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Three signs that summer’s coming....

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Witzend Sun 26-Apr-20 18:48:11

1. I’m now wearing summer trousers, not jeans.
2. Gave myself a much-needed pedicure today, feet were too hideous to display in sandals.
3. REALLY fancied a long, cold, G&T after our walk earlier (thank goodness we had the wherewithal) - now sitting in the garden to drink it.

Having said all that, no doubt Sod’s Law will now mean it’s freezing cold and p*ssing down all next week! (Let’s hope not)

gillybob Sun 26-Apr-20 18:59:45

It’s been freezing cold and grey here on the NE coast all day (again) today Witzend . Could do with some sunshine to cheer me up .

MerylStreep Sun 26-Apr-20 19:04:44

I've already got a tan 🤗

Whitewavemark2 Sun 26-Apr-20 19:11:20

Saw a downland blue butterfly today

Blinds in use in the conservatory or too hot

Sat a few evenings with door to garden open until dark.

Dollymc1 Sun 26-Apr-20 19:16:00

1. I've worn a dress the last few days
2. The patio has been cleaned and the garden furniture has been 'unwrapped '
3. The garden is bursting into life again, clematis and honeysuckle coming along nicely
It just makes me feel optimistic that after dark times, there is hope and new life 🌼🌻🍀

ArtySue Sun 26-Apr-20 19:50:13

Gulls nesting for the 5th year a few metres above my flat, huffing when I sit out on my patio and knocking on my windows at all hours. Later the gormless youngsters will try to swim in the birdbath and panic when they can't get back on the roof and will need help (wrapped in a towel). Yep, summer is on its way. grin

Twopence Sun 26-Apr-20 19:59:11

Saw swallows on our morning walk.
Defuzzed my legs.
Got summer clothes out of storage.

Grannmarie Sun 26-Apr-20 20:02:30

1. Legs defuzzed and Garnier Summer Body applied, I'm slow to tan.
2. Crop trousers and summer dresses liberated from boxes in wardrobes.
3. Front/back gardens tidied up and tubs and borders potted with pansies, primula, dwarf iris and grape hyacinths.
Ready for "sittin' oot," now where's the sun? 🌥️🌞😎

Jellybeetles Sun 26-Apr-20 20:11:59

1. Supermarkets are selling Summer plants
2. Sitting in garden until later than usual and still warm
3. The lambs and ducklings are here

Theoddbird Sun 26-Apr-20 20:13:38

The geese have babies
I am wearing linen dresses
My seeds are all coming up

Patsy70 Sun 26-Apr-20 20:48:25

Spending most of the day gardening.
Seeing lambs in the fields.
Tomatoes, basil, cucumber, courgette plants growing in the greenhouse.
Lunch and tea on the patio in the sun.

readsalot Sun 26-Apr-20 20:53:14

Not wearing socks.
Did mani/pedi (see above)
Pot of tea and cake on the patio

Grannybags Sun 26-Apr-20 20:59:55

Saw a swallow yesterday
Sandals out of winter storage
Feet 'tidied up'!

Sorry Witzend but it's forecast to rain here on Tuesday (Bristol)

gillybob Sun 26-Apr-20 21:09:40

Blimey I must live in The North Pole shock

GabriellaG54 Sun 26-Apr-20 21:16:10

Rain on the way for next 10 days from NW England to to South coast and mid Wales to Stowmarket

Hetty58 Sun 26-Apr-20 21:21:22

Witzend, you speak too soon! We've had an unusual April (with no showers) and now we're in for a chilly, rainy spell!

Juicylucy Sun 26-Apr-20 21:44:01

Rain all week all over the country
Flip flops on.
Garden ready for summer bedding plants.
Heavy dressing gown put away.
Been glorious in south east all week.

Luckygirl Sun 26-Apr-20 22:07:36

1. I have a tan from pottering in the garden.
2. I only have one hot water bottle at night.
3. There has been a cuckoo in my garden (!) this week and its song is very very loud indeed. I was in the house on a zoom conversation with DD and she could hear it through the window!!

grannybuy Sun 26-Apr-20 22:22:11

Being able to sit outside in NE Scotland at this time of year is surprising, and definitely makes me feel that summer is coming. I'm feeling so ' summery ' that I ordered a large wooden planter today.

Callistemon Sun 26-Apr-20 22:24:21

We're eating outside (even dinner)
Everywhere is green (well, what we can see)
I'm wearing a short sleeved top at 10.20 pm

However the winter jerseys are still ready to wear.
And I won't need my new mac as I'm not going anywhere.

SirChenjin Sun 26-Apr-20 22:45:36

We’re going out for a walk at 9/9.30pm and there’s still loads of light left.

I’m starting to think about getting the summer weight duvet out. Just need to find it now...

I’m no longer wearing my knee length or ankle wear boots - the ballet pumps were dug out from the back of the wardrobe

Craftycat Sun 26-Apr-20 22:51:38

Sun bed out on patio & I have a great tan already.
Lovely sound of neighbours children enjoying laying in their gardens.
G &T in garden in the evening.
I love this hot weather!!

Legs55 Mon 27-Apr-20 00:44:45

Been out in my garden & getting a tan, fence painted & enjoyed sitting out talking to my neighbours at 2m distance.

Cropped trousers & shorts worn along with sleeveless tops, thin fleece required in chilly wind though.

Devon is sunny but windy, lovely to see sunshine every day. Next week/10 days forecast rain.

Cold nights though, still got thicker fleece & throw on the bed. Heating on morning & evening.

PurpleWitch Mon 27-Apr-20 01:47:51

I've sat outside in a skirt and sleeveless top to the great surprise of some of the men here who moved in since last summer. ( I live in a hostel - at the moment).
I've been drinking iced coffee.
I have the urge to plant things but that will have to wait until I am housed properly, with my dog.

Esspee Mon 27-Apr-20 07:00:03

Had a bbq lunch on the patio every day for the past week.
Have had to water the garden every day it’s so dry.
My garden is a blaze of colour.
(Believe it or not I’m in Scotland)