks x

BlueSapphire Wed 25-Mar-20 06:33:32

Good morning everyone from a bright Northampton.

Had my Sainsbury's delivery yesterday, and almost everything I ordered was there, and the substitutions were acceptable. They will let me know when the next priority slots become available.

Will be making shepherd's pies for the freezer this morning, and then more gardening this afternoon. Did a lot of weeding yesterday and then sat in the sun with a magazine.

Hoping we have the best day we can.

oldgoat Wed 25-Mar-20 06:34:57

Morning all.
I was woken by the dawn chorus at 5am.
It's a lovely sunny morning here in York and I am so grateful that the dreaded virus has struck in spring , not winter, when it would have been dark for so much longer.

We've never had time to just sit in our garden and enjoy it before. So lucky to have some outdoor space and sorry for people banged up inside with nowhere to go.
Hope you all stay well

Nanabanana1 Wed 25-Mar-20 06:35:29

Good morning everyone lovely and bright here in Torbay, will walk the dog then some gardening I think, have been lucky enough to get a shopping order from Iceland so am excited to see what will actually arrive.😂
Stay safe everyone xx

Maybelater2020 Wed 25-Mar-20 06:36:58

Good morning from a bright clear morning in Chester. Looks another promising day so will spend it in the garden. Our gardens should be stunning later in the year following all this attention. Have the best day you can everyone.

DoraMarr Wed 25-Mar-20 06:38:54

Good morning from a sunny Birmingham! I’m going to have my usual walk in the park this morning. Some native daffodils have been planted in the wood at the top of the park, so I will walk up there to see them. I have tidied up my balcony in preparation for some new plants: three mock orange and a blueberry bush. I am filling my days quite usefully, despite my world having shrunk so drastically.
Thinking of everyone with troubles and sickness: may you have a good day.

ninathenana Wed 25-Mar-20 06:44:47

Good morning everyone.
Slight ground frost in Kent again but it promises to be another sunny day.
I will brave the supermarket soon. Post on local FB pages say it's not been to bad last few days.
DH eventually agreed that he shouldn't go to his gardening jobs.
Take care everyone.

kittylester Wed 25-Mar-20 06:45:14

Good morning all from a bright North Leicestershire.

Not much going in here today. Our neighbours funeral yesterday was surreal, with a few other neighbours in their gardens and other friends from the village wanting to see him off and standing in odd places to be able to be part of it.

I haven't been keeping up to date properly but send love to everyone who needs it!

Sark Wed 25-Mar-20 06:47:07

Good Morning everyone from sunny Oxfordshire.
My DH will be doing some shopping for our elderly neighbour later but I still have to go to work.
Come on Boris please shut down the building industry it is not safeangry
Thinking of you all and stay safe

Beechnut Wed 25-Mar-20 06:48:18

Good Morning everyone from a sunny Severnside.

I think I might have overdone it in the garden on Sunday and Monday so I had a quite day yesterday and plan to do much the same today.

Plenty of stars twinkling prettily in the sky last night.

Look after yourselves 🌺

ninathenana Wed 25-Mar-20 06:49:20

Bluebelle please write "applause for NHS" on your poster not clap for the NHS 😂😂

Scentia Wed 25-Mar-20 06:52:46

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire. Looks like a lovely day out there.
I will tune in to Joe Wickes at 9am then I will take the pooch down by the riverside as it is very muddy and no one else likes to go that way.
We have closed the factory for the time being, I have the phone on divert and I can get E Mails in my phone.
I went to the supermarket and did a shop yesterday, still no toilet rolls, soap, pasta etc.

Gilly. I do hope you have answers and are able to relax a little now.

I am spreading out my jobs around the house so I don’t run it of jobs.
Take care everyone and stay safe.❤️

Mythbirtthedragon Wed 25-Mar-20 06:54:34

Good morning from east London, blue sky with a cool start. Yesterday seemed like a long day as there was a lot going on and emotions got stretched. My 2 social groups on WhatsApp were constantly pinging on my phone with the various videos of warnings and jokes being duplicated. It will calm down. I got the local councillor to confirm the sports ground opposite wasn’t closed despite the notice on the gate; I was about to go in as others had done but bottled it as the community support officer came round the corner. We did have a lovely walk up to Hollow ponds; most people there were observing the space requirements but there were some blokes having a kick about. DP eventually got the painkillers he’d requested for his back about 7pm so he calmed down after that. My DS2’s wonderful red Labrador, Mad Max, had to be put to sleep yesterday after a nasty tumour was diagnosed; 12 years old and he’d only had 2 days of not being well. Lots of tears. Then we got a call yesterday evening saying the person we were due to rehome the cat to wanted to go and collect her straight away. Lots of arrangements made; cat is no longer in Southend. Then DS cheered me up with a video of GD2 having a good giggle. Today I’m expecting 2 jigsaw puzzles to be delivered; last recorded at the sorting office in Exeter. Have a good day; I’m hoping to have a calmer one.

BlueBelle Wed 25-Mar-20 06:57:23

Ummm you’re right of course nina I just checked some official adverts doing the rounds and some do say clap for the carers or clap for the NHS but you’re right I ll reword mine to clap your hands for ....

Ginny42 Wed 25-Mar-20 06:59:09

Good morning Mick and everyone. Awake since 4.00. It's a bright sunny morning and a balmy 5C here in Cheshire. Glorious weather yesterday and worked in the garden. Could hold a conversation with neighbours so didn't feel so alone. There will be empty patches this year where I usually have bedding plants, but that doesn't matter in the greater plan of things.

Today I'm going to make bread. I did my usual trick of finding an easy recipe for soda bread, didn't note where I found it and now can't find it. Speaking of not wasting food, I gave the left over bit of gammon in the fridge to my neighbour for her dog. She sent a text to say- put the gammon in homemade soup and it was delicious!

Sorry to read of the continuing aggravations Gillybob. Not everyone reads the GM thread so perhaps you would get ideas from others in a similar situation re the business in the Forum???

Warm wishes to all. Stay well and positive. flowers for all.

NfkDumpling Wed 25-Mar-20 07:04:57

Morning All

Another beautiful blue sky day here in the north of Norfolk. It’s as if the Earth has gone on holiday and is enjoying the peace and lack of fumes. We did spot two contrails from planes yesterday - we under the USA - Northern Europe route. Sometimes the sky clouds over with them.

I’m going to plant some contain veggie seeds today and prepare pots and tubs with compost ready to receive them. I’ve ordered more with a supposed delivery date of 3-5 days but I rather fear this may have gone out of the window!

Have as good a days as you can Everyone.

Lisagran Wed 25-Mar-20 07:07:59

Ginny42 made this yesterday......

Brunette10 Wed 25-Mar-20 07:08:51

Good Morning from a dry Fife, sun not out but I hope it finds it's way wink It's a friend's funeral today but obviously won't be able to go. I had wanted to stand just around by her home but the undertakers will take her straight to crematorium and family are leaving in their own cars from house. Her DH understood why I wanted to do that but really no point, he knows how we feel sad. I will continue to cook for freezer, have a prescription to pick up from doctor so will incorporate that with our walk today. I hope everyone is coping well. Thinking of all us GN's.

QuaintIrene Wed 25-Mar-20 07:09:55

Good morning everyone. A nice morning in West Yorkshire.
Need some supplies from the corner shop today so I am going to have to go out. It’s usually quiet especially now the schools have closed.
Big cat is still in bed. Not a care in the world.
My neighbour with the dog has just walked past. I shall post some treats for Rocco the dog through the letterbox if the shop still has some.
Back to bed with coffee and a snuggle with big cat in a minute.
My thoughts to all who are troubled or ill and everyone else, take care 💐

NanKate Wed 25-Mar-20 07:14:40

Morning Mick and All.

A beautiful sunny day here in South Bucks.

We have open front gardens where I live and only a path and field in front of that. One of my neighbours put out a sunbed and must have lain there for at least 3 hours yesterday taking in the beautiful sunshine. It was too cold for me to do that so I sat in the bay window in the sunshine instead. I did my 20 minute daily walk first thing to get the old vitamin D in me.

What a thoughtful send off Kitty for your neighbour.

aggie Wed 25-Mar-20 07:20:29

Good Morning all from a milder Co Armagh , my raised beds round the patio are starting to look a bit dry !
I don’t comment on other posts because I can’t remember by the time I start typing , the old head is a bit dry too
I haven’t been out of the house for over a week but it is starting to drag
DD has put my table and chairs on the patio with the aid of a tape measure , but just me to enjoy them , I did don my warm fleece and sat with my cup of red bush tea , but the east wind drove me in , the sun was lovely