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GabriellaG54 Wed 01-Apr-20 11:15:54 shore up your finances and trim any excess spending?
You might say...'Well, I'm in all day so a fat chance of spending more than usual', however, it's easy to overlook the fact that you are using more electricity, gas and water despite the offsetting of commuter costs. Do you regularly look for better energy or finance deals?

gillybob Wed 01-Apr-20 11:24:33

What finances? All but the insurance direct debits have now been stopped as we have zero income . I Can’t begin to imagine the debt we will end up in when this is all over .

Greymar Wed 01-Apr-20 11:25:58

No, I enjoy spending money on crap. It makes me feel good.

Beechnut Wed 01-Apr-20 11:35:19

Tat shopping we call it Greymar 🤣 whatever it is.

Beechnut Wed 01-Apr-20 11:37:24

Sorry to have gone off thread there GabriellaG54.

Beechnut Wed 01-Apr-20 11:41:12

I normally keep a close eye on things.

EllanVannin Wed 01-Apr-20 11:42:23

I concentrate on helping my family right now. Who's counting ?

GabriellaG54 Wed 01-Apr-20 11:44:57

Let the thread go (or not) where it will Beechnut it's ok by me. 😂😄

GabriellaG54 Wed 01-Apr-20 11:52:12

My AC, from 32 to 52 should be able to look after themselves (andtheir DC and and GC) so I was thinking of people who are unavoidably at home and not doing voluntary work or outdoor hobbies, retirees or self employed in the main, who might not have savings.

Missfoodlove Wed 01-Apr-20 11:52:32

I am not earning as my business is all centred around product testing.
We do thankfully have some wool on our backs, a pension and a house we let.
Our expenses have gone right down, no gym membership, wine club, entertaining ,eating out, petrol, hairdressing not to mention all the little extras when I’m out shopping! Turns out we can live without Puglian bread and Nduja paste😩.
I do no put any heating on until 5pm all our meals are planned and wine consumption is for the weekend only.
I have resisted the temptation to do any online shopping and our April holiday is in the process of being refunded.
I’m hoping when we return to normal we will continue some of our frugality.

gillybob Wed 01-Apr-20 11:53:36

Sorry . Just ignore me I’m a miserable cow .

I’m going to try and buy some shopping on the “Card” before it gets stopped when the DD doesn’t come out . The only way is up ....right? grin

GagaJo Wed 01-Apr-20 11:58:36

We're spending a LOT more on groceries than we normally would. Usually I'm not here in daytime even when I am living in the UK. Grandson and daughter aren't out at all now either so are also eating 3 meals a day here. Isolation has massively put the food bill up.

Other than that, no other real spending. GS has a birthday coming up but he hasn't got the usual extravagance of gifts. Mainly 'doing' things to help him stay busy while he can't go out.

3nanny6 Wed 01-Apr-20 12:05:29

Saving anything in this pickle we are all in. I have spent double the amount on food as I have had to buy in all sorts of different shops just trying to get food into the house as normal places to shop were shelf bare. I had to help eldest daughter with some money (even though she is a full time worker) she had the same problem with the food availability. I am using more water as cleaning, washing floors, bathrooms every morning and one thing I have been doing is phoning family a lot but am now going back to the old art of writing letters, it's cheaper.

Greymar Wed 01-Apr-20 13:08:20

Tens of thousands of people through no fault of their own have absolutely nothing, nothing.

morethan2 Wed 01-Apr-20 13:11:52

I’m shopping for our son who can’t leave his sick wife and children. I don’t expect or want to be repaid. I just want to know I’ve done all we can to help.
It’s not so bad for us. There’s no mortgage, my husband is still working. I suppose we might have to tighten our belts a little if either myself or my husband gets ill.
I am glad you’ve raised the subject though GabrielaG54 because I hadn’t given it a second thought and I think perhaps I should. Just in case things beyond our financial control take a serious down turn.

SueDonim Wed 01-Apr-20 13:21:37

We’re very fortunate in that we live on pensions so won’t lose those. I do have a stakeholder pension that was due to pay up this year but I don’t think it’ll be worth much now. 😩

I’ve bought some groceries for my mum but our own food bill hasn’t risen I’m not sure why food consumption would increase, if anything, I’m eating less right now.

Oopsminty Wed 01-Apr-20 13:23:31

We’re very fortunate in that we live on pensions so won’t lose those

We have no idea how the pensions will survive this though!

JenniferEccles Wed 01-Apr-20 13:28:57

This enforced imprisonment is an ideal opportunity to make sure we are all on the best tariffs for the utilities, insurance, mobile phone contracts etc.

Remember what Martin Lewis always stresses. - if you are on a gas or electric standard variable tariff, you will be paying too much.

Sometimes it’s as simple as a phone call to save quite a considerable amount.

One example. We are with a plumbing home emergency company and when the reminder letter arrived the rate had leapt up.

My husband got on the phone to them threatening to cancel and lo and behold they quoted last year’s figure again !

Honestly an hour or two online can literally save hundreds a year.

SueDonim Wed 01-Apr-20 13:36:37

I’m assuming what’s being paid out now will continue, Oopsminty but going forward, I can imagine it’s going to be very difficult. sad

GagaJo Wed 01-Apr-20 13:42:23

I don't think food consumption is going up SD. But families that were all out of the house for much of the day before are in.

No school lunches for children. No take aways (well, some must still be getting them, but I wouldn't risk it). No meals out.

So while overall spending probably isn't more for most people, it's all going on a grocery bill, rather than out in dribs and drabs.

At my overseas job, all meals were included. So I had no food bill before. Whereas now, obviously, I'm buying groceries.

threexnanny Wed 01-Apr-20 13:43:04

As we are not feeding and buying treats for the GC there will be a small saving there, as well as no hairdresser bills. Heating and lighting will be about the same as we are both at home retired. Holidays and day trips all cancelled so no costs there. No impulse buys from the shops and not buying from online as no where to wear it and difficult to return if unsuitable.
It's the younger generation with mortgages and young children who are going to feel the most effects.

SueDonim Wed 01-Apr-20 13:52:05

Oh I see, Gagajo. People are consuming meals at home which they’d normally buy when they’re out and about. That figures.

I think we’re eating more healthily. We’re not going out for coffee and cakes and I’m paying more attention to using what we have in the house and to meal planning.

TwiceAsNice Wed 01-Apr-20 14:01:51

I’m lucky enough not to have a mortgage . Utilities are about the same and food mostly although I would have had a main meal in school the two days I previously worked, now doing my face to face work over the phone at home.

No hairdressing bills, no driving so no Petrol. No impulse spending when out and don’t intend to buy any new summer clothes.

I have ordered birthday cards and presents on line for grandchildren and SIL whose birthdays are early May. Sent cheque in card for god daughters birthday in April.

Nothing is going out of the bank account at the moment except usual DD’s . I am still receiving pensions and small salary at the moment as still technically working so again realise I am luckier than some.

chicken Wed 01-Apr-20 14:02:35

My shopping bill is much higher now that I can't go to a supermarket, and home delivery is a joke....I've been trying to book a slot for weeks but T***o have none available here at all. Luckily a local farm shop will deliver the basics but their prices are way higher...but, honestly who cares when it's a choice between money and starving.

GagaJo Wed 01-Apr-20 15:28:31

I WISH I were eating more healthily SueDonim. Unfortunately, now I've got time on my hands, I'm baking up a storm.

Yes, I'm lucky too chicken. I'm still getting paid, although not sure how long that will last.