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What were you meant to be doing this weekend?

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M0nica Sat 11-Apr-20 08:06:31

On Thursday, we should have driven up to Peterborough in a hired van full of 'antiques' (definitely not antiques), met DD and her car full, set up a tent on an outside plot and spent yesterday and today, sitting in the sun while selling stock, talking with other stall holders and getting a tan. It is glorious antique fair weather this year (one Easter we had blizzards).

I have spent the last few days imagining what the Eastern England show ground should be looking like, with all the bustle and people and what it is actually like, empty, sunny peaceful and calm.

Heres to next year!

We would have driven home tomorrow, to find, in our absence, that DS and family had arrived for their Easter visit snd would have cooked supper.

Beechnut Sat 11-Apr-20 08:10:11

I hadn’t made any plans but would have hoped to see DD at some point.

Baggs Sat 11-Apr-20 08:12:07

Garden stuff, bike ride (first after my shoulder mended so probably short), a little grocery shopping for the coming week.

I expect I'll do them all, weather permitting with regard to the first two.

This is also a 'normal' weekend for MrBaggs and me. Easter's no different.

Lucca Sat 11-Apr-20 08:15:09

Played a lot of tennis. Gone out for a meal probably, hopefully would have had a visit from Manchester family....

Pantglas2 Sat 11-Apr-20 08:15:24

Oh Monica how sad to have a lovely Easter outing spoiled- will you do it next year?

We would have been in Spain now enjoying Semana Santa in our town and just been very sociable- they make a big deal of Easter there, all the religious ceremonies actually, and it’s lovely to watch all the efforts made for the floats and parades.

Kittye Sat 11-Apr-20 08:16:17

Going down to Southampton for our cruise to the Canaries tomorrow ☹️

MawB Sat 11-Apr-20 08:17:58

I should imagine we can all imagine what we were meant to be doing or had at least hoped to do, but with all respect M0nica I don’t think it is helpful.
There are already posts from teary Grans who wish they could see their grandchildren, others with cancelled weddings or holidays, people who face no job to go back to when (assuming it is “when” and not “if”) this is all behind us, not to mention some who may be on this site who have lost family members to CV in the last three weeks and do not even have the comfort of a hug from their family or the opportunity to say goodbye at the funeral.
There are so many occasions in life when we find ourselves thinking “if only things had been different”, but we’ve just got to don our big girl knickers and get on with it. flowers

Anniebach Sat 11-Apr-20 08:19:49

After three years of not leaving my bungalow this weekend I
would have been going out in my electric wheelchair, which
I was going to buy , and on Sunday going to Church to
celebrate Easter.

M0nica Sat 11-Apr-20 08:20:28

Pantglas I look forward to next Easter, we will definitely be there. There are two Peterborough Fairs, Easter and late September, but I doubt the September one will run either. We will be very lucky if everything is back to normal by then.

We have a house in France, we should have been there next week. Who knows when we will next get there.

Pittcity Sat 11-Apr-20 08:26:11

Celebrating DGS's birthday and having an ad hoc BBQ or three!

SalsaQueen Sat 11-Apr-20 08:28:07

It was my birthday yesterday (Good Friday) and I would usually have gone out with my husband and the family, to a restaurant. As it was, son no. 1 lives here, so he made a cake! Son no. 2 came here later (safe distancing) and treated us to an Indian takeaway. My 2 GDs (live with their mother) contacted me via Skype. 2 friends left presents on my doorstep, another friend e-mailed me a gift card. All in all, it was a lovely day. I'm very lucky.

Susan56 Sat 11-Apr-20 08:28:18

We had booked a break in the Lake District with both daughters and families and my mum.

Witzend Sat 11-Apr-20 08:30:07

We hadn’t yet booked accommodation, thank goodness, but would have been on a Dorset beach with dd, SiL and Gdcs - same as last Easter, when the weather was so unexpectedly glorious I had to go and buy some more summery clothes.

EllanVannin Sat 11-Apr-20 08:44:06

I'd have been up to my ears preparing salads, trifle and all the goodies that you'd prepare at Christmas, for visits from all the family and kids, but that can happen any time and I certainly won't lose any sleep over it at this juncture.

My overall concern is the health and welfare of one and all. Plenty of other times for get-togethers. Health comes first !

Callistemon Sat 11-Apr-20 08:49:20

We would probably have gone to a Garden Centre somewhere and I would have bought too many plants which would then have proved to be not quite enough, had a nice lunch there and meandered home. Or perhaps lunch at a vineyard near the Garden Centre.

Tomorrow we would have seen family either here or at their house and may have all gone out somewhere not too far away on Monday, or, in fact, stayed off the roads altogether.
Easter roads are normally extremely busy and best avoided anyway.

aggie Sat 11-Apr-20 08:50:00

Let’s look forward instead of mourning our what might have been
I would have been in tears as DD would have been leaving to go home , so now I look forward to Autumn when she will attempt to visit again

Callistemon Sat 11-Apr-20 08:52:25

We will carry on weeding, having nothing to plant, then relax in the garden and Facetime the family here and wherever they are in the world.

For all those on their own flowers

Maggiemaybe Sat 11-Apr-20 08:52:26

We were meant to be doing the Easter egg hunt round our local shops this morning with the grandsons, then heading up to Scarborough this afternoon where we’d booked a “cottage” for the week for all 14 of us. We were looking forward to a week of Easter activities at the castle, beach time with our own beach huts, a trip to Brid on the train, the sea battle at Peasholme Park, and so much more.

No worries. We’ve been able to rebook for next Easter, same time, same place. And I’m looking forward to an indoor and garden egg hunt with all the boys, courtesy of Zoom. smile

Chewbacca Sat 11-Apr-20 08:53:12

Preparing and baking for the annual Easter sunday family get together

MawB Sat 11-Apr-20 08:53:29

I am going to sound intemperate so bear with me.

980 people died in the U.K. yesterday of Covid19

Does that not mean more than wishful thinking about what we should have been doing?

But for the grace of God we might have been gasping for breath in an intensive care ward. 😡😡😡😡😡
Let’s spare our self-pity and feel sympathy for their families and those who are risking their lives to care for them.

Callistemon Sat 11-Apr-20 08:55:42

I will be thinking of my nieces who will both be working in ICU at some point over the weekend and yes, we must be thankful that we are, so far, the lucky ones.

Whitewavemark2 Sat 11-Apr-20 09:05:33

Big family get together. At least 10 of us. I ordered a large leg of lamb (since cancelled) wine had been ordered (not cancelled🙂) Table decorations (now put away) Eggs (now eaten😳) lemon cheesecake (ingredients still in fridge.) Tropical fruit salad in lime juice and coconut yogurt. (Not purchased)

Instead we will speak on the phone.

Only another 9 weeks yippee!!

GrannySomerset Sat 11-Apr-20 09:10:20

Agree with Maw that “what might have been” isn’t helpful and that we just have to make the best of being well and safe. Next Easter will be different. Meanwhile I am grateful to all those working so hard on our behalf and wish I was of more use. At least I can try not to make my children anxious about me by appearing cheerful.

annsixty Sat 11-Apr-20 09:27:00

Well I would have been recovering from a THR which I should have had on March 27th, two weeks yesterday.
I do not know when I shall get it now.
At 82 time is running out for me, I can only get about the house with the aid of a trolley.
I can’t go out at all, no problem there with lockdown of course.
I was contemplating a stair lift but my S thinks I should have my bed moved downstairs, the logistics of this are somewhat difficult as my GD is working from home and has the dining room as her office.

Maggiemaybe Sat 11-Apr-20 09:28:47

Where’s the mourning or self-pity? Please point me to it. Are we not allowed to have a gentle reminisce about what might have been without the head girls and prefects of the site jumping on us and trying to make us all feel guilty?

I’m sure we all have real troubles in this time, me included. Haven’t we got enough to deal with without po-faced judgement from self-appointed board monitors? I won’t bore you with my very genuine and justified worries about my family at this time, but please don’t those of you who enjoy judging others try to make out you are so much more compassionate and caring than everyone else.