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In my garden this morning

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Artdecogran Sun 12-Apr-20 10:33:21

A rose has bloomed! Anyone else got something unusual in their garden?

EllanVannin Sun 12-Apr-20 10:38:15

That is just beautiful, restful too and a marvellous sun-trap to boot.

J52 Sun 12-Apr-20 10:58:23

Is that Canary Bird, if so it’s lovely and often the first to bloom.
I had one in my previous garden, I’d forgotten about it.

I’ll have to source one now and find a spot for it. Thanks for the reminder

Artdecogran Sun 12-Apr-20 11:05:46

J52, thank you for the name of the rose. I only moved into this bungalow in November so I don’t know anything about this garden. I’ve been a keen gardener in the past, but I am so surprised at what is coming up here. It is only a small garden about 20 foot square but it’s packed with lovely stuff. Can’t wait to see what there is. Have a lovely day.

BlueBelle Sun 12-Apr-20 11:06:50

Well I wasn’t expecting Marigolds to be out yet

blondenana Sun 12-Apr-20 11:14:19

My camellia is coming out, past the bud stage but not in full bloom yet,and lots of blue tits, and 2 robins that seem to live in my hedge,
I see them popping in and out,having a nibble at the seeds and back in again,
Clematis has small buds on it, but it never seems to grow very high

lemongrove Sun 12-Apr-20 11:49:43

part of the garden looking bright and sunny and colourful😃
Lifts the spirits when the weather is lovely.

gillybob Sun 12-Apr-20 12:00:46

That’s gorgeous lemongrove envy

We have no sun today and it’s really cold too.

Our Camelia is just coming in to flower too blondenana I’m sure it was earlier last year .

rockgran Sun 12-Apr-20 12:18:11

Easter Bunny?

Auntieflo Sun 12-Apr-20 12:37:06

Isn't it just glorious in the garden this weekend?
Time to sit and just daydream.
We have a few marigolds in the front. They always self seed and make a splash of colour, and these little violas and violets have arrived from somewhere to please me in the back.

EllanVannin Sun 12-Apr-20 12:42:54

A lovely display, Lemongrove and Auntyflo's viola's with their little faces. Just beautiful to see.
It does lift the spirits to see colours and growth now. How wonderful nature is. I love it.

gillybob Sun 12-Apr-20 12:46:18

It’s really cold and grey here Auntiflo . Dunno where this glorious weekend weather we were promised has got to ? confused

gillybob Sun 12-Apr-20 12:47:03

Just going out for a look around to see if there’s anything new in my patch .

gillybob Sun 12-Apr-20 12:51:47

My hanging basket at the back door .

My old sink full of Alpines .

A funny one showing the mint popping out through the spout of a broken teapot .

farview Sun 12-Apr-20 13:02:31

Camellia in full bloom,frogs still very noisy,kale plants growing quickly, great tits,blue tits,long tails,Robin's and various finches in abundance, baby lambs poking their little heads through my fence...lot to be thankful for....Happy Easter ⚘

farview Sun 12-Apr-20 13:03:44 the teapot gillybob..

Auntieflo Sun 12-Apr-20 13:12:52

Gilly. Sorry we can't send some sunshine to you.
I love your garden sink, I want one!
And the teapot, and hanging basket.
You have green fingers, my garden is best left to it's own devices. 😉

Auntieflo Sun 12-Apr-20 13:13:42

I wonder if Phoenix is doing hanging baskets this year?

eazybee Sun 12-Apr-20 14:36:48

Me, with a pair of loppers!

vegansrock Sun 12-Apr-20 14:50:29

Some fantastic tulips this year courtesy of Lidl last autumn

MiniMoon Sun 12-Apr-20 14:52:24

The lovely crown imperial, the only yellow one we have, and our pear tree in full blossom. That reminds me of a poem.
Happy Easter everyone.

lemongrove Sun 12-Apr-20 14:52:47

Thanks gilly 😊
Lovely and warm and sunny here, hope the weather has cheered up where you are.

shysal Sun 12-Apr-20 14:57:20

I like the symmetry of your planting lemongrove. I sometimes have to stop myself being too orderly.

Callistemon Sun 12-Apr-20 15:13:44

Your garden is lovely lemongrove

Ours is still a work in progress after all these years

I have a sink like that gillybob; over the years I've tried all kinds of things in it, a succulent garden with artfully arranged small rocks but the squirrel demolished it.
Bedding plants which are colourful in the summer but I won't be getting any this year. Last year I grew cosmos.
However, this year we've been even more invaded by wild strawberry plants so I've dug them out and replanted them in the sink as an experiment.

Our clematis is coming out, a little early.

Callistemon Sun 12-Apr-20 15:18:02

Everyone's gardens are lovely!

Artdecogran the first rose of the summer!
And your shrubs look really healthy, is that a laurel or a bay?
I went to pick bay leaves this morning and they look as if they've been nibbled.

Has anyone got penstemons and do you prune them right down or just trim them?