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This puzzle is driving us all crazy!!

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Katek Sun 29-Mar-20 15:07:50

Family What’sApp group have been debating this all day with several different answers! Any takers?

Whitewavemark2 Sun 29-Mar-20 15:10:23

15 and 3/4 - maths are not my strong point though

Lucca Sun 29-Mar-20 15:10:33

It’s 43.

BlueBelle Sun 29-Mar-20 15:10:34

Well my answer is 20

Kupari45 Sun 29-Mar-20 15:10:41

Is it 60?

Lucca Sun 29-Mar-20 15:11:33

Look again at the man in last line....also apply BODMAS.
My great niece explained this to me...

Katek Sun 29-Mar-20 15:13:12

We’ve had answers from 16 up to 43!! Still don’t know which one is correct!

LuckyFour Sun 29-Mar-20 15:13:14

I think the answer is 18

GrannyLaine Sun 29-Mar-20 15:13:42


BlueBelle Sun 29-Mar-20 15:15:03

Unfortunately it’s not clear enough to see what’s in his hands

GrannyLaine Sun 29-Mar-20 15:16:00

No. I missed the multiply sign. In that case, 60

millymouge Sun 29-Mar-20 15:19:43


Katek Sun 29-Mar-20 15:19:51

It’s the wrist strap things Bluebelle

Granny23 Sun 29-Mar-20 15:28:51

Obviously 60 unless he has a trainer in each hand in which case = 100.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 29-Mar-20 15:28:52

Oh I didn’t notice his hands right will re-think

Whitewavemark2 Sun 29-Mar-20 15:30:29


17 and 1/4 is my next answer

Whitewavemark2 Sun 29-Mar-20 15:32:44

We need to post our workings


Shoes = 10
Chap = 5
Wrist straps = 1 and 1/2

I’m happy to be corrected😄😄😄

GrannyLaine Sun 29-Mar-20 15:33:34

And he has trainers on his feet, in which case (assuming what he has in his hands are the strap things) my final go 132

aggie Sun 29-Mar-20 15:35:27

I made the straps 4 ?

Boz Sun 29-Mar-20 15:35:29

Our family are doing a similar puzzle and you have to bear in mind the calculation on last line is right to left not left to right as we usually read stuff.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 29-Mar-20 15:35:58

Oh bugger

37 and 1/4

Katek Sun 29-Mar-20 15:37:20

Right to left?? Maybe that’s where I’m going wrong 😱

Whitewavemark2 Sun 29-Mar-20 15:37:36

Box that’s as clear as mud


Whitewavemark2 Sun 29-Mar-20 15:38:39


Juliet27 Sun 29-Mar-20 15:42:40