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Good Morning Wednesday

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12Michael Wed 06-May-20 06:10:03

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a bright sunny start here in Brackley this morning.
Do a small shop mainly to get weekend meals sorted for Sunday.
The weather forecast seems to be changing later in week I see.
Its case of the old wives saying do not class doubt until May is out.
Hopefully some mail , and watch TV, etc.

Rufus2 Wed 13-May-20 15:33:04

Re. Eliquis (Apixiban): I take this and have no problems but do have a blood test every three months
Candelle Oh dear! Hope I haven't killed this topic! It's so important.
I'm still interested in INR results, whilst taking Eliquis. As I said, I was told blood tests would no longer be necessary. Taken a while to get used to the idea, but I believe the medicos.
If you prefer I'd welcome a PM.
Good Health.

Rufus2 Thu 07-May-20 13:44:51

Re. Eliquis (Apixiban): I take this and have no problems but do have a blood test every three months
Candelle That's interesting! Are the INR results always OK?
Like Ellan, I've been on blood thinners for years after A/V. diagnosis: Warfarin at varying daily doses (INR varied depending on which side of the bed I got out of!) requiring blood tests, sometimes weekly according to INR result, 2.5 target.
Then a year ago they switched to Eliquis, saying no more blood tests, ever. hmm
It felt odd at first not having weekly INR figures to dwell on, but now they say that it doesn't last in the system more than a day or so whereas I was told to stop Warfarin 4 days prior to my 2 TKRs. Recently, my dental practitioner (dentist smile) prior to an extraction simply said stop the day before; no idea what the INR was! Which is a bit of a plus, I suppose.
I assume your 3 monthly blood results are OK!
Good Health

Feelingmyage55 Wed 06-May-20 15:48:40

Computer issues too late to say good morning. Off the the maths class. πŸ€”

Urmstongran Wed 06-May-20 13:36:37

Well done you Justwidowed. I feel tired just reading what you’re achieving!

And GG13 how wonderful! πŸ‘ΆπŸ» πŸ₯‡πŸ’™

Grandmafrench Wed 06-May-20 13:32:03

Gelisajams Do hope you have an ice pack or two, or some cold gel, or maybe just a large G&T, as your neighbour suggested? Hope it gets better quickly, but 11 out of 10 for effort [grin}. Ilovedragonflies I had a friend who did that, it's so funny. That should tell you either Specsavers are calling or it's a very realistic little plant. I suspect the latter because you've given it a home. It'll become a talking point, I'm sure.
SheilaMary you've just made me smile. I have a Cousin in Salisbury and he loves to walk - so it makes me very happy that you can report the sun is shining there today. smile Enjoy the allotment.

Grandmafrench Wed 06-May-20 13:20:40

Your day just keeps getting better Justwidowed. Wishing you lots and lots like that and enjoy your sun sitting ! grin

Justwidowed Wed 06-May-20 13:05:43

Good afternoon all,late again today.So far the day has been fruitful.My neighbour advertised 3 garden chairs,1 lawnmower for sale and a compost bin free on gumtree.Within ten minutes of posting a caller came for the compost bin and bought the chairs and lawnmower as well.Since then have baked rock buns and Victoria scones out of the old Bero Book.75% went to kind neighbours 20% to binmen tomorrow in the hope that they will take the caravan awning (van went 8 years ago but DH thought awning might come in useful in the future. It never did.
The last 5% of baking is mine (type1 Diabetic for 66 years ) which I shall enjoy.
A big washup then I shall sit out and enjoy the sun.Hope everyone has as good a day as possible in these weird times.My garage is looking a lot tidier

Missgran Wed 06-May-20 12:55:03

Afternoon from a sunny Pudsey well done urmstongran getting your pension sorted enjoy your day and stay safe everybody

GrannyGravy13 Wed 06-May-20 12:43:08

I am on Day 51 of lockdown and I have rebelled!!! Mr.Gravy and I put Baby GC in his pram and I have been out for a walk. I thoroughly enjoyed walking round the roads that I would normally drive down, all those we passed said Goodmorning and kept to the two metre social distancing guidance.πŸ˜†πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ

SheilaMary2222 Wed 06-May-20 12:35:38

Hello, today the sun is shining in sunny Salisbury. Been sitting outside enjoying my Crunchy Nut Cereal, didn't eat it before Lock down but love it now! Planning to go to the allotment later on. Its wonderful to see plants growing and fruit forming on the trees. Its going to be a good harvest for pears this year.The strawberries plants are in flower, looking forward to sweet juicy strawberries in the Summer.

Puzzler61 Wed 06-May-20 12:33:28

So Congratulations Urmstongran ! 🍾πŸ₯‚

Puzzler61 Wed 06-May-20 12:30:03

At the risk of high-jacking Mick’s morning thread, re: new pension age for women, my DS and I are separated in age by 8 years.
We worked out one day that at the age I will get mine at 66 years as a WASPI, my DS had already had in excess of Β£36,000 in total State Pension.
I’m sure GN has had many separate threads on this over the years.

Gelisajams Wed 06-May-20 12:26:32

A bit late, is it good afternoon from Morecambe Bay? We did an extra long walk this morning and have only just got back home. I’m absolutely exhausted and my back is throbbing. Would have curtailed it when my back started playing up but we were beyond the point of no return. As we arrived back my neighbour said I looked as if I needed a G and T but a bucket of tea will suffice nicely.
Take care and look after yourselves, especially Marydoll Gilly and all others with problems and wobbles.πŸ’

Candelle Wed 06-May-20 12:00:53

I am never sure if May in the old saying, means the month or May blossom....

Re. Eliquis (Apixiban): I take this and have no problems but do have a blood test every three months.

For the poster who is worrying about going to her GP's surgery.. I went yesterday and it was well handled. I did wear a mask (felt safer if nothing else!) and waited in the foyer until a disembodied voice asked my business. I stated my case and the sliding door opened. I was wizzed into the phlebotomist's room and she was in full PPE. I was out in a minute or two. I used gel on my hands once back in the car in case I had touched anything (I used my top to open the consulting room door) but don't think I did

I was slightly apprehensive beforehand but it all went well so try not to worry

Gillybob, please take a break as you will make yourself really unwell. You have had the most torrid time this year and I am sure many feel for you. Try the bank again tomorrow.

Sending a hug

Taichinan Wed 06-May-20 12:00:46

Glorious morning to all. I'm lying back on my lounger eyeing my lawnmower - which is studiously ignoring me! Maybe it will let me give it a wee walk soon πŸ˜‰. Mike I'm casting my clout even though May may not be out, but I'm keeping the warm ones handy for the end of the week! I'm afraid I haven't read all the posts ahead of me yet so can't comment, but I hope you all have the best day you can. Lots of love to everybody from s very lazy (non) grass cutter πŸŒžπŸ’πŸ¦‹

Ilovedragonflies Wed 06-May-20 11:52:18

Good morning all!

I bought a rather lovely lavender plant when I went shopping (they were outside as we queued to go into the store). Gave it a good soaking with the aim of planting it out, only to discover (as water went everywhere) that it's plastic! blush It now has pride of place in a tub outside my front door!

It's given me something to laugh about, at least!

Newquay Wed 06-May-20 11:51:24

(Only just!) morning from a lovely sunny Staffs. You all make me feel such a slob. Had little sleep last night, downstairs about 4am, went back about 7am then fell into a deep sleep! Was about to shower when received phone call about a friend who has chest pains, paramedics staying with her.
Hardly surprising we’re having wobbles is it? Good place here to offload. I rambled on one a text to DD1 the other day and she replied β€œand. . .breathe!”. Made me laugh! We WILL get through this πŸ˜€

Mapleleaf Wed 06-May-20 11:41:48

Morning all,

Well, I posted earlier but don't know where it went!

It's turned into a lovely warm morning and I'm just enjoying a coffee break after changing the bedding, pegging out the washed sheets and cleaning the bathroom and bedrooms.
Will tackle downstairs next. I'm sure spiders hide in corners, giggling at me, and then come back out once I've dusted to spin another web! πŸ˜‚

Congratulations on getting your state pension, urmstongran. Mine is still some way off now they've shifted the goal posts. 😏

Hope everyone has a decent day.
πŸ’ for gillybob and anyone else going through especially difficult times.

EllanVannin Wed 06-May-20 11:39:11

Yes, it's the greens "what does it" MawB. Alcohol too which is why I stopped drinking some time ago as it's obviously not easily assimilated in my body so not worth it.

EllanVannin Wed 06-May-20 11:35:33

" Until May is out " is the Mayflower which flowers in June grin so wait until then to cast your clouts.

MawB Wed 06-May-20 11:04:36

Always worth asking though EV
Paw had weekly INR tests and it could really fluctuate especially if I had misguidedly overdone the broccoli soup/green veg in our meals.

gillgran Wed 06-May-20 11:03:49

Good Morning to you all, from a sunny but chilly, N., Cambs.,

The rhyme about casting a clout until May is out, reminded me of a "discussion" our family used to have, of whether it meant the end of the month of May, or when the May Blossom came out.!!

mrswoo Wed 06-May-20 11:03:30

A bright sunny good morning everyone from Newcastle.
I too had a wobble yesterday - everything suddenly seemed overwhelming and I couldn't stop the tears. I was meant to be doing a Zoom meeting but had to cry off - quite literally.
scentia and everyone else with the wobbles, be kind to yourselves, we are living through very challenging times.

urmstongran congratulations on the pension, it does feel like a bit of a gift until you remember you've worked hard for ithmm

Gillybob there really are no words. I am so angry on your behalf.

* Marydoll* I'm sorry you are not feeling too well. You amaze me with the way you never stop thinking of others and keep active both mentally and physically. BTW I did take a peek at yesterday's quiz - I'm afraid it was way, way beyond my comprehension. Although I'm rather proud to report I got the 2nd question right!

Gwenisgreat1 Wed 06-May-20 11:01:48

Lovely and sunny here in Harrogate, Have a wash ready to hang outside, next will be doing some baking - I find the time goes quite quickly by the time I've cooked meals for DH taken him and dog for a walk, made an NHS scrubs bag and spoken to GC via facetime and either of my DSs. I settle down for the evening with my laptop and TV!

EllanVannin Wed 06-May-20 11:00:38

Really, MawB ? That's so sad.
I've been taking the stuff ( which has reduced in quantity ) for 13 years or so. The dosage is only 16mgs a week from 21mgs, over the years.
Only now and again has there been a blip either way.
A visit every 8 weeks if it remains steady and 2 weeks if it isn't.