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Good Morning Tuesday

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12Michael Tue 14-Apr-20 06:11:31

Good Morning Everyone,
I am greeted to a dry day but a clear sky here in Brackley.
Today, do a little bit more spring cleaning ,as that fits the tasks well.
Watch BBC breakfast , then the daily Kitchen, .
I saw a Facebook posting yesterday, from a person I knew in the RAF in 70`s , he at his retirement home was admitted to Hospital in Middlesborough with the virus , but had not posted for a week , now recovering from it.

Beechnut Tue 14-Apr-20 06:44:13

Good Morning everyone from Severnside where it’s a bright morning. Not sure whether it’s frosty or a heavy dew.

More of the same today. I’ve made myself a honey do list so will work through that in the coming days.

Good to hear of recovering virus patients Mick.

I hope you all have a safe day 💐

Scentia Tue 14-Apr-20 06:47:01

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire, lovely weather out there, but it is cold.

Actually going into work today, it seems like ages since we had any work on.
I am not sure what time the vet wants to see my dog, she is going to call me today.
My ears feel really funny, like they need to ‘pop’ I have tried holding my nose and all of the usual tricks but they won’t pop. Not sure what’s going on there!
I do hope your friend makes a full recovery Mick. Stay safe everyone💕💕

BlueSapphire Tue 14-Apr-20 06:49:05

Good morning Mick and all to come, from a slightly overcast Northampton. Have just put the first load of washing in so hope it stays dry.

Did very little yesterday apart from read and do the puzzles in the newspapers. Probably the same again today! And watched a couple of episodes of series 3 of The Crown, which I really enjoyed.

Hoping the day goes well for all.

grandMattie Tue 14-Apr-20 06:51:35

Good morning from grey E Kent.
Glad your friend is getting better Mick.
Nothing much today, still feeling wobbly after a sudden attack of labyrinthitis. Making myself a birthday cake for tomorrow.

ninathenana Tue 14-Apr-20 06:54:19

Good morning Mick Beechnut and all who follow.
A very grey chilly morning in Kent. Nothing to report, just trying to fill my days. I haven't left the house since last Wednesday and that was ten minutes in the car to collect DH and the shopping from the supermarket.
I know I'm not alone and I'm right to do so but heck, it's boring now.
Stay safe everyone.

Nanabanana1 Tue 14-Apr-20 06:57:01

Good morning everyone from a greyish Torbay, still in bed so not sure if it’s cold or not. Pottering about today as usual, will get up and take the dog for a walk before anyone else is about.
Take care everyone.

mancgirl Tue 14-Apr-20 06:58:29

Good morning Mick and all to follow from what looks to be another nice day in Manchester. Its these lovely days that are making lockdown easier. A few exercises this morning, some chores, some gardening and a walk later. I've still not been into the loft to sort out old photo's which I promised myself I would do in week 1 of lockdown. Getting good at procrastination, I think I've got loads of time to do that, I'll save it for a rainy day. High point of the day is click and collect from the supermarket! Not had one before and not likely to get another slot and it's a genuine reason to drive the 4 miles or so to get it. Freedom! Have the best day you can. (((hugs))). flowers for those with extra worries and cares.

Ginny42 Tue 14-Apr-20 07:06:26

Good morning Mick and everyone from a very bright if frosty morning in Cheshire. I'm up, showered and awaiting my first supermarket delivery. Originally not due till May, but then got a message to say they were delivering nearby so mine is on the way.

Thank goodness for the lovely weather which helps to raise spirits. After disinfecting and dealing with the delivery I shall enjoy a walk in the beautiful woods.
Stay safe and enjoy your day. flowers for all.

Nortsat Tue 14-Apr-20 07:07:02

Good morning Mick and the GM team, it’s brightening up a bit in east London.
Quiet day today, I hope. Have made Carrot & Coriander soup for lunch, as we have a preponderance of carrots in our vegetable baskets.

My cousin in Vancouver has been in touch and all is well. Not having heard from him in a while, I was growing concerned, but he has completed his isolation and is safely ensconced with his son and family.
We had planned a family holiday together in May, but of course that won’t now happen.
Hey ho ...

Have a good day all and enjoy the spring sunshine. Good wishes to those in Sick Bay and any wobblers.
‘Let’s be careful out there’ 💐

GrannyGravy13 Tue 14-Apr-20 07:12:21

Goodmorning Mick and all x

It must be a relief for you to hear from your friend Mick

The sky is turning blue here in S E Essex, but I think it is going to be a bit chilly.

No plans for today, but no doubt I shall find something to clean, I do hope that when my cleaners are able to return to work they are impressed by my household skills???

Take care and keep,safe folks 🙋

Evie64 Tue 14-Apr-20 07:12:29

Good morning everyone. First time poster on this particular thread, but since the lockdown my internal clock has gone up the swanee so awake and asleep at odd hours. Been up since 5.15am, it was still dark, but the sun is coming out here in Exeter on what looks like a cold but bright day to come. Walk along the River Exe later today planned.

Curlywhirly Tue 14-Apr-20 07:22:39

Good morning from a very sunny but cold Cheshire. I will finish off the final bit of jetwashing in the back garden this morning. What a job it's been; can't wait to buy some plants to cheer it all up.
Scentia my husband has complained of the same feeling in his ears; he is also finding it hard to hear and has the TV on really loud! I have bought him ear drops, in case his ears are blocked, but no improvement yet.
Hope you manage to get your dog sorted out this morning; ours is due her yearly injections, but believe the vets will only deal with emergencies, so she'll have to wait.
Hope you all have a good day.

kittylester Tue 14-Apr-20 07:34:18

Morning all from a bright but not too warm North Leicestershire.

Slight panic in our house as we are running short of milk and we need our regular cups of tea!

My main job today is to source a veg delivery where I can choose the contents.

DD3 should be in Las Vegas today getting married so we have sent them a bottle of champagne - not quite the same but the best we can manage!!

Stay safe!

brook2704 Tue 14-Apr-20 07:43:38

Good morning Mick and all from a cloudy Inverness.

Yesterday afternoon turned out really sunny but cold so I wrapped up warmly and went for a lovely walk through the woods and then pottered in the garden. More of the same today I expect !

I hope everyone has the best day they can, take care 💐

Mythbirtthedragon Tue 14-Apr-20 07:44:09

Good morning from east London, blue sky and sun but on the cool side compared to how warm it was over the weekend. Saw DD and her partner and GD2 yesterday, at a distance; thankfully her DP has had furlough agreed from his job, although he’s hoping they let building sites open up before too long. Should do a shop today; don’t mind the queuing but like to think I’ll get what I need in one place. Hope you have a good day.

Marydoll Tue 14-Apr-20 07:52:45

Good morning all from a very sunny Glasgow, but its only -1°C.

Mick. you will be relieved about your friend, it's heartening to hear about older people recovering. My friend, who was rushed to hospital last week is home, she is still very unwell but making slow progress. She is 78 I think.

Scentia, I have been suffering from the same things for months, used almond oil, olive oil and Earex, to no avail. The nurse managed to syringe them a bit, but that failed too. I was due to get it done again just after lockdown, so I'm still deaf.
The ladies at the last Glasgow Meet up, will confirm it. I couldn't hear all the chat (and gossip) ! blush

The bed is stripped and the washing on. We are going to have sneaky walk across the field and back before anyone is about. I have never seen the wooded lane so busy. It was a hidden secret for years.

I managed to stretch the remains of a tiny bag of compost and sow some lettuce and rocket yesterday.
I'm doing a little bit each day. For me it's very calming and uplifting. This time last year I was very unwell and never managed to do any work at all, so I'm delighted.
I just need to be careful, as my RA seems to have flared up. sad

At the weekend, I was embarrassed when my friend dropped off an Easter egg for my wee grandaughter, as I had nothing for both her granddaughter and my own.
This morning, when I went to get fresh sheets from the linen cupboard, a load of Easter goodies feel out.
I must have bought them before the lockdown and stashed them away. I don't even remember buying them! blush
That is worrying indeed! 🤔
Everything is out of kilter with this bloomin' lockdown.

More footering in the garden and I need to source or make up more maths puzzles. It keeps my brain working, so helps me too.
I hope people will let me know, if they get fed up doing them and I will stop, as I know there are people who dislike the multitude of games threads! wink

DIL is picking up essentials for us, so hopefully DGD will be in the car and I will get a peek at her from afar. Our house is far too tidy without her. grin

(((Hugs)) for all who are low, there are so many on other threads, who are struggling to cope. Having more time to dwell on things, is not good. 💐
I have discovered that there are a number of people on here, who like to read, but do not have the confidence to post on the GM thread.
Please give the thread a go, we don't bite and you will receive a warm welcome.

Take care all!

Urmstongran Tue 14-Apr-20 07:56:12

Nice to have you post on here Evie64 it’s always lovely to have newbies join us!

Good morning everyone from Malaga where it’s a little bit brighter. It’s clear over the mountains anyway.

Yesterday our girls told me how proud of us they are now into our 5th week of lockdown as they know how strict the restrictions are over here.

Later in the day my cousin and I were texting one another. He lives in a lovely detached house in Wilmslow that has a huge garden. He has stayed in our little apartment occasionally for a week. He didn’t know we’d had our flights cancelled and didn’t realise we weren’t even allowed to go down into the gardens. His last text made me laugh! I’ll share it with you in a minute ...

aggie Tue 14-Apr-20 07:58:45

Good Morning all, lovely bright morning here but a white frost on the rooftops
Hung the washing out and was glad of a hot drink to warm up .
I put the washing machine on at night , the noise of it when I am trying to hear the tv or radio is distracting , the kitchen living room arrangement is very handy but it does have some disadvantages, no room for a separate laundry/utility room

NannyJan53 Tue 14-Apr-20 08:06:18

Good Morning from a bright and sunny Black Country. Hope it is warmer today that it was yesterday.

Losing track of the days now, I haven't been out for 4 weeks (on Wednesday). I will forget what the great outside is like! It only seems yesterday that I was out and about most days. Now it seems like another life.

It is my Partners last day working today, as he is being furloughed (he did volunteer though). So just a matter of finishing off and handing over his project to someone else. It will be a small taster of retirement for him (he is 69) but of course not the full picture!

Please to hear your acquaintance has recovered Mick it is good to hear.

Welcome to this thread Evie64 I hope you enjoy being with us all. We often stay in Exeter and love to tour the area, especially Sidmouth.

Hope you get your milk kitty . We are using a lot more now Partner has been working from home. He has endless cups of tea!

Wishing everyone a good day. Special hugs to those with wobbles and feeling down

NotAGran55 Tue 14-Apr-20 08:06:30

Good morning from a chilly and bright morning in West Berkshire.
Tuesday is the new Monday following a bank holiday and so it’s housework, washing, ironing etc today for me whilst listening to my audiobook.
I don’t work on Monday or Tuesday anyway so I am pretending today is ‘ normal ‘ and I’m just having a quiet day in for a change smile

Have a good day as far as possible one and all .

NanKate Tue 14-Apr-20 08:09:36

Good Morning Mick Kitty Mary and all the lovely GM posters.

A bright sunny day in South Bucks.

Sorry to hear Kitty about your DD’s non-wedding. Mary I love all the games on GN so please keep posting (I can’t do the maths ones but I give all the others a go).

I have persuaded DH to move the Alexa in his upstairs office into the bedroom as he doesn’t use it much. I have a very eclectic taste in music so I am now listening to the River Album by Ali Farka Toure an African musician. DH says says he feels as if he is out in the African Bush when I play it. 😀

I’m going to persuade DH to cut the back of my hair today. ✂️

Gingster Tue 14-Apr-20 08:12:58

Good morning all. An improvement on the weather today. Yesterday blew like billyo all day and such a cold north easterly. Walked the dog along the beach but not for long as the sea was rough and she likes to dump her ball in there and swim in after it. 🐶. She’s a cockerpoo and is getting fluffier by the day after missing her last grooming session. Everything sticks to her like Velcro, brambles, burs, twigs so have to brush her everyday. The first time Iv e been bored yesterday. Couldn’t settle to anything wandering from jigsaw to reading. Play for today on the radio has gone down hill and I seem to turn off after 10 mins. I used to look forward to that in the afternoons. Oh well another day, so onwards and upwards. A day further forward to ‘normal life’ . 🤞. Enjoy your day . 😉

Lins1066 Tue 14-Apr-20 08:13:18

Good Morning Mick and all from a sunny and chilly S Welsh coast. Took it easy yesterday morning then we had an Asda delivery in the afternoon. It has been a long three weeks waiting for it but Mafeking has been relieved!
We are enjoying the Crown too * Blue Sapphire*.
Welcome Evie64.
Take care and stay safe.

dragonfly46 Tue 14-Apr-20 08:16:36

Good morning from sunny Leicestershire.

Welcome Evie.

Aggie I am kept awake at night by my DD’s dog snoring. I am wondering when we can get him back to her.

I have so many jobs I could do but don’t feel like doing any of them. I may trim the bits of grass my robot mower missed!

Have a good day everyone and stay safe.