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What can't you throw away?

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vampirequeen Thu 30-Apr-20 11:38:40

I have a little poaching pan that belonged to my grandma.

Pantglas2 Thu 30-Apr-20 11:42:18

I’ll have a sort out of clothes, shoes, stuff etc for the charity shop but any meat or veg leftovers get turned into soup. Of course there’s no such thing as leftover wine......🍷

MissAdventure Thu 30-Apr-20 11:57:24

Anything, judging by the tidal wave of 'stuff' I constantly battle.

Teetime Thu 30-Apr-20 12:02:23

Nothing. If in doubt chuck it out.

Calendargirl Thu 30-Apr-20 12:29:47

The dress I wore when I was May Queen at my primary school, 60 years ago. My daughter confessed that a chubby friend of hers had tried it on when they were about 8, and had broken the zip! Only found this out relatively recently.
Ah well, don’t suppose I will need to wear it again.

Squiffy Thu 30-Apr-20 12:33:10

Oh Teetime, I want to be you! How do you do it? I try, really I do, but I must have a defective gene or something! Is it how some of us were brought up - make-do-and-mend?

sodapop Thu 30-Apr-20 12:35:22

I'm like you Teetime out it goes. Unfortunately my husband then hoards it in the barn .
Grrrr angry

PamelaJ1 Thu 30-Apr-20 13:02:00

Use in case I want to read it again. If I leave it long enough I will forget the ending.
Actually, I have got a small pile to go after our big sort out but no one wants them.

Charleygirl5 Thu 30-Apr-20 13:09:37

PamelaJ1 My library used to take in books and either put them on the shelves or sell them, depending on the condition and how old they were.

I am lucky having a local charity which will take any number of books because they have a large room to house them. So useful.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Thu 30-Apr-20 13:10:54

I've thrown out a few of my dear late husband's clothes BUT I cannot let go of his lovely pale grey jacket which is so soft. It still hangs on his side of the wardrobe. Sometimes I take it out and cuddle it.
I've also got his denim apron which he wore in the kitchen once a week when he took over the cooking. I simply cannot let them go.

Cabbie21 Thu 30-Apr-20 13:24:12

I was sorting through some memorabilia- choir tours, school trips etc, which I hadn’t looked at for at least five years when we moved house. It occurred to me that they will be of no interest to my family, who will throw them out, but for now I will keep them. Family photos, on the other hand, I ought to sort and label and put in albums or digitise.
Another job for the “to do”list.

DanniRae Thu 30-Apr-20 13:31:16

I am like Teetime and love throwing stuff out - especially clothes. grin

Daisymae Thu 30-Apr-20 13:35:27

I do have the hoarding gene, but I fight it. It has missed my DD and she is minimalist, nothing gathers dust in her house. I keep thinking, well you never know when you might need it. I keep something for 10 years, bin it, and the very next week......

Maggiemaybe Thu 30-Apr-20 13:38:58

I hate throwing anything out that I feel might be of any use at all to anyone else, even down to paperclips, and I hate throwing anything out that I think I'll want to look at in the future (souvenirs, etc). Which is why I'm currently having such trouble sorting out my cellar, jam-packed full of everything that hasn't got a home upstairs.

The urge to save things has come in handy on occasions though. The DGS all enjoy playing with the Lego, Sylvanian Families, jigsaws etc that I couldn't bear to throw out when my lot outgrew them. And DS, the captain of the "Get rid of it all, Mum" movement of 20 years ago, has just identified a rare Star Wars character that's worth over £200. He's taking a keen interest in my boxes now (though maybe not the 5 containing the mainly homemade fancy dress outfits....).

dontmindstayinghome Thu 30-Apr-20 13:42:21

I am not a hoarder so i'm really good at getting rid of unused 'stuff' - whatever it is.
But... i just can't throw away a few beautiful outfits bought for my son's wedding in Mauritius. Its not that I don't want rid of them -i do. Its just that they cost so much and two are unworn. I would gladly sell them or give them away but I will not sell them for 99p on Ebay so they continue to reside in my wardrobe!!

Maggiemaybe Thu 30-Apr-20 13:45:33

I'm just worried that there'll be nowhere to go with old clothes, etc, once lockdown is over. The charity shops etc are going to be swamped all at once with all those things we've finally got round to sorting out. Probably not in my case, though, as if I have a bit of thinking time I invariably end up taking half of them out again.....

vampirequeen Thu 30-Apr-20 13:49:09

It seems we split into three groups. The brilliant chucker outers, the chucker outers who hang onto one or two items and the hoarders. I'm in the second group. I have clear outs at least twice a year and I keep trying to throw out Grandma's egg poaching pan but it always ends up back in the cupboard.

Lucca Thu 30-Apr-20 13:51:59

My ex was a bit of hoarder. Awful. Got so mad when I tried to get rid of things. So now I rejoice in the freedom to be clutter free. When I read posts of people saying they have attics and cellars full of stuff I feel quite ill! Their poor children having to deal with that when they shuffle off!

BlueSky Thu 30-Apr-20 14:09:25

I used to be a bit of a horder while DH is a chucker outer. He doesn't even want to keep sentimental value items! So we both had to compromise and meet in the middle.

SalsaQueen Thu 30-Apr-20 14:13:36

A lot of clothes I had when I lost 4st, 3 years ago. They're all 3 sizes too small now, but if I lose weight stop being so greedy, I'll wear them again one day

PamelaJ1 Thu 30-Apr-20 14:38:41

Charlygirl, I meant at the moment no one wants them. They will again in the future hopefully.

Patticake123 Fri 01-May-20 10:04:12

I have the dress I wore for my 21st birthday party. Cream lace, extremely short and so small I cannot believe that I was ever that slim!

Maremia Fri 01-May-20 10:12:01

I just feel 'thank goodness' for all the stuff I have to play with while in lockdown. Can you imagine having only one shelf of books to read??? shock

NanaPlenty Fri 01-May-20 10:13:21

I have trouble parting with books that I haven’t read (maybe started but couldn’t finish). I often think ‘I will go back to it’ but usually if I can’t read it the first time I should just get rid of it.

NanaPlenty Fri 01-May-20 10:14:14

I love that cartoon about the box - that’s so what my husband and I are like!