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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 16-Apr-20 06:13:07

Good Morning Everyone,
Its looking like a start of another warm day here in Brackley this morning.
Today, will be a walk, then come back.
Yesterday, I got some Jersey Royals , and the price is starting to fall £3 for 500 gram packet now £2.
Tring to be as constructive as I can with meals so Friday will see steamer in use , Pots plus mint, at one level , and fish in Parsley on another with peas do for about 20 minutes , for healthy meal, those pots will also be eaten cold later.

Beechnut Thu 16-Apr-20 06:20:50

Good Morning everyone. It’s looking a bit dull on Severnside this morning.

Upstairs cleaning for me today and hope to finish my craft project. I’ve reached the machine sewing stage and awkward bits.

My meal today will be prawn mystery 😄

Have a good day all 🌹

Mythbirtthedragon Thu 16-Apr-20 06:40:00

Good morning from east London, cool outside at the moment but if it’s like yesterday, it will be warm later on. Helping out at the foodbank this morning, just hoped they’ve managed a delivery as some things were running out last week. Having seen a post on Facebook where someone locally with small tomato plants to give away shifted them very quickly, have decided to try offering my surplus seedlings this way so some potting up later on. Have a good day.

grandMattie Thu 16-Apr-20 06:43:36

Good morning from E Kent.
Wonderful news! DD and family are at last on their way home after being locked down in NZ for the last month, unable to get a flight.
Not doing much today, long walk to farm shop for veggies...

NotAGran55 Thu 16-Apr-20 06:46:41

Good morning all from sunny West Berkshire .

Yesterday’s walk in the woods behind my house was lovely , bluebells out and didn’t see another soul during the hour . Interesting structure though ?

Walk again today , guacamole to be made for lunch , catchup with a couple of friends by email and phone , knit a couple of prem baby hats whilst listening to my audio book .
All in slow motion of course , unlike my normal speed setting .

Thanks for the reminder Mick , I have a steamer tucked away somewhere , will add a bit of interest to meal planning.

Stay safe.

NotAGran55 Thu 16-Apr-20 06:48:05

I forgot the picture!

BlueSapphire Thu 16-Apr-20 06:49:47

Good morning from a bright Northampton, but a frost on the summerhouse roof again.

Yesterday was lovely. Got my Sainsbury's delivery early afternoon, and planned to cut the front grass, but the window cleaner turned up and as he had parked on my drive, had to wait a couple of hours till he had finished all the houses. Left the money for him in the front porch, so no contact. Eventually managed to cut the grass.

The usual clean and tidy up this morning, strip the bed and hoover round. Then sit and read in the garden this afternoon.

Hope today is kind to us all.

NotAGran55 Thu 16-Apr-20 06:50:15

Sorry 😐 wrong one before

Scentia Thu 16-Apr-20 06:54:59

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire. Looks like another nice day out there.
Working today, we had a good few orders in yesterday so I need to switch gear and get in with some work!
Sounds like we will have at least another three weeks of lockdown to contend with, there will be an announcement later today.
My ruddy ears still won’t ‘pop’ and it is getting annoying as I can just hear myself talking. DH said ‘now you know how I feel!!’
How rude😂
Have the best day you can today and stay safe💕

Ginny42 Thu 16-Apr-20 06:57:07

Good morning Mick and everyone from another bright morning in Cheshire, but there's a frost out there. It makes such a difference to my mood having sunlight streaming through the windows all day.

I spent a lot of time in the garden yesterday and managed to get a dead confer out of a large ugly pot left by pervious owners. Sod's law that the pot isn't broken, but a very nice terracotta pot with a beautiful acer has cracked right down one side.

I've been calling friends I'm in touch with only once or twice a year and had some lovely chats which have cheered me up enormously. Yesterday I spoke to someone who came up to me when started a new school aged 7 and said 'Would you like to be my friend?' I'd said yes, obviously

So more of the same today - trying to eat healthily and staying fit. I'll walk in the wood and later a Zoom meeting. Not sure I trust the security with that, but must attend the meeting.

Stay safe and well everyone. flowers for all.

aggie Thu 16-Apr-20 06:57:32

Good Morning all, wish I could sleep on in the mornings , I have been awake since 5
No sun yet , but we have been promised another pleasant day , my wee plastic greenhouse is full of seed trays , some sprouting , some not , but it is fun sowing and watching seeds

mancgirl Thu 16-Apr-20 07:01:45

Good morning from what promises to be another beautiful day. Not a lot on today but can always find something to do. Still not found time to catch up with all the box sets I planned to watch when all this started and don't watch much daytime TV. it's just lovely to be outside and enjoy the weather. I do some exercise outside and then look forward to a walk. Reading with a glass of something when the sun is over the yardarm (anytime after 1pm!) is a simple pleasure. Yesterday, after showering, I reached for what I thought was a new moisturiser and thought this is runny, not creamy at all. Oh well, maybe some kind of serum type. Put it on my face, then put my glasses on and realised it was contact lens solution! At least my skin should be clear smile. Have the best day you can. (((hugs))) flowers for those with extra worries and concerns.

Kalu Thu 16-Apr-20 07:06:50

Good morning Mick and everyone. Although chilly here in Glasgow, a beautiful sunrise to the start of the day is certainly a mood lifter.

Instead of a walk this morning I decided to cycle a bit for a change of exercise. Phew! I passed only one person on the lane but chickened out of waving and I think my huge smile whilst concentrating on steering was a passable greeting😬 Quite pleased I managed all of 15 mins.

Another sunny day beckons a washing and also a change of colour for sorry looking garden cushion covers. Dylon at the ready!

Hope everyone has the best day possible and hopefully we all share some sunshine today.

Curlywhirly Thu 16-Apr-20 07:10:10

Good morning, from a lovely sunny Cheshire. Yesterday turned into another beautiful day, and by lunchtime was quite hot. Sat out in the garden for a couple of hours enjoying the warmth, just wish I had some flowers to admire! Will get some when the supermarkets stock up on them. Finally persuaded himself to chop down some very tired and sad conifers next to the fence. Think we will replace them with some shrubs/bushes, as anything tall throws shadows on part of the garden all day. However, won't be able to make a start on it until the tip is re-opened.

Lovely news grandMattie bet you can't wait for them to come home.

Take care everyone and hope the sun shines today wherever you are.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 16-Apr-20 07:12:09

Goodmorning Mick and all x

The sky is blue, the sun is shining but there is a slight chill in the air here in S E Essex.

No plans for today, I could iron the bedding that was washed yesterday......then again I might not???

Highlight of the day will be rooting round the freeezer to find some inspiration for dinner. I must try to sit down and read my book at some point, I seem to have the concentration levels of a gnat at the moment 😂

Keep safe and well folks 🙋

dragonfly46 Thu 16-Apr-20 07:24:53

Good morning from sunny Leicestershire.

Well the dog has an ulcer on his eye which means drops twice a day, painkiller tablet once a day and bathing it. He is a big dog so these are all major challenges.

Rang my daughter whose dog it is and she isn’t well which is another worry. She had bad stomach pains so I am hoping this isn’t a symptom.

Elizabeth1 Thu 16-Apr-20 07:33:42

Good morning from cloudy Fife here’s hoping for a warmer day than yesterday it may have been warm yesterday but there was still that cold wind blowing through and due to my medication of a blood thinner I get cold very easy.on the good news side I’ve nearly finished reading a book.for the first time in a year I’ve picked up a book and really enjoyed the light reading of how it was in Merseyside in the 20s when there was real poverty. A little like how it was for me and my husband when we were first married 50 yrs ago my goodness how we made ends meet anyone else out there who was having to make ends meet bet there are plenty of us I do feel sorry for folks nowadays who may have lost their income and struggle to make ends meet these days it’ll be over soon hopefully you’ll all get through the poverty side of things

brook2704 Thu 16-Apr-20 07:37:52

Good morning Mick and everyone from a bright dry and cool Inverness. It’s quite cloudy and no sign of the sun yet today

Nothing much planned for today - I’ve started doing more cooking from scratch and quite enjoying it really.

I had a lovely FaceTime call in the afternoon from my friend who I usually meet for coffee - it was great to have a chat with her and swap isolation stories !

Good news grandMattie hope your DD and family have a safe journey home.

Hooe all GNs have the best day they can and especially those with worries and struggles

Take care everyone 💐

Kalu Thu 16-Apr-20 07:41:35

Oh Dragonfly that is a big task ahead of you. Hope the dog stays still and calm for you to tend his eye. Mainly hope your DD gets well soon and nothing else develops to worry you both🤞

Lins1066 Thu 16-Apr-20 07:45:14

Good Morning Mick and all. Lovely morning here on our part of the S Welsh coast. Sat in the garden for a little while yesterday afternoon, it was very warm.
You must be very happy and relieved to have your family back home grandMattie.
Have a good day everyone, stay safe.

Urmstongran Thu 16-Apr-20 07:45:46

Good morning everyone from Malaga where it’s another grey day and in fact it’s just started raining.

SuperSol day today. Himself is just getting dressed having made me a cuppa. We make a list during the week adding items we need.

I had a horrid thought at 2am when I woke. Cesar, the gardener knocked on the door yesterday and passed me a birthday card that had arrived from the U.K. for Himself. (Early, as our eldest daughter wasn’t sure how long the post would take). He wasn’t wearing a mask, smiled, asked how we were doing. I let my guard down... put the card on a shelf and realised, in the middle of the night, that didn’t wash my hands afterwards.

If we had gone to our letterbox for it we would have been more aware. Oh dear. A kindness gone wrong. I was terrified and couldn’t get back to sleep for ages until sheer tiredness took over.

Hope Thursday is good to us all. Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

Pantglas2 Thu 16-Apr-20 07:48:45

Morning everyone from another sunny day in north Wales- really can’t believe the weather we’ve enjoyed for the last few months.

What marvellous news grandMattie I’m sure it’s been preying on your mind for weeks!

A quiet day again for us before I psych myself up for a Tesco run tomorrow- DH thinks I’m overthinking it all but I’m terrified of bringing the lurgy home to him! Stay safe folks x

Marydoll Thu 16-Apr-20 07:50:53

Good morning all from a very sunny Glasgow, but it's only -1C. A bit chilly to say the least.

Up early, so as not to disturb DH. My RA has flared up big time, ( hardly any sleep) and I have the most awful cough, due to hay fever. 🤧I'm a real bundle of laughs this morning!! grin

I have a video conferencing call with the hospital this morning and spent ages rooting through my emails to find the time and the link. I forgot to take a note of it.
As I will be seen, I will need to do something with my hair and put on some mascara for the first time in weeks.
The cardiac department are checking up on how I'm feeling and to see how I'm coping with sheilding and no access to hospital appointments.
If I look like my usual, casual self, complete with wild hair and no make up , they will think I'm slobbing about and feeling sorry for myself! grin. You all can confirm that's not true..can't you? wink

I plan to potter about in the garden later, planting the rest of my seeds.
I got a lovely surprise when I came downstairs yesterday morning to find DH had been busy in the garden.
When we built our accessible shower room a couple of years ago, I lost my wee greenhouse and it was never replaced.
Just before my BIL died, he had ordered a couple of small, portable greenhouses, but when they arrived after his death, my sister in law brought them to us, as they only reminded her of what might have been.
They had lain our garage for months, but I don't have the strength any more to build them, so DH had put them together as a surprise.
I was like a child on Christmas morning, simple things give us a boost in these difficult times. smile

grandMattie, you must be so relieved and excited at the prospect of seeing your family again.

Kalu, I love those Dylon dyes! I once dyed two sets of sofa and an armchair covers, it was a marathon exercise!

Dragonfly, I sorry to hear about your dog.

Have a good day, everyone and for those struggling, 💐

Urmstongran Thu 16-Apr-20 07:51:12

That’s you and me both with worries then this morning dragonfly. Hope your daughter is better today. x

Marydoll Thu 16-Apr-20 07:52:46

Elizabeth1, I'm absolutely delighted to see you posting and hope you continue to make good progress!